Re: Chow Time

by lizabeth (03.01.05 08:34 pm)

I can't believe Bruce Hainley didn't see the woman who fell at the bottom of the stairs near the desk. Much more exciting than a pocket-sized chilli pepper. She somehow tripped and fell flat on her face. Ouch!

$ what not to look at $

by paq (03.01.05 09:16 pm)

Bruce Hainley====is the women who fell at the bottom of the stairs near the desk.
Don't you guys know, Larry Gagosian is the most vapid, conventional, brand around.
Think of all the stupid artists signing on to brown nose.
“The check paintings” minting money but not great art.
Richard Prince-minting money but not great artist.
Richard Prince tweaks Richard Hamilton as only a graphic illustrator could do.

Re: Chow Time

by alienbarbiebaby (03.02.05 08:45 am)

uh-oh - strapy shoes you “guys” (I hope you know about this - not a coincidence:

Re: Chow Time

by alienbarbiebaby (03.02.05 11:15 am)

oh - you guys; LA:

bAcK doWn < ChristianS > 03/02 06:20:45

Keep evading the truth
Keep ignoring my touch
Youre the reason that
I am hurting so much.

I must not back down
I must not back down
I cannot back down
I will not back down.

If you can fight your way back
Then you won't forget that
This is my life and
Im not going to give it away
No, Im not going to let you take
The only peace that I have left
This is my decision, my last chance
To make something of myself.

I must not back down
I must not back down
I cannot back down
I will not back down.

Sleepless nights fill my head
All the things I should have said
I made the mistake of keeping inside
As I look for a way to escape my past
Hoping that death will come at last
In my dream I start to drown
From this false sense that
I Backed Down.

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Re: Chow Time

by MargaretHelen (03.02.05 04:44 pm)

I thought the critic Bruce Hainley was known for being something of a stilletto man, yet here is his signature on some completely unironic d-list celebrity worhsip. Richard Prince seems to have peaked in the last two years, and now he speeds rapidly downhill while violin players like Hainley and the woman who wrote that mid-week NYT “Arts” piece about how the artist was “hot” a couple months ago pluck out a tune over his cameo-laden end credits.

I guess BH's famously cruel reviews are reserved for 25 year old girls who can't afford to ladle out the green prawns over at Mr. Chow. Here he reads like the chubby schoolyard bully who creams himself when he's invited to the popular kid's birthday party.

Re: Chow Time

by zipthwung (03.02.05 08:51 pm)

Life looks better though a shot glass.

Re: Chow Time

by zip (03.02.05 09:09 pm)

The man climbed down the rocks and heaved a severed horse's head, attached to the clothesline, onto the breakwater. Clinging to the black horse's head were green eels, which the man pulled off the horse and put in his bag, which Matzerath held. The man pulled open the horse's mouth and pulled out two large eels from the horse's throat, causing Agnes to throw up her breakfast. Circling seagulls swooped down and ate what Agnes had disgorged. The man pulled an eel out of the horse's ear, spilling the horse's brains out of its head.

Re: LA style

by epforbrush (03.02.05 09:19 pm)

But if a picture hangs on the wall and no one knows who made it, or roughly how much it set you back, is it really there?

Re: Thats Hot

by zip (03.02.05 09:42 pm)

I will spit the blue flame and hurl my glass against the wall
(thing) by oakling (5.3 d) (print) ? Tue Aug 14 2001 at 23:00:57

, The Flaming Asshole”: A Peculiar Cocktail
(where “
” is a wildcard that lets you put in the name of someone who screwed you over, as in “Sam, the Flaming Asshole.”)
Mix in four equal parts, or whatever you deem appropriate:
Rum (for lust)
Scotch (for disgust)
Whiskey (for contempt)
Gin (for sadness)
A separate “sidecar” - a shot glass of vodka (for angst)

All mixed and fabulous? Okay. Scoot that shot glass aside for the moment. Take out a long match (my preference - I don't wanna be near that thing) and set the cocktail itself on fire. Down that shot o' angst and watch it all burn away, baby.

Re: Let 'em eat corn

by uri geller (03.03.05 02:27 am)

Fed up with paying taxes, Stormy inspires Captain Shanks to declare Sealab a sovereign nation. Unfortunately, soon after Shanks declares the existance of the nation of “Sealabia” and acquires some nuclear arms from England, everyone else gets the same idea and starts forming their own countries. And before anyone knows it, full-out nuclear war threatens Sealab with utter annihilation. But what else is new?

Re: Chow Time

by Jareth (03.03.05 02:43 am)

i am going to knife you.

Re: Chow Time

by uri geller (03.03.05 07:16 am)

Brain Cheese?

Re: Chow Time

by jackieou (03.03.05 09:41 am)

Ah yes - toumb the unknow cult hint. Oh well. Anyways - nada - nothing in all my odd ball listings. Nothing. No game boy. No Oder of the queen availible only to animal people specials. Blood money delight; Vortext Death ray 5000;Nothing. Obviously - Barterville is over. So - back to plan B: Basseball bat to dads head; actually - got the invite from the new n/skip barber, n/Roger Penski vinatge org (fun place where you meat all the guys with the cigerette boats down florida, sway on the arm; some twit calling into veag the whole time; worlds chapionship of guys with little chrystlke Vs in the skulls and dead children and multiple ex-wive -and,,,they factor em all: “Yo - tony - I see you LAcerdas old Brabham...”) and...threw it in the trash. Get lost. You guys owe me a lot of money. Slide it on over; I'm bored; Waiting for the dems and REAL rock and role...and reall art. So , only thing listed I could find worth commiting a crime for:

Re: Chow Time

by sharikov (03.04.05 03:21 pm)

god jareth i wish you would pull a knife on me so i could curbjaw your cracker ass
my fingers are curling

Re: Well Squeezed

by zipthwung (03.04.05 04:23 pm)

According to the Albertus Parvus Lucii Libellus, the Hand of Glory is indifferently the right or left hand of a criminal who has been gibbeted. The sorcerer obtains it as he can, and in the days of Tyburn Tree such requisites might have cost nothing beyond the personal risk of the adventure; it is indispensable, however, that it should be wrapped in a piece of winding-sheet, and this suggests that the criminal must have been previously cut down with a view to interment. Thus enclosed, the hand must be well squeezed to as to force out any blood which may possibly remain in the member, after which it must be placed in an earthen vessel, together with some zimort, saltpetre, common salt and pepper-corns—all pounded. It should remain in this vessel for fifteen days and when extracted should be exposed to the heat of the sun during the time of the dog-star until it is extremely desiccated. If solar warmth be insufficient, it may be placed in a furnace, heated with bracken and vervain. The object is to extract all the grease from the member, and therefrom, in combination

wheel in a wheel in a wheel in a...

by Coxswain (03.04.05 04:47 pm)

chow time is for the birds