Re: Roast beef to none?

by 2 shill 2 shill (04.16.05 01:15 pm)

Hanna had no trouble identifying them: “Retail, events planners, miscellaneous rich people who just like to attend store parties. I wish I could name some celebrities here”

I love events like this.

Growing community I think. I'll buy yours if youll buy mine.

Re: Crumb Bums

by broken flower (04.18.05 02:13 pm)

Yeah, those aging artists with the manager wives still know how to shock ya. As E says, the art world goes crazy at the drop of a...

Here's another one who keeps it up...

Re: Crumb Bums

by alienbarbiebaby (04.18.05 03:47 pm)

string - sure; finaly poping out, and poping out in south carolina - I am so sick and tired of hse people wyou have no idea - honest - the only one wotrth putting with this shit:


by broken flower (04.18.05 06:10 pm)


by kettle black (04.18.05 06:27 pm)

The very systematicity that allows us to comprehend one aspect of a concept in terms of another (e.g., comprehending an aspect of arguing in terms of battle) will necessarily hide other aspects of the concept.... For example, in the midst of a heated argument, when we are intent on attacking our opponent's position and defending our own, we may lose sight of the cooperative aspects of arguing....’

(George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, Metaphors We Live By).


by broken flower (04.18.05 06:45 pm)

Or not even necissarily cooperation, as emotional engagement. Its so much fun to bug her, reminds me of my mom.

Re: Crumb Bums

by thingsthatgo (04.18.05 07:37 pm)

we may lose sight of the cooperative aspects of arguing

It goes for competitiveness as well.

I think Pen was heading that way in another post. When we compete against ourselves we do so understanding finely the balance of our will, to surrender a position, but also to take up another, and to be always in balance with the surrendered position—so that we are very much in balance and still working with the previous position (stand up art writers publishing and taking a very conservative position—they have been holding onto that for quite a while, knowingly or unbeknown to them. Indeed that is their balanced position). You know when we go back to something we had forgotten, and all of a sudden it clicks—(/) well that was all our own doing. We cooperatively forgot and lost something but also decided the right minute for that something to be found, just to get that fine balance, and yes, the click.
I've even heard we cooperative with earthquakes, and weather patterns, and that it is not man against nature or nature who is supreme, we're just one big cooperative. We cry, nature takes a position that is sympathetic and in balance to this— the wind may balance blowing our tears away. And think if the tears a running strong there is likely to be a storm.
A nation that laughs long enough shares the consequences. And so it goes on.

I hope you found that little tit-bit interesting as I did with kettle black's tit-for-tat.

Re: Crumb BuRRms

by alienbarbiebaby (04.18.05 09:11 pm)

Top Stories - Reuters
Cardinals to Resume Voting After First Black Smoke

1 hour, 23 minutes ago

 Top Stories - Reuters

By Philip Pullella and Jane Barrett

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Cardinals head into their first full day of voting for a new pope on Tuesday after an inaugural ballot failed to find a successor to John Paul.

Crowds of faithful are expected to flock to St. Peter's
Square, their eyes fixed on the Sistine Chapel roof to watch
for the stream of smoke that will announce the result of each
balloting session, keen to see history in the making.
On Monday, thousands of people including the Bank of Italy
governor, housewives, pensioners and teenagers waited on
tenterhooks for the result of the conclave's first ballot. The
smoke came out black, sign

Re: Crumb Bums

by alienbarbiebaby (04.19.05 06:00 am)

See - we're getting really dry; some people think dry is, if not high fashion, than elgantly many things have already been decided. Ofcourse, other people'red dull...actually...dead. Rayalty thing - borther...seriousy ...see the way; I mena, they always ask me: Who you voting for this year and I always answer:“Gus Hall” :he's dead“ ”Yea, are the other candidates..“. Anyways - this is the one - I can remember seeing these babies cruise around paris with Grand Master Flash blaring:”Don't push me cause I'm closs to the edgggg - I trying not to loose my head hahahahah...

Re: Crumb Bums

by alienbarbiebaby (04.19.05 03:33 pm)

MAking time - these babies sudenly showed up around 70...just as volvo dealerships started clses : a little distracted :“Yea...and my daughter worked on the great gatsby...”


by bobbiebunny (04.19.05 04:58 pm)

Hi, I'm Bob.

Re: Crumb Bums

by magdalene (04.19.05 09:06 pm)

lots of dogs around the mars bar tonight. little white fluffy ones.

Re: go dog go

by epforbrush (04.19.05 11:21 pm)

I Love You

by son of flipper (04.20.05 02:29 am)

or do I just want to be dominant?

Re: Crumb Bums

by alienbarbiebaby (04.20.05 02:42 am)

yu #8's the give away; sort of vevet time I guess - really - Joe Peshi's poo-poo will move you up fast...

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Re: Crumb Bums

by juliansorl (04.20.05 01:44 pm)

anyone who has seen the documentary knows that the real genius was crumb's brother who killed himself (his drawings didn't lend themselves to mass consumption so easily). however, it was crumb who came off as just wierd and pitiful.

Re: Crumb Bums

by son of flippant (04.20.05 01:58 pm)

The whole family came across as weird and strange. But poignant—they cared for each other—based on their shared eccentricity and the shared pain of family. Remember how Maxon ingested that string and passed it thru his body? Creeeeepy

Re: Crumb Bums

by army of one (04.20.05 04:00 pm)

I'd buy it but I blew my art budget on online porn.

Re: Of Invention

by army of one (04.20.05 04:04 pm)

I don't want your cheap aroma
Or your Little Bo-Peep diploma
I'll just put you in a coma
With some Dirty Love!


by Jareth (04.20.05 04:12 pm)

I have only come here seeking knowledge
Things they wouldn’t teach me of in college
I can see the destiny you sold
Turned into a shining band of gold

I’ll be wrapped around your finger
I’ll be wrapped around your finger

Mephistopheles is not your name
But I know what you’re up to just the same
I will listen hard to intuition
And you will see it come to it’s fruition

I’ll be wrapped around your finger
I’ll be wrapped around your finger

Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
Vanish in the air you’ll never find me
I will turn your flesh to alabaster
Then you will find your servant is your master

Re: Crumb Cake

by army of one (04.20.05 04:20 pm)

11. Operation GOOD TIMES:
a. Objective: To disillusion the Cuban population with Castro image by distribution of fake photographic material.

b. Concept: Prepare a desired photograph, such as an obese Castro with two beauties in any situation desired, ostensibly within a room in the Castro residence, lavishly furnished, and a table briming over with the most delectable Cuban food with an underlying caption (appropriately Cuban) such as “My ration is different.” Make as many prints as desired on sterile paper and then distribute over the countryside by air drops or agents. This should put even a Commie Dictator in the proper perspective with the underprivileged masses.

by Jareth (04.20.05 04:25 pm)

YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well here it is summer is just around the bend, i think it may just be time for another season, of.

Reports reveal Zarqawi nuclear threat

By Bill Gertz

Recurrent intelligence reports say al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi has obtained a nuclear device or is preparing a radiological explosive — or dirty bomb — for an attack, according to U.S. officials, who also say analysts are unable to gauge the reliability of the information's sources.

Re: Your Annual Radiation Dose

by army of one (04.20.05 04:38 pm)

TV viewing or computer use (except flat screens): average hours per day _ x 0.15 mrem/hour

Stay Low.

Re: Crumb Bums

by uri geller (04.20.05 04:58 pm)

Watch it without the sound.

that damn interactive wall and floor

by son of flipper (04.20.05 05:11 pm)

looked dated NOW. like some bad trade film from '71. puke inducing waste of....shit...
another long list. fuck!

I have one of those

by son of flipper (04.20.05 05:25 pm)

still works

raised my kid on it

I knew before it happened.

by son of flipper (04.20.05 05:33 pm)

We all do.

Re: Crumb Bums

by uri geller (04.20.05 05:51 pm)

Re: Crumb Bums

by son of flippant (04.20.05 06:07 pm)

Fun. I got 40%.

I play that game with my daughter and I guess what she is thinking almost every time. It drives her crazy, but I know how she thinks and she is predictable & regular.

Wish I could take this class but I gotta work:

Artists Expanding the Mind:
Projects in Extra-Sensory
TIME 1:30–6:00pm
ESP is a timeless notion that has existed
in various forms in all societies. This
course explores not only the range of
mental abilities that traditionally fall
under the category of ESP (mind-reading,
clairvoyance, precognition, and
so on), but also examines the limits of
perception and the ways in which our
perceptions can be enhanced through
art, technology, and design. From
crystal balls and dowsing rods to hidden
cameras and satellites that orbit
invisibly overhead, our senses can be
augmented to receive information not
ordinarily obtainable by our innate five
senses. In this class we will ask how
this information is received and transmitted.
How do we best communicate
our sentiments to others?
Whereas most art prioritizes the eyes
over all other senses, the projects
developed in this course will go
beyond the limitations of visual expression.
Students will tap into various subjects
including divination, surveillance,
telepathy, telecommunications, psychic
powers, and remote-controlled systems.
Additionally, we will experiment
with various media designed to affect
taste, touch, smell, and hearing. Part
laboratory, part mystic parlor, weekly
sessions will be used for studio time,
workshops, presentations, and group
critiques about your ESP informed
Satisfies Design+Technology Elective
or Elective Studio for Non-Design+
Technology Majors; satisfies an Elective
Studio Requirement for the Center for
Media Culture.
AARON GACH was inspired by studies with a
private investigator, a magician, and a ninja
to form the Center for Tactical Magic—an
organization dedicated to the amalgamation
of art, technology, magic, and activism.
Working across disciplines—art, design,
architecture, and community service—Gach’s
collaborations have involved members of
the Black Panthers, Earth First!, and the
American Red Cross to name a few. His
work has appeared most recently at the
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary
Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in
June 20–July 15