Re: Personal and Political

by juno_doran (04.23.05 05:47 am)

I must have missed the news of his death; I only found out a few days ago and I was a bit shocked. He is an artist I cannot imagine being dead. He spoke to me through his work more on a personal & political level than artistic (sorry to borrow the words of the title but that's exactly how I feel). He is a huge inspiration to artists whose work is more concerned with the world and its issues than merely personal agendas. He will be missed but in a way he'll always be around through his work.

Re: Personal and Political

by jackieou (04.26.05 05:45 pm)

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Re: self portrait

by rockhudson (04.26.05 08:21 pm)

i am making a pig goddess now and
she is going to be called the white sow-
up next, the pregnant stork...

Re: Personal and Political

by confusionIs nothing new (04.26.05 10:16 pm)

“Now, integrity can be a medium in art.” He's right. Artists needn't give up partying; everyone should have as much pleasure as possible. Some claim the glibness of the Diary is causing “brand erosion” to Artforum. Perhaps, but despite the superficiality of the Diary, the general situation is actually improving. Artists don't have to say the destroying “no” of punk. A promising cast of newcomers is taking the stage and they seem ready to deploy the seditious “yes” that says, “I'll participate, but on my own terms.”

it is because whoever writes for Scene and Heard is beyond suck up and stuffy... we are at most of the same shows (in new york) and have a very diff. prospective.

Re: Personal and Political

by rockhudson (04.28.05 09:50 pm)

the first drawing i ever did with my left hand (non-dominant) that had any vibe was this pink pig dancing a jig...having run in the boston marathon when i was 18 and in high school i was 5'10" slim and trim until i mushroomed to a fat 200lb+ college student (oops, what happened) anyhoo, coming full circle with my current pig goddess, as with all my work if i can get the head right i can see how the whole figure will be and yesterday i got the head...totally wavy wood grain lines and gorgeous perky ears...oooh la la making artwork is a high

I swear

by my father (05.03.05 12:51 am)

your girlfriend is ugly
inside and out
and so are you

I stand

by the goodwill box (05.03.05 03:19 am)

expecting more.

slim pickin's