Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.12.05 12:33 pm)

I heard this show is hot, anyone go to opening ?

You were my thrills, you were my pills
You dropped a bomb on me
You turn me out, you turn me on
You turned me loose, then you turned me wrong

You dropped a bomb on me, baby
You dropped a bomb on me (But you turned me out, baby)
You dropped a bomb on me, baby
You dropped a bomb on me

Just like Adam and Eve, said you’d set me free
You took me to the sky, I’d never been so high
You were my pills, you were my thrills
You were my hope, baby, you were my smoke
You dropped a bomb, hey, babe

Re: Rising Sons

by oops ment (04.12.05 01:32 pm)

Opening SUCK and you know it.
Openings are the last thing to attend or discuss. DUH

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.12.05 02:00 pm)

doe s it work? Next wankle - electric engines for electrathon - they zap ot - standard item now: the know the numbers:

link to show?

Finaly - seriouse 70's gm collectables:

Re: Rising Sons

by oops ment (04.12.05 02:05 pm)

Oh right, not you. Although the “animal minds” could be relevant. Muddle on.


by oops ment (04.12.05 02:10 pm)

science journals always print shit that doesn't “work”.

It's a BushCo. thing.

Peer review would do you no/good. oops no peers.

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.12.05 02:28 pm)

... you can tell alot about a show by it's openings, besides i am mainly intrested in the performative elements of all shows.

So: it's the people, not the art?

by wally cox (04.12.05 02:49 pm)

4U-Ok WD-40

I hate it when I lose that little red tube.
Can't focus the spew. Makes a mess.

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.12.05 02:58 pm)

ya it is all about the love, open mindedness and support of the “A”rt world at large,..

Re: Rising Sons

by zipthwung (04.12.05 03:18 pm)

wally, I use the coffee stirrer - the little straw.
I use tens of them. Its awesome. Scattershot. Lube everywhere. I love art and people. I love. I love.. its almost unbearable. The love.

Is it a Real Game?

by wally cox (04.12.05 03:38 pm)


Re: Rising Sons

by thingsthatgo (04.12.05 09:16 pm)

You do have to wonder, is it this way, that a rasp once in the holder smoothes the surface, or is it the other way with the rasp out of the holder doing all that smoothing? Just gotta work it out, sometimes.


I think Murakami relation with art and business is exceedingly more interesting 'n probing than the lamb's Mr. Hirst.

Re: i agree with ttg-

by myprettypony (04.12.05 09:47 pm)

i never knew the cultural signifigance of the iconography or the sociological implications of the little kitty, etc.
although i think the dead shark is about the death of all those people's social security- the death of the middle class future- i recognize that the uk has since fixed their system somewhat which the us is now heading into but i don't think the signifigance was ever really articulated- i think damien hirst sometimes has good ideas if not the technical means to carry them out and sometimes his ideas aren't marketable in the art world- they are good social ideas- having nothing to do with paint- i don't think he cares about paint or art history- i think he does see the world very clearly and can respond very effectively to it

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.13.05 12:56 am)

see: 4 at once:

Politics - Reuters
Former State Dept Official Says Bolton a Bully

Tue Apr 12, 6:06 PM ET

 Politics - Reuters

By Vicki Allen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush's nominee for U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, was depicted at a Senate hearing on Tuesday as a bully who tried to force an analyst to bend intelligence on Cuba's weapons to fit a speech he was giving.

a suden turn around:

Reuters: Top Stories
US Panel Rejects Inamed Silicone Breast Implants - 3 hours ago
Rumsfeld Warns Iraq Against Purges, Corruption - 9 hours ago
US Indicts 3 Britons Over Plot to Hit U.S. Targets - 9 hours ago

I take it it's a warning on dating blonds with big tits...code...

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.13.05 01:39 am)

...and not to be confused with my firsty goosy:no disapointments tonight:

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.13.05 01:47 pm)

Actually say Jonny Hollida dn Serge Gronski (?? - don't remember the spelling at all) do a duet of , what“Back Home in Alkabam on a new years secial once...pretty good”, Jeez, dad's a fake ceo out of louisvill and your a fagot with sway put of queens insisting you're from alabam - this is a god sory - die mother fucker:

op Stories - Reuters
Rudolph Pleads Guilty to Abortion Clinic Bombing

34 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Verna Gates

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Reuters) - Former U.S. fugitive and accused serial bomber Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the 1998 bombing of an Alabama abortion clinic that killed a police officer and maimed a nurse.

Re: Rising Sons

by broken flower (04.13.05 05:32 pm)

i remember when I read this way back when. The guy is the real deal with so many great ideas and he's putting together so many current influences

and he cares.

Re: Rising Sons

by zipthwung (04.13.05 06:25 pm)

So I remember hearing a Japanese friend talking about how he wanted to make work that was “Japanese” - that had “Japaneseness” - not exactly like that but you get the gist. This friend's parents met after - get this - the firebombing of their hometown.

I've never had such good sushi.

Well apparently thats bullshit, as in the words of one gallerist, I don't know anneeeeeeething. In her defense I can seem like I'm putting you on - taking the piss, flippant, dandy. all true. I don't know any artists outside of the shallow realm of publicity and my own narrow circle of friends. I try.

In the words of my english teacher, say it, then say it again then say it again. Art is a conversation.

Otaku sound like the american nerd - and the sci-fi nerd was the first, celebrated by a math and science obsessed culture - slide rules in space.

I'm no Otaku. I'm more like a sieve. A murderous sieve. I collect nothing but disjointed narratives and snippets of conversation. I'm a postmodern bathroom, a worm infested reservoir, gravity fed and ready to flush. No context but a lot of je ne sais qoi to clean your alimentary canal with. Pure vegetable mush, just like the Bauhaus used to eat.

I know there's more to the New Orientalism than Murakami or Chelsea's version of teenage angst. Givitome.

Re: Why didn't anyone tell me?

by myprettypony (04.13.05 06:51 pm)

Damien Hirst is a good example. Through his art, you can see the process of how an artist can survive in the art world. First of all, distinctively situate his/her position in art history. Second, articulate what the beauty of his/her art is. Next, sexuality. Then, death. Present what he/she finds in death. If an artist aptly rotates this cycle, he/she can survive. Damien Hirst has been repeating the cycle of birth, death, love, sex and beauty.

Wakasa: Doesn’t every artist try to repeat that cycle?

Murakami: Yes. That’s why Picasso has been continuously consumed as well as Warhol. This attests that artists that have a sense of the market make the best of the rotation. The reason why Matthew Barney is not doing well is that the style of his works remains similar. In addition, he couldn’t make an effective presentation in the theme of death. On the other hand, Damien Hirst expressed death so successfully by slicing cows that viewers understood him. He also succeeded in expressing beauty with his dot paintings.

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.13.05 06:56 pm)

market place logic.. how does it go? i am not selling out. i am cashing in.
dryer then ur gradmas twat.

Re: Razing Sons

by wally cox (04.13.05 07:00 pm)

This LITTLE BOY grew a POISON mushroom.

naughty boy

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.13.05 07:03 pm)'s calling...wowwwwww!

Business - Reuters
Two Top Morgan Stanley Bankers Resign

2 hours, 18 minutes ago

 Business - Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Morgan Stanley's (NYSE:MWD - news) two top investment bankers resigned on Wednesday, increasing the pressure on Chief Executive Philip Purcell and raising questions about whether the securities firm can remain independent.

Look - for $14 an hour I do what's on the job description - ok> Slid dicvk=breath's five somewhere else...

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.13.05 07:03 pm)

that dry response was a reaction that writing about hirst and co. i still havent seen this show and am a big fan of TM.

Re: Rising Sons

by myprettypony (04.13.05 07:10 pm)

i like tm and think he is just as popular and famous as dh etc but his take on the market is interasting albeit dry as a bone...i think he speaking from direct experience albeit from a very different culture than the american landscape and european cannon of art history that informs contemporary art practice in the us

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.13.05 07:15 pm)

sorry one more time, it has been along week... the dry comment had NOTHING to do with this show or TM but rather the idea that Damien is in a “death” cylce of his “work” and that valiates this last show some how. i don't find TM in the least bit dry.

Rising Son and the Illusives

by thingsthatgo (04.13.05 07:18 pm)

Ahhhzzzrrhh, Zip, we should change positions on the scales. You are the true purist. I'm merely the counterfeit.

You know the truth before you have touched it ostensibly through that your predilections have already decided upon your (paticular brand of) truth.
You never stumble upon this stange state or item: You build it! –Incrementally, verbosely, indignantly, hyperactively, certainly, unknowingly, truthfully. And, when you think you are all out of this strange stuff, you fall over a whole heap of it—man-made.

Re: Thyroid shield

by zipthwung (04.13.05 07:25 pm)

Get yours today!

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.13.05 07:25 pm)

TM? Had one iin prove in 72 - always in the driveway, the only 2800 CS coupe around; not a BMW fan, but that is a good looking car; sort of rust away; right around there they had the tuper ware parties...really...frustrated RISD student:“I hate art...” wodnder why I liseten to the ramones.

Die - ok? Really - po-man's nietche drug addict:

today (early) No, I didn't do at work (no multy staples depicting rairoad tracks...

cart before the horse

by Jareth (04.13.05 07:36 pm)

i love it when it became the job of the critic to try to make up reasons for y things are selling.

Re: bring back irving sandler!

by myprettypony (04.13.05 07:45 pm)

On May 14th at 4:00 pm, The Studio presents a guest lecturer: Dr. Irving Sandler. He will discuss the New York School, his memoirs from his recent book, “Sweeper Up After Artists,” and their will be a special book signing. For more information call Katie Stratis. Reservations are required. Limited seating available.

Re: The th balance

by zipthwung (04.13.05 08:02 pm)

Knowing the mindset of a terrorist group would better enable the terrorism analyst to understand that organization's behavior patterns and the active or potential threat that it poses. Knowing the mindsets, including methods of operation, of terrorist groups would also aid in identifying what group likely perpetrated an unclaimed terrorist action and in predicting the likely actions of a particular group under various circumstances. Indeed, mindset profiling of a terrorist group is an essential mode of analysis for assessing the th

whats the frequency kenneth?

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.13.05 08:07 pm)

any writing which does not directly address the system, is bs. and advertsing.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.13.05 08:26 pm)

yea yea yea - my kingdom for a van with a cut in the rooF - someties, I's fun; a lot of em drive well:and...the free quenc see is AM..

Kamel Bourgass was also found guilty of murdering a
policeman in a botched raid when he was captured two years ago,
after police discovered a suspected chemical weapons lab in a
north London apartment and launched a countrywide sweep.
Bourgass was not convicted of conspiracy to commit murder,
and eight other north Africans were cleared of any role in the
plot, in a legal setback that could embarrass Prime Minister
<span class=“keyword”><a href=“*>Tony Blair</a></span> three weeks before an election.
“This was no more, no less than a plot to poison the
public,” Peter Clarke, the British anti-terrorism branch chief,
said after the ruling. “There is no doubt at all that Kamel
Bourgass is a hugely dangerous man.”
The men — eight Algerians and a Libyan — were among 100
people arrested in a countrywide anti-terrorism sweep in 2003
prompted by a tip-off from Algerian suspect Mohamed Meguerba,
who skipped bail, fled home and was interrogated there.
He told Algerian authorities British plotters were keeping
deadly ricin poison in a jar of skin cream and planned to smear
it on door handles in London. Police did not find the poison
but found recipes to make it.

Re: Jackson Accuser's Mom: ‘Don't Judge Me!’

by penelope (04.13.05 10:35 pm)

My son is totally otaku—tho nobody ever dropped a bomb on his ancestors. He's totally into war, video games, rarely leaves his room. We call them nerds. He's smart tho.

My daughter plays Lacrosse. She'll have to save us all.

Re: Rising Sons

by zipthwung (04.13.05 11:07 pm)

Lacrosse is so bourgeoise. Smash and grab is the sport for me.

You know like when the sticks went from cat gut and wrawhide on wooden sticks to aluminum sticks with nylon strings. Not the same sound.

Its like if Bob Dylan went with flat wound strings. Jesus that would curdle my spine.

I allways wanted to hang glide growing up, but you know, there werent any large condors to hi-jack.

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.13.05 11:08 pm)

they dropped the world trade center on us.

Re: Rising Sons

by penelope (04.13.05 11:12 pm)

“Lacrosse is so bourgeoise” exactly—thats why she will save us

“they dropped the wtc” not on me baby. ill ask him what he thinks about wtc. he is very libertarian

Re: oops meant

by epforbrush (04.13.05 11:14 pm)

is ny still licking its wounds or is it ready to get back into the game and play?

3,000 = 150,000+?

by wally cox (04.13.05 11:37 pm)

so amerikan, eh? u fit rite N.

oops meant

by magdalene (04.13.05 11:45 pm)

it never left

Re: Murder by numbers

by zip (04.13.05 11:52 pm),DVXB:2004-48,DVXB:en&q=world+trade+center+death+toll

But before that it was rwanda and i was all like, unfuckingbelieveable! Because I have a vivid imagination. Like a water baloon.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 05:15 am)

Boy is Phil mad - find your twenty yet; a little sway - watch out or you'll get the old old lady wazoo; have to play some replays of Georges rather tardy speach - perhaps it does make sense: let's go three in a row:

Top Stories - Reuters
Space shuttle set for fuel tank test

1 hour, 57 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Irene Klotz

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - Space shuttle Discovery was on schedule to be filled with a half-million gallons of cryogenic propellants on Thursday to test redesigns of the shuttle fuel tank ordered after the 2003 Columbia shuttle disaster.

Re: Kaw Math Kaw

by Kaw Thor (04.14.05 06:04 am)

Christmas Day, 2011 will fall on a Sunday. How do I know? Well, Christmas Day, 2002, will fall on a Wednesday. (Christmas Day, 2001, fell on a Tuesday. 2002 isn’t a leap year, so a given date will advance by one day of the week this year, to Wednesday.) 2011 is 9 years from now, and there will be 2 leap years (2004 and 2008) in between. That will advance the day of the week by 11 days, which is equivalent to saying that it will advance the day of the week by 4 days. Four days from Wednesday is Sunday.
After reading about William Sidis’ uncanny childhood ability to tell his parents’ guests on what day of the week their dates of birth fell, I began to ponder how he might have done it, and discovered that it’s a lot easier than you might suppose. For example, Christmas Day, 1911, would have fallen upon… stand by now, while the amazing Swami Bob performs a marvelous feat of mental magic (drum roll, please)… click, click . . . whirr . . . hum-m-m . . . a Monday. How did I do it? Well, 100 years would move back the day of the week upon which Christmas fell by 100 days plus 25 days for the 25 leap years in 100 years. Dividing 125 by 7, I get 17, with 6 left over. The 6 left over is all that counts. The day of the week would be moved back by 6 days, or in other words, forward one day to Monday.
I mention this because I think that it’s important to demystify some of the mental legerdemain that seems to be transcendental to what it really is—the ability to carry out arithmetic in one’s head.
Of course, I’m a little older than 6-year-old Billy Sidis.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 06:33 am)

Often time I only eat 1 square meal a day; but I live four days in one; so much energy from the sixteen cups of coffe and five cigerettes I smoked as I thought up the first obcenity of the day. That is about the size of it , and is why why were commited to killing everyone of high end junkies. Honet: pity fuck: do detox.

anyways - fresh monster art from the coast; I recomend once again Jim Sizelove as my favorite monster artists - GM high avant gaurde - it does exist:

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 06:35 am)

PS: re: Mr Feynman
joking - I mean,...saul bellow - the guy that droped all those bad drugs on my highscools. You buy it. She's a nazi; industrial physics and all - there is real physics, they just can't find it in ny. Thus...Bob the Bunny - $1.99...and it works..

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 07:04 am)

pps: took the lambo muira off and put on a car I covet (got the solido)...I dunno...some...seret...meaning; shortly after I was kidnaped I was taking to a intage car meating, like I had millions of dollars of drug money handy (“look...if you really want a porcsche...” - honest - they live in the street now) anyways, there was a stratos there...he left fast; ever man has his price (french blue too)...

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 07:22 am)

pps: looks like my man in genevia is moving into bikes; has to I supose - I actually wrote - some offered a 250 for my 125 MV (bought wi my own moiney, thank you) and the reniged - a little lite racing some day, in the mean time, check it out - the infamouse dust-bin fairing - sort of had to get rid of those guys, fast, but the wind would sort of catch you every once in a while...

Re: Rising Sons

by thingsthatgo (04.14.05 10:09 am)

they is a sad word indeed

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 04:41 pm)

no, hopefull; and they ain't buying your oil either youfagot slut - get a job:

Politics - Reuters
Bush Says China Should Float Currency

58 minutes ago

 Politics - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush reiterated on Thursday that China should allow its currency to float in order to have fair trade with the United States.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 06:16 pm)

Hey, Bob the Bunny here wth a very exciting offer- sort of hiding out in Jersey right no after that gear sterns thing; faty office manager got all upset...:“GM, GM, GM>” Up your nose bitch, I don't give a shit if your boy friend looses his vette...trash, so,, guess they'll let me take night classes again (no sock inspection) and...ebay. I love ebay. only $24.99, done the weekPthe pope got it (I helped - love it when the decide to start up “duchamp” the wrong way..I mena,,,blow your brains out out, and time it so I can be sure)

Feel free to drop a line - I love e-mail still no cheap falcons

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 07:04 pm)

That bad you guys - 2 up - tempted to use that winny voice “Whty are you do this to me” issue - unfortunatly 350 chevy in a 40 ford. You guys...flat head (and that magical, alien moment,not to insult, But Julie Klien:“You can't do that” ha ha ha ha ha. moments like that that make it all worth while... honest - dead man's shoes...sandwhich board...if want to really do xerox art...

bad day but kind of nice:

theamatic - a little Hem going around aparently:

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.14.05 08:17 pm)

jeez - must have cleared out some space in the jails; just...don't hear from my old girl friends anymore:

Top Stories - Reuters
10,000 Fugitives Rounded Up in Dragnet

2 hours, 1 minute ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Deborah Charles

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. law enforcement officials captured more than 10,000 fugitives around the country in a week-long drive to round up some of the most violent criminals who had previously evaded justice.


U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Thursday a total of 10,340 fugitives were captured by an operation led by the U.S. Marshals Service between April 4 and April 10 — about 10 times as many fugitives who were arrested the same period a year ago.

“Fugitives belong behind bars, and the arrests of 10,340 fugitives translates into safer communities,” said Ben Reyna, director of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Operation FALCON, which stands for “federal and local cops organized nationally,” marked the first time the marshals teamed up with state and local law enforcement in a concentrated, nation-wide effort to round up fugitives.

Previous coordinated roundups were on a regional basis and did not involve as many officers or agencies.

Officials said they did not have figures for how many federal, state and local fugitives still remained at large. But Gonzales said there was an “endless list” of fugitives.

“There clearly are bad guys out on the streets that need to be rounded up,” he said.

“This was a very successful effort,” he said. “More needs to be done, we understand that.”

Gonzales said the 3,100 law enforcement officers who were on the street for the operation focused primarily on the most violent offenders who are wanted in their jurisdictions.

Top priority was given to arrest those involved in homicides, sexual assaults, gang-related crimes, kidnappings and major drug offenses.

More than 70 percent of those nabbed during the operation had prior arrest records for violent crimes.

“They have been free to roam the streets for far too long,” said Gonzales. “We know from history ... that a fugitive with a rap sheet is more desperate, more predatory and more likely to commit the crimes that plague citizens and communities.”

A total of 162 murder suspects, 553 rape or sexual assault suspects and 154 gang members were picked up during Operation FALCON. In addition, 638 of those arrested were suspected of armed robbery while 68 kidnapping suspects were detained.

But while the marshals reeled off their list of accomplishments, they also admitted that they were hampered because there is no complete, central depository in the United States for all warrants.

That is why it is difficult to keep track of how many fugitives were on the loose around the country. It also makes it difficult to disseminate information on wanted fugitives, in case they are detained for another reason outside the jurisdiction in which they are wanted.

“At some point it would be very important to get all warrants into (the national database),” said Bob Finan, the marshals' assistant director for investigations.

Re: art and ‘A’ rtists

by epforbrush (04.14.05 10:11 pm)

Dekooning “We are don't want to be an artist, whereas I want to be a great artist.”
John Cage “ Now it was this aspect of wanting to be an artist...who had something to say, who wanted through his work to appear really great...which I could not accept.”

Re: Rising Sons

by zip (04.14.05 10:41 pm)

You may argue: “It is not my fault that the drug is illegal. It is the Government's choice to criminalise the supply chain”. However, if there was only one way for coffee to be bought and this involved the oppression of farm-workers in South America, the development of a feared mafioso in the Caribbean, the employment of children as de facto smugglers, plus the death of a eighteen-year old kid in south London, would you still buy coffee?

You bet your Ass.

Re: Destination Moon

by zip (04.14.05 11:55 pm)

Greff needed money, and gained a key ally: Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan, who picked up $80,000 in a single breakfast fundraiser.

Re: Rising Sons

by penelope (04.15.05 01:46 am)

just took my son over to the haight to see nick mason from Pink Floyd—got his book signed

nick was incredibly boring but my son liked it

Re: Rising Sons

by penelope (04.15.05 02:13 am)

The snail occupies an important place in the Dalinian universe as it is intimately linked to a significant event in Dali’s life – his meeting with Sigmund Freud. As Dali believed that nothing occurred to him simply by accident, he was captivated when he saw a snail on a bicycle outside Freud’s house. He connected the snail with a human head, more particularly Freud’s head. As with the egg and lobster, the hard shells and soft interiors of snails also fascinated Dali, and their geometry of their curves enchanted him.


by Coxswain (04.15.05 02:31 am)

works out in the end, eh?

works out...what is that?


Re: Rising Sons

by zip (04.15.05 02:48 am)

1) everyone's a killer
2) The cave entrance is behind you
3) They all have weapons
4) You have a soft back
5) You organize a festival
6) The cave entrance is fake
7) the aliens free you from their experiment
8) Nothing seems to have meaning after that
9) You buy an alien suit
10) Repeat

Re: Rising Sons

by penelope (04.15.05 02:52 am)

Rain falls on the grass,
filling the ruts left by
the festival cart

With dewdrops dripping,
I wish somehow I could wash
this perishing world

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 04:16 am)



Lounging it situation

forum of re-treads

(they last longer)

sat still time three

for\bed; no time story.

I'm sad

but that's not important;

the line broke


of the roundy-round table

He knew it all,

The best lies

the best restauraunts,

the sceaviest bars

and she met him there

while I was home thinking of her.

Sex-smex- she wanted

drugs! Reliefe!

And other whirled

you bet.

2 to 1


3 to 4

situation 4 to 6

loud ching and I'm still



Re: Rising Sons

by zipthwung (04.15.05 05:14 am)

Not into fiction so much

Re: Rising Sons

(04.15.05 06:23 am)

Free booze , and conversation if you choose too.

Re: Rising Sons

by magdalene (04.15.05 06:38 am)

Free booze , and conversation if you choose too.?
oh lovely where?

how about - black mold? anyone? it is def. all round the leaks that never get fixed in my apt.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 06:44 am)

link doesn't work...

Free drinks not yet
yesterday and the time tomorow
wet lash
says and the theam
of but tomorow
tit time
not train desire ill
of n/maine street.

Jeez - and you could almost race it ; (they hate octogon's so much in the south; I went through new orleons quickly in an mgb once and they isited they had no idea what it was; lot's of fun buying gas at night):

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 07:09 am)

PS: "wo man...scoo der=reia-scooby-doo-ferrari man, like wow...seebring 65 down:

Ferrari : 412 T2 F1 Racecar  1900  50 
$100,000.00 2 9d 04h 56m  
1995 Ferrari 412 T2, Ex-Berger/Alesi Formula 1 Racecar

Ferrari : Other Models 250 GT  1963  1,864 
$349,900.00 - 4d 14h 54m  
No Reserve Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

Ferrari : Other Models  1965  999,999 
$4,250.00 13 1d 14h 38m  

Ferrari : 275 GTB  1965  32,239 
$485,000.00 - 6d 14h 32m  
Ferrari 275 GTB shortnose 2 cam - 1965 - 65

Ferrari : 275 GTB/4  1967  0 
$675,000.00 - 6d 14h 33m  
Ferrari 275 GTB/4 - 1967 - 67

Ferrari : Other Models  1968  100 
$19,100.00 25 3d 07h 15m  
1968 Ferrari Daytona spyder convertible replica 427

by magdalene (04.15.05 07:11 am)

does anybody know anything about if this is reason not to pay your rent or not? or how one goes about this? i have heard it is the reason most places don't get “fixed” in nyc, between asbestos and .. other say dormant toxins... maybe that is y it all seems so uh, surfacy?
well at least the roaches and mice are happy.

Re: Rising Sons

by thingsthatgo (04.15.05 07:25 am)

Well at a meeting I threw a whole wad of papers down on the table and in a roar of a voice that out beat the thud belt out, "well you tell me what all this means?”

“We don't know”, awakened faces broke from their 4:30 pm snack, “Don’t you know?”
Honesty—Gotta luv’ it!

So yeah, I wouldn't mind a free drink down at the muggy mold, leaks and all, if it were going.

That tunnel vision - not television

by magdalene (04.15.05 07:35 am)

ttg. door is always open for you,.
starting to way things out like hate the leaks but love the no noise complants, or policeing at all for that matter, u know, it is all about trade offs... i am going to try to renegotaite rent.. and from the way the cieling is bowing in i would guess this at very least.
our medicane cabinate door has already ended up on the floor from it, and all of ur sines and lungs are just plane cashed..
ok. ok. it is moore that i reeeeeaaallllly hate to see all my cash in the world going to the goverment

Happy to have, not to have not
Big business is very wise
I'm crossing over into

Love song
Love song
Love song
Love song

I'm going over to the other side
I'm happy to have not to have not
Big business is very wise
I'm inside free enterprise

I'm adaptable
I'm adaptable

I'm adaptable and I like my new role
I'm getting better and better
And I have a new goal
I'm changing my ways where money applies

Re: Rising Sons

by thingsthatgo (04.15.05 08:14 am)

thanks mag. I'll definitely send mail hoping for an invite when over. Best thing the leaks get fixed or ya just get free rent, that sounds OK to me.

New nothing.

by Coxswain (04.15.05 01:57 pm)

lights on- nobody home
new shelves- nothing on them
grand opening- nothing to sell

nothin to say?

by Jareth (04.15.05 02:45 pm)

At one fundamental level—money—critics are scarcely valued either. Even the swankiest art publications, such as Art Forum, Frieze and Art in America pay only $100 to $150 per freelance review. “I’ve never made a really viable living while working in art publishing and writing art criticism in New York for the past decade, which makes me feel rather powerless”, says critic Sarah Valdez, whose writing appears regularly in Art in America and Paper magazine. “I know that galleries and artists might benefit financially if I review a show positively. But to consider this ‘a position of power’ would be for me—or any critic—completely ludicrous.” Not surprisingly, arts criticism today tends to be a stepping-stone toward more stable and remunerative employment, such as academia (Daniel Birnbaum of the Städelschule Frankfurt), art consulting (Allan Schwartzman, for clients such as Brazilian tycoon Bernardo Paz) or art dealing (Christian Viveros-Fauné of New York’s Roebling Hall galleries).

Re: no news is good news

by myprettypony (04.15.05 02:58 pm)

i have a new fan- an 80yr old retired elementary school teacher who is coming for a little studio visit next week-

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 03:15 pm)

80?? I mean - they doing old lady all ready?

Anyways - below: all fine artists - “love the wessst - love the frenchhhhhhh” rememeber all those algerian club kids they sort of duped a year or so ago; actually, I understand if you visit the embassy (and buy your ticket from an airline) you will be derected to, shall we say, liberal nieborhoods, rather than those moby/trendy one those babes they throw at you lead you too; ditto england, other airports, labor neiborhoods - it's possible to have a good timewithout being fallowed by the doooors, turtles, fagots, gamblers (redundancy) morans complaining about singapoor):

Top Stories - Reuters
Fire Kills 20 in Paris Hotel Used by Immigrants

Fri Apr 15, 9:46 AM ET

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Elizabeth Pineau

PARIS (Reuters) - Fire swept through a central Paris hotel used by immigrants and tourists on Friday, killing at least 20 people including 10 children, police said.

Reuters Photo

AP Photo

Slideshow: Paris Hotel Fire Kills At Least 20
Children Among The Dead In Paris Fire
(Reuters Video)

Some victims tried to save themselves by jumping from windows and others tried to save their children by throwing them from upper floors after the fire broke out in the middle of the night, witnesses said.

About 50 people were also injured, including U.S., Portuguese, Senegalese, Ivorian, Tunisian and Ukrainian nationals, and the death toll could rise because 11 others were seriously hurt, a fire brigade spokesman said.

“It was one of the deadliest fires in Paris for years,” a spokesman for the French Red Cross said.

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.15.05 03:28 pm)

i hate the french a little less these days, between the D.B. and i have been watching this show “eurotrash” all day.. eva and odel are even on it!

Re: Rising Sons

by Jareth (04.15.05 03:56 pm)

ya that is a good segment, i really like the germans,.. down count to kraftwerk show, can't wait to see them again!

Nicki Stager

by oops ment (04.15.05 04:07 pm)

Viva la Painting!

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 04:30 pm)

see , the theory was...we had the betta in penn, the 1759 gtv down south a bit on the coast, so outside my door within the month should be either a break apart 206 or...a muira. Simple enough. However...actually doable...just a transportation problem (come on...any of you gm guys got a trailer...making a trip from dick cavets homes state...)

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 04:33 pm)

ps - comeon...thinking of you (food falls off the plate) look rat Guilia spyder in la...too far away...but under other heaven...tricky:

Re: pink gloves & yellow horns

by myprettypony (04.15.05 10:47 pm)

the 50's were the height of fashion, eh

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.15.05 10:56 pm)

More 70' mania - this one always pops up around now - kind of cute; somewhere I have the Corgi wdgy Lotus elite, the dumbest looking car you've ever seen untill your walking down some country lane in the UK and see some bizar hippie family four up croising along in drivingaround in a 17th century shield...I like this one - probably wouldn't sell it to me; actually...sent away for the catolouge when I was 12...oops...

Setting Sons

by penelope (04.15.05 11:19 pm)

Meet me on the wastelands - later this day,
We'll sit and talk and hold hands maybe,
For there's not much else to do in this drab and colourless
We'll sit amongst the rubber tyres,
Amongst the discarded bric-a-brac,
People have no use for - amongst the smouldering embers of
And when or if the sun shines,
Lighting our once beautiful features,
We'll smile but only for seconds,
For to be caught smiling is to acknowledge life,
A brave but useless show of compassion,
And that is forbidden in this drab and colourless world.
Meet me on the wastelands - the ones behind,
The old houses - the ones - left standing pre-war -
The ones overshadowed by the monolith monstrosities -
councils call homes.
And there amongst the shit - the dirty linen,
The holy Coca-Cola tins - the punctured footballs,
The ragged dolls - the rusting bicycles,
We'll sit and probably hold hands.
And watch the rain fall - watch it - watch it -
Tumble and fall - tumble and falling -
Like our lives - like our lives -
Just like our lives.
We'll talk about the old days,
When the wasteland was release when we could play,
And think - without feeling guilty -
Meet me later but we'll have to hold hands.
Tumble and fall - tumble and falling -
Like our lives - like our lives -
Exactly like our lives.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.16.05 12:03 am)

Some of that's pretty good:coca cola cans: happenstance or dada lure: Pepsi please!

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 12:29 am)

a literary reference inbeded? And, as the descrption says, quite charming...

Re: Surrender Daddy?

by myprettypony (04.16.05 02:10 am)

my father's been in the hospital all week having his cancer removed

by oops ment (04.16.05 02:21 am)

don't be so sad

oats are on the way

Re: yum

by epforbrush (04.16.05 02:26 am)

i love vegetarian food

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 02:30 am)

voila - success ( some very tepid fake french music came my way - forward t if you all like...

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 01:00 pm)

I restored a gorgie yellow submmarine for $60 once - they were pulling $500 mint/boxed so it seemed worthwhile to him - couldn't get the decals then (can now) so made up stencils - looked quite charming; I think this fits under the topic : wowww-melt down: (I'm a comy - nuke tokyo)

Top Stories - Reuters
Thousands Join Anti-Japan Protests in East China

44 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Ben Blanchard and Benjamin Kang Lim

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - Shouting “Japanese invaders must die,” thousands protested in eastern China against Japan's wartime past on Saturday, hurling rocks and bottles at Tokyo's consulate in Shanghai and burning Japanese flags.

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 03:48 pm)

ps: this one always pops into my mind around now; slow...babes all taken (thank god - I really only do slow thursday nights with actreses: she pays..) but, someone asked on craig and I liked the answer so much, I bought the shaver repair kit:

No, but the topic has come up before - actually...believe it or not, I'm heavy into die cast toy cars so...I have investigated's a lot of work; anything usa that is vaguly professional runs into health and safty laws very quickly; if you look on ebay you will find stuff like brumm and rio that is small scale and highly detailed - these firsm ussualy do other things and offer these models out of make work - I believe RIO actually does, like...taillights for fiats. Hponest - it's a lot of work; white metal kits out the UK satrt as brass masters - good luck, i'm good with my hands but I really don't know how to work with brass; fact is, cad cam can plead very easily to fairly acurate resine masters (thge actually have little black boxes - you send in the info and variouse nozels construct the item - long distance if you like - like $35,000, cheap really - long disntant, like 20 minute, sculpture. Out of the UK they are “cottage” industries , ussualy through the queen - good luck. Hong kong?? I dunno; basically, toy cars : $2500,000 start up. Too bad really.

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 04:29 pm)

Look you guys...once again, like virgia or colorado; sorry aboiut hunter, high ebnd, sort of dring high-tech, who knows...liscenced bounder on the staff, a lot of mooney in the hair, not that many dead bodies...but you wan't out; maybe there's already a decent 924 in the drive way, want to be a federal snitch: this is the easy way - instant watergate for your whole group , detox...comunity service...think of the future: bid now:they'll thank youlater.

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 10:28 pm)

you guys.....

Top Stories - Reuters
Body of Missing Florida Girl Found

2 hours, 42 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - The body of a 13-year-old Florida girl missing for nearly a week was found on Saturday near her home, authorities said.


Sarah Lunde's body was found in a pond about one-half mile from her house, according to Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee. She had been missing since last Sunday from her home in Ruskin, south of Tampa.

Gee said Lunde's body had a green cast on one arm, just as Sarah did. “The green cast is apparent,” he said.

He said the body had been in the water for some time. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

“The family is very distraught,” Gee added.


World - Reuters
Ecuador's Gutierrez Lifts Emergency After Protests

56 minutes ago

 World - Reuters

By Alexandra Valencia and Carlos Andrade

QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters) - Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez on Saturday retracted a state of emergency he decreed less than a day earlier in the capital Quito after thousands took to the streets in open defiance of his orders.

Gutierrez dismissed the Supreme Court to try to break a
political deadlock over the future of the judiciary which has
brought regular protests to the streets and stirred memories of
unrest which led to the ouster of two presidents since 1997.

you are they - our supreme court is sublime these days - actually - legalised 1st degree murder, so....

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.16.05 11:24 pm)

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.16.05 11:46 pm)

oh yea...coming down the pike; nglagobab, perhaps ineveitable and...a true classic:purloined:

Re: Rising Sons

by epforbrush (04.17.05 01:16 am)

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.17.05 09:53 am)

Really tacky - seen that porsche designe studio site with all the watches and sun glasses - real 80's icon trash... italien mob on the rivera stuff “Perfect style for a riyual suicide” and, speaking of witch - I feel like Bill Muray anounceing the best suporting actor winner: who cares: Big wheel of the infy machine:“Sea-sea-a quetion..” Fuck your sister again

Top Stories - Reuters
Cardinals Ready Themselves for Papal Conclave

3 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Crispian Balmer

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Roman Catholic cardinals started to move into sequestered lodgings Sunday ahead of a conclave to elect a new pontiff, with no clear favorite in sight to succeed Pope John Paul II.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.17.05 12:17 pm)

This one says it all - the thing to cruise so-ho in (untill they give me my red and yellow honday 400/4 back) I guess...have to find a radiator, other than that =$1 - no reserve:

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.17.05 12:29 pm)

Had to write - never know:(wrote that guy in Anderson - tsort of guy who might know where there were som chrysler 75 parts - that bugatti thing is never gonna fly)

Look , brother - what's the story - this is the car I want to cruise so-ho in NOW Run? Obviously it needs a radiator - other than that, I dunno...flashlight at night; your wife loss can be my gaine - Honest - beyound orsche police. Suffice it say - I like the price - drive it home (probably use a vw radiator_
Andrew Fenton

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.17.05 10:24 pm)

I mean - seriosuly - love the suvs with the mob dudes bitch; like animal girl does like the kremlin watch; same crew that said we didn't really need deocracy in certain re-emerging war torn areas... gd these people make me sick; all drug runner - all the time: KMOB

Rice to Balance Democracy, Terror War with Russia

25 minutes ago

 Politics - Reuters

By Saul Hudson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wants to tie Russia closer to the West with trade incentives and only tempered criticism of its eroding democracy during a two-day trip to Moscow this week.

The former Soviet specialist will visit Moscow to shore up
a deal meant to stop anti-American militants from stealing
Russian nuclear material while stemming what her predecessor
called Russia's democratic backsliding.
With many Russians suspicious Washington wants to curb
their country's development and influence abroad, Rice said she
would stress the benefits for the Russian economy and its
relations with the West if it improves its democratic record.

look bitch - I don't even want you here- actually -to tell yu the truth, ...the same people that brought you philip k, Dick - honest - Moscow specialist.
Ussed car dealers.

Re: Rising Sons

by confusionIs nothing new (04.17.05 10:30 pm)

good evening bitch.
exactly who are you talking to ?

Re: oops meant

by rockhudson (04.17.05 10:38 pm)

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.17.05 11:50 pm)

you again; actually - I was just forwarding that ppow link - I mean, gogoi, mary, brooky...face facts...they actualy take themselves kind of seriously; no matter how...what ever...they are on one leval or another a sheat or plane where they really think they are achieving some manored, something, concepual grace, finacial nuance: ppow in absolutly the #1 scam gallery.

Being practical, been checking out the ford escorts on ebay - great values (you can make a car out of em) but...all automatics; lets get some 5 speeds in the wholesaller system, ok you guys.
Todays, what ever: map girl #2 - by the way - pay your taxes; always a big loop hollyday:

Re: Rising Sons

by confusionIs nothing new (04.18.05 12:18 am)

sounds like a abosute blast, i encourage.
so. who is in the Art biz now?

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.18.05 12:25 am)

You know - no one - I think all those galleries are actually elaborite cocieved and advertised blood manoey bank stores. Really - who you want to handle - what do you want in retirn - mob vacation (new movies, no museums) Porsche for a day - get heavy , get scudiera; how about jobs that don't really pay biz; or elaborite computre conceptual n/llps - just looking for the right moemnt to slide it on in; if perchance you wanted to know...make art...pretty tricky; scam to the 5th leval...just for starters; don't even get a chuckly before 4; I'm around a hundred and thirty two:L charge cards cancelled, daughter hooking, head on the's sudenly all clear. Some people Bob Smack - t's Scagoliciouse is for real; cocain adicts get like really angry...

Ok - love the color sceam - for some reason it's 3 times as expensive as all the thers'; probably twice as nice, but...I think you actually get to buy and own this one - just needs a litle B o B on the hood:

Re: Rising Sons

by confusionIs nothing new (04.18.05 12:42 am)

we make really good Art, as far as i can tell. question is does that matter?. answer really does seem to be no. no it doesn't. - but it not never did, that is at least a reilf. no biggy. would'nt expect a luge hobby to “pay off” eiather. ok nite - valantio awaits.

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.18.05 03:41 am)

the term is negations and the sums are not the one's earned but the ones not earned, especialy when one is presumed to be a conduit for other funds, especialy when this assumption is unfounded or manipulated. I like to keep t going as long as possible - 20 mil blood problem - I have the conections...oooooops!!!

this just in:

you know...who knows ?- there's a bunch of bozos in queens or brooklyn - ooops, it says uk, so st louis or venezuala laughing their asses off, what do I know? I'll pass it around - there is some logic - read some academic sonets some time - dry......? Wo=h.... real 40's - some people are into the 40's

You know - on second thought - it could be a “real” “box of stuff” - this guy has a rating of 1806 - I bet he sells boxes of stuff all the time - how'd you find it- I note that he has a lot of really good books for sale - the big question is - where does he stand politicaly and the answer is ":torry - basically, who gives a fuck.

> From: Fabio <>
> Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 23:31:33 -0700
> To: Fabio <>
> Subject: Now this guy has way too much time on his hands !!!
> d=1&ssPageName=WDVW

Re: Rising Sons

by alienbarbiebaby (04.19.05 06:58 am)

You know...somethg wrong wth that cat - lok closly - honest - like...the run a “bistro” on the upper east - bad signe. Anways - I was afraid at first this was another one you dweebs draged in with out ; these three wheelers have some symbolisme, I never figured out what, but look like fun; actually - there was this guy, like a Harry type, with an ERA and a cooper formula 2 (I like coopers) , and...first time...ok...but if your comming it. Honest. I don't like our attitude like at all. Say hello and stuff: I get thrown out of your eenes imean, I get to go once: like london - for days, sit by big ben - good bie - quite frankly - same deal - ok?


by bobbiebunny (04.19.05 05:30 pm)

Hi, I'm Bob.

Re: my new friend told me on the phone this afternoon

by epforbrush (04.19.05 11:26 pm)

if you are making the art you want to make and surviving then you are a rampaging success

Re: Rising Suns

by Jareth (04.19.05 11:30 pm)

i feel your friend is write. i really do.

Shine on

by Jareth (04.19.05 11:47 pm)

Re: Indie Arie

by epforbrush (04.20.05 12:38 am)

Re: Rising Sunz

by Jareth (04.20.05 01:03 am)

There is a house down in New Orleans they call the rising sun.
And it's been the ruin of many a poor girl and me, oh God, I'm one.

Re: black and tan

by epforbrush (04.20.05 01:48 am)

i'm not even as white as ellen gallagher and i'm ...

Re: Rising Welts

by son of flipper (04.20.05 02:06 am)

those are yellow jackets

evil predators of pain

they will chase you down

bees are docile

Re: they will eat you alive inside

by epforbrush (04.20.05 02:24 am)

if you let them-
so how do i move forward in my life?

Re: Rising Sons

by jackieou (04.20.05 03:53 am)

you guys (just hear this slobering voice...“I know...” Jeez - remember chiken hawke magazine (actually newspaper) Love was actualy ok...sickos but...hard to find know...:

Re: Rising Sons

by army of one (04.20.05 03:53 am)

Embrace the dark hole, the horror vaccui, as they say. Really. Indeed, the void is a common motif, even as modernism slides from twilight to full dusk.


Or if youre not so adversarial we can talk and I promise not to see you as prey. Really. I'm quite convincing. Would you like a mint?

Re: Rising Sons

by uri geller (04.30.05 11:33 pm)

I missed the opening

Re: Coming out party

by rockhudson (05.01.05 12:45 am)

i bought a new denim jacket this evening, went for black denim this time, my old faithful blue denim jacket that i bought at limited express had these large crytsal buttons like clear oval and square green blue dot applied in a random pattern
every time i wore that jacket someone would ask me if i sewed on the buttons myself and i would always say no they came that way
ps. i owned the jacket for 10 years before i noticed the pink triangle button on the front pocket