Re: Puppet Preview

by Jareth (01.28.05 07:49 pm),saltz,60614,13.html

funny i would think of the coprorte avant-guarde as artists who work for corporations more then the corporatization of the market.

Re: herding cattle

by epforbrush (01.29.05 03:31 am)

milking as a sport or spectacle?

Re: Puppet Preview

by zipthwung (01.29.05 06:04 am)

I fall deeper uppon the down
Until its soft quills pierce my heart.

Re: Puppet Preview

by Jareth (01.29.05 09:29 am)
put your ipod in it.

Re: Making the Dummies Dance

by epforbrush (01.29.05 01:30 pm)

see arnold run

by Jareth (01.29.05 02:50 pm)

Re:strap on

by epforbrush (01.29.05 02:56 pm)

or ur disco balls

Re: Puppet Preview

by alienbarbiebaby (01.29.05 03:47 pm)

some of those links don't through; disturbong auctions is fine - send a copy to christies - that's what doing business with them is like; somebdy put a lot of work into it...lamp shades coming soon!

ooops - getting seriouse - ussing the full scale one out of anapolis; probably pssied at shit at St. Jons (small? That school? Actually we'ere impressed that many people know how to read down there):

Re: Puppet Preview

by jackieou (01.30.05 04:20 pm)

ok you guya - rtwo amc ramblers, an excaliber, (alfas are looking promissing from my diretion in the alfa section) and this baby: this

Re: Puppet Preview

by jackieou (01.30.05 09:54 pm)

that's kind of nice; glad I'm not there (they always do that one to intimidate you works!

in no suprise at all:

shit shit shit - the anti-bobmobile :

Re: Puppet Preview

by jackieou (01.31.05 04:57 pm)

that's right you guys - 250,00 man hours of computer time; I guess elton couldn't make it this time (havn't been watching the hospice Austin Healey market lately):


Facts and figures on Williams' FW27
Mon 31 Jan, 4:49 PM
Fascinating facts and figures on the new Williams FW27, which was launched today at Valencia:
* 1.3 terabytes of aero data processed in CFD (1 terabyte is a thousand million bytes, equivalent to 69,333 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.


* 250,000 man hours of design time has been spent on the FW27, with a further 250,000 man hours required in fabrication and build.

* 4,500 drawings have been produced in the design of the FW27 chassis. End-on-end, these drawings would stretch for 5,350km with a further 4,000 expected to be produced to support the FW27’s lifecycle. By the end of the season, drawings would reach from London to Buenos Aires.

* The FW27 will accelerate from standing to 200kmh in five seconds, and deceleration forces on board will reach 5g. 1g equates to driving into a brick

Re: Puppet Preview

by jackieou (02.01.05 02:43 pm)

Dang - two nice pones, and I can't afford em - but that's why I like em - can only buy em with reall money. Nice and clean; and tiz why I charge negation: I pay my damn taxes - onwards with mou!

Re: Puppet Preview

by wally cox (02.01.05 04:03 pm)

sleeping with my eyes open full screen and and endlessly o-f-k.

-simon bar sinister

Re: Puppet Preview: SpongeBob vs. Simon Bar Sinister

by Billy Idol (02.01.05 07:55 pm)

gonna go for that w/ a dollop of dobson on the side

freaky states of a-merkin

hairy w/ a medalion

Re: Puppet Preview

by Jareth (02.01.05 08:14 pm)

hey where did my thread go? i wanted to talk about Sundance.

Re:master of Puppets

by rimmymartin (02.01.05 08:28 pm)

The mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting...

The Artist's reality: philosphies of art

by epforbrush (02.01.05 09:32 pm)

by Mark Rothko

(has anyone read this yet)

Re: Puppet Preview

by magdalene (02.01.05 10:02 pm)

yeh, long time ago. it is missing. along with my Newman and pollock.

Re: Puppet Preview

by magdalene (02.01.05 10:47 pm)

“A world separates these two artifical beings. One is the theatrical mechanical and clockwork conterfiet of man where the technique is to submit everthing to analogy and to the simulacrum-effect. The other is dominated by a technical principle where the machine has the upper hand, and where with the machine. equivalnce is establishted. The automation plays the man of the court, the socialite, it takes part in the social and theatrical drama...”

Re: Puppet Preview

by magdalene (02.02.05 12:09 am)

really.. i think this is intresting. as scuplture.

April 14, 1999
Pamela Lee Now Implant Free

who went from an eye-popping 36DD to a more modest 36C -
is only

36 c ?


Re: Puppet Preview

by jackieou (02.02.05 02:37 pm)

paterns: everytime ( why I stayed home) working on some idiot project; sweat talk...then suden launch, meet the guys (people who havn't spoken to me in ten years “ oh wow..theats great...big money”) home...and then wammo: Bugatti prices up 40% Hey - that's why I joined the FREE BUGATTI CLUB:

notoriouse dead airhead ex-owner: