blackety black black

by gregallen (05.09.05 01:58 pm)

Gee, if only you
had mentioned Chris Ofili in this
then, you could be done with black people for
the year.
Oh well.

Remaking Haye

by honey whitlock (05.10.05 05:55 pm)

well thats stupid.

but whats interesting to me about the whole affair is that they had to make public the selling prices of the work. wow, what discounts! wouldnt you hate to one of the people that paid full price? and have everybody know it?

is this good or bad for business?

Art is a Box Store.

by wally cox (05.10.05 06:16 pm)

the worm has turned

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.10.05 06:34 pm)

uh-oh - don't charge yourself - does that come from somewhere else; I honest to god now much othe history of that ;itt;e item from about 1967 forward - none the less, it may have anti-dates.

ok - porkschops...tuh job but this is the baby that will get you in the game at home...almost tempting - had three - I am a solido maniac porsches...the minute this shit start out they go (like...20 variations - do make a proffit - they pretty mcuh come and get em)here you go ; they do keep records:

Remaking Haye

by uri geller (05.10.05 06:51 pm)

SBM seeks AF for ABDSM

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.11.05 10:54 am)

See - I'm doing Bobmobile - now with an extra B; does that imply an oportunity whence all the Muira's have felt the crusher? You wonder why the waisted that poor thing in the italien job; and the DB Aston; aand all those Cooper Ss...

You knwo - it's an issue : all those “what is a jew” artocals - all t lot of those people arn't; dittio black. No blacks around here right now. LIke...none. LIke...rally white. I went to gighschool in the 70's(Like...I candance when I need to) and...I just sat there and told them it was all a lie. Didn't get beat up once.

Actually iquired about shoiws and Kenkaleba (probley wring spelling) like they said...sure...latter...and she asn't black,

anyway - the answe to days anti-quation (there's nothing there))r: no doubt in a small atache case nest to a desk: still didn't work; as the placed the case the new miene furer (but Demetre mean...can't you turn it off somehow...)

Oh man.,...that Slim Pickens...:

Reuters: Top Stories
Four suicide attacks kill at least 71 - 2 hours ago
Grenade found near Bush was dud: Georgian official - 4 hours ago
North Korea says completes nuclear fuel extraction - 41 minutes ago

yea...regular guys....

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.11.05 04:18 pm)

Here we gp - you know - I hang out at craig sometimes, always bored, problems at svhool - I find school a littlke tricky when the reps are in,,,running special people through extra fact...but, someone was mentioning those very special people withdual, yes, dual citizenship; next thing down the pike: tri-citizenchip...then ofocurs the curse of...yup...quatro citzenchip(aka: it's always a punk...behind every door) I mena,,,god save sank citiozenship; as soon as you teach how to read(fuck thsie suposade birth or ocupation: 5 pages of toilstoi like fast...piere on the hill mayb...that wifes boosom...I don't care ...fine pages as fast as you can go...pop papers...we do't care; empty out florid in a wek):

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Immigration groups denounce new post-Sept 11 curbs

1 hour, 42 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New controls on foreign-born people in the United States, including tougher rules to obtain drivers' licenses, will fail to improve domestic security and will erode the rights of legal immigrants, immigration groups said on Wednesday.

drop dead; I can't visit london, spain - me? Barcelona; italy...have to ask: germany:NO - I mean...really - hiot the road: mob vacations end soon; might even reopen the museums....let's go let's go let's go!

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.11.05 06:58 pm)

up - quiet day - literary equivalent of a structuered deal (64 pick up...oh I loved those baby sitters - eat some body else shit, it's not your e type fatso) that literary oscarville was fun though - never heard from them again:

voila - answering an anti-question on craig:
7th down - 12/30; I like the first under 12/30 better - have it on my waqll - glows some moprnings when I wake up - no proble: .05%“Yo...pretty boy...your boat sank: ha ha ha ha ha.”

Remaking Haye

by Jareth (05.11.05 07:15 pm)

hey - abb, you seem tense, - when is the last time you got laid? and i mean without having to pay for it or drug some one?

