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by nordland (03.16.05 03:04 pm)

by Volunteer, 03.10.05 10:05 am

In the period from 23.2 to 27.2 I had the pleasure to be a visitor and a volunteer in the “Artistic Interruptions” program at Sørfinnset school, by the artist groups Balkong with Søssa Jørgensen/ Geir Tore Holm and Rakett with Karolin Tampere/ Åse Løvgren. For me and for the whole community this program has been a very rich experience. The artist brings art, culture and understanding of art to the people, who gives back their sort of living and experience. This kind of mixture leads to learning and creativity that creates new ideas and projects. Next summer we shall build a traditional Norwegian “gamme” and a Thai house together with students from Thailand and Norway. People living near nature meet across borders to exchange knowledge and culture and to understand how to use the earth without destroying it.

Your journalist? Claire Bishop visited the project at Sørfinnset school Sunday 27.2 for a meal and an interview with some of the artists and with me who had provided some of the ingredients to meal was invited for lunch by the artists. I was really upset when I read the Artforum article about her visit. My hangover (which was really painful, after celebrating a successful event the night before) was the major thing to report. The art, artists and thinking behind the project were not addressed, apart from her belief that the project will be irrelevant in a few years time. How could she say so? The project is at its birth, and we now believe that this cultural mix of artists, art, people and from different worlds and backgrounds will lead to an increasing amount of creativity, new thinking and understanding.

It does not matter to me that she presents me as “the simple mind” who cannot “dialogue” with her without telling her anything more than “local exotica.” I am nothing more than a local volunteer and a guest who is there to learn. But I am very disappointed for the artists, who had a successful story to tell, about the last and the coming events over the next year. After an afternoon, how she can judge that this project will not work out? It's healthy to have critical journalism, but the criticism should be based upon a complete picture of the situation. Claire Bishop came Sunday afternoon, so she was not there for the events the artists organised for us Friday and Saturday, maybe if she had been there, she could learn and understand why this kind of mixture creates and develop people and art.

Sørfinnset has a school and not museums like in Oslo and other cities. It looks quiet for someone from outside. Maybe your journalist does not see that together with the artists we make another way of having art. It is different for all of us. I am disappointed that she did not try to understand things, I hope your magazine not always build judgement and criticism on such a tiny background.

Kenneth Norum

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by jackieou (03.16.05 03:11 pm)

Um...what do they actually do/acomplish. What sort of careers do the participants recieve; what are the formal philosphies that they sumbscribe to? A cult?

Re: Local exotica

by zip (03.16.05 03:29 pm)

I like donuts, flatbreads, pad thai, vacations.

I know how to hang shelves in hostile environments, use a compass and melt snow for drinking.

Lets get it on.

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by jackieou (03.16.05 04:07 pm)

I wanna be an engineer.

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by sharikov (03.16.05 04:43 pm)

today my lactating wife used her breast milk straight out of her chest and into her coffee once we ran out of cream. she told me this is not bizarre.

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by jackieou (03.16.05 05:04 pm)

hmmm...Liilian Helman - the plays...

Big news:

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by jackieou (03.17.05 10:34 am)

Bleak you guys: King Midget, Rover, Auburn Falcon Wagon (get to work on a Robert FRank movie for free!),,,and this baby, garunteed to warm the heart of most any swedish playboy on the make:

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by jackieou (03.17.05 12:40 pm)

coming through in la (oh god...what her name - war hippies ussed to do graphics for her and she worked for EMS on the weekend - sweatest little junkie...)

august 9: or - just the pic

instant turtle (a classic)

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by jackieou (03.17.05 11:51 pm)

what's this - Tonny Benet cult going dow or something?

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by alienbarbiebaby (03.18.05 06:33 am)

speaking of which...
bad news...
(oh, maybe some like it...)





now redy to pull out and destroy another comunity with his fagot dirty money

You tell that piece of cock sucking shit if I have to look at hi again....

he owes me 3 mil - like I want it - tell that bitch to get out of the country again =
aparently he's in sante fe...


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by alienbarbiebaby (03.18.05 08:01 am)

You know...if t you've been reading my theory, there is a conceptual lapse in the poluted modern art waters as gambling is installed and london loops in; different formulas so that a pure 666 sudenly becomes etherial. 33 is great; strictly speaking from there strieght to 49, a big problem for oporations with money on the line: they loose; for me, I just do a painting every day, somewaht bored, when seems apropriate, and, in my typicaly bad taist manor, made a silly ebay link, and acusation about Tony Bennet , and I sweat I could hear a cuplunk; so : 35, not quite 36, still: click clikc, click click,
click clikc; smart boys are gonna streight to 72; me - more soutine, portraits...

god save LA - like...a 15?

...and...aperently...all of a suden...LES:

Re: Palaver North

by alienbarbiebaby (03.18.05 05:39 pm)

that bad...and I say...yea...Emmo...strieght through the west (“I love the weauauauaueest!”)

72 - somepeople ca do it; sante fe - get out the dig camn; don'treally talk about it to much any more...doesn' know...make the press(we just read nesturi and forget the rest)


that bad..


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by alienbarbiebaby (03.18.05 06:51 pm)

tank god (from craid) the true spirit of Donna Summers lives on...
A Public Service Announcement < citizen_misha > 03/18 13:49:55

So when you think the girl is right,
When you had eyed her bottom tight,
When she just called you “silly goof”,
When all is ready - be aloof,

Be cold like stone, be cool like whale:
You are locked up, she's got a bail...
So when she makes you hard and stiff
When you are ready jump that cliff,

Remember, that it will not hurt
To get a rubber: they'r like dirt!
They can be purchased everywhere,
So check your pockets: if it's there

You are in luck, my friend, if not,
Then put five quarters in a slot.
Aha! Machine will spit a thing...
Don't drink too much and you’re a king!

This public service verse is wise,
It is a blessing in disguise.
Because I know you guys: you're quick!
But life can play a dirty trick...

This life can whack you on a head:
This moment you are here - next dead!
Don't think too much of what I wrote,
Away you go and rock that boat...

reply to this post

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by alienbarbiebaby (03.18.05 07:06 pm)

and...aslo from the same source:

hort Flight < OldMack > 03/18 14:00:08

Eighteen of us went from OCS to Flight School together; we were all former Sergeants. There were three “Chucks” in our group.
Chuck DeVries pranged on flight A-3, before any of the rest of us took of on primary flight A-1. Chuck bought the farm while wrestling for the stick with his instructor on a cross wind landing. Both died.
Chuck Brickett had four forced landings during the course of training, but walked away from all of them with minimal damage to the airplanes.
Chuck, changed his name to Charlie. So did Chuck Brunt.
Charlie Brunt was the best aviator of our group. He was assigned to an AD-4 Skyraider squadron at Cherry Point, N.C.

The rest of us who survived, including “the Brick” Charlie Brickett all planned a reunion at Brunt's home.

Charlie was up flying with his wingman. As they made a section approach, the wingman sheard off half of Brunt's wing.

Brunt ejected, but too late. He was inverted and the Rapex seat blew him into the mud just short of the runway.

Brunt's wife and kids were glad that we were all there when the news was delivered to her.

reply to this post

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by alienbarbiebaby (03.18.05 09:13 pm)

uh oh: - who's working the crew?

Takuma Sato withdraws from Malaysian GP!
Sat 19 Mar, 1:07 AM
Lucky Strike B·A·R Honda driver Takuma Sato has been forced to withdraw from tomorrow's Malaysian Grand Prix for medical reasons.

