Re: Dialectical Materialism

by popgrl05 (02.16.05 01:45 pm)

I would love to go to Moscow to see the bienniale, I am a russian-born student of contemprary art that has not been to Russia since the days of the Soviet Union. The country has come a long way to host an exhibition like this

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by alienbarbiebaby (02.17.05 02:12 am)

Links? What is avant gaurde in russia now...really? I'm nonorary part russian (grand father, fathers side; bugsy over the dutch every time) link links links - who designed it?

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by alienbarbiebaby (02.17.05 06:00 am)

ok ok ok...have fun redoing the 80's durring a war; my art, art you don't even both to hate: #3 on the way; tripple budha done yesterday; I say budha 6 tonight: query: can we go to a budha 666???

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by Jareth (02.17.05 08:59 am)

i bet there is some fresh work there.

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by alienbarbiebaby (02.17.05 10:20 am)

thank god too; about done with the fine art thing myself - one has to be frank with one's self eventually, .thought you might enjoy seeing parts 1-3 of the FRED's HErOIN promotion that will shortly be going up in mid town:

I Poo on You

by pigeon (02.17.05 02:58 pm)

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by jackieou (02.18.05 05:49 am)

,,,actually, we have a number of brannds, the latest bettie boop comics, syd's chrystale wonder land in right across the street can miss it, freds own personal 32 chevy is always parked right out front...

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by alienbarbiebaby (02.18.05 07:53 am)

see , I like these, despite the fact that culty types see to have a thing about; I always suspeted they think it missnamed after Jay Seebring rather than the race track..



The car comes with some 1930's Rolls Royce Carpathian Elm Burl (the good stuff from Iran, diamond matched)  that was to go on the dash and center council.

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by alienbarbiebaby (02.18.05 05:30 pm)

yup - npr : chrystal meth: unobtanium:(last seen london “punk” 75/76) ussed up all the good drugs on the war...

good luck (I take psychotropics...honest...)

todays issue: part 1 (have to keep bussy - whole new pad of paper and working on hatch back designes - have to be practical; they're actually tougher the cuper cars a'la enzo):

Re: Dialectical Materialism

by alienbarbiebaby (02.19.05 07:29 am)

chop chop chop::
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Suicide Bomber Kills 3, Iraqi Shi'ites Mark Ashura

19 minutes ago

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By Sami al-Jumaili

KERBALA, Iraq (Reuters) - A suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up among a crowd of mourners near a Shi'ite Muslim mosque in Baghdad on Saturday, killing three people and wounding 37, police and

reminds me, rumour has it one ex-coleague said do it (perfect cult suicide/death) after I go ahead og on the mi score board (I make no prefoit and do it completely legaly the REAL modern art way - actually - I'm a bit concerned right now with the wy they've screwed it up with the fagot death chinmey system - some people like it; but modern art is an anti-cult really; and 30 years of sho-ho etc without a museum of their own that can function as an institution shows just how incompetatnt they really are. None the less; next hot rumour was part of college art depart got swept clean in a little loop-oh-mania: two suicides and a murder, to which I say: two out of three ain't bad.

I prefer suicide; jack knife a closs second. I personaly don't controle the cab scene; I presume the bikes would be curently off the road if it wasn't already too cold.

Really - same people who steal hub caps - ask John Waters...