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Thanks for the kind words about the new Walker and Minneapolis. I'm sorry I couldn't get you over to my studio in Northeast Minneapolis. Did you get over to that area?

Shawn McNulty

Rosalux Gallery

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by alienbarbiebaby (04.28.05 11:04 am)

Oh those are kind of cute - graphice for the gallery et-al...cort of...train station 1962...out of place but notable none the less (by mistake saw a show in halifax one where they instited they had judged a painting still within its protective covering place - they said 3rd - then third it is.

I dunno

I wantta b anarchy... !

by Jareth (04.28.05 11:13 am)

“bear hug. Would that ever happen at MoMA”. well maybe not you but some people ;)...

Bush signs DVD filtering measure

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush on Wednesday signed legislation aimed at helping parents keep their children from seeing sex scenes, violence and foul language in movie DVDs.

The bill gives legal protections to the fledgling filtering technology that helps parents automatically skip or mute sections of commercial movie DVDs. Bush signed it privately and without comment, White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

The legislation came about because Hollywood studios and directors had sued to stop the manufacture and distribution of such electronic devices for DVD players. The movies' creators had argued that changing the content — even when it is considered offensive — would violate their copyrights.

The legislation, called the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act, creates an exemption in copyright laws to make sure companies selling filtering technology won't get sued out of existence.

Critics of the bill have argued it was aimed at helping one company, Utah-based ClearPlay Inc., whose technology is used in some DVD players. ClearPlay sells filters for hundreds of movies that can be added to such DVD players for $4.95 each month. Hollywood executives maintain that ClearPlay should pay them licensing fees for altering their creative efforts.

Unlike ClearPlay, some other companies produce edited DVD copies of popular movies and sell them directly to consumers.

In a nod to the studios, the legislation contains crackdowns on copyright infringement by explicitly providing no legal protections for those companies that sell copies of the edited movies, creating new penalties for criminals who use small videocameras to record copies of first-run films in movie theaters, and setting tough penalties for anyone caught distributing a movie or song prior to its commercial release.

The legislation also reauthorizes a Library of Congress program dedicated to saving rare, culturally significant works, such as home movies, silent-era films and other works that are unlikely to be protected by the big studios.

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by alienbarbiebaby (04.30.05 03:24 am)

Segway? yes! Nothing worse than a smart barbie doll - more “post rome action”; I only"Play the moola - it's all yours till you pay me> I was would just pop up....Bill Spears 375 plus , ok? Hand built for like ...19.99 ...but this works; I've actually seen 3 of these; two on the same day when only one was there; I don't believe they ever ;let my father start the car he brang...I was just there for barbie doll insurance I think...bairly let me out of the back of the station wagon:

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by alienbarbiebaby (05.01.05 02:00 am)

( you know..they were thinking...what came next; I had a rough draft...but...I think it was a cn thing and just sort of uncurled the other way; denis...montrial hanging out with some old old turtles...bruno...mmmmm62 vw fantasy north of stut...wife...eats la...cell phone...that french guy...ethiopia...grass hut...old testimat even necer than georges...)

6.3 out:

j'owl seen ha est rymne
oh how nerd nation hun
sceeming to only shadows twho
hun towe and gun deeming
j'owl teen ha rest ring
doe dirt date muse ho teet d'owl
end go da ti rum my dungion
and gun for done de fun end
sum - Nietschiemania to do
nazi generation, n'owl not gnurlk
chill rien a' coka cola
(and I alway say pepsi..please)
he M helaler, ti state!
haos never greater
ho money down!
all M
cent now!

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by rockhudson (05.01.05 04:09 pm)

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by jackieou (05.01.05 10:17 pm)

discount? I love discount - I think you have the right atitude and...honest - wlcome abored - really...we're expanding the colonies; sort of a slide cone super scientolgy thing - really - greater london is gonna love being THE 51ST STATE!

it's gonna be terrific...clean that place right up, move london bridge back, finaly be...“with it”

ok - 1913 T roadster - great engine shots: for the little guy ok?

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by jackieou (05.01.05 10:21 pm)

ps: a little dilema - let's put the v back in vice - ok? Where are the girls...ok...I mean real - do I have to spell it p - u.......

till then...honest - I can get a brand new cadian built A engine for my woseley as soon as this stops; throw that little cult body away, dump the chrome on the radiator (that and te video camera are still address on my web page..)

There's percentage in team evil; it's a vocation,

Would peter lorey go for a T - no way jose...verdict still out...stolen Alvis maybe?

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by jackieou (05.02.05 05:27 am)

ooo - midwest hints; buick will soon be fine autombile maker again....: