Re: Praxis of Evil

by broken flower (04.08.05 08:28 pm)

“evil as a kind of pre- or para-Judeo-Christian magic or life force, inextricably woven into all that is good”

just how close have you gotten?

Re: Praxis of Evil

by alienbarbiebaby (04.10.05 02:04 am)

You know, I was kidnaped and draged to the races and...these guys, porshe guys, chirpy little voice“I'm a complete nazi...” Fuck you. Define evil; I have anti christ potential; on the other hand: dante: hell: clear as a bell: heaven: kind of murky. LAceration? Drugs and laceration? My new ramones cd as the true rock opera... I dunno: war.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by oops ment (04.10.05 03:36 am)


Re: Keep the supply chain clean

by kettle black (04.10.05 03:52 am)

The mystery of the finger found in a bowl of chili at a San Jose Wendy's last month deepened Thursday with revelations that police have searched the Las Vegas home of the woman who made the revolting find. A tearful Anna Ayala, 39, angrily denied planting the finger in a telephone interview with The Chronicle. She accused San Jose and Las Vegas officers of bursting into her home with guns drawn on her and her family Wednesday afternoon. ‘They put guns to us and handcuffed us and threw us to the ground in front of all my neighbors,’

Don't fight it, you'll only get screwed.

Re: Praxis

by kettle black (04.10.05 04:13 am)


THey give you a blueprint and then you stack em.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by kettle black (04.10.05 04:18 am)

Man dies after police shoot him with bean bags

But you mean to do good. But it turns out bad. But you mean to do good. But it turns out bad. But you mean to be good. But you turn out bad.

Re: Praxis of Evil

(04.10.05 06:16 am)

George Bush Jr and his Cronies .

Re: Praxis of Evil

by alienbarbiebaby (04.10.05 03:06 pm)

Kuwait gold? Say what you like, George Snr aparently was pretty much legal and...more of a democrat than Bill, even thogu he really should be able to canceptualise bar code tech; 10 points for dumping his fagot son in hells kitchen - it's tricky to get these guys killed legaly - apparently mayer wouldn't take the job. oh well. All politicts.

Ok - this guy has changed his look; very charming: big questioin: what aexactly are the variomatic cones made out of:

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.10.05 03:14 pm)

paying my taxes to fund iraq war seems pretty evil. knowingly contributing to a godother's suffering

the pope was evil-duh-proscribing condoms and birth control, keeping women from equality, impeding social progress, complicit with molestation...yet the press and masses act like he's

not the romantic juju—the sexy evil that the conference is toying with

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.10.05 03:30 pm)

yet the press and masses act like he's...a fuckin saint.

Dont believe the hype. The hype is that the pope and the bushies dont know theyre doing evil. Or that their rationale covers it. Truth is that evil is banal and venal and we participate in it every day.

Matt barney etc. lusty and glamourous evil. Naughty boys sniffin their fingers. Well its somewhat benign being that it has so little consequence...

Headlines are not to be confused

by oops ment (04.10.05 05:03 pm)

for the story.

Re: No headline, no story

by myprettypony (04.10.05 09:14 pm)


Hell, yes

by penelope (04.10.05 11:22 pm)

From workin at many newspapers I know, the same person rarely writes both the story and the headline.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.11.05 12:05 am)

Put sad wings around me now
Protect me from this world of sin
So that we can rise again

Oh angel,
We can find our way somehow
Escaping from the world we're in
To a place where we began
And I know we'll find
A better place and piece of mind
Just tell me that it's all you want
For you and me

Angel won't you set me free
Remember how we chased the sun
Then reaching for the stars at night
As our lives had just begun
When I close my eyes
I hear your velvet wings and cry
I'm waiting here with open arms
Oh can't you see
Angel shine your light on me

Angel we'll meet once more I'll pray
When all my sins are washed away
Hold me inside your wings and stay
Angel take me far away

Re: Heaven Can Wait

by zipthwung (04.11.05 12:36 am)

Joe Pendleton is a quarterback preparing to lead his team to the superbowl when he is almost killed in an accident. An overanxious angel plucks him to heaven only to discover that he wasn't ready to die, and that his body has been cremated. A new body must be found, and that of a recently murdered millionaire is chosen. His wife and accountant, the murderers, are confused by this development, as he buys the L.A. Rams in order to once again quarterback them into the Superbowl.

Re: The Thinking of Art

by epforbrush (04.11.05 01:00 am)

If Lauretta “Laurie” Hogin’s childhood were a musical composition, it would be a pastorale; if a book, a novel by C.S. Lewis. It would begin in a 600-acre woodland tract where three young friends, Laurie, Ashley and Jack, escaped into a private world lushly vegetated and populated by deer and mallards, snakes and wild turkeys. There they would make prints with mushrooms, draw pictures of varied plant species and collect rocks.

But in real life, the youngsters’ woodland paradise was not in the countryside. It was behind the Hogin home in suburban Cos Cob, Conn., so the trio got glimpses of something else.

“Occasionally, people would drive trucks in and dump things there. We’d see cascades of tires and grimy 55-gallon barrels. For children, we developed a real sense of environmentalism, in a very black-and-white way: Don’t mess with our woods!” Hogin says.

By fourth grade, Hogin was presenting her art teachers with drawings of woodlands oozing with garbage; it was, she says, her way of protesting what she saw.

Today, Hogin is a hot young Chicago artist whose work is shown all over the country. Not surprisingly, her canvases still bemoan the rape of nature. Her paintings are rife with images of snarling bunnies, fanged monkeys and other creatures of outrage. The fact that she works in the pastoral style of 17th- through 19th-century European landscape artists makes the images even more disturbing, since the ugliness emerges from a background of idealistic natural beauty. A curator of her 1997 show “Paradise in Peril,” at the Evanston Art Center, described Hogin’s work as “audacious in its stylistic form and provocative in its intent.”

To Hogin, it’s all a product of her strong belief that art has meaning.

That notion may seem obvious, but Hogin was schooled during a time when the art world favored “this sort of huge, heroic, conceptually vacuous, narcissistic painting,” she says, “reflective of a postmodernist idea that nothing means anything–it’s all a semiotic free-for-all. I found that obnoxious and arrogant.”

Following a grounding in visual literacy and design principles at PA, Hogin went to Cornell University to study cultural anthropology and studio art. The school placed a stress on drawing and painting the human figure, and, in her view, “too much emphasis on the craft of art-making and not enough on the thinking of art.”

After Cornell, she took a year off and saved money for graduate school by working part-time jobs as a sculptor’s studio assistant, an editorial cartoonist for the Greenwich Gazette, a real estate illustrator and a school bus driver.

Next she earned an M.F.A. degree at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she continued to do battle for meaning over process.

“The critiques were terribly formalist,” she says. “I remember a presentation where a student said, ‘This painting is about my healing process after my mother died,’ and a panelist replied, ‘I like the way you placed that blue dot in the corner.’ They couldn’t have cared less about his mother or what he was trying to say. I completely stopped painting for a time because I just wasn’t interested in what they were doing.”

Though she was viewed as somewhat subversive at the school, Hogin’s thesis show was a hit. It attracted Chicago gallerist Peter Miller, who offered to feature her work in an exhibition. From the beginning, her paintings had buyers and won critical praise in The Chicago Tribune, Art in America, Art Forum and Art News. Recently she was interviewed for the hip young magazine Juxtapose.

To date, Hogin has sold about 250 works and has commercial representation in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Though sales have generated enough income to support her comfortably, she has also chosen to teach courses at Valparaiso University, the Univer-sity of Chicago and Northwestern. In November 1999 she was an Edward Elson Visiting Artist at Andover, where she worked with PA students and displayed her paintings at the Addison Gallery of American Art. Through Jan. 6, 2002, her work can be seen in an exhibition called Terrors and Wonders at the DeCordova Art Museum in Lincoln, Mass.

Now a full-time instructor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Hogin teaches as she wishes she had been taught. “During critiques,” she says, “I ask students to articulate the meaning they intended to convey in their art, as well as what they meant to refer to in the history of art-making or the history of visual culture.”

Besides teaching and painting, Hogin plays hockey and supports environmental causes. Her son, Charlie, was born in August 2000, and she and husband Greg Boozell, a program director for Chicago’s public access TV station, are building a home in the Champaign area.

“Sometimes I miss living in New York, even though I have a studio there that I visit monthly,” she says. "However, I stayed in Chicago after graduation because I could afford to. There was a response to my work here that provided me an income that allowed me to produce more work. Also, here I could have all the space I want to paint; it would be hard to find that in New York.

“Besides,” she adds, “New York was home–my parents’ home. I needed to find my own city.”

Re: Praxis of Evil. I'll be here for you.

by oops ment (04.11.05 01:45 am)

No strings attached. Really. I swear. Really.

Re: My Evil

by zipthwung (04.11.05 02:08 am)

i want to go to the evil area called europe. I'd like to experience evil european cusine, like chocolate and croisants and stuff. I bet it tastes way eviler over there. I want to be dressed in evil clothes by evil tailors. I want to take long evil walks through evil landscapes. I want to lay on evil beaches and drink evil beers. I want to meet evil people who have evil lives. I want to work an evil job and get paid evil amounts of money. I want to travel with an evil amount of time on my hands.

kinkade goes evil

by oops ment (04.11.05 02:34 am)

painter of night


packed and ready to ship

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.11.05 04:57 am)

You know, those wings just dont meet the body right.

But this, this could be projected using overhead projector technology. 10' “Grrarl” as they say.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zip (04.11.05 05:06 am)

You know, even Goya resorted to the sorts of cheap theatrics one normally attributes only to the young. The young, painters of guns, gore, (crotchless) sex and alien infestations.

Spare me the drama.

Guernica moves me not. As well it shouldn't. What adolescent impulse rendered that beach towel? Not I.

Project Two: Create your Own “Guernica.”
Suggested Time: two weeks / Individual and/or group
Search for images on a magazine or a newspaper. Cut out parts of the images and create a composition that is similar to Pablo Picasso's Guernica. Create a collage with the images you have collected. Make this your own by representing the feeling you get from seeing this painting or by expressing a similar feeling of destruction you have encountered (for example, the time you saw your neighbors house go up in flames, the day your pet died, or any other feeling of loss). Remember to exaggerate the human characteristics to create infrahuman faces and to create a more impactive feeling. Use colors to fill in the clear spaces and to retouch the images, this will also help in connecting the composition and it will give it balance.

I'm making mine in on a 3' by 6' terry cloth in oils. My infrahuman faces are looking a bit like clowns.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by alienbarbiebaby (04.11.05 06:00 am)

Goya???oooooo - scarry.......

Ok - honest: Porsche guys: slurp: edeal with it: c'est moi? I can yawn at 57 TR Ferraris...breascia, type 37, that's where I loose it...honest - I actually get over excited sometimes: we must be suspeciouce about his little item, these guys..really, this is their idea of playing the game, but, under the circumstances - almost a suden cold sweat:

for team little guy: the details:

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.11.05 09:17 am)

“Praxis of Evil”
just read this, anyone have first hand experiance? i understand it is thru the filter of the writer but sounds like more of this, - painfully forced and staged calculated to be “timely”, surface lexicon wripping with out internilzation of the original, second gen, achedimic shit. - (resulting from the desire for suxcess and a product of both realying on the “shock” context the primary while at the same time not quite understanding and degrading its meaning).
note: “achedemic” and “intellectual” are not the same term.

Re: Evil Wife

by mountain lion (04.11.05 02:27 pm)

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zip (04.11.05 04:48 pm)

I saw this new ad where this idealistic girl is talking to a father figure. She is saying she knows what she wants to do with her life. She wants to help people and to be wildly successfull. I was like, right on. But the colors were off - muted, green. I thought something must be up, something serious.

So the girl says if she can help 100 people have decent lives then that would be great, because then she would be successfull.

So then the guy says, know anyone whos hiring for that? Totally demoralized. Like he's been through the wringer. Geeeeezus.

Actually I kinda liked the guy. Probably seen it all from a tractor or the underside of a car you know?

But what makes me wonder is why this girl wants to feel like a success. I mean she's paying for the sins of her father. There's this sense of weight - how do I succeed where my father has given up? No one went to college. No one has the money. No one is going anywhere in this one horse town.

I find that sentiment irritating. What's wrong with helping two or three people? Why the magical 100? I'd like to be in on that meeting.

Re: Good morning, zip

by epforbrush (04.11.05 05:09 pm)

Maybe I'll write to Damien Hirst and see how much he would pay me to go see his exhibit, as that is the only situation by which I would do so. Maybe he would appreciate the conceptual art component of my request and send me money.

another symptom of the hype, the hubris, and the money that have swamped the art

by Jareth (04.11.05 09:53 pm)

and what do you plan on offering Damien in exhange?

I know he used to do nice stuff for you, but what has he done for you lately

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zip (04.11.05 10:04 pm)

As a naturist I find this stuff stimulating. Too bad VB ins't on board with the colony, she'd be a real asset.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by rockhudson (04.11.05 10:49 pm)

my lawyer sent me that email this afternoon- i had written him an fyi that the damien hirst show was in town at the mfa but i detected a note of hostility in his reply email and i didn't ask why...i felt like a fool tho' b/c i have paid to see his work in museum exhibitions but only once...

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zip (04.11.05 11:21 pm)

I heard D'amien Hirst has a big ego is that true?

If so, from whence doth it spring?

Re: dem big boys

by epforbrush (04.12.05 12:29 am)

have more fun :)

Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice

by magdalene (04.12.05 12:43 am)

And if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen, why, there’s always soma to give you a holiday from the facts. And there’s always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long-suffering. In the past you could only accomplish these things by making a great effort and after years of hard moral training. Now, you swallow two or three half-gramme tablets, and there you are. Anybody can be virtuous now. You can carry at least half your morality about in a bottle. Christianity without tears—that’s what soma is.

Re: Nature abhors a vacuum

by epforbrush (04.12.05 12:48 am)

i take my soma to the beach and ambulate

Everyone belongs to everyone else

by magdalene (04.12.05 12:59 am)

Re: Praxis of Evil

by kettle black (04.12.05 01:30 am)

I want a mug for my soma.

Re: Practice as Evil

by kettle black (04.12.05 01:38 am)

“petty-bourgeois ideology of laborious ascesis”
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
petty-bourgeois ideology of laborious ascesis: the strict self-discipline and self-control of the idea that ‘you do not get anywhere or anything in life without hard work', which might be said to be a 'mantra’ of the lower classes, and the very reason that lower class children might be especially raised to follow and respect that ideology, the petty-bourgeoisie ideology of laborious ascesis.

Re: Does Chos theory explain love......

by kettle black (04.12.05 01:43 am)

“survival beyond explanation”
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
survival beyond explanation: refers to the survival of educational systems as a necessary adjunct of society in the aristocratic and nobility model, by which the explanation in terms of survival explains nothing unless one explains why the survival survives by establishing the functions it does perform in the present functioning of the educational system and by showing the historical conditions authorizing or favouring the manifestation of the generic tendencies the system owes to its essential functions.


bodies in motion will stay in motion

by magdalene (04.12.05 01:47 am)

the diferance between labour for labours sake, and transcendence by any means nessisary, even transgression - it dosent happen on its own.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.12.05 01:48 am)

“petty-bourgeois ideology of laborious ascesis”

oh you've met my mother? I used to call it “tragic values”

Re: Praxis of Evil

by kettle black (04.12.05 01:54 am)

Carl Spackler: What an incredible Cinderella story, this unknown comes outta no where to lead the pack, at Augusta. He's on his final hole, he's about 455 yards away - he's gonna hit about a two-iron I think. Oh he got all of that one! The crowd is standing on its feet here, the normally reserved Augusta crowd - going wild - for this young Cinderella, he's come outta no where, he's got about 350 yards left, he's gonna hit about a five-iron, don't you think? He's got a beautiful backswing - that's - Oh he got all of that one! He's gotta be pleased with that, the crowd is just on its feet here, uh - He's the Cinderella boy, uh - tears in his eyes I guess as he lines up this last shot, he's got about 195 yards left, he's got about a - its looks like he's got about an eight-iron. This crowd has gone deathly silent, the Cinderella story, outta no where, a former greenskeeper now - about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac - It's in the Hole!

I'm wondering why my professors never really got into the Marxism.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Coxswain (04.12.05 02:38 am)

got milk?

Re: Praxis of Evil

by alienbarbiebaby (04.12.05 03:08 am)

See - thank god, some polititions don;t lie about beingh gay. I think that's terrific.

OkL dull - pantera, alpine, crossly and...aperenltly...this is a classic; honest - how many left: I mena, and only GM people can buy it - crual...

dedicated follower of fashion

by magdalene (04.12.05 08:55 am)

You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a
smile and a gun.
— Al Capone

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.12.05 12:47 pm)

“Your money or your life” “Thanks...I'll take both”
Hacksis, Parixs, Nacksis.. Rosy Crachsifix.

Ok - what's theis mean - hate thos; I actualyy always sor to fo wanted ne; lot of snow; very little hear - way to warm:

Your audience clamors for more.

by oops ment (04.12.05 01:17 pm)

“Where's the Lame Paintings?”
“Where's the rambling nonsence?”
“I wanna NEW CAR! Not some has-been piece of SHIT!”


by oops ment (04.12.05 01:51 pm)

I'm posting like a BUNNY!

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.12.05 02:36 pm)

Say there whats the big idea?
I think its swell if a feller wants to have a rabbit for a friend.
I'm not so keen on the phallic car thing, but its a free country last I checked.
But really much of it seems to be a total non-sequitur within the context of this context, which is to say no context.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by wally cox (04.12.05 02:45 pm)

Okay, I'll play along.

Los Luchadores!

Re: Go Santo!

by zipthwung (04.12.05 03:23 pm)

“Religiously affiliated (schools) offer the opportunity to learn in an environment that fosters and supports faith pursuits,” says Kirk Kettinger, director of admission at Roberts. “We want students to be the best at what they study, but we also want to help them remember that their faith cannot be compartmentalized and kept separate from the professional person they will become.”

Amen brother.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by broken flower (04.12.05 04:27 pm)

lots of things are good to do with eyes closed...

I want to die like Michael Corleone in the Godfather. I want to be sitting in the sun in the garden and just fall out my chair. Looking forward to it.

Re: are artists as important as scientists? or it's really all about class?

by myprettypony (04.12.05 10:03 pm)

Jones, flown in from Sweden, told us how Christian belief links the existence of evil to free will: Without evil there would be no opportunity to exercise moral choice. For scientists, the “step from contemplation to application” can involve the decision to take millions of lives; for artists, Jones noted calmly, that step rarely if ever involves a choice of similar weight. That's why, since Saint Augustine, art has been framed as “an unserious matter”; and, instead of rethinking the situation from the ground up, artists (said Jones, touching his laptop to project Serrano's Piss Christ) are too often distracted by “protecting their effete privilege to scandalize.”

intellectuals never like is not a logical practice, it's spiritual or mystic

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.13.05 01:02 am)

I'll take a nicotine, caffine, sugar fix
Jesus don't ya git tired of turnin' tricks
But when your innocence dies
You'll find the blues
Seems all our heroes were born to lose
Just walkin' through time
You believe this heat
Another empty house another dead end street
Gonna rest my bones an sit for a spell
This side of heaven this close to Hell

Right next door to hell
Why don't you write a letter to me yeah
I said I'm right next door to hell
An so many eyes are on me
Right next door to hell
I got nowhere else to be
Right next door to hell
Feels like the walls are closing in on me

My mamma never really said much to me
She was much too young and scared ta be
Hell “Freud” might say that's what I need
But all I really ever get is greed
An most my friends they feel the same
Hell we don't even have ourselves to blame
But times are hard and thrills are cheaper
As your arms get shorter
Your pockets get deeper

Right next door to hell
Why don't you write a letter to me yeah
I said I'm right next door to hell
An so many eyes are on me
Right next door to hell
I never thought this is where I'd be
Right next door to hell
Thinkin' time'll stand still for me

Fuck you

Not bad kids just stupid ones
Yeah we thought we'd own the world
An gettin' used was havin' fun
I said we're not sad kids just lucid ones yeah
Flowin' through life not collectin' anyone
So much out there
Still so much to see
Time's too much to handle
Time's too much for me
It drives me up the walls
Drives me out of my mind
Can you tell me what this means...huh?

i dont really like gunz and roses but the kids wont stop playing it

Re: Definition of terms

by zipthwung (04.13.05 02:36 am)

so how can you be anti institution and still maintian some sense of authorship? Doesn't add up. Plus the whole ego death thing doesnt work.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.13.05 03:04 am)

as aposed to an “anti-institution” actually...I like art museums; I just want you scum out of there; I like em picky...honest dingy artist...hit the road; they have those little cult museums for you guys all condo-sized for gambling art: say thank you; actually, the tate can be understanding if selective nne the less. See shells by the see sure after you;ve christy in hawaii. It's touh- you're so sensitive.

not tweak dady:

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.13.05 08:44 am)

authorship is dead viva la author!

Re: Praxis of Evil

by broken flower (04.13.05 01:03 pm)

the ego dies on its own over time

Re: World Wide Pants

by zipthwung (04.13.05 04:53 pm)

8. Lack of vision. Maurice the Pants Man was a well-established and highly successful single unit retail store in central Massachusetts. Finally, the owner wanted to retire and sold the company to several self-assured businessmen who quickly opened a dozen or so more locations as part of a growth plan. The panache of the original store was missing, however, and only the name remained. There was no vision, no life, no feeling; and they went out of business in record time. Without a unique, compelling vision, businesses end before they begin.

Re: Maurice the Pants Man

by myprettypony (04.13.05 06:54 pm)

I used to go school shopping there-
the world just wouldn't be the same without bargains like th kind you find at Spag's, the food warehouse, etc

Re: No bags at Spag's

by myprettypony (04.13.05 07:06 pm)

didn't anyone else grow up as a townie?
you had to scavenge empty boxes from the displays to put your stuff in and they didn't have price tags they wrote the price on the merchandise with magic markers...Spag was a nickname of the owner who was italian and liked to eat spaghetti- he saved warehouse charges by storing his merchandise in tractor trailer trucks parked on his lot...he is legend in these parts
the food warehouse was similar- the carts were so huge they made the traffic in the rows go one way and they had arrows painted on the floors so you had to go up and down every aisle- you also had to scavenge boxes from the displays or pay for grocery bags at the check-out counter

Re: getting high with frank zappa-

by myprettypony (04.13.05 07:21 pm)

I need a little more cheepnis please
Baby, i'm sorry `cause it's all i wanna know
I need a little more cheepnis please
Baby, i'm sorry `cause it's all i wanna know
I need a little more cheepnis please

Re: Bay of Pigs

by myprettypony (04.13.05 07:33 pm)

My lawyer was telling me about how in the Middle East right now they have built ‘man made’ islands in the shape and configuration of the world and all of the islands are for sale. He told me so-and-so just bought England. Supposedly the problem is all of the helicopter flights to and from these remote places...

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.13.05 07:48 pm)

Look - go to do it; got the recent solido, many norev, cople of cle, lovely rare jep...maybe...finaly...

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.13.05 08:10 pm)

I traded the article on the islands (Forbes Magazine, december 2004) for some tylenol on a long flight. I was crammed into a seat and sweating, in pain and nowhere to go. I thought it would look weird if I paced up and down the aisles. So you know, I'm down with Forbes and islands.

I used to hate the guy with the helicopter that flew over myt parents house. I'd make like I was shooting it.

The world is my oyster.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.13.05 10:21 pm)

i'm from oakland

you can't retire on solidos dude. if you got some brooklins a few years ago, you got gold

oysters are god's gift

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.14.05 05:23 pm)

c'est moi? All my friends bought drugs, but for some reason I wasn't allowed (mystery of the cartel - in or out) havn't seen em in years, still got my little designe studio - just about all - porsches; lot of chrysler 75 stuff sudenly on - honest, rusty frames, transmission parts , anything, I'm a buyer: legal tender.

Re: Root of Evil

by zip (04.14.05 10:38 pm)

I grew up in the Great North West, but not so far out - like a friend who had two channels on the boob tube on a good day.

Krugerands. The gold standard. My grandpa had a few. Ready for the apocalypse, or the depression, either one.

I still don't understand the allure of gold. I'm more into lead.


by Coxswain (04.15.05 12:05 am)


by Coxswain (04.15.05 01:59 am)


Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.15.05 02:01 am)

i hate to say this but thats a dream about castration

Re: axis of disco-very

by Coxswain (04.15.05 03:14 am)

here petri petri petri

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.15.05 05:38 am)

po-mans version (works great with people you've never met): Very funny, but I don't have that one; I line em up, like...too many:

What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?

by magdalene (04.15.05 07:17 am)

You always wanted a lover
I only wanted a job
I’ve always worked for my living
How am I gonna get through?
How am I gonna get through?

I come here looking for money
(got to have it)
And end up living with love, oh, oh
Now you left me with nothing
(can’t take it)
How am I gonna get through?
How am I gonna get through?

I bought you drinks, I brought you flowers
I read you books and talked for hours
Every day, so many drinks
Such pretty flowers, so tell me
What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?
What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?
What have i, what have i, what have I ...

Since you went away I’ve been hanging around
I’ve been wondering why I’m feeling down
You went away, it should make me feel better
But I don’t know, oh
How I’m gonna get through?
What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?
How I’m gonna get through?
What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?

You always wanted me to be something I wasn’t
You always wanted too much, oh, oh
Now I can do what I want to - forever
How am I gonna get through?
How am I gonna get through?

At night, the people come and go
They talk too fast, and walk too slow
Chasing time from hour to hour
I pour the drinks and crush the flowers
What have i, what have I done to deserve this?
What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?
What have i, what have i, what have I ...

Re: Praxis of Evil

by broken flower (04.15.05 03:27 pm)

swain ( P ) Pronunciation Key (swn)
A country lad, especially a young shepherd.
A beau.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.15.05 11:47 pm)

The Bob Bunny N/CIA club not good enough for you? Start you're own right now! (check out the address...)

Re: Praxis of Evil

by oops ment (04.16.05 01:46 am)

inter-species mingling

Re: Practice of Evil

by myprettypony (04.16.05 02:12 am)

i wonder if anyone else ever feels like they like their artwork more than they like themselves?

Of course not

by oops ment (04.16.05 02:15 am)

prettyponies are unique, right?
You stand alone.

anyone ever say: “Nice work. You suck.”?

Re: Praxis of Evil

by myprettypony (04.16.05 02:16 am)

no, no one has ever said nice work, you suck

Re: You're so vain, I bet you think song is about you

by myprettypony (04.16.05 02:21 am)

probably because i don't seek or find comfort in relationships i give everything to my work...this will sound very arrogant but my work is greater than comes from a greater source...and i do hope to god that it outlives me

I want to meet somebody

by oops ment (04.16.05 02:34 am)

who would say: “Nice Work. You suck.”

that's commitment.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.16.05 03:27 am)

sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.16.05 05:49 am)

Shoot the duck. I went to a feminist type show. How can yopu do that in 2005?

Re: The Drama of it all.

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:01 am)

The difficulty of removing CWS from a user's system is significant. In the early variants, CWS was slightly tricky to remove, but it could be done, carefully, by a knowledgeable Windows user. However, CWS has stepped up the battle and recent variants are virtually impossible to remove manually. Some CWS variants even use methods of hiding and running themselves that had never been used before in any other spyware strains.

Its like the terminator or some shit

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:06 am)

Thats marketing text for you. It just doesn't sound sincere.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:12 am)

Like oooh, dude, it could be done, carefully....
what a bunch of shit. Like yea, know what you're doing asshole. But really, its like, if you know what you're doing just make sure you can see straight and the keyboard is egonomicly placed.

But this is not the right tool for the symptom. It doesn't have the mana, the charge. It's not the right juju. I am severely depleted. WHen will the magic return?


Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:14 am)

Its as if the whole world got a computer virus. I want you to know. Its like a fucking apocalypse. The evil grey mist is descending into the verdant lands; a veil of death.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:23 am)

I'm a fucking moron. THis shit should not happen. Like you don't just click madly at pop up boxes, its just not done. What if my computer evaporated? All my idiotic schemes eviscerated? I am going mad. THis ball and chain must go. I'd chuck it all. All of it. Nothing left. Jesus I'm so alone. the sky is falling and this fucking obsession is killing me.

How was that? WOuldn't that make better virus protection copy? Would it? I dunno, could I be a copy writer? I could use a Blackberry and sit in central park with pre programmed phrases like “heeeelloooooo office!” in my text messaging.

This is great I think I'll take tomorrow off.

Re: Straight from the Press Kit

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:31 am)

Industry security experts at national security centers and at antivirus software vendors laud Microsoft for providing additional protection against many of the viruses that have become an industrywide problem for computer and software makers. “The battle against hackers and virus writers will not be won overnight, but Microsoft's update to Outlook is a great step in the right direction. The new security enhancements seem to set a new high bar for security in e-mail programs. We encourage other e-mail products to follow Microsoft's lead,” said Peter Tippett, chief scientist at

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.16.05 08:55 am)

They killed my google. oh my god.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.16.05 10:33 am)

chealsea was a yawn fest so a bunch of us went to the chealsea hotel and started in good with a martini fest, went out to smoke up and 23rd was closed off and there were tons of just hot hot hot firemen around, goin in and out, one of the guys that worked there came out oh no my beutiful paintings are in there i hope nothing happens to my paintings he loved the camera, a bus was stuck and there were sirons everywhere it was a blast.

by Jareth (04.16.05 11:00 am)

perhaps a trip the the brooklyn muse is in order, lovely day out. - guess whos leak is getting “fixed” right now - yah!

Re: Basquiat?

by epforbrush (04.16.05 11:21 am)

send full report

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.16.05 11:24 am)

yup, just as soon this apt. is done getting hooked up,.. going to make a personal pilgramage, that museum is on the other side of earth from here.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 04:43 pm)

You know, they did that one to me - some babe out of toronto with the architect husbad who had the bike accident and the one good idea she had was simultaniouse shows - otherwise, she got what she deserevd: liscenced massure - like I get run out cokllege every fours year by this trash: pick hit of the day!!

send this baby nto london: wooooooooooooooooo!

Spare Not the Little Ones < izzyfreaky > 04/16 00:41:34

It’s Friday night.
Michael Jackson
wants to be Pope
instead of King.
He traded his glove
for a robe and said
his connections could surely find
better incense, maybe spiked?

Things were tense after that
but relaxed
when the topic of magazines
came up.

He’s at his home now
training a llama to be a donkey,
dressing a monkey like baby Jesus,
and trying to make walking forward
look backward.

He says, “Spare not...”
in three languages
without laughing.

He dreams of sweet piles
of cash and prepaid legal
and schemes of ways
to get his glove back...

because, that glove’s the ticket.


Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.16.05 11:50 pm)

it is mind blowing a must see... very strung out and frighting, got total vertigo.. you can really feel it. he must have been an amazing person to know.

Re: coolio

by epforbrush (04.17.05 12:32 am)

is his work painting or drawing?

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 12:36 am)

don't know, coming out of graffiti lexicon = always somewhere in between, that is the nature of the meduim - does he “draw” or does he “write” , when he actaully formally paints it seems to read often as a comment on painting itself and its history, i will let you know what the catlogue says when i get a chance to read.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by epforbrush (04.17.05 12:42 am)

i hadn't thought about the tie in to grafitti which i guess brings to mind keith haring but also how grafitti is painting and how his work is elevating the street culture use of paint to high art


by Jareth (04.17.05 12:47 am)

seems like in that era what was happening in street, club culture was Art, or at least was to Art... what say schools are now.

ps. art is life

by epforbrush (04.17.05 12:48 am)

i'm devouring irving sandler's memoirs ‘sweeper up after artists’

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.17.05 01:01 am)

The book by Phoebe Hoban is good—especially when she interviews his coterie (the widow chick, rene ricard, the string of dealers, the assistants)

But when she tries to give her own opinion, watch out. She goes all Vogue on ya—he had body odor, he cheated on his girlfriend, he was self centered, a drug addict...“just think of what he could have done if he hadnt been on drugs” Why dont they ever get that it all goes together? He painted fascinating paintings because he was a jerk!

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 01:11 am)

interesting, will look it up. i have heard all the things above about myself. i think it speaks more about the insecrities of the speaker. i got the feeling from the show that he was an extemely sensitive well intentioned person.

Re: Irving Sandler

by epforbrush (04.17.05 01:35 am) he is speaking and booksigning on may 14th @ 4

Re: Praxis of Evil

by 2 shill 2 shill (04.17.05 05:52 am)

Sooooo, Jereth goes to le Basquiatr show and gets all fowl, because the show suck, as far as being uplifting..

Why didnt anyone help Basquiat? Not my brothers keeper, no one could, you can only help yourself. Thats the ticket. bootstrap protocol, send it up the lline, we need water. Trenches are parched like july. Let it all come down.

Basquiat is a cymosure for destruction. WHo wants to be crucified? I'll do it for one of those humvees and a trip to the badlands.

Bad juju showing corpses.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.17.05 11:03 am)

Demento academic; segway to the back in time movement; diliniation and dispersal (exposition) of triad, and developed triad aethetics; relevant? That's the eighties - drugs.....
Actually, I got the new little book, someone gave em to me, and they sort of glow in the dark (I have that problem with painting I keep tacked up that are posted on the net - I wake up and they glow) Anyway, - the 80's - that's what you get - honest : hate it - honest - a lot to hate, like all those lame little bitches in the busha administartion who killed him and drank stew made out of him - got to pay for those fake mob jobs somehow - that'sssss ACADEMIC > Asshole..; not banal like Madonna (don't hear her name much anymore)Actually - as a segway into the whole multy-tiered - scam promoting - etc - it's perfect; please don't duplicate - we don't care: next stop:Wojnarowicz

by the way - popular again:
'digital Barbie
Recent Referrals
Detail Referring URL
  3 gif wariors&meta=
  9 &btnG=Google Search&meta=
 12 Anderson&FORM=QBRE2

Re: Praxis of Evil

by jackieou (04.17.05 11:05 am)

uh-oh - phoebe hoban - running late babe - dated her sister:AMY LOVES THE SUN - turtle attach - sicilian mob resturaunts (always made her pay) - dunno , bod, but...her face fell off; tried to throw her in front of a bis actually..


im lookin at the man in the mirror...

by Jareth (04.17.05 12:13 pm)

no one is fowl, it was prob. the best show i have ever went to, that is what lacking in most contempary Art, it makes you feel a little to, - nothing.

Re: what is contemporary art?

by epforbrush (04.17.05 12:47 pm)

there doesn't seem to be any coherent themes in the art world to react to right now or boundaries to cross that are shocking

by Jareth (04.17.05 12:54 pm)

maybe not as delivered thru the electoral, compromise system of chealsea shows, but the Art world people get all flustered at the drop of a...

Re: new yorkers are obsessed with sex and drugs

by epforbrush (04.17.05 01:05 pm)

there need to be a new art of expressionism and a new movement of artists who are willing to demonstrate emotion in their work- i for one have seen enough political subverion, formalist rhetoric and flatness to last a lifetime

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 01:12 pm)

VH1 has a show on right now “best week ever” which recaps the last week, it is pretty good, they did show dog mom and dads that was also a great point in the week.

Re: axis of Evil

by epforbrush (04.17.05 05:09 pm)

i think the art world is too much in the hand of dealers, galleries, critics, curators, and art fairs
there seems to be very little group vibe among artists to make great art

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 05:46 pm)

how much importance should an young, developing Artist, without an indisposable income put on showing in a Gallery?

Re: Good question

by epforbrush (04.17.05 06:25 pm)

i tended to go for non-commercial spaces and shows in the beginning that i found out about through my friends and when i was inspired i tried alternative spaces for shows and and coop gallery spaces and community based open studios, etc before i got commercial attention- if you put yourself in the game, doors will open

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 06:37 pm)

hum. seems risky.

on a side note:
John Baldessari
WED APR 27 @ 6:30 PM
Since the 1970s American artist John Baldessari has investigated the production of meaning in a unique artistic practice that combines Pop art imagery with Conceptual art’s use of language. ?

by Jareth (04.17.05 07:08 pm)

there is a doc. on la chapel on trio right now.

Re: oops meant

by epforbrush (04.17.05 07:26 pm)

My files of movie stills / John Baldessari —

Re: “hum. seems risky”

by 2 shill 2 shill (04.17.05 07:42 pm)

what do you risk? I don't think its at all risky to show. Anywhere except maybe Iraq or the midwest....
like what are you risking?
Or is it more pearls before swine....
jesus. Fucking Swine.

If I gave u diamonds and pearls

by Jareth (04.17.05 07:55 pm)

introuduction of uncontrolled invasive species. - and how it alters the work.
context, assosiation.. .. ..
current conditions of the market place.

Re: Need always wins

by epforbrush (04.17.05 07:58 pm)

do it when you're ready otherwise there's no point

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 08:00 pm)

how do did you know when u were ready? what are the advantages that you have found to showing beyond selling.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by epforbrush (04.17.05 08:03 pm)

you feel the need for it-
showing (and selling) is about taking your work to the next level-

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.17.05 08:05 pm)

how has it helped you take your work to the next level?

Re: trust me you'll know it when you feel it-

by epforbrush (04.17.05 08:09 pm)

legitimacy- it shows that there's an audience for your work, critical and otherwise

Re: if you don't feel like you need an audience for your work

by epforbrush (04.17.05 08:10 pm)

don't worry about it, it probably means you don't need an audience for your work yet-

Re: introuduction of uncontrolled invasive species

by 2 shill 2 shill (04.17.05 08:13 pm)

nothing impure i hope.

pure and simple just for you.

by confusionIs nothing new (04.17.05 08:20 pm)

shill for shill, i have now idea y u see how i choose to approch this subject personally i am not coming down on anyone else's means or modes.
audience, well, to a certian extent there is one,. only it is certainly “underground”, however i am not sure how much it reallys on that element to, well you see ... “legitimacy” then becomes the other side of the coin.

