Re: Right Stuff

by microbe (04.06.05 02:49 pm)

How can anyone seriously link together conservatives and modernism? It's difficult to fathom. I distinctly recall a Bush Sr. era tyrade from William Bennet in which he called for nothing less than an “end to modern thought”. He conflated modernism with the advent of a progressive, liberal society that resulted in giving America the Hippies - Oh the horror! I think the only kind of benefit the neocons would truly appreciate from any form of modernity is the invention of a time machine so that they may scurry off to the good ol' 1890's.

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.06.05 04:37 pm)

I disagree; “modernism” is republican; “modern art” in democrat. I guess they could have just called it agent X.

Re: Right Stuff

by mountain lion (04.06.05 04:57 pm)

I'm thinking of some stodgy old modernists
who started out eating psychadelics and
then stopped and found Jesus and
continued on their macho-macho way...
the ole South- Southern Democratic Group that
has now ploughed its self deep within the Republican sphere
mmm.... ‘states rights’ euphamisim
Tom Daschel has been voted out
Tom Brokaw has also been fired
It's hip but not too hip.

Age of Enlightenment indeed.

by Jareth (04.06.05 05:18 pm)

sounds as “shocking” as the Hirst show.. and if those pictures say anything, looks equally thrilling. vito and self distructing dvd's.. now that sounds like potental.

Re: Right Stuff

by broken flower (04.06.05 05:43 pm)


n 1: a popular trend that attracts growing support; “when they saw how things were going everybody jumped on the bandwagon” 2: a large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band; “the gaudy bandwagon led the circus parade”

Re: Right Stuff

by microbe (04.06.05 06:29 pm)

I guess I can see modernism through an architectural and industrial lens as potentially conservative, as such designs and progress may deny certain aspects of individuality - exemplified by the use of modern architectural design for institutional public housing that resembles prisons... but at the same time could one deem early to mid-20th century architectural design as reactionary simply because it was eventually assimilated into a conservative culture? Really I do think conservatives are more deserving of a “postmodern” label.

Re: Right Stuff

by broken flower (04.06.05 06:34 pm)

happiness is a warm gun, right baby?

Re: Right Stuff

by broken flower (04.06.05 06:38 pm)

there's a political analysis of the neocons that says they are latter day trotskyists—so what goes around comes around...definitions twisted upon themselves

Re: Right Stuff

by mountain lion (04.06.05 06:39 pm)

I think that they are spineless and
You can't call them flip-flops because they
are that and a whole lot more and they know it.
It is harder to defeat the undefinable.
Infiltrate and dominate.
The Puritan aesthetic.
Just remember - Don't sign your work!!!
That way it will be easier to re-label in the future.

Re: Right Stuff

by zipthwung (04.06.05 08:16 pm)

“Strictly Speaking ..readers arent what they used to being a writer isn't what it used to be. But the demands of art are the same.”-JF Powers Quoted in “The Postmodern Aura.”

“”If the neoconservatives had to depend on the free market for dissemination of its ideology, no one would have ever heard of them"

Re: Right Stuff

by zipthwung (04.06.05 08:22 pm)

I sign all my work when it gets sold. I consider selling a contractual agreement that my work has meaning. ANy devaluation is then a result of social forces rather than any individual whim. If it means something to a group then it will not lose value unless the group disintegrates.

Conservatives are not republican, as any educated adult understands.

Conservatives believe in history, and in preserving the parts of the past that matter most, as much as is possible. This takes considerable energy. In many ways it can be harder than so called inovation.

Any one who calls themselves artist must realize that conservatives are responsible for the social currency of that role. Otherwise you might as well make pad thai for people who can pay for the ingredients.

Re: Right Stuff

by broken flower (04.06.05 08:45 pm)

right sissy, and yet...
'It does not do to leave
a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him." JRR Tolkien

Nice Try Michael[but we see though you]

by MS. Other Art World (04.06.05 08:45 pm)
Neo- Cons love Nostalgia

Re: Stuff

by MS. Other Art World (04.06.05 08:48 pm)

Neo -Cons are hung up on meaning

Re: Right Stuff

by zipthwung (04.06.05 09:04 pm)

Anyone who doesnt contest meaning is an aristocrat or a pleb. Hipocrites die in my fantasy world.

Re: Right Stuff

by zipthwung (04.06.05 09:11 pm)

Fuck ambivalence.

