Re: The Dye Is Cast

by broken flower (03.04.05 07:59 pm)

Rimanelli summed up the task of paring down over 350 applicants to a mere nine: There were the “kids who get it and the kids who don't get it” and older applicants who represented what he termed “the other art world—the one we don't care about.” One “crotchety old man” became indignant with the selection process, demanding, “Did you even get my name?” before getting nixed.

don't they want a “rudy”?

Re: Rudy?

by wally cox (03.05.05 02:23 am)

they want ‘rubes’ to manipulate for $
TV, gofigguh
it's not about the ‘artists’
suprise suprise
it's about jeffy isn't it?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zipthwung (03.05.05 05:20 am)

The videogames they play me.....

who made who?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.05.05 08:57 am)

I did quit; I wanted to fail this particular pasage pfd time very deaply; I did in the early seventies as well.


see...alfa guys...

Top Stories - Reuters
Italy Hostage Flies Home from Iraq After Shooting

1 hour, 1 minute ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Robin Pomeroy

ROME (Reuters) - A freed hostage from Iraq (news - web sites) arrived home in Rome on Saturday as Italians demanded to know why U.S. forces shot at her car as it approached Baghdad airport, wounding her and killing an Italian secret agent.
Giuliana Sgrena, looked in pain as she was helped off a
plane and into a military ambulance. The reporter, who was
treated for a wound in Iraq, clutched a plaid blanket around
her shoulders and was attached to a drip.
Italy is to award a posthumous award for valor to secret
service agent Nicola Calipari who was instrumental in gaining
Sgrena's release and then saved her life by acting as a human
shield as the car was riddled with bullets.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zipthwung (03.05.05 11:07 am)

One kid sazid, “If I get on I'm going to have a tv crew follow me through the woods in Maryland” to which I thought why wait?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (03.05.05 12:36 pm)

i think a reality tv show about the artworld is a hot idea... is this the best model? aspireing achedemic well healed hooked up kids playing the game and getting ahead... ? well maybe it is what is really going on... is there another side to the Artworld? should that be told? ... it told us what we suspected...

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.05.05 01:04 pm)

You know, to return to the topic, I did quit - I did give up - but you know who didn't give up! And never will!? The Bob Bunny - that's right - the Bob Bunny NEVER gives up!

You know - I've been thinking, and...I think it's time for a little history lessson. Basicaly;: Jackson, then Franz...then ofcourse Andy's Dick Tracy, Then the soupe can, then he swivles over with the glossy black dollar signes, one part of pentagone gambling game (seen any 911E Porsche's lately???) Pretty tricky, same time, classic so-ho: kaboom tricky dick in flames...and...IT's PUNK ROCK. What next? Fake so-ho: academic express featuring Eric Fische and the delux triad Basquiat and the most diabolical extravaganse ever, featuring none the less than super on the run so-ho brains. Tin-Tin, MI, GM, Polish mob, etc etc etc...The Davd Wajnoriwicz exp ( ...and some poor queens girls/fashion victums thought they were suposed to do it as an “in” thing: dumb dumb dumb: did the same thing with punk: we kill em). After that, a lot dead people and dullsvill: Rudi says Micky Mouse Came next- he had a point, my modest sugestion was the bobmobile and, as the wtc fell, the one and only...Bob bunny; the bobmobile still works fine as an SI aesthetic experince; mean while so-ho indulges in nostalgia acts as movies wind out in darkness, an aloft underground. But 06 is scoming up. The Bob Bunny - we know not where he is right now; slurped into some vortxt, action man for the coming 06 drama, ready to do what needs to be done....

PS: his ear fell of again - could be a good signe! And as he always - he is legaly Bunny ...(grand ma happens...)

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.05.05 01:33 pm)

here we go: justice!


Fisichella claims provisional pole as rain makes qualifying a lottery
Sat 05 Mar, 3:47 PM

view photo
MELBOURNE, Australia (AFP) - Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella said he was lucky to be left with provisional pole after a rainstorm made a farce of the first qualifying session in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.
The Italian veteran of 141 GPs was the chief beneficiary of a dry track in the first half of the session to post a flying lap of one minute 33.171 seconds before rain lashed the course.

The drastically-altered conditions gave the top chances of the qualifying field, including world champion Michael Schumacher and McLaren pair Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya, no chance to match Fisichella's time.
Toyota's Jarno Trulli was second fastest with 1:35.270 ahead of Australia's Williams-BMW driver Mark Webber (1:36.717).

When seven-times world champion Schumacher ventured on to the track there was torrential rain and all he could do was safely negotiate his Ferrari car around the hazardous street circuit without mishap in 1:57.931 — some 24.760secs down on Fisichella's time.

so ah...don't; don't give up; what - like...marty slurped michael's budget : ha ha ha...

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zipthwung (03.05.05 02:43 pm)

THe formula is pretty simple but then it allows one a certain flexibility. Does bob bunny have surround sound?? I know its a gimmick, but fuck dude, its RAD.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (03.05.05 02:47 pm)

* Eric Fishcl, New Paintings from the ?Krefeld Project? Series @ MARY BOONE Gallery, 541 West 24th St NYC, NY 10011, - Apr. 23, Tel: 212.752.2929,

hummm.... fishcly

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zipthwung (03.05.05 03:08 pm)

the hamptons are getting crowded

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by sharikov (03.05.05 03:19 pm)

give up jared

Re: The blade is in your back, buddy boy.

by zipthwung (03.05.05 03:31 pm)

“Very Strange.
I feel like I might as well be sitting up here carving the words for my own tombstone....and when I finish , the only fitting exit will be right straight off this fucking terrace into The Fountain 28 stories below and at least 200 yards out in the air and across fifth avenue.
Nobody could follow that act, not even me.”


Re: The Dye be Cast

by zip (03.05.05 03:44 pm)

Very Strange. I feel like I might as well be sittin' up here carvin' th' words fer me own' when I finish , th' only fittin' exit will be starboard straight off this fuckin' terrace into Th' Fountain 28 stories below an' at least 200 yards out in th' air an' across fifth avenue. Nobody could follow that act, nay e'en me." HST

The Great Shark “Hunt,”

ye scurvy dog.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zip (03.05.05 03:46 pm)

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Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (03.05.05 03:54 pm)

give up what?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by ARTS LOVER (03.05.05 05:14 pm)

This show has the same symbolic meaning as when the Artists started setting up on West Broadway in Soho

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by whatnow (03.05.05 09:46 pm)

Rimanelli summed up the task of paring down over 350 applicants to a mere nine: There were the “kids who get it and the kids who don't get it” and older applicants who represented what he termed “the other art world—the one we don't care about.”

Hey, David, I sure hope you were misquoted.
The art world we don't care about?

Dude, you're a shill for a reality show! What, are they gonna make them drink turpentine and smear paint on themselves? Which is the art world we dont care about again?

Ever Tried to Gooogle 'it'

by thingsthatgo (03.05.05 11:22 pm)

Right! it gets left out because it's everywhere.
Therefore, it is highly likely that Mr. Rimanelli was misquoted, but still makes for a good read and something to look forward to—don't you think so (?)... the specifics of IT wherever they lay.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zip (03.06.05 12:13 pm)

Quit appologizing for Rimminy Cricket. I think anyone associated wqith the whole mess should be pared doown to a fucking skeleton.


Just kidding.

And in the darkness bind them.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (03.06.05 01:11 pm)

but if handled right that reality tv show could be both tv and Art, the two are not mutalually exclusisve, like hello y fall prey to everything in the past about a medium, and isnt that the point of HDTV, ? new posibilites, new. new.

pageing paula cooper... your flavin is down. i repeat. your flavin is down...

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by MS. Other Art World (03.06.05 02:40 pm)

David Draglink
Is your “Art World” the one the goes to openings dressed like their going hunting in the woods to kill a innocent animals and paints -sculpts cute little objects and lives in the “Dream World of Reality TV”? You will soon WAKE UP to your Nightmare you Bushniks have created

Re: Manifestosis

by zip (03.06.05 03:09 pm)

Sunday, July 27, 2003
If I had to write for a living, I would write the poems that make Academia poets diss me and attack my earthy integrity.

The planet is only as good and fun and exciting as I make it out to be in my mind when I'm stuck somewhere i don't really want to be at nine o' clock in the morning a monday, or even ten o'clock at night a saturday. There comes a time when getting your kicks depends less on what's there, and more on what's not, on communicating to yourself the ideas of the imaginitive, artistic, creative, idealist. I think that you have to give a lot of yourself, and despite your inhibitions, make an effort to truly dig everybody, phonies and reals alike, in order to live a happy life; honesty is the only way.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by penelope (03.06.05 03:44 pm)

...if ours is a system of habitual and disfunctional risk, one that has left us with a greatly diminished vocabulary for assessing people and thus a greatly diminished people, what a step in the direction of restoration?

Re: Going up the Downstream

by zip (03.06.05 03:52 pm)

“Culture is powerful because it is fundamentally democratic — trendsetters can point the way, but everyone has to agree in order for change to occur. A movement is under way — a movement of artists and fans, activists and average Joes, bachelors and bachelorettes. Our culture is waking up and realizing that it has the power to counter the negative policies of our government. In a few months, we may see the end of the ”Era of Responsibility" and the rise of the Culture of Opportunity.

Re: Tricky Dick

by zip (03.06.05 04:01 pm)

When I am attacked,“ Richard Nixon once remarked to this writer, ‘it is my instinct to strike back.’ The president is now clearly in th mood to obey his instinct. . . . So on a Wednesday, July 18th, at a Whitehouse meeting, it was agreed unanimously that the tapes should be released. This decision, to use the sports cliches to which the President is addicted, meant an entirely new ball game, requiring a new game plan. The new game plan calls for a strategy of striking back, in accord with the presidential instincts, rather than a policy of attempted accomodation...”

experience has made me rich

by Jareth (03.06.05 04:39 pm)

who cares it is fun.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by jackieou (03.06.05 06:13 pm)

so that's here...from maplethorp photo (oh...not the sm but the austere shots earler from tribeca..a little candy darlking fetish.) We are also quoting from tricky dick; oh , that magical moment of he and hunter and the big throw; meanwhile - me - I'm nobody again; rumpour ai sliped a disk and am doi=oing a playboy cloning. I hate that. Anti-headash - you know how many times I've had to drop out school from this shit? Way it goes: war: still : nobody ...or...they are actually looking me up...

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Re: The Dye Is Cast

by jackieou (03.06.05 07:07 pm)

I wasnt invited:

so by subtraction: art who? Not eno; not doors a la musicial; not modern a la punk: so ultimate so-ho or B-burg mooch . Gary oldham - where's he really from; should up wih the cut n/andy supermarket stencils last time...

They'll be your friend if you have fame or fortune

by Jareth (03.06.05 07:07 pm)

and older applicants who represented what he termed “the other art world—the one we don't care about.”

“Hardy had begun to get cold feet on Monday night, afraid that a negative portrayal on film could affect her career. Indeed, the sometimes-competing concerns and agendas of the various parties were, as Fuentes described it, ”causing some degree of turmoil“—not surprising when the goals of a single venture include curating an interesting exhibition, making watchable (and salable) television, and—oh yeah—providing a platform for emerging artists.”

whew sounds like a blast..

The glamour boys swear they are a diva
The glamour boys have it all under control
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The glamour boys are playing the role
The glamour boys never have no money
The glamour boys wear the most expensive clothes
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Where the money comes from heaven only knows
I ain't no glamour boy - I'M FIERCE
I ain't no glamour boy - (snap)
I ain't no glamour boy - I'M FIERCE
I ain't no glamour boy
The glamour boys live off their ambition
The glamour boys have it all figured out
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The glamour boys don't think tomorrow
The glamour boys just need tonight to play
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Time catches up and you have to pay
The glamour boys are always on the guest list
You'll always find them in the hottest spots in town
They'll be your friend if you have fame or fortune
If you don't they won't be hanging 'round
I ain't no glamour boy - I'm FIERCE

Wow is not how, nor is it Why - John Pettery Dish

by thingsthatgo (03.06.05 08:45 pm)

Zip you are an extremist, and sometimes quite funny.
Heartland do you like butterflies? There are butterflies here. On an occasion you can see, set before a tangle—electrical wires and telephone cables, a whole line of beautiful red, green, and white ones flying south. Months, now, they fly at night.

Anyway it's a beautiful morning in uptown Tokyo. I hope you are all doing really fine. Oh, and J., thanks—getting quite a collection.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by penelope (03.06.05 09:09 pm)

sticky fingers ;)

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by penelope (03.06.05 11:29 pm)

mmmmax gimblett

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jam Master Jareth (03.07.05 12:55 am)

thx ttg !
things seem to be working out, lots of strange stuff happening..

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can't make it all alone
I've built my dreams around you

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jam Master Jareth (03.07.05 01:10 am)

well now there is somewhere to pitch...

The Rich Are Different, and So Is Their TV Network

to bad we won't be allowed to watch i guess...

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Coxswain (03.07.05 02:44 am)

mmm gimlet

1 1/2 oz. Gin or Vodka, Splash of Lime Juice

Stir with ice & Serve on the rocks in a Lowball or Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, Garnish with a Lime wedge

Re: Fluent Effluence

by zip (03.07.05 03:57 am)

Thanks ttg, I try not to edit too much as that causes me pain.

I'm not sure where to go to get better - I mean BETTER, as they say. I cant read that sometimes. Anyways, maybe the hot grotty crucible of standup comedy would forge me the credentials to at least get health insurance.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by thingsthatgo (03.07.05 09:41 am)

Ya know Fun -T everything on that last DVD works for me. You guys are more than a sitcom, you are the becoming:)

Let the Fun begin

by Coxswain (03.07.05 11:25 am)


Re: The Dye Is Cast

by jackieou (03.07.05 01:03 pm)

see as we are all doig ferris wheel I hope we have read out seline - mort a credit a clasic; and strangers on a train by hitchcokc. Swindle season! Hole on to your girl friends...or nor; nice girl arn't that good in bed (I never liked her friends...and now I know why!)

S Shootings Strain Ties with Iraq Allies

8 minutes ago

 World - Reuters

By Andrew Marshall

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. forces in Iraq (news - web sites) faced new strains with allies Monday when Bulgaria said they had probably shot dead one of its soldiers after angering Rome by killing an Italian secret agent who rescued a hostage.
The shootings confirmed what for many Iraqis is a daily
reality — that U.S. forces are too quick to open fire and
often kill innocent civilians in their efforts to crack down on
insurgents, who killed at least 23 people in fresh attacks.

and, a touch of irony; we do well with ceo here ant the LATERNATIVE MI; (sort of luike if their was a 5th automanucaturer; to be hoinest I thought of doing an n/alfa romeo's juts not posssible - their studio is that good)

Business - Reuters
Boeing Fires CEO After Affair with Exec

1 hour, 38 minutes ago

 Business - Reuters

By Christian Plumb

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA - news)on Monday said it fired Chief Executive Harry Stonecipher after he had an affair with a female executive that violated company rules, saying his leadership abilities had been damaged.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by jackieou (03.07.05 01:58 pm)

Let's go youy guys - get those power point and exell do it yourse; LLPs warmed - coud be a lucky winner for an n/colector, n/money launderer - really, last n/lucky n/buyer dug himself out a whole shell corperation with this one - high bidder; ninja, feds swoop, n/snitch, and now he happily helps federaly investigators in virginia while about two hundred friends who were suposed to die are now in detox...and some of even know how to read and right!

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Nomad2 (03.07.05 02:12 pm)


About a year later, Mr. Semple died. It was an untimely death, using the treasury, and he was thinking now, only, of his own hand, watching over his shoulder. The financier, quick at anything, their telltale stripes, and over his arms and chest the loose-cut six feet and Butler's five feet eleven inches and a half, and the
successful old age, and was as tractable as such a man would in the papers of gatherings of men whom he knew personally or by of city treasurers for years, when loans have been authorized.

Have a nice day.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by jackieou (03.07.05 03:21 pm)

I agree: todays rumurs: Lotus 72 without the car; anti-batman; navel l officers from chicago. Lotus Elans in storage.

Have a good day.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.07.05 04:34 pm)

here we go ( an hour or so later) - could one of them be N/BUGATTI???:

Bernie claims two more names on Concorde extension
Mon 07 Mar, 5:21 PM
Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone is claiming that two further, unnamed, teams have signed the extension to the current Concorde Agreement, making three in total.



‘Rambo’ Schumacher under fire for Heidfeld crash
Mon 07 Mar, 4:07 PM

view photo
BERLIN (AFP) - Germany's seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is usually the darling of the domestic media but he was in the firing line after clashing with compatriot and BMW Williams driver Nick Heidfeld in the Melbourne Grand Prix.
With 15 laps until the chequered flag on Sunday, Ferrari ace Schumacher, 36, refused to allow countryman Heidfeld to pass and the pair collided before spinning off onto the grass.