Re: how much does the production of the work rely on the audience

by rockhudson (04.17.05 08:30 pm)

and how much does one make because one enjoys making their art- feel a need to repsond to what they consume- put their unique voice, perspective, ideas, commentary into the conversation- all of it is legitimate, not to sound like a judge, this is just my opinion- the more you talk to artists whose work you repsect and admire th better off you are, the gallery system sets you up to compete and cut-throat with other artists which is perhaps one obvious reason not to jump into their game

besides there are no answers and it's great you have an audience to share your work with- the elation you feel about sharing your work with your peers is what i am talking about- that is the fuel to the creative fire

Re: Too “Legit” to “Quit”

by 2 shill 2 shill (04.17.05 08:48 pm)

Whether Hale-Bopp has a “companion” or not is irrelevant from our perspective. However, its arrival is joyously very significant to us at “Heaven's Gate.” The joy is that our Older Member in the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the “Kingdom of Heaven”) has made it clear to us that Hale-Bopp's approach is the “marker” we've been waiting for — the time for the arrival of the spacecraft from the Level Above Human to take us home to “Their World” — in the literal Heavens. Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion — “graduation” from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave “this world” and go with Ti's crew.
If you study the material on this website you will hopefully understand our joy and what our purpose here on Earth has been. You may even find your “boarding pass” to leave with us during this brief “window.”

We are so very thankful that we have been recipients of this opportunity to prepare for membership in Their Kingdom, and to experience Their boundless Caring and Nurturing.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by confusionIs nothing new (04.17.05 08:57 pm)

well do to the fact that most of our work involves the Artworld, as well freetime, there is a natural contecntion, and dialouge, but i have no real first hand experance in a public sphere, and would be very interested in hearing how it has affected others.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.17.05 09:20 pm)

Normally I wouldn't bat an eyelash or miss a sip of coffee or even read the article, however I am sort of in awe.

If they can do it, surely I can too. I've been sitting here trying to make cutting edge work and suddenly boom, there it is, all cutting edge.

Actually it is a trend, right? I mean I know someone who goes to figure drawing classes. I think. Also I know some people who have skills. I mean they can draw. God can they draw. Its almost like their eye and hand are one. Like Richard Serra only more obdurate in their vision.

I'm refering to the well known SQUARE drawers, and their visionary CUBES.

You do the math.

Anyways, its like Damien Hirst finally got a long needed dose of critical attention. He is underated in my oppinion. I feel obligated to keep talking about him in the present tense.

A strong BUY

Thats Damien Hirst. BUY.

Damien. Damien Hirst.

Is good. I mean, the Heavy Metal scene out there is top notch.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by confusionIs nothing new (04.17.05 09:24 pm)

wow. the shark did stop swimming. just slowly.

Re: or is the tank a metaphor of the tv

by rockhudson (04.17.05 09:58 pm)

in any case we were all watching, waiting for it to happen, does that make us complicit?

re: experience in the public sphere, how do you think the public would repsond to your work? where would they see it, in a gallery or bar or at a rave or as an installation in a disco? why would you want to show it to the public? what would your motives be?

Re: Praxis of Evil

by confusionIs nothing new (04.17.05 10:09 pm)

so far - screen? in the privacy and coMfort of the spot the viewer choices to watch it...(i tend to just give them to people i shoot, if they seem unreceptive i never mention it again) or in our disco on our wall wiht our really high end projector...
thing is i started out as a home movie thing, hobby style totally playing around... only people really seem to find them entertaing... and wish to continue a diagoue about them, which i am kinda enjoying. thats it.

Re: Coolio

by rockhudson (04.17.05 10:13 pm)

keep on keepin' on

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.18.05 01:19 am)

Q In 1986, where were the premises of the gallery located?
A The gallery didn't exist in 1986.
Q Did it have any location at all?
A No, no.
Q In 1986 did the gallery have any employees?
A No.
Q Where were you located during that year?
A I was incarcerated.
Q In 1986 was the gallery selling paintings to customers in the ordinary course?
A No.

Re: Praxis

by thingsthatgo (04.18.05 02:11 am)

I want to show art on the best shelf at seven eleven and then with a follow up group show at walmart. Can someone work that? I'm very serious about this top down pop stalactite.

Best Shelf

by oops ment (04.18.05 02:27 am)

that would be under the counter glass next to the scratch games.
which works quite well actually.
go for it.
gotta be in it to...


by oops ment (04.18.05 02:31 am)

Don't smirk. His '74 Pinto just got Pimped!

Re: Wet t-shirt contest

by epforbrush (04.18.05 03:27 am)

“You want me to cover a T-shirt launch?” I said incredulously to my editor. Indeed. So I hauled my art-critic carcass over to the Stella McCartney boutique on far West Fourteenth Street to attend a party celebrating underground-comics legend R. Crumb's collaboration with the designer: His-and-hers T-shirts adorned with pictures that express his befuddlement over the passions ignited by high fashion. McCartney has been a fan for some time and has already hosted a glam party in London for the scrawny, bespectacled poet of lovely buxom ladies with meaty thighs and big butts. My friend Hanna Liden accompanied me, for moral support. The crowd inside wasn't too dense, though it was difficult for me to parse exactly what sort of crowd it was. Hanna had no trouble identifying them: “Retail, events planners, miscellaneous rich people who just like to attend store parties. I wish I could name some celebrities here”—but apparently there weren't any. Crumb alone stood out, looking rather different from the character so familiar from Terry Zwigoff's 1994 documentary: More nattily attired, richer, and with more facial hair. His drawings nowadays often grace the walls of fancy galleries. And The R. Crumb Handbook has just been released by MQ Publications. The cover illustration is a self-portrait of the anxious-looking artist exclaiming, “I'm not here to be polite!”

McCartney's shop was given only a rudimentary “Crumb” dress-up for the evening, e.g., one table inviting guests to “Enter the Crumb raffle and win a tee shirt signed ‘Robert and Stella'!” and another tendering the enticement “Hey buy me, I'm a Crumb collectible item!” But Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, an eleven-piece band—Crumb's favorite, I was told—performed, providing some much needed zest or at least contextual weirdness. The T-shirt itself had been sequestered in an obscure corner of McCartney's store and made a poor impression. It looked like a Fruit of the Loom, with a Crumb comic strip that reminded me of an iron-on emblazoned on the back.

Dissembling, I introduced myself to Crumb as the editor of Artforum. “It was such a huge honor for me to oversee your cover for the magazine a few years back,” I said, beaming crazily. “I know you're very involved with the iconography of the well-endowed female bosom, albeit always of the natural variety. Do you have any thoughts about the spectacular rise in enthusiasm for the silicone type, a concern for those of us in the art world, and of course the world at large?”

“I'm not into fake at all. Just reality. But you know, I'm not really that into breasts. They're okay, but I'm much more a legs-and-ass guy.” He gestured toward the backside of an attractive woman in tight purple slacks. An apposite expression for her derriere would have been, to use the vernacular, shelf.

“Surprisingly, the female form hasn't been treated in Western art nearly as much as you would expect,” Crumb said. “So much of it's religious, so you know they had to cover up the women mostly. Brueghel really tried, but there was only so much he could do.” Brueghel? Was he thinking Cranach and just suffered a momentary mental glitch? “And then many of these artists were homosexuals, Michelangelo, et cetera. I suppose Dürer was probably straight. Gays are so powerful in the art world.”

“Don't I know it,” I assented disingenuously. “But we marginalized groups need our own special industries to control, you know, like Jews and banks.” Crumb nodded.

“In more contemporary art, there's stronger female imagery,” the artist continued. “Like Reginald Marsh.”

“Really, Reginald Marsh? I'll have to give him a second look. What about Renoir?”

“Oh yeah, he's good.”

At this point Crumb's wife, Aline, interrupted our conversation. “Excuse me, but I need him for a photo op.”

—David Rimanelli

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.18.05 11:39 am)

I was just reading the protocols of the elders of zion on a recommendation from a fellow at an investment bank I used to work at. Ok, I'm lying, I'm don't read, as you well know.

I told the guy it was probably an unreliable source of information, but that anything was possible. I mean this was a major bank, I was a nobody, dude had a suit. Thats affirmative action for you.

R. Crumb just tells it like it is right? I mean its like they controll everything.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zipthwung (04.18.05 11:45 am)

During this time, and continuing to this day, there existed a sub-culture within the Club Kid scene of people involved in the Occult. Some were into the ‘Goth’ scene, in which adherents dress in Gothic clothing, their skin lightened with cosmetics. Associated with this culture is the ‘Vampire scene,’ in which adherents drink each other’s blood.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by penelope (04.18.05 12:03 pm)

well told tale

Re: The Put On of Evil

by zipthwung (04.18.05 01:55 pm)

Did you ever see a man turned inside out
He can come and go without a sound

got me on a damned kick

by broken flower (04.18.05 02:24 pm)

stealing cars, lost in bars
treating hired T.V's like superstars
i wanna come home at 3AM
i love my records alright and I'm gonna play em
problem child, problem child,
we think you live much too wild
problem child, problem child
when you get home your daddys gonna
tan your hide

gonna pose to my sister
only need to be a teen dream hipster
don't care about my dreams at school
or my teacher, probabtion lady says
you ain't so cool
(2nd verse)
problem child, problem child
when you get home
your daddys gonna tan your hide

Re: Youth Gone Wild

by zipthwung (04.18.05 03:54 pm)

‘Mad Max’ Fans Arrested for Recreation

39 minutes ago Strange News - AP

SAN ANTONIO - Eleven “Mad Max” fans armed with fake machine guns were arrested after they surrounded a tanker truck while making their way to a movie marathon in a theatrical convoy.

As the group headed to San Antonio on Saturday, police received several calls from drivers who reported a “militia” surrounding a tanker truck.

Police charged nine people with obstruction of a highway and two others with possession of prohibited knives in addition to the obstruction charge.

One of the organizers, Chris Fenner, said the arrests were unfair. He said he didn't know why anyone would have confused the costumed crew recreating a scene from “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior” — set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland — with a real threat.

“I honestly don't know how that could be, because ‘Road Warrior’ was so over the top,” he said.

The movie marathon was canceled after the arrests.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.18.05 07:06 pm)

i find it interesting that most of the articles i have read described any type of emotional reaction to this show, perhaps i just havent sceen enough of the work...,saltz,63124,13.html

Afrika Bambaataa spun at one of hugeblazes partys, inorder to play he requested
“he wanted a bunch of ridiculous shit
mostly food at his hotel room, including:
a bucket of hot fried chicken waiting when he arrived
assorted chocolates, herbal teas, some particular type of cologne I forgot what”
i don't know y i still remember that.

Re: U.S.A. $37.00/$26.00 Canada

by rockhudson (04.18.05 10:05 pm)

we're the same

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zip (04.18.05 10:27 pm)

Mybe its because they are hermetic to whitey.

Lets go to spike gallery for an explanation:

They allways have wine, which is a cynosure of good taste. Booyashaka.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by Jareth (04.18.05 10:36 pm)

We’re one
But we’re not the same

Re: :(

by rockhudson (04.18.05 10:37 pm)

poopy head!

by Jareth (04.18.05 10:43 pm)

Will it make it easier on you, now
You got someone to blame

Re: touche pas a mon pote

by rockhudson (04.18.05 10:46 pm)

and i thought us one in the shame

Re: Praxis of Evil

by zip (04.18.05 10:47 pm)

I dont know what uh, you meant Jareth, but I'm assumingyoure wondering if there are any flowers on Basquiats grave.

Problem solved.

by Jareth (04.18.05 10:52 pm)

Did I ask too much, more than a lot
You gave me nothing now it's AIG
We're one but we're not the same
Well, we hurt each other then we do it again

You say love is a temple, love a higher law
Love is a temple, love the higher law
You ask me to enter but then you make me crawl
And I can't be holding on to what you got
When all you got is hurt

Re: oops meant slain

by rockhudson (04.18.05 10:54 pm)

Art & physics : parallel visions in space, time, and light / Leonard Shlain.

Re: You ask me to enter but then you make me crawl

by rockhudson (04.18.05 10:55 pm)

that's what i had to do to enter


by magdalene (04.18.05 11:00 pm)

no biggy. just feeling dramatic.
Cecil B. Demented is on the telly.

Back to Back. Ten Paces, Turn and...

by wally cox (04.18.05 11:45 pm)

May Love Prevail. ooohhh, aaahhhh...

Back to Back ten paces turn and

by Coxswain (04.19.05 12:35 am)

face to face toe to toe heart to heart as we hit the floor

suck her for advertising

by wally cox (04.19.05 01:32 am)

sign me up

Re: Praxis of Evil

by army of one (04.19.05 01:55 am)

Do it for art

Wish You were Here

by wally cox (04.19.05 02:20 am)

where's the food court?

Re: Praxis of Evil

by army of one (04.19.05 02:49 am)

Right before your eye.

Re: Praxis of Evil

by magdalene (04.19.05 09:08 am)

“you feel the need for it-
showing (and selling) is about taking your work to the next level-”

is it possible, that this could work in reverse and when the work is “ready” and there is a “need for it”, the rest person would find you (presuming the foot work has been done)?