Re: Right Stuff

by Question Man (04.06.05 09:37 pm)

Yes you are hung up

i love the way you turn me on./. those who wait.

by Jareth (04.06.05 09:38 pm)

they mostly pass thier days in solitariness of big cites, these achedemics, businessman, doctors, lawyers, students and intellectualls of all kinds and since they sit in offices, deal with clients, engage in transactions, visit lecture theaters, they often forget, above the noise of bustling activity, and there own inner existance.

** 8 **

to shift the main burden from the theoretical self to the total human self and to turn away from the atomised, unreal world of formless forces and things robbed of meaning back into the world of reality and the spheres witch encompass it.

Re: Right Stuff

by zipthwung (04.06.05 09:38 pm)

Damn straight.

Re: Right Stuff

by Kiss My Abstract (04.06.05 10:12 pm)

Ya You Meaning Guys[neo-cons] need the safety net of a good story .I just show the collectors photos of naked women on my sculpture.

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.06.05 10:13 pm)

yea - that's what happens to you when you do modern art. Really - it's a term and modern art and modernist and the word modern are differet things, just ask marry boon, assuming she can get over the shakes.

today's modified news (modern art version: wangggggg-wap!)

op Stories - Reuters
Bush Visits Pope's Body as Pilgrims Crush In

1 hour, 45 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Philip Pullella and Crispian Balmer

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - President Bush visited Pope John Paul's body on Wednesday, the first world leader to arrive to pay homage to the Pontiff, as a flood of pilgrims ran to make the queue to see him one last time.
Bush, who shared many of the Pope's views on social issues like sucking dick and eating poo-poo
but clashed with him over the war in went to St. Peter's
as soon as he landed in Italy with a U.S. delegation including
two former presidents.


World - Reuters
Sinn Fein Leader Asks IRA to Embrace Politics

1 hour, 5 minutes ago

 World - Reuters

By Paul Hoskins

BELFAST (Reuters) - Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams appealed to the IRA on Wednesday to use words, not guns, to fulfil its aims of ending British rule in Northern Ireland.

aparently they still don't give a shit.

Re: Right Stuff

by sister wendy (04.06.05 10:15 pm)

things robbed of meaning are given to the poor—that's the right stuff

Re: Right Stuff

by penelope (04.06.05 10:23 pm)

Kansas voters approve gay marriage

Re: Right Stuff

by penelope (04.06.05 10:24 pm)


Re: Right Stuff

by thingsthatgo (04.06.05 10:29 pm)

Abstract, I'm interested to see one of your sculptures now because I do believe pre3tty interesting things deserve each other.

Re: Culture as Show Business

by zipthwung (04.06.05 10:41 pm)

Culture as show business, as we have been talking of it, is not inevitably a product of a theatrical society; it can also be the alternative. A way of eluding organized entertainments, in order to create others for ourselves.

works both ways

by Coxswain (04.06.05 11:33 pm)


Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.06.05 11:54 pm)

Carnival of resistance - it this art of your time machine. You know..I soon as I can visit england and have a nice time without have to suck obne of Dorris Lessings husbads dicks.

Like the gun too, and advert for the Fleatwood MAck fan club; that brass band is a beaut; I tried to engage the local romanian in a conversation about the elton john on the radio in his art shop (said...the tape machine was broken) but - today: well, the betovan scam worked great so dolls down low, then the sonics, today x, blue flame and ridding with marry and then..apropriatlt ...supremes I foud in the laundry matt; I'm the nly person I know even allowed to listen to love child. Michale won't ;let us hear the Beattles - big shit: Bearry won't let us her Dian. Deal with forigner....

ok : 7 hits on lcdou; 32 on digikissed:

digital Barbie
Recent Referrals
Detail Referring URL
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  6 kill 2 the movie&btnG=Search
  9 2b kinky mouse&stq=10
 17 %22yea yea wow wow%22&meta=
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Re: My parents raised me without TV to destroy “you”

by zip (04.07.05 12:03 am)

Plot Synopsis:
While out by the sea one day, Jimmy, a teenager, and Freddie, his talking flute, were lured to a boat. The boat was sent by Witchiepoo, an evil witch who wanted Freddie. Once Jimmy and Freddie had taken off in the boat, Witchiepoo changed it into an evil ship. Jimmy and Freddie were rescued by H. R. Pufnstuf, a talking dragon who is the mayor of Living Island. On Living Island, everything on the island is actually living, including trees, flowers, books and candles (hence the name, Living Island).

Throughout the series, Jimmy tried to return home and Witchiepoo tried to get Freddie - neither of them ever suceeded.

by Jareth (04.07.05 12:06 am)

I’d sacrifice anything come what might
For the sake of having you near
In spite of a warning voice that comes in the night
And repeats, repeats in my ear

Re: Right Stuff

by sharikov (04.07.05 12:11 am)

hey jared the douchebag factory called they

Re: Right Stuff

by zip (04.07.05 12:15 am)

complete their sentences? I'm curious. How many douchebag factories are there? Can there be outsider douchebags?

Re: Right Stuff

by Jareth (04.07.05 12:35 am)

have more ways to contribute to the dialogue other then criticing some Irrelevent alias = “Jareth”.

so how's ur day going darling, any good shows lately? bars? partys? books perharps, -.?

Re: Right Stuff

by myprettypony (04.07.05 12:58 am)

well, since you asked, i have been installing my work in my house that came out of my last show and re-working a couple of pieces that weren't quite right and I am about to wrap up another brand new one. I woke up the other morning afraid of all these ‘beings’ standing around my bedroom looking at me and I felt crowded. I always wish I coould pull off a sold out show. I never want all the work back but then again I don't want to give it away to my friends who drop mad hints. i am still catching up on visiting my work in public collections and trying not to look back or go back to dealers i don't want but then again there is sort of nothing on the horizon so i am in the in between and not really minding it to be honest

Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.07.05 12:59 am)

oooo- and he didn't die in a crashed rover v8 - gonna be a good one:

Top Stories - Reuters
Prince Who Brought Glamour to Monaco Dies

Wed Apr 6, 7:09 PM ET

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Pierre Thebault

MONACO (Reuters) - Monaco's Prince Rainier, whose marriage to U.S. actress Grace Kelly brought Hollywood glamour to his tiny Mediterranean state, died on Wednesday aged 81

Re: Right Stuff

by myprettypony (04.07.05 01:13 am)

i love rilke but can't find any good books to read- am devouring the magazines...contemplating a trip to nyc to see the max ernst show at the met or maybe just a road trip to the wadsworth atheneum...the harvard art museums are also on my list of things to see...playing catch up with my friends and have some fun but we are all too busy...back to my nocturnal schedule...but spring is here :)

Re: Right Stuff

by sharikov (04.07.05 01:16 am)

the cerebral palsy keeps me pretty much confined to the house, but i did just read a biography of oscar wilde
oops gotta go, shit myself

Re: Right Stuff

by confusionIs nothing new (04.07.05 01:27 am)

ya the weather is great, that last cold spell almost killed, met looks good, prob do on a day still haven't hit the whitney and i hear good things about it. had a funny experiance was chillin with zip on a bench beside central park when this guy came up and was like looking for directions (slightly bewildered) and holding a flyer floor plan up of the goog. when asked how he liked it he replied “it was great to you know see the building” and when asked how about the work he said he got kicked out early because he got there late and only made it to from what i can tell the rick t... all signs point to that he did not even precive of the d.b. as Art, yet still enjoyed his experiance.

sharikov, your such a keeper.

Re: Right Stuff

by myprettypony (04.07.05 01:33 am)

whitney shows are good except for cy twombly

Re: Right Stuff

by penelope (04.07.05 02:13 am)

dont you dare not like cy twombly!

on my vacation, the house i stayed at had a fawlty towers tape which we laughed ourselves sick over. so we netflixed the entire 3 dvds worth and i will be dead from laughing soon


Re: Flight Check

by zip (04.07.05 03:35 am)

Shadow's made of Kevlar

Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.07.05 12:59 pm)

That bad you guys; quite frankly...hard drug addiction; next time you see some old fool running around Brooklyn nietsche screeming:“I'm a warlord, I'm a war lord” think: Chrysler 75...just like they ran at Le Mans; with all due disrespect, vegas is safer:

As for twatly - we've got some up here n maine, sort of; a little strip for the most desperate would be so-ho-ites; lights off all the time; store fronts empty except to teppid painting, a few do-it yourselves; it can be quite romantic late at night, I presume to live quarters up above filled with rotting jacknoife victum: I call it the :“Dead Fagot Theidf show” here my Cy - sort of Cy crashing into one of thsoe and/Mick Jager disasters; almost a puzzle piece; 10 grand and I'll give you the rest I did that week. I should have tried to trade it for that Lancia - rome Lancia - gove me a break;probably done in the fall; didn't date it:

Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.07.05 03:13 pm)

actually...cute. ok?

next in line - that bad; actually this comprises my next protion (that cy episode just “happened” I have othe thing todo - really///lots of rules: I do sandwhich board and dead man's shoes) so..honest: anything: benst frames, nroken engines; small amount of cash really money availible: look in the barrn; I'll just right into the message board: give them drugs might get em:

this is low!!!!

Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.07.05 03:22 pm)

PS: here - what I want is a real wreck I can model on the Duesy that won the french grand prix -22? And go Bugatti hunting: (liitle segway into twy if you look hard enough)

Re: Right Stuff

by sharikov (04.07.05 07:07 pm)

when im not in chelsea im editing my VIDEO art

Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.07.05 07:42 pm)

$549.00 per six month
delivered every 2 weeks in a sealed envalope.

What's hot -(you supoosed to buy these, like the Malcom produced live dolls - a special concert for special people who took the frieght train a little too far...the almost get it when it's looped in 20 years latter)

Dolphy - best of(no coleman here)
Ramones - live (1,2, 3,4)(Ac=tually, aparently, that was the great american novel ffor the late 70's)
Horses - Patti-Replacement - sounds just like Eric to me.
omnisions: (Ask the Angles clone with the sour look behind the counter:“ get a bag...”)
Dead Kennidies - BAC?
Siouxie: still only distributing queen of england shit.
LIAR: soimeone stole their name
Eary Who: none
Rasson Kirk: Never say good bie said good bie..
Neil Young:Loaner on a best of

BB Ent
Wiplash KAnSaS

Re:Food Stuff

by Kiss My Abstract (04.07.05 07:53 pm)

I can see that -

by thingsthatgo (04.07.05 08:40 pm)

—starts from any point and can go anywhere. My mom was a dung beetle. Yours might have been two bits of wood nailed together.
I met this wood just the other day and I asked, evolutionarily minded and all, “ what'cha from?”
Wood replied “ Rice”
So you never really know which way things are going to go.

first step:

and the next:

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.07.05 09:47 pm)

Hu - ok - I didn't do amc; Juliouse did amc; I helped by not doing elton john (though I did see Follmer in the woods brother's javlan at Bryer: pepsi please; aparently ford, gm, and dodge chose not attend for some strang reason) . Porsche- That one I did; a big assist on the mcdonalds ceo...and now ...and now...

World - Reuters
UK Carmaker MG Rover Collapses

1 hour, 41 minutes ago

 World - Reuters

By Michael Smith

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's last major carmaker MG Rover collapsed Thursday, putting 6,000 jobs at risk after it failed to secure an alliance with a potential Chinese partner, the government said.

Re: Right Stuff

by joevoid (04.08.05 01:51 am)


Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.08.05 04:43 am)

Not quite , and this happens to me every so often - I feel like the doctor in that Coppala/wenders film:“He was bludgoned and then shot...or maybe it was the other way around.” Maybe this is what he drove off the which case it was murder; cheap; got an 810 too. Cheap:

i miss johnny cochrane already

by sharikov (04.08.05 05:24 am)

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.08.05 07:14 am)

We all do: seriouse ronnie shake down; cashing their check - next up? Yamaha rd350...mark my word: I might bid - not a bad car:

Re: Right Stuff

by kettle black (04.08.05 08:31 am)

Put em in a program man. Things have changed since I was ostraciszed, I mean set aside for better art materials.

What a fiasco that shit turned out to be.

The there was the turn to metric. How tall are you now? 2 meters? How tall is that? I don't know, but I read in this sci fi book that this dude was 2 meters tall, whch was large.

After that they dumped a bunch of soon to be obsolete computers on unprepared teachers. No one knew anything. You couldn't even play video games on them.

Then there was some sort of Postmodern thing. I'd like to hear about peoples encounters with deconstructionists.

I experienced deconstruction in school, so it seemed to have urgency and currency, and it seemed like it could apply to what I was doing, except all I was doing was garden variety substitution codes, like rebuses. Surreal rebuses. Thick as a brick.


by mountain lion (04.08.05 12:17 pm)

Super Duper

The Super Duper

Deconstruction is the SUPER DUPER

Duper Duper Du Purrrrr!!!

Re: Duper

by mountain lion (04.08.05 12:18 pm)


Re: Right Stuff

by kiesh (04.08.05 01:12 pm)

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.08.05 02:59 pm)

Thanks -“reconstruction” stuff looks almost ussefull; all the post 86 desonstruction, actually “culture” is harribly tainted: books they won't realease (cult deconstruction) and the little detail that no matter how you cut it it is response to television culture, scam texts and “led zeplin” - this in contrast to the real “big” 86 event: he interernet which, ofcourse mean, I can mouth off even more effectivly after being chiucked out of the cocktail party, ny, society (to which I was never invited). Thank you. I'll be getting back to you.

this just in:

Politics - Reuters
Republicans Step Up Attacks on Judiciary

1 hour, 26 minutes ago

 Politics - Reuters

By Alan Elsner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Christian conservatives, led by some top Republicans, are stepping up their assault on the U.S. judiciary in response to the Terri Schiavo case, saying judges are attacking religion and must be reined in.

How about that ollllllld constitution. Honest, ba;lance out freedom of religion (or other wise) is this in fact an equation pyramid brains can not do?

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.08.05 08:40 pm)

Here - got it in early today; looks better in the flesh; might touch up the numbers:

Your the reason why I sing this son

by Jareth (04.08.05 09:45 pm)

got ur female dionysain write here.

Re: Right Stuff

by epforbrush (04.08.05 09:55 pm)

finally saw the movie Pollock with Ed Harris...Peggy Guggenheim did alot to support artists in her day, who are the art patrons or for that matter who are the magical 20 galleries now?

Re: Right Stuff

by Jareth (04.08.05 10:34 pm)

i have to find the list it has been consumed by my nasty room..! i don't know any patrons, only collectors. ya peggy rocked... read her book before moving here it goes on the things i thought nyc would still be like list...

Re: Right Stuff

by kettle black (04.08.05 11:34 pm)

Painters Painting - 1972

Re: The Village, Soho, etc...

by epforbrush (04.08.05 11:35 pm)

I read ‘Art lover’ the bio about her that was published in 2002 and also recently devoured 'Jackson Pollock: Energy Made Visible'...visited my friend today in his studio to wish him luck in his upcoming show and found some good conversation...he met henry moore once awhile ago when he was in art he is like in his 60's

Re: Right Stuff

by kettle black (04.08.05 11:40 pm)

I talked to Grace Hartigan in an elevator once.

I said, “which floor?”

She said “3.”

Re: Right Stuff

by Jareth (04.08.05 11:42 pm)

ya i meet tons of famous Artists, only i always get nervious and rude,.. staying in to jerk off on tutorals tonight...

Re: Right Stuff

by epforbrush (04.08.05 11:43 pm)

good luck

Re: Right Stuff

by Jareth (04.08.05 11:59 pm)

sorry, just salt in the wound with my uneloquentness this day.

Re: getting rejected left and right

by epforbrush (04.09.05 12:12 am)

i've been drawing :)
that always puts me in a good mood

so did this quote from dennis oppenheim

‘there's a lot of masochism in art, in sculpture particularly. i think sculptors are at home with a great deal of pain.’

Re: Right Stuff

by confusionIs nothing new (04.09.05 12:17 am)

dude really, i look at alot of this especially performance, vid form the 70's say and i am suprised no one ever says i am into sex, pain and getting fucked up. it is so rarely mentioned, i wonder if this has to do with taboos that existed at the time? or if i am just exessivlly stupid.

Re: ditto

by epforbrush (04.09.05 12:30 am)

‘you are going to become quite mute and dormant regarding assault, criticism, and rejection’

dennis oppenheim


by confusionIs nothing new (04.09.05 12:35 am)

i don't think it is possible to “assuilt” or “critisise” me to the point i could even muster half a care these days.. totally completly and utterly given up on anything but makin shit with my friends for fun.. more imporatilly is that going to mess up my taxes...


by epforbrush (04.09.05 12:44 am)

being an artist means a lack of attention towards other things.'

dennis oppenheim

or not.

by confusionIs nothing new (04.09.05 01:05 am)

I have a picture,
pinned to my wall.
An image of you and of me and we're laughing and loving it all.
Look at our life now, tattered and torn.
We fuss and we fight and delight in the tears that we cry until dawn

Hold me now, warm my heart
stay with me, let loving start (let loving start)

You say I'm a dreamer, we're two of a kind
Both of us searching for some perfect world we know we'll never find
So perhaps I should leave here, yeah yeah go far away
But you know that theres no where that I'd rather be than with you here

Re: nite nite

by epforbrush (04.09.05 01:11 am)

sweet dreams

Re: Right Stuff!!!!!!

by kettle black (04.09.05 06:05 am)

“We want people to understand that in a public health emergency you sometimes have to take unpopular measures,” said Monica Castellarnau, the emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in Uige. “At the moment all they understand is that we take someone to a locked-up place in a hospital, and then they die.”

Brand new clothes and a big fat place On your rock and roll Tv

by confusionIs nothing new (04.09.05 09:32 am)


Re: the future's looking so bright

by epforbrush (04.09.05 10:35 am)

i gotta wear shades

Re: oops meant

by epforbrush (04.09.05 11:22 am)

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.09.05 12:07 pm)

exactly - conclave and:

Top Stories - Reuters
UK's Charles and Camilla Marry After 35-Year Affair

1 hour, 40 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Paul Majendie

WINDSOR, England (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Charles finally married the love of his life on Saturday, in a simple town hall ceremony contrasting sharply with his spectacular cathedral wedding to the ill-fated Princess Diana.

rumour is I've actually earned a 904 and...they won't deliver. Look, where's the car bitch? Is the 18 finaly paid for; while those little rats do the wleding now. Jesus christ; does that twit drive a lincoln...?

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.09.05 02:33 pm)

Anybody see Kung Fu Hustle? < f0ryourinf0 > 04/09 10:20:44

It's the only movie I want to see this week.

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See - I knew that would come up < neugene > 04/09 10:30:11

and the gin soo razor ball; “harder they Come” translated into fake french...

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this weeks research assigmnets for c'est moi: German Ranasance? Handle, Mozart ofcourse: Guttenberg: how did he do it? Is George, or is he not, alowed a printed copy of best of the Dead Sea Scrolls...

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.10.05 02:32 am)

see - what's this; his is how I mooch; I have had the cocasion to deal with members of above average thieves cults and...I always say: I don't steal; not physical objects; Pretty tricky; legal art..hoest; anti-swindles... Look..sonnets are not good for you, so this how I mooch: 1/5 sonnets? 3/4 sonnets. Really..subrulkes and clauses:

from craig:

Feel Sorry For Me, I'm Feeling Sorry For You< pleasestopkilingme > 04/09 17:44:58

It's an uncomfortable feeling
to be the only one
who struggles with the tragedy
in a room full of people.

And then to fixate on it,

pussy scuplture 2005/1975

by Jareth (04.10.05 02:40 am)

i think i am as pleased as anything else that my pubic hair is in the right style, just shave for year and half... everywhere but twat.

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.10.05 04:59 pm)

enui - very popular with disatisified well red suburban drug dealers in the 70's; the one's I knew later cashed in via pc-mania and...I dunno, like $300,000 saabs; honest; gave me a 122s and I sold it back to same clan after thrashing it for $200 - whole town exploded. Another Snata Barbar promotion coming through on craig; very popular - like...Mel Torme clones, Phill hill, the litt;le shirt, the blond hair -t his is what it costs you buddy boy:

Baudilair - hiurt your brain - you want enui you do commited dada poetry and we really only start counting when you help kill the pope...

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.10.05 05:01 pm)

PS: hoest - heavy CVS culture...hanging out..quicj glimses of silver stig rays - the antitdote? Curtisy Anathama Device and the PLastic clown; in the hours after WTC - bottom third of page: this where“Way to go Phill”, and third geeration:“THe beat goes on” comes from..just the way it is..a Bob Bunny moment:

Re: Right Stuff

by alienbarbiebaby (04.11.05 06:44 am)

Totaly; this came up on craig: rerun time - a fave - thought I'd pass it along assuming oit is the answer to a question that woill be asked in a couple of days:

Re: Right Stuff

by myprettypony (04.11.05 08:21 pm)

Re: Right Stuff

by broken flower (04.11.05 08:39 pm)

Re: Right Stuff

by jackieou (04.12.05 01:48 pm)

Nice pic; acceptable seg-way: Buiell time? Thos irls love it...shot in the back; how romantic: does she hav friends calling around for her the whole time; did her husband have a house in london.

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Re: Stuff

by oops ment (04.12.05 01:50 pm)

mars bar...oh the glory days