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.11.05 08:08 pm)

I'm a democrat - I like literate woman...and I don't suck scum - no poo poo - it;'s yight right now...I'm singing cow boy...christ... that shit woith the duffos in the closset:

um - twice pages from my site www.kcdiu have...disapiered; and my copies on my desk top (can'rt find em on the zop either) vanished - I hav complained to you and the FBI and variouse researh listings I found; at one point the libarray of congress did list and rshive web pages...and my pother ws there in many versions...

oops- one seems to have reapeared - this one is still gone: miss it dearly

> From: “Copyright Information” <>
> Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 15:29:44 -0400
> To: <>
> Subject: Re: general copyright
> Unfortunately, your email inquiry is unclear. Please fully explain your email
> inquiry and we will try our best to answer your questions.
> Please note that the Copyright Office is primarily an office of record, a
> place where claims to copyright are registered and where documents relating to
> copyright may be recorded. The Copyright Office furnishes information about
> the provisions of the copyright law and the procedures for making
> registration, explains the operations and practices of the Copyright Office,
> and reports on facts found in the public records of the Office. However, the
> Copyright Office is not an enforcement agency and it does not investigate
> allegations of copyright infringement, nor are we permitted to provide legal
> advice or opinion.
> *****************ssc**************
> Copyright Office
> Library of Congress
> 101 Independence Ave SE
> Washington DC 20559
> (202) 707-3000
>>>> <> 05/09/05 9:00 AM >>>
> page removed from my website again - and...can't find it on the zip so far;
> second time:
> At one point LOC had a web page where old copies of site could be retrieved -
> is this still available (have also contacted FBI)
> —
> Andrew Fenton
> 104 Oak St. #22
> Portland, Me.
> 04101
> paintings:
> andrew fenton
> Question submitted at 09:00 on 5/9/05.

making Haye

by epforbrush (05.12.05 12:00 am)

what's hottest at the moment?
PS1, Greater New York
New MoMA
Sculpture Center
Japan Society
Asia Society
Metropolitan Museum
Whitney Museum
Bronx Museum
Brooklyn Museum
Queens Museum

Re: Strategies

by uri geller (05.12.05 12:31 am)

Helen Keller's Response to Nazi Book-Burning
To the Student Body of Germany, May 9, 1933

History has taught you nothing if you think you can kill ideas. Tyrants have tried to do that often before, and the ideas have risen up in their might and destroyed them.

You can burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas in them have seeped through a million channels, and will continue to quicken other minds. I gave all the royalties of my books to the soldiers blinded in the World War with no thought in my heart but love and compassion for the Germany people.

Do not imagine your barbarities to the Jews are unknown here. God sleepeth not, and He will visit his Judgment upon you. Better were it for you to have a mill-stone hung round your neck and sink into the sea than to be hated and despised of all men.

Helen Keller

Remaking epforbrush

by confusion Is nothing new (05.12.05 01:45 am)

...tard. Striving, ernest tard. But, tard nonetheless.

You are the Future. Don't you think?

en retard

by epforbrush (05.12.05 01:47 am)

better late than never

Remaking Haye

by kettle black (05.12.05 04:15 am)

Or at least thats what i try to believe.

Remaking Haye

by kettle black (05.12.05 04:21 am)

Because sometimes you just dont know what youre doing.

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.12.05 08:00 am)

wow - probably got some preomo columo right now too - I can't even ride my mint period montibicain withiht getting zaped:

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Bush not told about plane scare until after biking

Thu May 12, 3:06 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush was not told for nearly an hour while he finished a bike ride about a breach in White House airspace on Wednesday that prompted the highest alert since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the White House said.

Remaking Haye

by Jareth (05.12.05 08:48 am)

yawn. ep. i am sure that you got that confusion Is, has that classy extra space, and i go to sleep pretty earlly these days... will let you know what i think after this weekend doin the MoMA... for now i would say Japan society, - but it is a tause up to mix history shows with Art shows.

Remaking Haye

by Jareth (05.12.05 08:54 am)

that or Brooklyn for best Art show.. but haven't been to
Asia Society, Bronx Museum or Queens Museum within the last month...

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.12.05 09:23 am)

Hi, B. Bob Bunny ere, (now with an extra B) anouncing a new facit to the entire B. Bob Bunny experince; I've decided to include , finaly, in my daily car/game n/art market analysis, an anaysis (not the be confussed with the presidents pshychiatrits, cause he doesn't have one, even if the shrink did have an SWB California in real life (when he wasn't a doctor at all)) of the Porsche market. About time! I believe these may in fact be cleared up and actually for sale. Get to gold in about, oh...7 years; the less I know about it the better it will be.

55o is actually almots tempting, and really not that expensive.
Till tomorow,
B. Bob Bunny.

Remaking Haye

by epforbrush (05.12.05 09:58 am)

thanks for the word of mouth on nyc shows
probably make it into the city next weekend...
i read edge of desire show at queens/asia?

Remaking Haye

by confusionIs nothing new (05.12.05 10:25 am)

If you are only in for a short period of time, like a day just do the MoMA, Japan society & museum mile, there is enough quality to make it worth seeing quantity... see the goog in optimum sunlight, i had luck with crowds just before Met closed... cooper Hewitt is good right now to I guess – haven’t been there,

Remaking Haye

by jonvark (05.12.05 11:11 am)

What is this Scene & Herd, an infomerical? So you to Haye's opening with Michelle Maccarone AND she doesn't mention to you at anytime prior to getting there that she is opening an LA gallery with Haye? Wow what a surprise, it Haye who breaks the news to you later at the opening? What kind of staged commercial is this? this is journalism?

Remaking Haye

by epforbrush (05.12.05 11:17 am)

def want to check out paul kasmin gallery
besides neo rauch what else is hot???

Remaking Haye

by epforbrush (05.12.05 11:34 am)

gallery gallery
in the galleries?

Remaking Haye

by confusionIs nothing new (05.12.05 11:53 am)

Scene & Herd, an infomerical - yes... what is the Artworld however, an infomerical. I like how the only lecture out of a many many high high quality ones at the Gugg. they reported on was the sponsored one, whatever...
Must see? out only the Dietch comes to mind, - i have really been enjoying the Musuems past few months, oh easy to miss but good is the Slater Bradely Recent Acquisitions at top of the Gugg.. (which is basiclly the past show from Team). Musuems are the new gallerys. umm.. oh the john f simon jr is intersting on 22nd, always fun to stroll the promenade of 24th, - will let you know after i refresh this weekend.

art of the con.

by Jareth (05.12.05 12:08 pm)

that’s nice about the Hopper's price, I really do enjoy them at the Whitney.. some one here mentioned the surrealist work there, aren't they the same paintings just re-arranged?.. oh hit - Barbra Richard Prince.

what does anybody here read being published in the USA period, (last 5 years) that they feel has any integrity? I recently realized how naive i have been reading and feeling incredibly duped by it all..

american surrealists at the whitney

by epforbrush (05.12.05 12:25 pm)

it used to be the little room with the predergasts in it

what does duped by it all mean?

i don't necessarily read new stuff but stuff that is new to me like ascending peculiarity by edward gorey, concerning the spiritual in art by wassily kandinsky, or language of the goddess by marija gimbutas and other stuff in magazines like blueprint, communication arts, artnews, art in america, vogue, elle, l'officiel, w, abitare, domus or print, but rarely do i read current fiction

“i don't necessarily read new stuff...”

by confusion Is nothing new (05.12.05 12:37 pm)


let's not get into the comprehension side of this

eat the bone ya been thrown

Remaking Haye

by jonvark (05.12.05 12:40 pm)

and by the way, I still have a tiny bit of trust in the judiciary, at least here in nyc, which leads me to believe that the judges decision against Haye may say something about the everyday travails of any dealer of a hot artist and the ethical minefield they must traverse. african-american dealer or whatever, does not make him impervious to the temptations and dubious dealings that all dealers must negotiate one way or another.

hey joan of arc

by confusion Is nothing new (05.12.05 12:45 pm)

don't defend dealers of any type

burn baby burn

Remaking Art History.

by confusionIs nothing new (05.12.05 12:50 pm)

ah., well current jounalists i know appear to be writing fiction - guess thats apart of it, and the public just doesn't deserve to know this? never invited and never will be? so what is the answer? - have your own experiance i guess and read it as that —- funny you think there would be a class in your MFA on that., — oh now i get y they were laughing for the past few yrs.

the truth is in the space,..

confusion Is nothing new
confusionIs nothing new

that seems to lame for du, so i assume using my alias is a trend... okey dokey haxor 2000 ...
confusionIs nothing new


the truth is in the space,..between your ears

by confusion Is nothing new (05.12.05 12:57 pm)


Remaking Haye

by honey whitlock (05.12.05 01:42 pm)

so glad youre back

please sing us a song, give us a sneer, make it all better...

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.12.05 05:01 pm)

The real white negro - I am black like me:

voila - what does this mean - this is what happens when gar isn't working there...

Thruxton viewing figures challenge F1.
Thu 12 May, 5:02 PM

The on-track action in the BTCC may already have surpassed that seen in Formula One, but Dan Eaves, Yvan Muller and co are now hunting down the likes of Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso in the viewing figures.

The latest ITV1 figures showed that an average of 1.25 million people tuned in to the highlights show from Thruxton to see Eaves become the first driver to complete a clean sweep of three wins in one day in the championship, with the audience peaking at 1.33 million.
The hour long show - hosted by Vicki Butler-Henderson - pulled in the biggest audience during its timeslot, eclipsing both Grandstand on BBC1 and the Channel Four Racing but more impressively almost equalled the audience for the Formula One qualifying session from Barcelona which preceded it in the listings.

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.12.05 06:54 pm)

answer to another question you wenr't asked - (someelse was) but - I like the answer - blast from the passed (I was refing pic #4 on quest of dig versus 35mm:

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.12.05 07:59 pm)

ooop - bad day:

Other Makes : All Models MARLIN  1965  102,962 
$6,695.00 - May-12 15:45  

Other Makes : All Models QuattroPorte  1979  40,900 
$2,025.02 3 May-12 15:00  
1979 Stutz Quattroporte 40k miles NO RESERVE !

Other Makes : All Models Pantera  1972  90,550 
$100.00 - May-12 14:48  
1972 Pantera Twin-Turbo DeTomaso Restored

Other Makes : All Models  1947  54,254 
$500.00 2 May-12 10:15  
47 Hudson Pickup, Big Cab

Other Makes : All Models Sovereign  1967  0 
$500.00 1 May-12 09:39  
1967 Daimler Sovereign 4-Door - NO RESERVE!

Other Makes : All Models Pantera  1971  19,899 
$25,100.00 3 May-12 07:32  
DeTomaso Pantera

Other Makes : All Models  1978  125,279 
$305.00 4 May-11 21:16  
1978 Aspen R/T with Sport Pack

Other Makes : All Models BLACKHAWK  1976  34,500 
$4,995.00 - May-11 20:04  

Other Makes : All Models  1969  700 
$6,000.00 - May-11 19:26  
1969 Chevy Chevelle

Other Makes : All Models 1958  1955  80,000 
$2,000.00 3 May-11 19:04  
1958 Berkly not Ford or Chevy

Other Makes : All Models  1973  95,939 
$6,000.00 - May-11 18:47  

Other Makes : All Models Dodge  1940  9,999,999 
$510.00 6 May-11 18:09  
1940 CHOP TOP DODGE not mercury chevy or ford HOT ROD

Other Makes : All Models VW  1968  2,200 
$1,025.00 5 May-11 16:50  

Other Makes : All Models  1974  0 
$1,036.11 20 May-11 12:59  
1974 TVR VIXEN with an MG V-8 Engine

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.13.05 11:22 am)