“Rambo Schumi,” headlined Bild daily. “Heidfeld was quicker but Schumi just edged him onto the grass. Then he offered no apology.”

I mean, this is great and all, but these days, seeing I n/gamble...I mean woopy - what cult is Heidfeld a memember. Jesus scrist...

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.08.05 05:05 am)

It's a duesy? Apeareently not! Porsche-smorsche - the ultimate blood money can finaly takes a dive (ussed to take a run aperently when all hell broke loose - giant sized: guess we're building some more duesies! (Miller - better - purple - gisnt board tracks like they use for byscicles - gambling and mahem - rape and drugs in the stands...finaly gave the famn thing to the smihsonion; had my life ruined by lunaticts determined to posess who probably never allowed to see one):::

The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,

by Jareth (03.08.05 09:17 am)

(1) The Moral Law; (2) Heaven; (3) Earth; (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline.

Re: The Dye Is Cast? hey jarjar thinks?

by repoman (03.08.05 11:25 am)

y the waves of psychobabble? ya sound like some freaky mix of benny hinn + suze orman
whadup? make a video

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.08.05 05:00 pm)

hmmm - it' s dilema how wars are fought especialy with a left and a right; half the country hates it and think it unecessary; other half or...criminal , drug dealers, sadists...that's what hapens; oil and dope are worth a lot of money. I'm always poor.

(Bob Smack - it's....scagliciouse!)

Anyways: woseley. pre-war dkw (cute's german) and, dicourse of the recourse: Terraplane with a lincoln engine: worst of both world if you ask me:

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.08.05 05:42 pm)

Honest - next up fofr marty- remake of interiors? Or that Bobby Redford directoral thing where the kids blows his brains out? I say...just edit them together and add subtitle...lip sink:“No No...antonio...the wine...but we must have a feast!”

“ I love him!.”

“Fool - you love no one - you devote yourself to your
father...always. Quick...Antonio...a feast!”

Re: anyone seen

by mountain lion (03.08.05 09:13 pm)

the new show at
anton kern?

just asking'

Re: let's not forget

by myprettypony (03.09.05 12:59 am)

up peri-scope (ny)

this is the end my friend...

by Jareth (03.09.05 01:54 am)

oh shit,
guess i am unemployeed!
extra switchy... so this is the end oh well,.. time to dismount..
peace, yall have fun :)

an alternate transaction that would avoid a shutdown
of Rainbow DBS. Charles Dolan has agreed to fund any costs incurred by Rainbow DBS above
those that would have been incurred under a shutdown scenario. The agreement, which was
approved by the Board of Directors of Cablevision at a board meeting today and by a special
committee of independent directors, terminates on March 31, 2005.
Cablevision Systems Corporation is one of the nation’s leading entertainment, media and
telecommunications companies. In addition to its cable, Internet, and voice offerings, the
company owns and operates Rainbow Media Holdings LLC and its networks; Madison Square
Garden and its teams; and, Clearview Cinemas. In addition, Cablevision operates New York’s
famed Radio City Music Hall. Additional information about Cablevision Systems Corporation is
available on the Web at

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.09.05 09:05 am)

yup...and it's DAF time folks; list or have articasl about these babies at certain times: variomatic transmission: like two cone (actually...maybe 1)Vs pointed at each other, I think they slide in and out, with a belt drive to give different ratios: actually work fine with about 49 hp - city car, though they did enter a Brabham with one around 65. Does Brooke Alexander have one???

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by thingsthatgo (03.09.05 09:58 am)

repeats are odd things either dispatched to place a latch on experience or as a jammy —an induced physiological, psychological counter—commiserate with the underlying need to dislodge the lobe.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.09.05 11:11 am)

...and other people...they have to work...

Dang - running a little late on the one - but...I think I have managed to buy a ussed car:

Congratulations - You Are The Winning Buyer! turn key Lancia rallycross car Item number: 4531179245

enclosed is the 3rd, and actually least favorite, 17 (swish seventeen and my little n/appolinair still more favorite) might work on it some some more.

