Re: Less Is More

by epforbrush (04.18.05 11:44 pm)

how catholic, the veil

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.20.05 01:34 pm)

see - the old so-ho ultimate PC porsche instant cyber religion just doesn't do it any more - ultimate bait and switch and switch and switch - atleast we got the whole idea of them having to do anyting with “art” out of the way; plus, the whole andy dollar bill thing sort of...sliped out of position some how...I to didg up some of those pics of the one they had in the sixties, the kindly old bald headed guy that most people didn't actually despise with blood passion on the spot for some reason; portraits to gamble on; how about those flip (what ever you call em) back and forth pics of the blond jessus - I bet thy got these babies ready to go.

647383394404040 - all the way!

Re: Less Is More

by son of flippant (04.20.05 01:46 pm)

what—the pantyhose? never wear em. skratchy

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.20.05 03:24 pm)

when asking advise from one of my fav. people they said “you will know you are making ground breaking Art when Art Proffesionals say it is not”. - one step ahead of the definition

Less Is More, more or less

by yesterdays news (04.20.05 05:20 pm)

I luv panty hose, especially on my head whenever I go to the bank. Didn't somebody just do a piece w/ pantyhose and cement blocks? Too Italian?

Re: Less Is More

by confusionIs nothing new (04.20.05 05:30 pm)

who christian boltanski?

Re: Less Is More

by uri geller (04.20.05 05:36 pm)

Each Peach pear plumb, in comes tomb thumb/

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.20.05 06:51 pm)

i got a visit from 3 little old ladies this afternoon who admired my work from a recent show and wanted to come and visit me in my studio. they brought me a dozen yellow tulips and they told me it is good to see me doing what i like to do :)

Re: I love little old ladies

by rockhudson (04.20.05 07:21 pm)

Made me really homesick ...

Re: Less Is More

by thingsthatgo (04.20.05 08:02 pm)

Less is more — I hope you don't consider VB way ahead. That'd be sad.

Re: Less Is More

by son of flippant (04.20.05 08:29 pm)

Christians inner child is dead—mine is still alive. Yknow barely— hangin by a thread—but she's alive.

I think VB's is alive—ttg notwithstanding.

Senility. Little old ladies turn back into children when they get real old—my scottish granny did and my husbands english granny too. They start talking like they are little girls and remembering all that old emotion.

Re: Burnt Sienna

by epforbrush (04.20.05 09:01 pm)

say more-

Re: paper latches

by thingsthatgo (04.20.05 09:25 pm)

Ok flippant, so I'll go with the inner child, but I wont go with ahead: those kind of literal and less than pungent skins of emotions perished a long time ago. The inner child is a teacher not a conductor—sorry.

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.20.05 11:53 pm)

“It's...Jacque and the Bunny - Right after Sienfield:” Oh christ Jaque, Look, it's Larry Shidoa abnd Bernie at the door - hold on while I finish up some agit prop in my little office here - hey look - out the window - it's turtle girl! Oh my god - what's she kissig? Jacques - pay attention - you can't be angry for ever - berny -oh the spot where the rsk no no no...TZ now ok...we're that kind of place..."

The onlt team that metters - ultimate sponser;...really, and you say I don't have an effect:

Renault announce new partnership.
Wed 20 Apr, 4:38 PM

Current Formula One championship leaders Renault have announced a long-term sponsorship agreement with insurance company Mutua Madrileña.

The agreement will see the Spanish company become a partner of the team in its first foray into sports sponsorship - with Mutua Madrileña branding set to feature on the R25 cars, driver suits and team clothing from the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona next month.
“Alliances with major companies represent an important part of our strategy, and we are delighted to become a Partner of the Renault F1 Team,” Mutua Madrileña Chairman José Mª Ram-rez Pomatta said. “The Renault F1 Team is setting the standard in its field, just like Mutua Madrileña, and both companies share values of leadership, efficiency and determination.”
Renault F1 managing director Flavio Briatore was also pleased to welcome the latest addition to the teams sponsor portfolio.
“We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mutua Madrileña both to the Renault F1 Team, and also to Formula One,” he said. “We are proud to welcome a new Spanish partner to the team, and to further consolidate our international portfolio of sponsors.
”This new agreement is proof that our team is in excellent health, and that our commercial performance is in line with our excellent on-track results. We look forward to a successful partnership with Mutua in the seasons to come."

Re: Less Is More

by mountain lion (04.20.05 11:55 pm)

is this you, Jareth?

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.21.05 12:00 am)

nope sorry i get off with one of those guys, bout once a week. he is kind cool, i like his drawings and acutally repect him a bunch.. see he hung out with the talking heads... well it is a diff story, but i get wierd. .. any how that artist was with a dealer i was doing an intership with...
no. no. i did not graduate from yale.

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.21.05 03:17 am)

see - it's like I could read my mind (and get the M of Fa at Bston rest rooms properly cleaned) just though: still can't afford; when I was about we actually drove to lunchenete outside of yale to meet with some hairburn from the bronx to discuss cars that wern't forsale; He drove one of these (no liscence; stolen plates....always) and he said he wanted $400. I had $400...but my father wouldn't let me....

