Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 10:56 am)

Modernism has a certain
I miss it when it is not around.
I don't want a new art to replace the
old art....I want the new art and the
old art, too. I want it ALL.
And then I want more.

rebel yell

by Jareth (03.23.05 12:15 pm)

who is trying to get rid of modrenism?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 12:43 pm)

I know can you believe it??!!!

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.23.05 12:51 pm)

ah, just read the blog.. sounds more boring then shocking. i bye.. “current interest in modernist aesthetics and concepts” i feel alot of people i know have been going thru this for a while, the “beilief” and "values are refreshing. can't really comment because i wasnt there and scene & herd is so formal and stuffy it doesnt give a clear picture. but this sounds to have been a little glib and ironic...

Re: Hello to an Idea

by yngwshngtn (03.23.05 01:46 pm)


Re: Hello to an Idea

by alienbarbiebaby (03.23.05 01:50 pm)

You know, they say dead on the rail road track, but there's always two guys on the other side with strang grins sorted of plastered on their mahed faces...

Look you guys...something that might be coming up soon: Jail House Law Advise Barter.“ I mean, life boat backwards is funand all, but...keep it in mind. Still looking for a 55; Aurilia is my preference.; hog komng die cast 60 brit sports car parts at $101 on the dollar ain't gonna do it. Frankly - cigerettes work better ( towards bottom of page:”To my friends...)

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 01:58 pm)

Jareth- I have no idea what you just said.
Is there a modernist aesthetic in video?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 02:00 pm)

Mountain Lion on the Feeling of the Modern and Surreal.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.23.05 03:05 pm)

i was thinkin ideology more then aesthetic. (however i see how with modernism in particular the two are inseparable)

Re: Hello to art history

by myprettypony (03.23.05 03:39 pm)

is the future of art its past?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 03:45 pm)

ideology of Modernism?

My comment was 'off the cuff'-
still, is there any truth in
a respective relationship
between the feelings of the
modern/ beauty surreal/ sublime
could they be understood to
align this way?
I have been thinking about it for
a over an hour and it feels like
a really good parallel for unmasking
Pop Art and Post Modernism.
I know that PoMo is looked at as
having been begun with Pop...
But the spit and polish of Pop
seems more akin to surrealism's
belief in the fantasy than PoMo's
universiality (truer beauty yet & yet).

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 03:46 pm)

where the heck is

Re: Hello to an Idea

by broken flower (03.23.05 03:57 pm)

more power to those who take another swing at “modernism”. new context makes it a new thing, nothing ever exhausted...

She wanted no applause
Just another course
Made a meal out of me and came back for more
Had to cool me down
To take another round
Now I'm back in the ring to take another swing

'Cause the walls were shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we werent fakin

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.23.05 04:04 pm)

term paper due?

To live in a glass house is a revolutionary virtue par excellence. It is also an intoxication, a moral exhibitionism that we badly need. Discretion concerning one's own existence, once an aristocratic virtue, has become more and more an affair of petit bourgeois parvenus

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zip (03.23.05 04:11 pm)

Ive been thinking about this for about five minutes. Haven't read the article - I'm saving it.

What about Philip Johnson's Glass House, which has been called one of the world's most beautiful and yet least functional homes. Johnson did not envision it as a place to live so much as a stage... and a statement.

I plagiarized that. Anyways, I've been playing Half Life and I need to get some bailing wire, except I can't stop. I launched this rocket and I'm trying to get back down. Anyone? I'm lost on these electric rails.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zip (03.23.05 04:54 pm)

Ok I skimmed the article. Does anyone read Bourriard? Hottie does I guess. Sounds like relational esthetics is not going to be given him though, at least on my end as I guess there are a cagillion people all yammering about contingency, not the least of which is Kurt Goeddel, of “Goeddel Escher Bach” fame. That shittly Clemente painting at Gagosian of a house of cards ....

One for every nerd/theorist who even mentions micro utopias. Eat me.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by alienbarbiebaby (03.23.05 04:55 pm)

Modernisme versus actual modern art; and is their actually an aesthetic to modernism (ir even a a-aesthetic vis-a-vee our old buddy gerhard) Nude D the S: not possible : ask bracque: still pissed off: new movie idea: Alice B Tole;less in the Countries: the mind is a terrible thing to waist not waife via the new music experiece; sort of a b ball bearing pyramid: bounce an idea off that: anyway..still waiting for camunique: Telexes to Lenny: nothing: nada: look at the time as I scan: 3:33: these means nothing to me; I am noit a fresh bunny rabbit on the subway: ok best I can do: my theory: yu like pyramids (I don't ) you want in: maybe ever series: so:

Re: Hello to Boosterism

by zip (03.23.05 04:57 pm)

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Even while our students were away, MICA was buzzing with many activities, most notably Artafare 2005, and final preparations for this week’s Tour de Clay.

Artafare, MICA’s biennial flagship fundraising gala, took place this past Saturday, March 12, and, once again established itself as Baltimore’s not-to-be-missed event. This year’s eight dinner parties ran the gamut thematically, from the 60s-70s inspired “It’s a Mod Mod World”, to the equestrian “Horsing Around”, to an homage to all things Scottish in “A Tribute to Robert Burns”. It’s truly amazing to see how a crew of forty dedicated students transform the studios and other spaces in Main Building to mirror the dinners’ themes, and then return the rooms to their original conditions in time for the resumption of academics on Monday.

The Artafare live and silent art auctions were a resounding success, and contained contributions from over 75 artists, all of whom are MICA faculty, alumni, friends or trustees. The breadth of work was terrific. Attendance exceeded 500; and when all the figures are in, this year’s event is expected to raise an amount surpassing the $110,000 raised from Artafare 2003 – all of which goes to support MICA’s community projects. It was a success on all levels.

Another interesting event that took place recently on campus was the Technology Leadership Institute for Colleges of Art & Design in Brown Center on February 17-18. 36 colleges and universities participated, in addition to technology giants Apple Computer and Adobe Systems. Some of the other institutions represented were RISD, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, California College of the Arts, and the George Washington University. This conference focused on meeting the needs of today’s students, who, unlike their predecessors, have lived their entire lives surrounded by the benefits of digital technology. “Digital natives” are more used to communication through technology, and MICA is playing a leading role in exploring how this reality can be managed to enhance creativity and learning.

Last week was a true illustration of how, even during a student break, our campus is an active organism. An AIA Lecture and the Maryland Film Festival’s showing of Lon Chaney’s The Phantom of the Opera joined numerous on-campus exhibitions to keep things vital during the brief recess from classes. Now, with the students back from break, we start the six week sprint to final crits. Thank you for your continued interest in and support of MICA.


Fred Lazarus


Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 05:02 pm)

could someone please direct me
to the place where I apply to
write term papers for the
rest of my life?
I seem to be befuddled.

(not a cowardly) Mountain Lion

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 05:03 pm)

chitty chitty bang bang
loves u 2.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by alienbarbiebaby (03.23.05 05:13 pm)

po-ho-hore-hahs;the real pyramidea (don't hear much about eehm any more) ball bearing art world....

running early today

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.23.05 05:21 pm)

still sucks
are you painting with
craft tempra?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.23.05 05:27 pm)

“micro utopias” how about a” highly engendered, exclusive and cross displainary capitalist communion", or perhaps simply “club” or would those just be attributes of a specific “micro utopia”..

Re: Hello to an Idea

by alienbarbiebaby (03.23.05 05:57 pm)

Actually, that's naive; the fact is, we need to move forward: new ideas, new imperative. I own the company - I'm keeping the shaver; joine hands and we will move forward. Utopia, comminisme - jack, move over... and I will move up!

(tempura sometimes - you're theory suck junkie)Tghe little pyramid brain exploding; we don't really care if he let her suck him off,, what we care is that she's a pyramid club you. Post something. BAck down to tower records I guess; sneakers and roses

by confusionIs nothing new (03.23.05 06:04 pm)

there will be an answer let it b.

Modernity is the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, which make up one half of art, the other being the eternal and the immutable. This transitory fugitive element, which is constantly changing, must not be despised or neglected.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Billy Idol (03.23.05 06:57 pm)

I question your % ages.

Re: Hello i love you won't you tell me ur name

by confusionIs nothing new (03.23.05 07:35 pm)

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Billy Idol (03.23.05 07:50 pm)

Ride the snake
Ride the snake
To the lake
To the lake

The ancient lake baby
The snake is long
Seven miles
Ride the snake

He's old
And his skin is cold
The west is the best
The west is the best
Get here and we'll do the rest

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.23.05 10:30 pm)

yum. i love old as long as it is freaky. feed off the feeders, hold on slip back in my bar-b-q coma..
work was good at boesky's could have done with out the opening, ever noticed how much the crowd looks like the Art? in this case old and self consious....

Re: Hello to an Idea

by myprettypony (03.23.05 11:33 pm)

David Salle is one of the most eloquent artists I know but i can take or leave his work. I get alot out of the interviews with Maurice Sendak that I've read. He's deep.

What the world needs now, the critic and curator postulated, is more artists who are able to “produce pathways through culture” and a maintenance of cultural diversity within an overall system that might accommodate it. As one might expect from him, Bourriaud had a catchy name for his idée—“altermodernism”—and posited it as “a reloading of modernism according to twenty-first-century issues.” So, we need to learn the language of other cultures, translate their cultural values, and connect them to the “world network.”

This idea is interesting- not sure what it means though.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.24.05 12:01 am)

oopsy.. any wholldalla dudallla
so funkay number one funky
talkabout it
shout about
feel about it
think about it ..
everyone ...

be somebody

Re: Hello to an Idea: Old and self conscious

by oops ment (03.24.05 02:23 am)

I don't know what the hell I'm saying but my fingers won't stop striking the keys.
Look at me! Look at my hair shine! Look at my skin glow! Look at!

Re: Hello to an Idea

by penelope (03.24.05 02:25 am)

cmon oops ment, you were once like that. hmmm?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by oops ment (03.24.05 02:45 am)

oh penny, let's spoon

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Billy Idol (03.24.05 02:56 am)

me daughter (12) just gave me a drawing.

campbell's soup can with legs and skirt-one leg straight up high.

a can can can can

the future is secure


Re: Hello

by sister wendy (03.24.05 04:23 am)

Re: Hello to an Idea

by alienbarbiebaby (03.24.05 11:49 am)

uh-oh spagette-oh; I hear the red one you can actually buy; rog ussed to have a bunch of silver ones; anyways,...not modern; almost no cars are modern at all. What is it - classical? Roman?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by broken flower (03.24.05 09:09 pm)

I dont trust anyone who doesnt like LA

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mork (03.25.05 01:19 am)

Class has started
You'd rather be absent than tardy
Now that's retarded

Re: all or nothing

by myprettypony (03.25.05 01:50 am)

don't sweat the small stuff-
it's all small stufff

Re: Go Banksy

by zipthwung (03.25.05 04:59 am)

British Prankster Smuggles Art Into Top NY Museums
Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:25 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Many a visitor to New York's Museum of Modern Art has probably thought, “I could do that.”

A British graffiti artist who goes by the name “Banksy” went one step further, by smuggling in his own picture of a soup can and hanging it on a wall, where it stayed for more than three days earlier this month before anybody noticed.

whhheeeww. e.

by Jareth (03.25.05 08:45 am)

L.A. is a great big freeway.
Put a hundred down and buy a car.
In a week, maybe two, they'll make you a star
Weeks turn into years. How quick they pass
And all the stars that never were
Are parking cars and pumping gas

Well 4 1, y don u mention something that is 'Modernism'?

by Theologian (03.25.05 08:46 am)

Once u start talking about the works and the artists us will c a disconnect btween the general concepts of Modernism. The artists weren't all related 4 example to Greenberg's Hegelian imperatives that ptg should only b about those things which r the essence of ptg defining itself: plane, line, color, flatness, edge, Malerische, brush, roller, etc. A picasso resorting 2 African primitivising of the nude does not equal a deKooning Unconscious primitivising of the female. what i have maintained throughout is that the concepts of modernism have a life of their own, hermetically sealed and perpetuated by people like Kuspit, Danto, Krauss, Fried and the semiotic/ art forum types. When u try 2 make them cover a particular artist then u find problems since the artists usually never gave a shit. Pollock prob the best example. He borrowed heavily from Kamrowski, MegaBooze & young Pussy. Hot Damn?

anyway, best example is Irving Sandler's 'History of ABX', written b4 most of the artists were finished w/ their careers. The chapters on individual artists r one thing; the chapters on finding a covering law, involving the competing paradigms of rosenberg's Unconscious Marxism (if we can allow such for the momo) v. Greenberg's Marxist Hegelian dialectic, r quite another.

So, talk about works that can b construed as Modernist. this will make po Mo make more sense since in my opinion it grew from the objectivity of Concept.

Now zip, y r u posting letters from MICA's President? r u alumni?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (03.25.05 04:16 pm)

Indeed I am an alumni, how wuld I get those emails? What you think of them?

Do you get the fancy print mailers? I wonder if they are made by interns or if its all just fluff because thats the way you do it. Or don't. I guess its harder to do than it looks but Jesus. Update your design sense and sensibility people. Learn to write. Anyone under the age of 40 is going to laugh and laugh. Ha. Whos yer audience? I guess not me.

lemmee get this strait

by Theologian (03.25.05 05:00 pm)

u went to the institute in Balto.?

Test 1: what is the name of the bar btween the RR station and the Main bldg on Lanvale st.?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Unbekannt (03.25.05 05:42 pm)

Le Place du Arschloch

Re: Hello to an Idea

by myprettypony (03.25.05 09:49 pm)

seems like at some point you stop being a spectator or fan of art and you get caught up in your own life- besides the full moon rising, the rush of the waves crashing on the shore, the jingling of barnacles and the pungent sea air fill the senses

Re: Hello to an Idea

by penelope (03.25.05 11:50 pm)

“Inside me a terrifying gem which will not wear away, a gem which scratches the windowpanes as I flee through the night.”

Re: diamond in the rough

by myprettypony (03.26.05 12:12 am)

thanks penelope

thello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.26.05 12:36 am)

the mirror is cooll but i would have to see a sceane.
some-one said stop bye night.
i am tiered,
i live with hot djs,
lets see what goes dobme/

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (03.26.05 06:27 am)

There is a mural on the ceiling of the Mt. Royal Tavern. The agony and the ecstasy and the needles out back.

One time there was a student run gallery and these guys in ski masks and shotguns fresh from robbing the superfresh supermarket decided to rob them too.

How avante guard.

thello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.26.05 10:29 am)

the mirror is cooll but i would have to see a sceane.
some-one said stop bye night.
i am tiered,
i live with hot djs,
lets see what goes dobme/

Oh just forget it

by burr dumb (03.26.05 11:21 am)

If design and art are equal today...what should an artist do? duh.

by Jareth (03.26.05 11:26 am)

the politics of art the art of politics.

Re: Road trip to Albany and Lake George today

by myprettypony (03.26.05 11:32 am)

last night stopped by the MIT List Visual Arts Center to see the current shows: Kimsooja and Pavel Braila then drove across Cambridge to Art Interactive to see the Paper Sculpture show- I liked Kimsooja'a work alot but the rest was not really memorable- how long is a video supposed to be before it becomes a short film? 3min? 5min? 10min? 15? 20? 25? What is the difference between a manifesto and an artist statement?

by burr dumb (03.26.05 11:35 am)

The Art of Politics is the Politics of Tar

another freakin' paper show? yah!

by burr dumb (03.26.05 11:36 am)

Please, when will these curators learn that Art as Paper with Paper or as Paper is just bad

by burr dumb (03.26.05 11:41 am)


Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.26.05 11:42 am)

man·i·fes·to     P   Pronunciation Key  (mn-fst)
n. pl. man·i·fes·toes or man·i·fes··tos
A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.

intr.v. man·i·fes·toed, man·i·fes·to·ing, man·i·fes·toes
To issue such a declaratio

artist statements are a creation of achedemia.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (03.26.05 11:48 am)

video and film are 2 different media...
assuming what ur are asking i think the answer would be: narrative structure, distibution, intended audeance and so forth come into play... length can vary but “commerial film” is very stylized and has firm set peramaters.