As you well know..I get to 6, and then go 7, 8. 9 etc: plan is all the way to 36, and...then do some portraits, tired of mumbers - a little humanity...sould be soutine season again(or even...the opposite...

still availible:

“13: discourse” aka bob/ andrew fenton - n/movie
POST BASQUIAT NY SCHOOL/compendium -n/ film

and it's only 24.99

Re: The Dye Is Cast Asunder

by oops ment (03.09.05 02:35 pm)

video ideas/inspiration


Re: Capitalist Tool

by rasputin (03.09.05 03:42 pm)

We are spirits in the material world.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.09.05 07:04 pm)

actually- I just paint over; looks better -(better abd better actually); is this the correct one to paint a third time? but should it; what happens when you inverse those shit head collors - that wierd blue and brown. Gone gone gone:

ndeed - as suden flurish; someone down the hall actually dared to play music: anyways: two for on (skiped a day - itappen; perhaps - some cyber loop normanclarure : a roar in my head ever time I finally do it hoping to beat the lkoopers. Maybe...sunday...:

Re: The Dye Is Cast: which die?

by alienbarbiebaby (03.10.05 02:02 pm)

ooops - I hope I don't know the culprets:

5...the long way as it were:

Top Stories - Reuters
Suicide Linked to Deaths of Chicago Judge's Family

52 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Michael Conlon

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A man who shot himself after a traffic stop in Wisconsin may be involved in the killings of the husband and mother of a federal judge in Chicago 11 days ago, authorities said on Thursday

Top Stories - Reuters
Jackson Fails to Meet Court Deadline, Risks Jail

13 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

SANTA MARIA (Reuters) - Michael Jackson failed to meet a court-imposed deadline for his arrival in court for his sex abuse trial on Thursday, risking forfeiting his $3 million bail and possible jail.

and I guess we can forget all about the suden apearance of those dscount Lotus/Ford twincame engines:

World - Reuters
Unpopular Hong Kong Leader Quits, Deputy to Take Over

1 hour, 32 minutes ago

 World - Reuters

By Tan Ee Lyn

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Embattled Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa, whose unpopular leadership sparked massive pro-democracy protests which rattled Beijing, resigned on Thursday, ending more than a week of speculation.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.10.05 09:27 pm)

some people really take BAC seriously...does george do this.

Top Stories - Reuters
Jackson Accuser Says Plied with Alcohol

Thu Mar 10, 3:49 PM ET

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Dan Whitcomb

SANTA MARIA, Calif. (Reuters) - Michael Jackson's teenage accuser told jurors on Thursday of taking part in nights of heavy drinking with the entertainer as the sex abuse trial resumed after a morning of high drama in which a judge threatened to jail the pop star.

The boy, a cancer survivor, told of how Jackson gave him
wine, calling it “Jesus Juice,” and then plied him with vodka,
whiskey and rum, even though the youth warned Jackson he had
only one kidney and should not drink

Stop on by - fresh cool jesus juice; other headline has that chicago killer/no suicide saying: yea...I did it.



Re: The Dye Is Cast

by jackieou (03.11.05 02:02 am)

hu-za!(sudenly) the only israli sports car...(also has a V12 roadster...)

a very sad berley:

and...aperently...the bobmobile went back in time (I was sure I was doing a lotus 23 without the car: is a lotus 23 actually a 1920's race car???)

Re: here's mud in your eye

by myprettypony (03.11.05 02:16 pm)

has anyone seen the patanol eyedrop commercial? the girl in the painting by vermeer of the girl with the pearl earring digitally comes to life with ‘red eye’ and reaches out of the picture plane to use the eyedrops sitting on the table underneath the painting... how did they get the copyright to do that?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by mountain lion (03.11.05 04:04 pm)

If thou would'st live long, live well; for folly and wickedness shorten life.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.12.05 05:55 am)

see - it's gone: red rat : can be cought on a dig cam - that the look in their eyes; excellent moment to loop in poetry as well; ussual a tepid metal band startig carefull. Fags in some drug cult - sad...really..whole brain burning up; loops exploding - still a while till the big 06 - gamblers hell; ninjas from all over the world diving in in nazi abondon to capture the big deal...c'est moi polishing the most obscene jokes ever; had a pic from alittle cult gettgether the eve that Maralyn M plyed localy (aniversary of elvises death) but it's gone - little blond fag withe the way to cute blond girl friedn; dady just picked up a harley didn't know what the hell my littlke mv was