Re: Less Is More

by zip (04.21.05 05:43 am)

Give it gass.

Re: Less Is More

(04.21.05 06:25 am)

That is in the eye of the beholder . More is less and less is more ?

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.21.05 07:52 am)

nope. more is more.
and “” is in the eye of the beholder, gotta make your own story,... it is so much less interesting when you figure out what you have been dealing with is good good writes making up a load of shit about really really bad students. not even Artists... i could fly to Austrialla for the price of a ticket to the Midwest. oh well...

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.21.05 07:57 am)

you know what.
fuck you for thinking that is me! your fucking dead to me. piece of shit go to hell.

I'd like to meet this Beholder with one eye.

by yesterdays news (04.21.05 08:47 am)

Then we could have him/her do some hotel type porn with that she male named Spectator. Threesomes with the Viewer would be cozy too.

Personally speaking I think the whole art world is moving to cosmetic surgery, far outpacing the Net in growth industry.

o with me my gentle boy?

by Jareth (04.21.05 08:52 am)

well personally speaking i think someone needs to put on the breaks and make not excluding but other then money. hard assets? ha.

Re: Less Is More

by mountain lion (04.21.05 10:28 am)

Being dead has it's benefits.

Re: Less Is More

by thingsthatgo (04.21.05 10:44 am)

I think du is having her periods. Are you OK du?

Re: Less Is More

by cali forya (04.21.05 10:50 am)

Du only wishes she were dead.

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.21.05 11:38 am)

See - ou all are getting the idea- here: maybe Nietsche want's to do Pebble Beach - alot of those Isstoa Frachinis and Duesendbergs are actually “cult” you go; sort of a half moon steret theam...that little slut with the connections your porking - yup - she is absolutly a ho:

this is just cool:

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.21.05 01:33 pm)

y'all...for the little guy; got a gama 914 as well; I'm bidding on the panhard:

Re: Less Is More

by zipthwung (04.21.05 01:44 pm)

Whats up with art history these days? Anyone? Bueler? Anyone?

Re: Less Is More

by son of flippant (04.21.05 01:49 pm)


Re: Less Is More

by joh frederson (04.21.05 02:28 pm)

Can pics pump up MoMA?
Film program key to selling critics on redone landmark

The film companies gain a lot from this relationship - they get the cachet of being deemed “art” by a respected authority on the subject. BUt how does this refect on MoMA? Can a museum full of Picassos justify screening “Spy Kids”?
. indeed.

My period?

by cali forya (04.21.05 04:04 pm)

Okay, when Penelope has her period, she differs how?

Resorting to the old period thing, wow, conventional male response. either ur so threatened by a dangerous kunt, i'll send u some discharge so u can c real female, mayb masturbate 2 it, photo, eat it, sniff, whatever, or, u simply can't think of anything more intelligent like having a period is assumed a vulnerability. zipish, j arfish. U must b the little boy who freaked when mom ate dad's dick and have been hating femmes since. Mayb that's why u all r so constipated, so much repression inside. C Cyburbation is not fulfilling.

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.21.05 04:10 pm)

slow down. i am female, with a strap on and a tranny altra ego.

I Hate When You Do that DU

by cali forya (04.21.05 08:20 pm)

I hate when she steals my identity
like that.
I never talk about periods, period.

Re: Less Is More

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:47 pm)

i work with the dumbest bunch of mother fucking cathlick cunt wives

Re: Less Is More

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:50 pm)

and live with a similar bunch of mother fucking puerto rican cathlick cunts wives

Re: Less Is More

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:52 pm)

who can take their mother fucking judgmental traditions and obsession for punishment and stick it up their assholes, those stupid fat ugly bitches...

Re: i am surrounded by their miserable

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:53 pm)

hopeless desperate ignorance- and their teeming breeding brats

Re: Less Is More

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:55 pm)

whoever thought that immersion in another culture would be bring about mutual understanding and enlightenment never had to listen to that god awful puerto rican ghetto music

Re: on their ghetto blasters

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:56 pm)

or their fucking slutty language

Re: whew-

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:57 pm)

that is just eating me up like a cancer

Re: one Less catholic

by epforbrush (04.21.05 08:59 pm)


Re: it is all about their husbands who work hard

by epforbrush (04.21.05 09:02 pm)

and how as females they prize laziness and setting up ‘other women’ like me who work hard to get fucked- well i wasn't raised to be so god- damned, mother fucking JUDGMENTAL AND EVIL


by epforbrush (04.21.05 09:03 pm)


The Gateway s is open

by cali forya (04.21.05 09:40 pm)


Califoyawhateverbullshit. Shut up bitch and take it all down. don whine while i'm poundin.


by cali forya (04.21.05 09:44 pm)

you know what.
fuck you for thinking that is me! your fucking dead to me. piece of shit go to hell.


heyyyyy! whats up - thats how my love goes

by Jareth (04.21.05 11:00 pm)

back. told ya. openings. other wise i never leave my little babys ?:)

Will Give To You
Again And Again
And Will You Return It

There'Ll Be Days
When I Stray
I May Appear To Be
Constantly Out Of Reach
I Give In To Sin
Because I Like To Practice What I Preach
I'M Not Trying To Say
I'Ll Have It All My Way
I'M Always Willing To Learn
When You'Ve Got Something To Teach
And I'Ll Make It All Worthwhile
I'Ll Make Your Heart Smile

Pain Will You Return It
I'Ll Say It Again - Pain
Pain Will You Return It
I Won'T Say It Again

I Give In
Again And Again
I Give In
Will You Give It To Be
I Give In
I'Ll Say It Again

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.22.05 02:04 am)

my very thought - stingray boys give it up

Button - Schumacher could quit
Fri 22 Apr, 1:10 AM

view photo
IMOLA, Italy (AFP) - Briton Jenson Button has tipped world champion Michael Schumacher to retire at the end of the season if he manages to come back and win his eighth world title this year.

and ...button - a

But Button, who is on the list as a possible replacement at Ferrari, said: “I think if he loses (the championship) this year he'll continue, if he wins he'll probably finish.
”It's obviously up to him when he stops, either he gets bored or wants to spend time with the family. But there's no reason for him to give up as he's obviously quick enough.
“It would be great if he carried on. It wouldn't be good initially if he left, because he's achieved so much in Formula One, and I think if we lose any of the top drivers in Formula One it would be disappointing.”

so traditional male, jarf arf

by cali forya (04.22.05 08:26 am)

u vent on some poor bastard and then don't even bother 2 apologize.

Shame shame. U r so mean.

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.22.05 08:41 am)

apologize? to who?

There are angels watching over me

by mountain lion (04.22.05 12:16 pm)

really mean ones.

Re: Less Is More

by zip (04.22.05 12:44 pm)

I like dominoe playing cultures, backgammon cultures are interesting.

I'm iterested in Parcheesi cultures, anyone?

My people play scrabble, although it can be excruciating and I usually lose - ixe and shit doesnt thrill me.

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.22.05 01:13 pm)

y would i be sorry about that? i feel the same way about the referance.

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.22.05 02:48 pm)

satin spiral - ha h ah- that's what happens if you loop; we stay at home while you die die die - yo, check it out...da vinci. Ok...getring trick had one in 67/68, ussed to cruise down to macarthy headquarters 2 or 3 times a week while he screwed things up in this baby...and then one day took it away and gave him a speedster: back in time...horrible, dangerouse ca. This is a nice car. Honest - gonna commit a major crime: they'll almost forgive you: aother car we sold so many times you can't belive. Also a 365 GTC...nso ...beware:

Re: Less Is Just That

by car geek (04.22.05 03:07 pm)

zoom zoom

Doanchya'll fuck with me.

by Big Daddy Don Garlits (04.22.05 03:53 pm)

I keep that baby in my pants.

Locked and Loaded.

Can I buy ya a drink?

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.22.05 06:02 pm)




Reuters: Politics
Bush Nominates Pace as Top Military Officer-6 hours ago
Cheney Vows to Vote to End Judicial Filibusters-2 hours ago
AFL-CIO Labor Group Opposes Asbestos Fund Bill-one hour ago


Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.22.05 07:56 pm)

Look - I'll give it up as soon as they do: get this ponzi shit out here...dunno - fish scales in the fiberglass:

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.22.05 08:40 pm)

GTO - there was a Flanon wone on abay I posted last wekk; rip the yellow Lotu 18 with rat fink on the flank:

yo - check it out - Ferrari Salvage yard in florida:

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.23.05 04:33 pm)

actually kind of nice, though I don't drink white wine; my prediction (have some ready...all sorts of people fgo down) super low end odes to...ussed tampex, razor blades...rusty nails...

A suicide note from Mrs. Henski <cyyren>04/2309:55:51

Don't bother with dinner. Fish
my fingers from the tub, tiles
a runny mock pink, ginger-
lee. I would like to rest in
a field where poppies bleed.

“When I say ‘I love you’ I feel
like I describe the river rapids
by saying it's moving water.”

When the sun rises in Vancouver
tomorrow, we'll be under
cloth sheets covering many
forked and knived tables.
Mama will be cradling you
like a spoon.

Re: Running the Bath Now.

by kettle black (04.23.05 06:22 pm)

Another alumnus, internationally-noted, New York-based artist Jeff Koons ’76 returned to campus on April 11 to speak to a standing-room only crowd of MICA students, faculty, staff and guests in Falvey Hall as a part of MICA’s Artists on Mondays at Noon lecture series. The narrated slideshow began with Jeff’s work from when he first graduated from MICA, up to some of his most recent projects, and concluded with a spirited question and answer session with attendees. Jeff’s afternoon included a smaller discussion group exclusively for students in the second floor gallery of the Fox Building. Artists on Mondays at Noon, which is open to the public, has featured other top-notch speakers as well, including recent presentations by Terry Winters and Dan Gustin.

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.24.05 12:34 am)

good for jeff - he is absolutly my favorite of artist I truly loath. Actually almost irritating; I thing deliniates, not art, but what so-ho aspires to, which actually, ineterest me not at all, but is substabtial enough to require articulation; smaee this with that sad mob-bitch po-mo cut and paste thing - with a little work it could be some thing (have to read the light house again I guess): the real problem is: they really are all criminals -and..don''t thik too much aboout the welfair of others(wife had a tr3 - say no more).

Ok - don't buy this car; my delightful “grand father” yp basic illiterat lieing fagot eggman, was always showing poloroids of a crashed one that was being JS INskips in Providence - no one knew what he was talking about; I think you have to go way out in paris and eat a dead infant and wash in a calfs blood if you really want to call it your own:

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.24.05 12:43 am)

ps 1: silver bunnies time ? what a guy: 2: even getting the solido simcas is a chore - don;t even want to talk abotu; probably shouldn't mention that in fact I have the CIj version of this car ha ha ha ha ha...

Norevs are...doable...sort of.

Re: Less Is More

by son of flipper (04.24.05 04:35 am)

y would i be sorry about that? i feel the same way about the referance.

by Bobo Brazil (04.24.05 03:12 pm)

which is y u r such a dickless penis.

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.24.05 03:27 pm)

is less is more a negation series or moral statement; ARE YOU PROMOTING LOW IQS, LESS OF X IN SERIES (FOOD, QUALITY, VELORE) gold ferraris are off ebay - pulled or made a deal....

Re: Less Is More

by confusionIs nothing new (04.24.05 04:14 pm)

“dickless penis”, good one.
i am still lost on the reasoning with the apology however.

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.24.05 04:36 pm)

Yea - they got rid of mr. apology too: here - like the closse up of the cement block underneath where the front suspension should be: also (forign slow lsow slow) barn fresh 33 chevy and...anther brass T

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.24.05 06:21 pm)

wow nelly - actually durring my last kid napping tour (oh...just go to your family and tell em you made a mistake ; I'm a complete nazi...." I'm jewish you scum sucking shit - how the mercedes dealership: ha ha hah ah)

anyways - they had one of those v12 or 126 fast back sedans they made right at the end..soo. cool: terminal GM - so dadvanced and looks like a box with no top or botton n the end - fold and nock over ...really funny; graet in pics:

Re: dickless wonder

by myprettypony (04.24.05 08:31 pm)

fools rush in
where angels fear to tread

Less Really Is More

by honey whitlock (04.24.05 10:16 pm)

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.25.05 12:18 am)

Hate it but I love jesus back lash: scam alert in - send links later and...paters; as far as I can tell, silly cute cars. Don't pay attention, these are bad bunnies:

Other Makes : All Models 1947 50,792
$100.00 - Apr-2419:10
1947 Kaiser Fraser

Other Makes : All Models Crosley 1950 20,352
$1.29 2 Apr-2419:00
Crosley Fire Truck RARE VINTAGE

Other Makes : All Models Hudson 1940 61,000
$393.00 2 Apr-2418:00
1940 Hudson Traveler DeLuxe Survivor Car!! Mopar axle.

Other Makes : All Models 1959 99,999
$3,500.00 - Apr-2408:31
1959 VESPA 400 CAR Lemony Snicket's Jim Carrey AMAZING!

Other Makes : All Models 770 1967 6,500
$55,000.00 3 Apr-2406:36
1967 AmphiCar amphibious car

Other Makes : All Models 1976 3,930
$3,000.00 - Apr-2320:20
Sebring Vanguard Citicar 1976

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.25.05 03:19 am)

acualy this my favrite - full of prince ranier fall out:

did this, more esoteric (to say the least - the truly jaded enthusiast) for my “father's” site which seems to have disapiered:

and, like I could read my mind: Looking Glass LLP - I will be biding, only have two including the one some evil bitch teacher tried to get out of mye in the 2nd grade for a diarama - drop dead bitch; alsmost got thrown out and I'm really quite sweat and studiouse:

“ I'm really quite sweat and studiouse.” —retard

by son of flipper (04.25.05 12:09 pm)

No Shit.

Re: Less Is More

by alienbarbiebaby (04.25.05 02:33 pm)

actually - I'm just not a drug dealer and insist and equal time; waiting for george to leave...b list babes show up...tired of your sucking dick on the side; today's nietsche joke:


by oops ment (04.25.05 02:38 pm)

click here.

it's true.

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.25.05 09:03 pm)

oh -good, did you change the eyes? - actually I do have a formal reply but not yet; if you use the official one they charge your gang - which just goes to show how imortant my new Back To Germany movement is, and why also might be bromoring BST: Bob STandard time: wih the shit these bitches pull you kow you need:



You won't believe your eyes with the quality and the expert craftmanship our watches have.
The high profile jewelry you're looking for at the lowest prices in the nation!

CLICK HERE <> and choose from our collection of Rolex watches.

look at the bunny

by Coxswain (04.25.05 11:38 pm)

Re: Less Is More

by uri geller (04.26.05 01:13 am)

Yes, I changed the eyes....

Re: Less Is More

by Miras (04.26.05 03:13 pm)

Rock Hudson what kind of artwork r u active on?

Re: Less Is More

by jackieou (04.26.05 03:37 pm)

Pylon was ok; anyways: great moments in ponzi history; always role this one out, but actually, I have a soft spot of it: great claim to fame is as the inventor of te toothed rubber timing belt, firts ussed on a 2 cyl panhard engine converted to over head came ussing modifed norton manx mc head; next turned up Muisch bassed “G;lass” coup w, examples of which you would actualy around SF in 67. Finerglass bodie; ussed to see pics of them being “sured” in LA...maybe Devin see, which looks like man ray flying lips in profe (see: but it sad: my last kidnaping: queen oh E/gm event ...beautifull blue sky: out of the blue SS..hey how's it going" almost startyed screeming; plan on bring guns next time......never mind..)must have been a nietsche brain: remember, 2 and 6 coming latter today; big news: 4 is really zero (you thought that Bleen thing was just a joke)

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.26.05 03:46 pm)


Re: Less Is More

by Miras (04.26.05 04:49 pm)

that's kool. I am exploring analytic cubism and I just can't see to stop. It's so much fun. Do you work on other mediums?

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.26.05 04:58 pm)

have done some commercial/conceptual, pop art that's 2d but mostly surrealist sculpture

Re: Less Is More

by Miras (04.26.05 05:04 pm)

That sounds nice. I work on sculpture myself. I produce abstract pieces influenced by the russian scuplture, Louise Nevelson. I also enjoy assemblages!! Where have you had some of ur exhibitons?

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.26.05 06:10 pm)

new england

Re: Less Is More

by Miras (04.27.05 06:54 pm)

That's great. I've had group exhibitions here in Chicago. There isn't a way to post pictures in here is there?

Re: Lester Moore

by persimmon life studies (04.27.05 07:35 pm)

Did someone say analytic cubism. I mean THE ANALYTIC CUBISM?

I posted here a couple of times and feared that there wasn't much room for a voice of such calling thus decided to full throttle it back in the studio under my stairs. It appears I have lost my cover—(I had trouble signing in) but luckily there is always my little persimmon. It 's with me every where I go, a sort of analytic cubistic bunny foot and all (not car related mind you).

I would just like to mention, Dear Gentle Folk, that any time your are in the neighborhood or on the stairs don't hesitate to give these boards a little shake (pound them lightly, the saying goes), I'll hear them — we could meet!

I've found a friend, or friends—just imagine it weeeeeee

yours sincerely
persimmon life studies

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.27.05 09:15 pm)

do you have some image online?
post a link to the url (if u dare 2)

Re: Less Is More

by persimmon life studies (04.27.05 09:34 pm)

I'm brave, weeeee

I know it's kind of a literal burn but I'm sure you can see the contemporary influence, a little Davis in there for gizz; Mattise sort of running guns—and it's bright (glows out through the cracks in the boards radiating out all ET like. Now it's time. Show me yours—weeeee.

Persimmon Life Studies

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.27.05 11:52 pm)

‘writing a check is an alternative to writing a review’

peter schjeldahl

Re: less Is More

by persimmon life studies (04.28.05 12:13 am)

Rock come for a ride in my little boat. And don't worry it has more than four sides, that's the gift of being an analytic cubistic.

Persimmon Life Studies

Re: Less Is More

by zip (04.28.05 01:05 am)

Heres a sample of my work - call it Analytic Surrealism

My assitant paints the canvas orange and I do the curvy part. I then “sign” it with a sunspot.

Re: Less Is the Same

by oops ment (04.28.05 01:32 am)

Fuck! I do the same work. Shit!

Back to the drawing board. I hate not being original.

Zip, you Bastard!

This Is Analytical Analysis

by Coxswain (04.28.05 02:41 am)

eww eww that smell. can'tchya smell that smell

Re: Less Is More

by Miras (04.28.05 03:02 pm)

Hey, Zip
Your work is intriguing! Is anybody in here involved in street installations or just enjoys them? I myself, enjoy them and think their great. If anyone is curious check out street installations from a Chicago Artist named Chris Silva.

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (04.28.05 04:30 pm)

if you like that you'll love his whole portfolio,

public urination can be art.

Re: Less Is More

by zip (04.28.05 06:17 pm)

So the po-lice were chasing the prey on the sub-ay to-day. I enjoyed that.

Vacation theory.
Menu planning.
Map making (without moving)
Reservations (to be cancelled)
Story telling (fabrications)
Going nowhere (without a map)
Pulling the wool over your own eyes

Re: Less Is More

by Spalthinger (04.29.05 03:40 am)

It really is amazing that people still buy in to this carpet licking, bossy-boots parasite. I thought VB's stuff was pretty much for gullible yuppies with a little disposable income, but apparently it's for dumb corporate people too. Check out her “don't fuck with me” eye's while she purrs out her orders in that photo...I'm not a lesbian so it doesn't get me “hot” nor am I a homo so I can't squirm in delight at rows of attractive naked women - therefore to me it is about as interesting as a bowl of nail clippings...

Loss = More

by Scooby Du (04.29.05 08:40 am)

Who needs VB (vaginal bliss?) when there's so much free internet porn? Send a detailed file 2 a laser printer, they r up to 64" wide now and u got more than BeeCrotch could ever du. It's just the curator's herd mentality, somebody at a party says Cindy Sherman is good and they all stampede; VB is kinda in that imagistic fold. She'll b like early Conceptual artists in 10 years, no resonance.

Anylitical Porn

by magdalene (04.29.05 09:24 am)

it rasies questions like, how can a bunch of people who spend so much time gaucking at naked people, freak out so hard in a non-instutally defined canoized “A”rt context...
because it is not “hot” .. hummm... extra formaly.

This old town's changed so much
Don't feel like I belong
Too many protest singers
Not enough protest songs
And now you've come along
Yes you've come along
And I've never met a girl like you before

Re: Less Is More

by mountain lion (04.29.05 12:16 pm)

do college professors go on
public aid/ unemployment
during the summer?

Re: The sad truth

by uri geller (04.29.05 12:48 pm)

At Ocean Front High, what do they call a guy who cuts classes, hates homework, and lives for summer vacations? Teacher.

My summer job is going to be selling my worldly posessions on bedford avenue.

by confusionIs nothing new (04.29.05 12:57 pm)

Slippery When WET

Joey comes from a sacred part of town
Where sometimes you talk so tough
Your feet don't touch the ground
And the sidewalk soldiers sing their midnite blues
While the old men recite their story lines
About when I was young like you

They say: Oh yeah
We were cruising to the backbeat
Oh yeah, Making love in the backseats
We were wild, wild in the streets
Wild, wild in the streets

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (04.30.05 12:24 am)

next month my car insurance will be paid off
next year my car will be paid for and then i'll...

Re: want more

by rockhudson (04.30.05 12:40 am)

i think i had this conception of myself until recently that i was this perfectly young sweet angel that could do no wrong that was just good and sweet like a spirit or a dream and i feel suddenly much more solidly tied to things i don't care about and dont want to care about like the people at my day job and the people in my housing coop are just not like-minded people and i cannot find or make a friend in this town to save my life...what is this lurking desire to meet someone just like me?

Re: Less Is More Three for We,eee,eee good bourbon whisky

by persimmon life studies (04.30.05 03:25 am)

When I'm out, wee,eee, I wouldn't say I've had the greatest of fun sitting with myself/or, other-analytic cubic-types—because adding two or three more analytics to the floor just might mess up the flower patterns on the wall. And that wouldn't be anasense-a-cubic would it? What does one especially perkigood, and I speak first-handedly, is to date your propposite—I analytically applied at the local tavern and raised two fingers for a romantic impressionist, and guess what? I got three.

Here's a joke to cheer you up.

What does an analytic rock look like painted cubistically?

Good! Yes—a raison d'etre.

Re: Less Is More

by persimmon life studies (04.30.05 03:27 am)

persimmon life studies

Re: Archimboldomarrowme!

by persimmon life studies (04.30.05 08:42 pm)

persimmon life studies

Re: Carnival of Souls

by uri geller (04.30.05 09:18 pm)

It means nothing.

Re: Less Is More

by uri geller (04.30.05 09:26 pm)

I am born on May Morning - by sticks, bells, and ribbons
I am the sap - in the dark root
I am the dancer - with his six fools
I am the tump - behind the old church
I am the lost soul - under the misericord
I am the oak - against the stars

I am the face - that peers through the leaves
I am the fear - in a child' s mind
I am the demon - on the roof-boss

I am killed in October - and laid on church altars

I am the guiser - on the bright bonfire
I am the old grain - sown with the seed
I am the flame - in the pumpkin ' s grin
I am the spirit - in the kern-baby's bosom

auribut urtoo

by persimmon life studies (04.30.05 09:33 pm)



persimmon life studies

Re: More or less obtuse?

by uri geller (04.30.05 11:07 pm)

Create a new symbol by going to: Insert > New Symbol
For name: Controller MC
For behavior: Movie Clip
Click: OK
Right click on frame 1 and select: Actions
Select: > Actions > Movie Control > Stop
This is the off position. The movie clip does not go to frame 2, there are no instructions. It is dormant.
I read documentation like its art theory.

Re: Less Is More

by zipthwung (04.30.05 11:56 pm)

Robin Hood, Burning Man, Chimney aweeps, My Fair Lady......


so TB 2 years ago?

i think this may be good, but I am not in an objective frame.

The imagery on this card is unusual to American eyes because the slipshod young chimney sweep is not only sprinkling the ground with four-leaf clovers, he is equally generous in his distribution of toxic red and white Amanita muscaria mushrooms. This is not as strange as it seems, however, for while the four-leaf clover is considered lucky throughout Europe and North America, the Amanita muscaria or “gluckpilz” (“lucky mushroom” in German) is deemed fortuitous in Central and Eastern Europe, where there are remnants of respect for its ancient use as a shamanic hallucinogen.

AIG, are you taking notes?

They used to collect magic mushrooms in my neighborhood. NNever tripped on them. I was afraid of dying. My moms was all, “circles of dead people”and all that shit. Undertow from the ocean. Death from above. fear factor.

That and I always hurt myself when I took risks. Fell from a wall (massive bloody nose at 3) walked on thorns barefoot (note to self: never walk on thorns barefoot (at 3)). Drank ditchwater (note to self _ dysentery sucks ass) burned self numerous times ( note to self: hot things burn).

Burning occurs often. I dont understand fire I guess.

Re: another brick in the wall

by rockhudson (05.01.05 12:08 am)

if you had had a big brother like mine
he could of pushed you off the conrete wall or sat on our face and farted in it in front of his friends
or told you to pick up a mole only to watch it bite you

left on my own, i watched candles burn for hours in my room by myself

i was also into bicycle accidents
usually the day before our family vacations

Re: Less Is More

by zipthwung (05.01.05 12:13 am)

Ya my bro was a sadist. Used to yell in my ear and he gave me a concussion. Later we got along though.

Now hes the man as far as computers go, yet I'm cooler because you know, I'm into art and shit. Everybody's kung foo fighting. Move fast as lightning . A little bit frightening, Kung fu fighting.

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (05.01.05 12:18 am)

i used to whip my brother with my jumprope and call him a fat pig- he never made it past high school but he married $

mushrooms are probably bad for you but i tried them once 15+ years ago along with hash acid and x

i am an unusually lucky person

probably because i grew up in a very loving family

Re: Less Is More

by zipthwung (05.01.05 12:28 am)

Nostalgia, gotta love the selling technique. I had a a bananna seat - wanted the high rise handlebars, never got them.

Crack-ups happened a lot beacause of bellbottoms. Fucking fashion.

Loving family? Is that some sort of italian thing?

Re: less is more

by rockhudson (05.01.05 12:34 am)

i had a banana seat with flowers on it but i spent most of my time climbing trees to the highest branches where you could sit and feel the tree sway in the wind- it was both dangerous/exhilirating and calm/sweet

Re: Less Is More

by magdalene (05.01.05 12:42 am)

i want a dog.

Re: your slave will be your master

by rockhudson (05.01.05 12:51 am)

i used to fart in my brother's cats face


by magdalene (05.01.05 12:56 am)

i just feel at some point "Art' did not mean so much an object aS a lifestyle....

Re: both

by rockhudson (05.01.05 01:03 am)

There's somethin' wrong with the world today
I don't know what it is
Something's wrong with our eyes

We're seeing things in a different way
And God knows it ain't His
It sure ain't no surprise

We're livin' on the edge
We're livin' on the edge
We're livin' on the edge
We're livin' on the edge

Re: Less Is More

by magdalene (05.01.05 01:19 am)

also, i realised i enjoy poseing, anyone show me work that we could/would work and i can do an 8 hr. for sure.

Re: Les Is More than 8 Hours

by woody (05.01.05 04:10 am)

A guy is hanging out in his favorite bar in Newark, thinking about his wretched life, when he spots a fabulous babe walking in on the arm of some ugly schlep. He asks the bartender about her and is surprised to discover that she's a prostitute. He watches her the rest of the night, amazed that someone so attractive could be available to him.

The next night he goes back to the bar, and sure enough she shows up again, only this time alone. The guy gets up his nerve and approaches her.

“Is it true you're a prostitute?”

“Why, sure, big boy. What can I do for you?”

“Well, I dunno. What do you charge?”

“I get $100 just for a hand job. We can negotiate from there..” “$100!?! For a handjob? Are you nuts?”

“You see that Ferrari out there?” The guy looks out the front door, and sure enough there's a shiny new Ferrari parked outside. “I paid cash for that Ferrari with the money I made on hand jobs. Trust me, it's worth it.”

The guy mulls it over for a while, and decides what the hell.. He leaves with her, and gets the most unbelievable experience he's ever had. This hand job was better than any complete sexual experience in his miserable life.

The next night he's back at the bar, waiting eagerly for her to show up. When she does, he immediately approaches her.

“Last night was incredible!”

“Of course it was. Just wait til you try one of my blow jobs..”

“How much is that?”


“$500!?! C'mon, that's ridiculous!”

“You see that apartment building across the street?” The guy looks out front at a 12 story apartment building.

“I paid cash for that building with the money I made on blow jobs. Trust me, it's worth it.” Based on the night before, the guy decides to go for it. He leaves with her, and once again is not disappointed. He nearly faints —twice.

The next night he can hardly contain himself until she shows up.

“I'm hooked, you're the best! Tell me, what'll it cost me for some pussy?”

She motions for him to follow her outside. She points down the street, where between the buildings he can see Manhattan.

“You see that island?”

“Aw, c'mon! You can't mean that!”

She nods her head. “You bet. If I had a pussy, I'd own Manhattan!”

Re: Less Is More

by magdalene (05.01.05 06:17 am)

“You bet. If I had a dick, I'd own Manhattan!”,!!

Re: breather

by persimmon life studies (05.01.05 10:03 am)

ah the kabbalah dimension of fire——fire and it's fear: when extiguished good and done is life.

Re: Less Is More

by persimmon life studies (05.01.05 10:06 am)

persimmon life apologies

Re: Less Is More

by Nomad2 (05.01.05 02:17 pm)

fashion rules.

Re: Less Is More

by rockhudson (05.01.05 04:06 pm)


More than three hundred French actresses, from teenagers to nonagenarians and from legends like Jeanne Moreau to newcomers like Anna Prucnal, crowded together on the grand stage of Paris's Thtre de la Colline last week. Le Monde's Fabienne Darge describes the exceptional performance as a cross between a happening and a surrealist gesture, although the intervention had shades of a Vanessa Beecroft as well. Standing on the stage and wearing their own clothes, the actresses uttered excerpts from the 2004 novel Slogans by the mysterious Maria Soudaeva, who is said to have committed suicide. The countless slogans, uttered at random by different actresses for two hours, create a poetic manifesto: from “One day, we will sweep in front of the door!” to “Too bad for the end of the world!” “The actresses formed a crowd,” writes Darge. “Of protestors? One thinks of the feminist battles of the 1970s. Or even of the woman dancing in Plaza de Mayo in Argentina during the same era.”

Re: Vincent Van Gogh

by epforbrush (05.01.05 11:35 pm)

‘It is not only by yielding to one's impulses that one achieves greatness, but also by patiently filing away the steel wall that separates what one feels from what one is capable of doing.’

Re: Less Is More

by zipthwung (05.02.05 02:54 am)

My wall is made of diamondized fecal matter. I'm going at it with my Freddy Kreuger claws, all Edward Scissor hands and shit. My claws are made with Adamantite.

Say it girlfriend, say it

Well this is this and that is that
Though shrinks say they no better
But people making love says more
Than any word or letter
He’s not too good with books and such
No not too good with that
But he’s got knowledge nice and raw
And lots of nifty chat

Baby let me scream at you
You can decline of course
I’m talking to you girlfriend
Give me some chili sauce

Well this is this and that is that
Though shrinks say they no better
But people making love says more
Than any word or letter
She’s not the subtle kind at all
Don’t live her life from books
But girls are girls are girls are girls
And boy she’s got the looks

Get in get on get down get off
Get up get dressed get out
And if you find a better way
Pick up the phone and shout
Get in get on get down get off
How fond of milk you are
Don’t be a mrs. hangup girl
Beaucoup de chocolat

It’s that moment when you know it
A first glance lets you show it
That something good will happen here tonight
And far across the room
So deep inside her soon
Your passion’s like a spear of true delight

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (05.02.05 05:17 am)

i want a major dealer !, i am so jealous are you kidding me.. what have these kids ever.. ha. oh wait it is the most conservitave stuff ever,.. that is also what is selling?
sweet investment bankers like invstment banking. show me the hardASSets.

Re: Less Is More, Impossible?

by oops ment (05.02.05 12:17 pm)

You're lost little girl
You're lost little girl
You're lost
Tell me who
Are you?

I think that you know what to do
Impossible? Yes, but it's true
I think that you know what to do, yeah
I'm sure that you know what to do

You're lost little girl
You're lost little girl
You're lost
Tell me who
Are you?

I think that you know what to do
Impossible? Yes, but it's true
I think that you know what to do, girl
I'm sure that you know what to do

You're lost little girl
You're lost little girl
You're lost

Re: Less Is More

by Jareth (05.02.05 12:37 pm)

wee... looks like there is healthcare in the future... yah! - got to clean out the system for the test - boo. :)

Re: Less Is More

by thingsthatgo (05.03.05 11:42 pm)

Don't worry we've all got the Burien and Sol deep in our flesh. Sol never really worried about the intervention thing, did he? Makes you wonder. Sol-interesting because the fabric always ends up something very personal. The idea's good. It gets worked. There is this progression, in the sense one thing leads to another—step back step forward—yo-yo. Yeah I think art mimics life. That's it!
Less needs more time that's the way it goes! But who's got time, I mean who's got it? Makes you wonder?

The less you do the more time it takes—that's a truism

Re: Less Is More

by ththth (11.19.06 12:08 pm)

That is a really good point!

If I want to see less i visit - A great site, but unfortunately in german :o(

For funny pictures check Rizzi is not an artist for LESS - He preferes more!

Anyway - I like it...!!!!

The great one