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by basekamp (05.04.05 06:21 pm)

Pym understands the social picture of art. To be a part of a scene, to observe and connect while obvserving other players is as important as the content/art. The spiralling trajectory of his text resembles the Attention Deficit Disorder experience within artworlds today. And that may be a good thing.

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by jackieou (05.06.05 08:49 am)

Yiu know - you have a point, but there are classes, some forms of youger and spawned art;l some negations of negation of negation pof road blocks - it's why I cahtter p abou t variouse tepid car designes; ferraris out of reom and the bronx, lotus of othe east end (gambling scults) buggati out ; ford form - chevy - basicaly the government gets pissed out, edemographics, zapes it and a mutly purpose truck engine/chassis (the fabuluse X car that poped into my life one day: almost personaly took the driver and thre wher into a crack house...) Anyways - all sortso f moral etc choice are involced: I don't do michaelangeo - some do. I always say: alfa romeo: love to get my hands on an AMx just for a while just for fun...

and - the bad news: did bodies for the us Rolls, springfield mass,(ussed to have access to the managing derectors library -“grand father” you know...he died and we gave his money to passing junies on the beach...but all that rolls lite was worth reading: you do 35 you die...poor basquait - streight to david I guess...) and the infamouse “suck you ass clean” ford chassied town cars of 35/36

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by alienbarbiebaby (05.07.05 10:55 am)

mnore craid atach - very decent poetry from people you can't stand - really : condo by the airport, one of rog's 924's in the drive way; queen in irsland (some of us know how to drive..) still ...worth watching... somebody just got an S type for the weekednd...a little east end...for somepoeple it's worth.

No vans. No whole in th etoof; now Juliouse singing "the only survivaor) (Aoerentlly - their bearied in st loise next to a bus depot you stupid pederest..) no fun...

Easter Bunnies Don't Float< ChristopherMastsen > 05/07 06:22:13

Easter Bunnies Don’t Float

Deep in the sky the summer sun shined
Onto the coastline, smooth as glass
Cascading at last, onto the warm sand
And into the seat of a young man’s chair

It dazzled his eyes and thoughts
The sun had beat down and sloth like he was
As jetliners screamed and sailboats careened
The sun’s lullaby played and they passed like a dream

The ocean breeze blew the aroma of lotions
With sweet scents of pineapple, guava and coconut
That sprayed onto bodies now sun bleached and tan
As they slept on the blanket of the warm summer sand

Sweet candy girls often melt in the sun
Their eye shadow runs
Their makeup will drip
But they’re sweet to the taste
And like chocolate bunnies
They’re hollow and weightless

Drip, drip went the eyeliner onto her cheek
And on the horizon, the Panic World streamed
With currents of cobalt and motions that painted
A surface serene with an underworld tainted

Into the water she goes
The sea choreographing the steps that she chose
The madness had come, and the panic had struck
Ballerina twists turn at the will of the ocean

Her makeup had smeared as eyeliner turned to tears
Her lipstick that lined a mouth of despair
Bubbles arose through the salt water groans
As the her head turned in hope for the crisp surface air

The currents of cobalt and bubbles of white
The cries muffled by the jetliners early noon flight
A hand had reached out, and her water filled mouth
Gargled and gasped as she struggled to shout,
“Somebody help me. I’m drowning and sinking”
But the waves toppled over as the lifeguard was thinking
Of better days spent, a new song on the radio
Of beach bunnies beautiful, weightless and shallow
Of those who lay sun tanned with lotion now glistening
She screamed and she thought “They’re all going to miss me!”
But words aren’t words when no one is listening

By Christopher Matsen

In the ground < samH_wschstrNY > 05/07 01:41:39

Mathew McFee
went to mass
to repent an amour
with a local lass.
To the RC church
gone he ought'ter:
turned out the lass
was the vicar's daugh