much ado about nothing

by pause (05.16.05 05:33 pm)

anyone can open an art gallery these days.

much ado about themselves

by Jareth (05.16.05 05:46 pm)

anybody (with alot of money) can open gallerys now adays.

Re: Group Effort

by kettle black (05.16.05 06:07 pm)

You have to ask yourself:

What is good in life?

James had laid out a few cases of Bud “just in case.”

by pause (05.16.05 07:02 pm)

an admirer of de Land's unconventional attitudes towards the business of art, maintaining an interest in a “non-advocative” curatorial model that incorporates space for disagreement.

What that means is that colin deland had a art gallery of various name for almost ten years before cady Nolan came along and rescued him from failure/Vox Populi.

James-We want to cash in on colin’s name without any commitment to finding our own niche or our own artists, its for us.


Does banks volet and kelly walkers stuff look TOO cady noland or do they just teach her style to all white trash in college from here to Tennessee?

Re: run

by kettle black (05.16.05 07:54 pm)

A nightmare unspools. You run without moving from a terror in which you cannot believe toward a safety in which you have no faith.

Sounds familiar

But you know, wind goes in concentric circles out there in trailer park heaven; wherever you go, there you are.

Re: Group Effort

by jackieou (05.17.05 12:22 am)

Actually - there' a little mini soho strip here pretty much clossed - some rather rude cpocain promotion which finaly ended, turtle with bad fake franciouse bacon horse fuckig pictures, and, pretty much not let in, and for the last year...locked doors, what I like to callTThe DEad Faggot Thief Show.

really the cuk and I told em so; had a really torad high gloss thing om the local art school,,,but they fled, not to soon , was about to bomb the place with xerox. the consttion; refse to eat in any of their resturaunts either.

Re: Group Effort

by jackieou (05.17.05 01:22 am)

do ugly children get less attention?

by pause (05.17.05 09:58 am)

Born: Providence, RI, 1959

private school grades 1-4

public school 4-5

variouse “alternative” schools 6 - gradguation in 1976

Marlboro College, Marlboro VT, 1 term, 1976

1977-81: traveled and worked odd jobs

1980 moved to NYC to have wild affair with poetess

1981-83: School of General Studies at Columbia University

1984 - 1990; worked day job and wrote 2 novels, niether published;

one destroyed, other:: Sacrosanct Bob and the Pornographers

1991-96: broke up with poetess, worked day job, painted, and helped curate art shows at MARSBAR in NYC

1996: left NY.

Currently living in the north east, ocasional getting pieces in local art shows,

tending my die-cast toy car collection, posting
to threads at talkback, linking to my website, lamenting about my lost poetess shemale, showing everybody what a sap I am.
There is a reason for being unpublished dude.

*****what a c.v.*******

I know ugly art gets less attention...

by Unbekannt (05.17.05 11:11 am)

Remember that Fenton painting I bought for $25 via eBay sometime last year? Well, after looking at it for about a minute, it went right back in the shipping tube. Were those two long hairs (one stuck to the tube by tape, and one sticking off the painting) supposed to be part of the art?

Is there such a thing as ‘banquet of nausea’ art? You betcha!

Re: Group Effort

by (05.17.05 12:08 pm)


The artist anti defamation league is appalled.

Re: Group Effort

by jackieou (05.17.05 09:25 pm)

aend it back it back asshole; what you get today:


by jacks n ass (05.18.05 01:15 am)

Re: Send the asshole back

by epforbrush (05.18.05 03:01 am)

or sue me for 10m, who am i?

Re: Group Effort

by thingsthatgo (05.18.05 08:34 am)

Unbekannt, did you actualy buy what you said or is that just a figure of speach — saved by the hair?

Anyway Jareth are you OK?

Re: Group Effort

by Unbekannt (05.18.05 09:44 am)

ipso facto

Re: Group Effort

by sisterwendy (05.18.05 04:17 pm)

Tell me - who is “anyone”.

Re: Group Effort

by Billy Idol (05.18.05 04:24 pm)

depends on what the meaning of “is” is

desperate anyone without vision

by pause (05.18.05 05:24 pm)

anyone like artist Gareth James and eleven cohorts including Moyra Davey, Fraser, Christian Philipp-Müller, R.H. Quaytman, Karin Schneider, and Bennett Simpson, people who are either pencil pushers, teachers or unoriginal artists or married to rich guys.
Did a.fraser get an STD from sleeping with that collector or is that just oral herpes?