Takuma developed a fever yesterday evening, and after receiving attention from the Sepang Circuit Medical Centre appeared to show some signs of recovery. However, this morning the fever had started to recur.
In view of the fact that this is such a physically demanding race for the driver, the Team and Takuma have accepted the Medical Team's view that the most sensible course of action is to retire from the rest of the weekend's running.
Anthony Davidson will replace Takuma in car no. 4 with effect from this morning's Free Practice sessions and will take part in tomorrow's race.
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No need to feel sad now 'Cause times are pretty thin You can't win

by Jareth (03.19.05 09:58 am)

(1) Dispersive ground - When a chieftain is fighting in his own territory, it is dispersive ground;
(2) Facile ground - When he has penetrated into hostile territory, but to no great distance, it is facile ground;
(3) Contentious ground - Ground the posse ssion of which imports great advantage to either side, is contentious ground;
(4) Open ground - Ground on which each side has liberty of movement is open ground;
(5) Ground of intersecting highways - Ground which forms the key to three contiguous states, so that he who occupies it first has most of the Empire at his command, is a ground of intersecting highways; (6) Serious ground - When an army has penetrated into the heart of a hostile country, leaving a number of fortified cities in its rear, it is ser ious ground;
(7) Difficult ground - Mountain forests, rugged steeps, marshes and fens—all country that is hard to traverse: this is difficult ground
(8) Hemmed-in ground - Ground which is reached through narrow gorges, and from which we can only retire by tortuous paths, so that a small number of the enemy would suffice to crush a large body of our men: this is hemmed in ground;
(9) Desperate ground - Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is desperate ground

Re: Sun Tzu

by myprettypony (03.19.05 10:15 am)

The Art of War

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by alienbarbiebaby (03.19.05 11:57 am)

a little 18th century. Yea, playing those games where I work; old docs; had me do doing 16th century, which I love9swaer to god - ben frankin, sam adams, the works, english govenors of the districts) sudenly sliped forward to the 17th century and...clearer big names.

Check out the Lotus 88 dual chassis - like...a 15th century cult; they went bizerk when it came out. McLaren: sceret weapon: NZ.

As not heard on the trade:

“Yea...well...yea..basicaly yea...I can recreat all of 70's culture on a home coputer...yea....should be cool when george leave like...all of a suden...”

Re: Palaver North

by alienbarbiebaby (03.19.05 05:09 pm)

(as always)

presents a Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin What's his name FILM


the ultimate realestate promition fake art film

This time, all the grandure of a remarkable section of Brooklyn before out of work stage hands have so much as touches one cracked skull remnant; see, up close, the facil expressions as drug dealers intamently discuss the details of how the will develop this remarkable piece of multy-stolen, destroyed property into the ultimate luxery death camp for the next leval of ultamate cult film production!
Stars: To be anounced
n/wiriter: in quadruple loop.


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by jackieou (03.20.05 08:17 am)

You guys - I won't call it a red alert, but:
2 stutz (including a DV32)
Rambler 440 wagon

Superu 360 (always very heavy)

911 with a chevy v8

and and and: (actually kind of cute):

in short - I guess they all went down (and the alfas are all expensive...)

Black europa up north hasn't run in a while - let's go: slide iton over; honest - give a free drink at the marsbar for it!

Re: Palaver North

by jackieou (03.20.05 01:05 pm)

and...finaly...the out of the blue blue 23: here's how you get it; honest, fine on a french concourse...

Re: Palaver North

by jackieou (03.21.05 09:03 am)

totaly happening: (happened every time)

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I Poo on You

by pigeon (03.21.05 01:15 pm)

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by jackieou (03.21.05 02:21 pm)

just about done; always do this one; 5 time looser from my satilight position; opera singer from queens was involved in this one with a perhaps not entoirly happy WO Bently.


oh yea - got a note that monthly bandwith had already been exceeded on my site; but none of it shows up on stats so...fuck the pope made a hit. Got to hit the vatican; that dufus duchamp really hit the spot. You huys...I swear - I feelk like Jackie Gleason; wish I was in venice or other place but I really hate being fallowed there; negation seriouse for the MArk 2 free bugatti club. Watch for spining Lotus 49s; dibs also on a march 711

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by jackieou (03.21.05 10:41 pm)

that bad you guys - jackson pollacxk has gone that far back in time: