Re: Oys ‘R’ Us

by jsf27 (05.15.05 12:18 am)

Kushner has lost weight! He was probably a hundred pounds bigger a few years back.

Re: Oys ‘R’ Us

by jackieou (05.17.05 12:23 am)

voila : too many hits again: 52 - should have...7 - 12: .05% please:

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Re: Oys ‘R’ Us

by jackieou (05.17.05 09:32 pm)

see - probably won
't even let your see “The Thin Man” any's good too.

Meditate deeply

by slumlord (05.19.05 08:37 am)

and u can b camera

Re: Oys ‘R’ Us

by sisterwendy (05.19.05 08:42 am)

The ocular not my favorite organ......

pass the cheese