Back to this 23 thing: next - as closs as I can get; arrived today but didn't notice it also had the magic 23 on it; not a berniemobile - aeronotic aerodynamics. Reall thing. Bruno crash and died and we all turned the tv off for a while; among my veried but unveried career as a barbie doll is, I think, connection for possibly skip barbers 23, probably never paid for, and possibly bearied up here in maine some place; infamouse sefarian put a four cam in it - oh of these days; loved the stienbrener thing - slid it on over skip:

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.12.05 07:17 am)

jeus christ! First it's the pope out the window...andnow the bloody queen of england! Actually I was at the races, shortly after being kidnaped, the weekend Lady Di got it - they thought it was pretty funy. Had the lola then - she just...din't love me...

No lola this time. Nothing - let's go...slide it on over!

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (03.12.05 01:49 pm)

humm.. intresting...

people may even be able to see it! hey does anyone here have voom?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by alienbarbiebaby (03.12.05 11:50 pm)

se...20 just will not happen; somebody got it gether finaly : huza...

click click click;
probably: 19.3764638737363563535
oh - yea, finaly gonna let me have that spair engine for my MV - like, all of a suden: $350 plus shipping; I may no dream of of dream dork holliday; me, lap of isle of man; lectured (hopefully even insulted) by John Surtees...

I have a whole bunch of IOM pins on my acket - pathticaly curte; about red-trat time I always run into the other punks with their sad skulls on the jackets....

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (03.13.05 02:05 pm)


Re: The Dye Is Cast

by zipthwung (03.13.05 02:25 pm)

wENT TO diva yesterday. boring intellectuals, boring Europeans and boring college professors on spring break. THis crowd makes the Armory show crowd seem dangerously decqadent.

The formula for making art video aparently is to take a scene, staged or no, slow it down and throw a pop or classical soundtrack over it. THis is poetry.

I'm no expert but wheres the beef? Square burgers square burgers.

A few standouts hd some trampoline work, an computer animated anamoph with eight appendages...i was quite taken with some of the work actually.

Williamsburg was hopping later - spring break dudes!!!!

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by MISTAHCOUGHDROP (04.07.05 06:11 pm)

Anyone here actually apply for this ART Star TV show? I'd like to interview you by e mail for Art & Antiques Magazine.


Matthew Rose

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by broken flower (04.07.05 06:43 pm)

move over hannah hoch!

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by confusionIs nothing new (04.08.05 12:54 am)

ya guy. i did.
what you going 2 doo for he?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by epforbrush (04.08.05 01:10 am)

i am going to have a drawing marathon in my studio tonite

“make the robot look like Maria,”

by VoIP (04.08.05 01:32 am)


not yet

by Jareth (04.08.05 01:52 am)

Now that you're out of my life
I'm so much better
You thought that I'd be weak without you
But I'm stronger
You thought that I'd be broke without you
But I'm richer
You thought that I'd be sad without you
I laugh harder
You thought I wouldn't grow without you
Now I'm wiser
Though that I'd be helpless without you
But I'm smarter
You thought that I'd be stressed without you
But I'm chillin'
You thought I wouldn't sell without you
Sold 9 million

Okay, now that I washed the bit-o-spital outta me mouth...

by VoIP (04.08.05 02:11 am)

how does that shiteo you posted end?
still curious with the lingering taste of bile.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (04.08.05 02:21 am)

After of all of the darkness and sadness
Soon comes happiness
If I surround my self with positive things
I'll gain prosperity

i like the ending, just got the best new progam 2!! good show 2 night as well, zwirnner and team, people say PandD but i c people who maybe enjoy the process.

by VoIP (04.08.05 02:28 am)

said the world in america's dreams

Re: Sing for the year

by kettle black (04.08.05 02:49 am)

Dream on until your dreams come true.

let the fantacy begin

by Jareth (04.08.05 11:31 am)

my boss said:
"i'm so glad there are subtitles
on ooga chaka:

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by VoIP (04.08.05 12:14 pm)

spread the love

do it to it

by Jareth (04.08.05 12:23 pm)

nice one...
don't they show at postmasters?

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (04.08.05 03:14 pm)

5–6:30 PM
Panel I: Performance Theory: Tracing the Ephemeral
Performance theorists often privilege the act over its documentation, while art historians and curators tend to be invested in the relics and residues of actions. In this panel, theorists discuss the concept of performance as purely ephemeral, as something defined by its disappearance, in contrast to the archival impulse behind the documentation and historicization of 1970s performance art. Moderated by Jennifer Blessing.

Re: The Dye Is rigorous

by peterthompson (04.08.05 06:34 pm)

theorists discussing the concept of performance {.....:....:.....:.......:....:~.}

Re: You gotta roll em to know em

by kettle black (04.08.05 06:38 pm)

All around the water tank waitin' for a train
A thousand miles away from home sleeping in the rain
I walked up to a brakeman just to give him a line of talk
He said if you've got money I'll see that you don't walk
Well I haven't got a nickel not a penny can I show
He said get off you railroad bum and he slammed the boxcar door
[ piano ]
Well he put me off in Texas a place I dearly love
The wide open spaces all around me the moon and stars above
Nobody seems to want me nor to lend me a helping hand
I'm on my way from Frisco headin' back to Dixie Land
My pocketbook is empty my heart is willed with pain
I'm a thousand miles away from home just waitin' for a train

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by broken flower (04.08.05 08:31 pm)

You running and you running
And you running away (repeat)

You running and you running
But you can't run away from yourself
Can't runaway from yourself,
Can't runaway from yourself,
Can't runaway from yourself (repeat)

You must have done,
Something wrong (repeat)
Why you can't find the
Place where you belong
Running away, running away,
Running away (repeat)

Every man thinketh his
Burden is the heaviest (repeat)
But who feels it knows it Lord
Who feels it knows it Lord,
Who feels it knows it Lord

by kettle black (04.08.05 11:15 pm)

Like an inverse cargo cult.

Turning your hobby into a business can give you more tax breaks

by confusionIs nothing new (04.09.05 12:13 am)

The Internal Revenue Service defines a hobby as an activity you pursue without expecting to make a taxable profit. Basically, you do it because you like it, regardless of the cost.

But if you demonstrate that you are involved in an activity with the expectation of making money on it, the IRS will consider it a business. As such, you'll be able to deduct expenses directly from your income. You even can deduct overall business losses in the years you don't turn a profit.

You must, however, make the right moves to convince the IRS that your sideline is a legitimate business.

What constitutes a business
The IRS uses two tests in determining whether your activity is a business rather than a hobby.

First, the profit test demands that you show you earned money on the activity in three out of five years.

Re: The second test?

by epforbrush (04.09.05 10:31 am)

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by kettle black (04.09.05 06:30 pm)

Real World Style.

by oops ment (04.09.05 07:30 pm)

bloom schmoom

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by penelope (04.09.05 10:14 pm)

speaking of brooms and thorns, our resident evil has been on an extended vacation


Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (04.10.05 01:32 am)

oral traditon. and then proberly done video,
first oral traditon.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by kettle black (04.10.05 02:13 am)

If you say its name three times while staring into your monitor it will come back.

tause it...

by Jareth (04.10.05 02:15 am)

i am like really ? this exists? i lol u .. perfert day picture perfect.

yikes taxes and tutiorals to cum.

stey tuneed...


by Jareth (04.14.05 10:55 am)

did i say existed, oh i ment didnt.,0,3347870.story?coll=nyc-business-headlines

Even though the story of Voom seemed all but ended, a 43-page filing made public yesterday provides more evidence of how bizarre the battle over the satellite TV service has been between Cablevision and its chairman, Charles Dolan.

The joint filing with the Federal Communications Commission by Cablevision and satellite TV rival EchoStar Communications claims a consumer group that partnered with Dolan in trying to block the sale of Voom's sole satellite does not really exist. Also, a check of records indicates the president of the purported group — the Association of Consumers to Preserve and Promote DBS (direct-broadcast satellite) Competition — was tied to the former consulting firm of Voom's chief operating officer, Mickey Alpert.

Re: The Dye Is Cast

by Jareth (04.14.05 11:01 am)

Sandler, 70, reached at his home in Rockville, Md., said, “What they say is not true,” but he declined to comment on how many members the association had, or when it was formed and why.

Re: Irving Sandler,

by myprettypony (04.14.05 11:13 am)

Sweeper-up after artists

Re: Kaw kaw

by Kaw Thor (04.14.05 04:06 pm)

Kaw kaw.


by oops ment (04.14.05 04:33 pm)