Re: Group Effort

by honey whitlock (05.18.05 05:40 pm)

hey pause...seen any good shows lately? what do you like and why?

Re: Group Effort. Can't we all just get along?

by wally cox (05.18.05 06:28 pm)

“Generally it is risky for Christians to build deep friendships with those who do not share a spiritual bond in Christ. If the friendship has no deep spiritual unity, it is then based on secular values, material interests, and views of the world. In such instances the negative spiritual toll on the Christian is significant as ones spirit is constantly dulled through repeated exposure to worldviews and ideas. Few Christians are able to live consistent holy lives when unequally yoked in deep friendships with unbelievers.”

-John Ashcroft

“constantly dulled”

by wally cox (05.18.05 06:30 pm)

pick your poison

by Jareth (05.18.05 09:51 pm)

“The aim of music is not to express feelings but to express music. It is not a vessel into which the composer distills his soul drop by drop, but a labyrinth with no beginning and no end, full of new paths to discover, where mystery remains eternal.”

Beat them and Eat them.

by Billy Idol (05.19.05 01:46 am)

fucking texas - 3rd world with cable

Re: Group Effort

by uri geller (05.19.05 02:01 am)

Fantasy dude.

Fanta Dude

by Billy Idol (05.19.05 02:15 am)

where's 2 liter Beth?

Re: Group Effort!!!!!

by uri geller (05.19.05 02:20 am)

Distributors gone to Amarillo.

Re: Group Effort

by jackieou (05.19.05 02:36 am)

woww man...thts like rheye hanvee...wowwwww.

disapiering bandwith e-mail later at n/12

so...what you get today; s&b...secret question; some people like to refer to one of the songs around now. Will have copies soon - hard to find; she went queeny pie am and basicaly...who cares.


Re: Rex

by rockhudson (05.21.05 11:56 pm)

what was blowing my mind today was the italians, 14th century madonnas, the green hue to the faces against the gold/gilt background and the bright pink blush of their cheeks was just so rewarding...also a 15th century diptych of madonna and christ heads, both weeping these luscious teardrops, very trompe l'oeil

Re: Group Effort

by magdalene (05.22.05 12:13 am)

i finally got a picce of thee piiii....

Re: Vincent Van Gogh was into green...

by epforbrush (05.22.05 12:40 am)

i hope you got a piece of slasher guy

Re: Group Intent

by uri geller (05.22.05 04:56 am)

Michael Wiley, co-manager at the store in Springfield Mall, said machetes typically are on sale in the spring for the gardening and camping season. But as with any potentially harmful product — from a baseball bat to a gun — it is difficult to know why it is being purchased. “If we know someone's intent, we shut the sale down.”

Better Days? - everyday's like sunday.

by magdalene (05.22.05 08:48 am)

oh Child things are going to get easier
Ooh Child things it's get brighter
Don't give up sunshine
There will be better days
(Keep your head up)

Re: Group Effort

by magdalene (05.22.05 10:56 am)

Crimson and clover

Re: Group Effort

by epforbrush (05.22.05 11:08 am)

truly :)

by magdalene (05.22.05 02:56 pm)

Cut While Shaving

by Jareth (05.22.05 09:33 pm)

It's never quite right, he said, the way people look,
the way the music sounds, the way the words are
It's never quite right, he said, all the things we are
taught, all the loves we chase, all the deaths we
die, all the lives we live,
they are never quite right,
they are hardly close to right,
these lives we live
one after the other,
piled there as history,
the waste of the species,
the crushing of the light and the way,
it's not quite right,
it's hardly right at all
he said.

don't I know it? I

I walked away from the mirror.
it was morning, it was afternoon, it was

nothing changed
it was locked in place.
something flashed, something broke, something

I walked down the stairway and
into it.

Re: Sweet honey in the rock...

by rockhudson (05.22.05 10:46 pm)

"If you want change in your life, walk into it.
If you get on the other side you will be different.
And if you want change in your life
and you are avoiding trouble you can forget it.

So Harriet would say, wade on in the water,
it's really going to be troubled water."

Re: Group Effort

by Jareth (05.22.05 10:59 pm)

“All comparisons are odious”

jack is so hot. ;)

Re: Group Effort

by jackieou (05.23.05 02:22 am)

This just in from loop controle west:

“ fiberglass?”

Re: Getting into shape sucks

by rockhudson (05.23.05 11:23 am)

Making art is the easy part
making a living at it, is hard

Re: Group Effort

by New Player (05.23.05 12:56 pm)

Is It True That Duchamp Was A Lousy Chess Player??