Re: netsuke vs. origami

by myprettypony (03.26.05 11:48 am)

now that would be an interesting show


by burr dumb (03.26.05 11:50 am)

Medium message etc.

Academy MFA etc.

Re: bring back the manifesto

by myprettypony (03.26.05 11:55 am)

they are so much more interesting and meaningful than the artist statement- and if you are an artist working w/o a manifesto you don't deserve a show- ha

i think my question about film and video and length is how long can visitors to a gallery or museum be expected to stand or sit and watch a video- even if it's a repeating loop 3-5 min seems about the max otherwise assuming there is a narrative- you stumble in to the action in progress not knowing how long it's been running or when it will end or when it will repeat- doesn't it make more sense to screen it in a theater and announce show times and provide a collective experience


by yngwshngtn (03.26.05 12:05 pm)

Oh my! Art really is just a playground for the rich! How glorius! Isn't it wonderful? All of my wildest dreams have come true! Even the worst artist in New York can sell out her entire show on opening night! And party with the rich! rich! rich! Oh, but wait, John Currin? Anna Sui? Marc Jacobs, Tara Subikoff? Oh no, wait just a minute, every one of these people is YESTERDAYS NEWS!!!! What have I done??? How will I survive???? MAYBE MONEY CAN HELP ME!!!!!!!

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (03.26.05 07:40 pm)

Globular villages dendritic in construction networked gleaming radiation making seeming and all the alerts are insulated by the dulls in channels along the lines of a circuit circular and meaning highways of streaming macromo micromolecular chaoticly periodicly conducting steaming fish stream electric dreams.

Re: Hello to an Iconoclasm

by zipthwung (03.26.05 07:48 pm)

Man Kills Dog Because of Name, Felony

Thu Mar 24, 8:20 PM ET Strange News - AP

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A man has been charged with killing his family's dog with two pickaxes because its name — Felony — reminded him he had recently been charged with a felony.

Kenneth James Watkins, 22, was charged Wednesday with a felony count of animal cruelty for killing the 11-year-old black and white border collie on Tuesday.

Watkins told his family and a neighbor what he had done, said Berkeley County Sheriffs Deputy Terry S. Shetley. An aunt kicked Watkins out of the house and called police. Watkins' brother showed deputies a sign over the dog's fresh grave in the yard that said, “Don't Kill No More Dogs.”

Watkins is being held in the Eastern Regional Jail on $20,000 bond.

On Feb. 17, he was charged with a felony count of grand larceny in connection with the theft of a pickup truck, according to court records. He was released on bail Feb. 25.

Re: Hello to an Idea- Julianne Schwatrz

by myprettypony (03.27.05 12:19 am) (sound installation in the elevator car)

Re: Hello to an Iconoclasm

by zipthwung (03.27.05 02:27 pm)

Man Kills Dog Because of Name, Felony

Thu Mar 24, 8:20 PM ET Strange News - AP

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A man has been charged with killing his family's dog with two pickaxes because its name — Felony — reminded him he had recently been charged with a felony.

Kenneth James Watkins, 22, was charged Wednesday with a felony count of animal cruelty for killing the 11-year-old black and white border collie on Tuesday.

Watkins told his family and a neighbor what he had done, said Berkeley County Sheriffs Deputy Terry S. Shetley. An aunt kicked Watkins out of the house and called police. Watkins' brother showed deputies a sign over the dog's fresh grave in the yard that said, “Don't Kill No More Dogs.”

Watkins is being held in the Eastern Regional Jail on $20,000 bond.

On Feb. 17, he was charged with a felony count of grand larceny in connection with the theft of a pickup truck, according to court records. He was released on bail Feb. 25.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (03.27.05 03:05 pm)

Fuck that Muzak shit. So old hat. Go with something rockin' like and unethnik like Switched on Bach or Mike Oldfield. Electric Dreams man.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by myprettypony (03.27.05 03:33 pm)

you're wrong- it's so hot in that elevator- thick golden yellow shag carpet that you can't escape is on the floor and even the fluorescent light bulbs in the elevator have been replaced with yellow bulbs- can you say disco- you are like hummin along with the tunes cuz they are so groovy you just want to stand in the elevator all day long- and it is one of those fat elevators like in hospitals- that is the cadillac of elevators in a word- opulence

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (03.27.05 03:47 pm)

Thats fine but I'm not jumping on the seventies style bandwagon nohow. Why go retro when you can go utopian? Fuck that shag stuff I am into the new. new . new.