Heavy day you guys :

od - listed togethre - sort of, ultinate dork mobiles or something


plus - those whole list: dodge might be a hemi - Thames van...a little hot roded but we could do a redo for ...thise guys who know to drive:

Other Makes : All Models BELVEDERE II  1967  38,676 
$5,400.00 6 May-12 16:28  

Other Makes : All Models 300  1964  22,776 
$11,195.00 - May-12 16:21  

Other Makes : All Models HARDTOP  1967  120,000 
$1,025.00 4 May-12 16:19  

Other Makes : All Models QuattroPorte  1979  40,900 
$5,056.00 16 May-12 15:00  
1979 Stutz Quattroporte 40k miles NO RESERVE !

Other Makes : All Models  1973  95,939 
$6,000.00 - May-11 18:47  

Other Makes : All Models Franklin  1931  20,000 
$30,000.00 - May-10 15:42  
1931 Franklin Air Cooled

Optimize your selling success! Find out how to promote your items
Other Makes : All Models  1977  94,000 
$100.00 - May-13 03:51  

Other Makes : All Models Royal Lancer  1955  35,565 
$700.00 1 May-12 19:31  
Dodge Royal Lancer 1955 Hemi-V8 Rare collectors car!!!

Other Makes : All Models HUDSON  1954  90,645 
$3,500.00 - May-12 18:57  

Other Makes : All Models  1958  100,000,000 
$1,500.00 - May-12 18:32  

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.13.05 02:14 pm)

here we go:4 (0) versus 7.( ) - the “profssure” steping in.....


Is Schumacher likely to quit?
Fri 13 May, 3:27 PM

Four times Formula One champion Alain Prost has today hinted that if Ferrari's Michael Schumacher continues on his losing streak he is likely to want to quit top class racing.

Prost claims that his bad performance so far this season could quickly take away his desire to race as - five rounds into the 2005 championship - he still has not seen the top step of the podium.
“Michael always says he enjoys driving, but that can change very quickly,” commented Prost to Reuters. “Mika Hakkinen said exactly the same thing, but the desire to keep racing in Formula One passed very quickly. A bad season is enough for that to happen.”
Round six of the Formula One World Championship takes place at the famous Monaco circuit on 22nd May.

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.14.05 12:49 am)

Here we go - 33 more cocain shit eater anding pads on the way - nobody stanbd in the way of the blond american mitaries right to do hard drugs and shit in the face of it';s daughters: obvoiously the siuth is the way to goo - send the chinede in anytime you want - completely incompasitated - junkies...brain dead...fagots..

Search: Search Advanced

Pentagon urges closing 33 major U.S. military bases

By Will Dunham
Fri May 13, 5:37 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Friday recommended closing 33 major domestic U.S. military bases and restructuring 29 others, dealing a hard economic blow to many communities across the country.

New England was the hardest hit region and the South was the biggest gainer. States among the biggest losers were Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey and South Dakota. Winners included Texas, Maryland and Georgia, although the Atlanta area was hit hard.

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.14.05 02:48 am)

See - maybe I need another Togi Alfetta - the other one I have (since 1967) has #8 and chrome wheels:

Remaking Haye

by jackieou (05.14.05 07:20 pm)

Hi, B. Bob Bunny ere, (now with an extra B) as you know I recently anounced a new facit to the entire B. Bob Bunny experince, finaly, in my daily car/game n/art market analysis, an anaysis of the Porsche market - not that easy; out of bordom started my way through ebay and...pretty dull; autocraoss cars for little squiglke fagots in running suites - but...finaly...slowly: voila: carrear 2: 1962 : great RSK swindle out of Berlin was 61; carrera 2, ssort of arrive some times, some story about the wife an assistant proff not ske-D -era behind the drivers seat; all gambling cartell so they sort of ran em all through together at some point to keep in in busines - this arrived as the them justifiably infamouse 901 was introduced - evone of the most frightingly dangerouse cars ever made. I can do' done about the same time as the Abart CArrera beat bad by morgas...ha ha ha ha. Disaster: wrong size; looks fast and...ain;t.