Re: peace is utopian

by myprettypony (03.27.05 03:50 pm)

so is putting a smile on someone's face, making someone laugh or making them feel good

Re: Hello to an Idea

by myprettypony (03.27.05 03:54 pm)

the idealism of the 70's was utopian wasn't it?

Re: war. what is it good for? absolutely nothing

by myprettypony (03.27.05 03:59 pm)

i took a pass on easter dinner with the family for that reason

Re: Share the Passion

by zipthwung (03.27.05 04:04 pm)

Art is not about feeling good.

I have a nail.

Re: tesseract, string theory, etc...

by myprettypony (03.27.05 04:06 pm)

the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (03.27.05 04:07 pm)

“They were mad when some TV channels covered the engagement between the Karenni and the Burma Army (on Doi Yamoo, 15 km west of Maehongson) and villagers fleeing from the shellings,” said a reporter who asked not be named. “They were afraid tourists who are coming to see the Padaung long-necks would turn back instead.”

Maehongson is known for the Padaung a.k.a Kayan tribe, whose chief characteristic is the extraordinary neckband of brass coils worn by their women.

So when the weight of rings forces the shoulders down, the neck appears longer. Pretty cool. War really gets in the way you know?

Re: foot binding

by epforbrush (03.27.05 04:12 pm)

war, the multiform art

Re: Hello to an Idea

by mountain lion (03.28.05 12:18 am)

Los Angeles is SUPER COOL !!
Wasn't there long enough but I
did manage to get to the
Jack Hanley Gallery and it had the
best feeling going on inside.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Deadsoul_Monroe (04.03.05 03:37 am)

Love Eternal

O' Blue eyed angel O'mine
How thous't came alive, Hath my dreams come true?
My love shall be as I am now...
Once imprisioned, once cast, unto the land of darkness...

I have turned my face unto thee...
Thou art illumine my sight; my heart;
Beholding thy lights in this dark night...

Thou art my heaven, from mysterious of creatures

beauties rose, thous't intrigue,
dost is rarity in thy parallels of realms....

My love for thou is deep...
My love for thou is much...
mine spirit hath breathed in thy heart
that thou mayest be eternal for everlasting love...

Thou art mine unfading night sky...
thou smile, hath warmed my soul...
thou voice hath soothed me; gentlest O' Lullybye
To thee I bestow my being...
my heart, my essence my soul;
Mine everlasting Love; hath be forever beyond thy eternity
O' blue eyed angel O' mine

{{ R.I.P. wilhelm Bedard 86, Yours in heaven and binded in Love,

Lost Soul:

thou fallen orders of thy eighth
thou fallen 3rd admist thy chior:
thou hath fallen from grace,
t'were brethen of virtues hath reached thee;
scrape'd thier hearts O ‘banchie shall creep!
Now light of tears! thou has been cast out! thou is eliminated from thy paradise O’ council O' brothers O' sisters Thous't Walk with Hades! Thou break hearts didist cause pain t'were thier eyes pine to look
arrow measure strangl'd Fallen Angel may'st thou tears of blood stain'd thy face! Mayest blackness of fire Eat thy heart! Mayest burden of woe wiegh bloodless on thine soul
walk amons't ye Dead! and be Dead!

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zip (04.03.05 05:00 am)

Right on brother. I will nurture you.

Re: Hebdedahabdadoo

by zip (04.03.05 05:27 am)

Are you an autodidact, a self-educated person?

Did you learn most of what matters to you on your own, even if you went to college?

Are you a disgruntled student, teacher, or professor, dissatisfied with the knowledge industry and the bureaucratization of intellect?

Are you concerned about the role of the intellect not just as a form of specialized professionalism but as equipment for living?

Are you interested in the intellectual life of society as a whole, in its informal and extra-institutional aspects as much as in its formal institutions?

Do you strive to make yourself and people around you more conscious and critical thinkers?

How do you locate yourself in the universe of knowledge?

If any of these questions strike a chord in you, you too may wish to benefit from the Autodidact Project.

“Nature has no outline but imagination has.”
— William Blake

Ralph Dumain is some prosodistic paradigmatist.

I gots lots that patter and pitter de bitter ze happenings man. This is WKWK, middle of the dial, floating in the MISSISSIPPI.

How did I get here?

Extremely high relief.


by zip (04.03.05 05:39 am)

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

_William Blake.

1. Set aside a place for study and study only!
A. Find a specific place (or places) that you can use for studying (for example, the campus libraries, vacant classrooms, quiet areas in the student center, bedroom at home, etc.)

B. Make a place specific to studying. You are trying to build a habit of studying when you are in this place. So, don't use your study space for social conversations, writing letters, daydreaming, etc.

C. Insure that your study area has the following:

good lighting
a comfortable chair, but not too comfortable
a desk large enough to spread out your materials
D. Insure that your study area does not have the following:

a distracting view of other activities that you want to be involved in
a telephone
a loud stereo
a 27-inch color TV
a roommate or friend who wants to talk a lot
a refrigerator stocked with scrumptious goodies
2. Divide your work into small, short-range goals.
A. Don't set a goal as vague and large as ... “I am going to spend all day Saturday studying!” You will only set yourself up for failure and discouragement.

B. Take the time block that you have scheduled for study and set a reachable study goal. (for example: finish reading 3 sections of chapter seven in my Psych. text, or complete one math problem, or write the rough draft of the introduction to my English paper, etc.)

C. Set your goal when you sit down to study but before you begin to work.

Set a goal that you can reach. You may, in fact, do more than your goal but set a reasonable goal even if it seems too easy.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (04.03.05 06:52 am)

Funny right? I mean night and day. The second prose poem was written for a school web site. The first poem was written by William Blake, who made books that didn't sell well until much much later. Note the contrast.

Where blake is poetic and insightfull, the academic poet is didactic and obvious.

Where Blake refers to transcendental truths, The academic pragmaticly thinks only of the now. Hers is an antiseptic space filled with ordered papers and compartmentalized thoughts. “No daydreaming in the study room,” she enjoinders us sternly.

Of the two characters we find Blake, a laid back religious nut, far cooler than some hack academic.

Re: Roses are red, violets are blue

by myprettypony (04.03.05 01:33 pm)

sugar is sweet
& so are you

Re: Hello to a Taxonomy

by zipthwung (04.03.05 06:41 pm)

Thats green, you idiots.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by the missing piece (04.03.05 07:42 pm)

Blake, religious fanatic or no..hard steps to walk in, I wouldn't presume to try I don't think.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by zipthwung (04.03.05 07:49 pm)

In the gallery people come and go speaking of Michaelangelo. Me neither.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by the missing piece (04.03.05 07:59 pm)

Michaelangelo...makes my soul sing. I'm glad he existed on this makes mundane things, like socks, seem so much bettter.

Re: Michelangelo, I agree

by worldsprettiestfag (04.03.05 08:03 pm)

he lived for a higher purpose

Re: The Artists Reality: philosophies of art

by worldsprettiestfag (04.03.05 08:59 pm)

by Mark Rothko, Kate Rothko & Christopher Rothko

Re: Hello to an Idea that won't go away

by mountain lion (04.03.05 09:51 pm)

about once every hour
your name sounds in my mind
why do I keep reminding myself
of you
who stays at bud for 13 years?
you might? why not share shears
and nip our buds and breathe breath
entirely free while it is still Spring.
the new branch may then grow and
reach out to the surrounding meadow,
the lush grasses and bouncing insects.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by rasputin (04.04.05 07:36 am)

This ones for ABB especially, read the posts. I'm not a particular fan of Buffy, although I do wonder what brings people to identify with Sarah Michelle Geller as a person.

I think Dichotomy is a moderator, it just reads a bit condescending.

“Well, what a lot of questions!.”

The first post is insane. Is this guy for real? The writing style points to a young mind.

So my guess is its an older paid moderator condescending to youth and apparent gaga-ness.

Never condescend to ga ga, you don't know where its coming from.

If its true they are using a paid moderator, they are missing out on using unpaid teenage interns. Real fans.

I only vaguely know characters, if at all, making analysis hard.

Anom writes:

“'A Slayer must always reach for a weapon.' That's a truism. For the series, Buffy has approached Slaying with a ‘What will kill this one?’ approach. To take on the Uber barehanded after previous failures is about as anti-Buffy as you can get - it plays against her great strength, her ability to strategize. ‘I always find a way,’ she says to the GrrrArrgh guy. There is no way to rationalize this away. Or is there?”

Well, is there?

I can tell that its an important point, by the treatment of the idea.

HonorH does some major justice to the original questions. Probably not a moderator. HonorH ask if he is making any sense, a good sign he is, at least to himself, which is the first step. A lot of people never achieve this kind of clarity.

Then the discussion devolves to an unfocused mess. I find this disconcerting. Why not start a new thread?

A discussion of reading habits follows - who likes what, followed by a desultory rash of “me tos!”

frisby brings some analysis back:
_[> Thus Spoke Zarathustra — frisby, 02:56:37 01/15/03 Wed

Try Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra

“When Zarathustra was thirty years old he left his home and the lake of his home and went into the mountains. There he enjoyed his spirit and his solitude and did not tire of it for ten years. But at last his heart was transformed and one morning he rose with the dawn, stepped before the sun and spoke thus: 'Thou great star! .....'”

(He knows the sun is a star, a fact most of the people who have ever lived on this planet did not know, making him a modern human — but does he know of that star's galactic year?)

(Fantasy? Are we to think of Plato's sun?)

(Oh well, there's my suggestion.)"_

But is ignored in the next off topic discussion.

The conversation returns to Buffy, but we find it mired not in plot points, but in people's identification with the show - essentially a soap opera - which functions as an escapist adolescent fantasy space.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Jareth (04.04.05 09:01 am)

“which functions as an escapist adolescent fantasy space.”
nice line.

Re: Hello to an Idea

by Coxswain (04.04.05 01:38 pm)

This picture illustrates just where to insert the matchbook for full play.

Re: clue less

by mountain lion (04.04.05 02:54 pm)

strike a match
strike a chord?

Strike a Pose-R

by Coxswain (04.04.05 03:21 pm)

Where's the Money Shot?

Re: Hello to an Idea

by rasputin (04.04.05 03:35 pm)

Ow. Ahhh! Ow. Ahhh!

Re: Hello to an Idea

by broken flower (04.04.05 03:44 pm)

tell it to john lee hooker, coxy

Re: Hello to an Idea

by rasputin (04.04.05 03:59 pm)

Boom boom boom boom,
(I'm) Gonna shoot you right down.
Right off of your feet.
Take you home with me,
Put you in my house.
Boom boom boom boom.

A-haw haw haw haw
I love to see you strut
Up and down the floor.
When you talking to me.
That baby talk.
I like it like that.
Whoa!! Yeah!

solo <

When she walk that walk,
And talk that talk,
And whisper in my ear,
And tell me that you love me.
I love that talk,
When you talk like that.
It knocks me out,
Right off of my feet.
Whoa!!! Oh, yeah!!

stay power...

by Jareth (04.04.05 04:45 pm)

And it’s true we are immune
When fact is fiction and tv reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

The real battle yet begun (sunday, bloody sunday)
To claim the victory jesus won (sunday, bloody sunday)

Re: Hello to an Idea

by rasputin (04.04.05 04:51 pm)

For sound this good, it must be out of the box.....

lunchtimes over

by broken flower (04.04.05 05:44 pm)

Elmer Dills, famous Los Angeles food critic describes Todai Restaurants as “The Mother of all Seafood Buffets.”

Re: Secret life of lobsters by Trevor Corson

by myprettypony (04.04.05 10:09 pm)

how fishermen and scientists are unraveling the mysteries of our favorite crustacean

Re: Money

by rasputin (04.04.05 11:28 pm)

its a crime.