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by broken flower (06.14.05 12:42 pm)

ron wood is gay?

Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.14.05 01:23 pm)

actually - thos shots in jules and jim...babe in stone- glasgo: my old girl friend liked to make jokes about little citroen and wooden peiers - I sort of left town fast. Actually - the stones have that little store front their on second...really nice ortarint...wooo is he talented ...ussed to walk buy on my way to the mars: fuck you: teeny teeny teeny tiny: please.

We don't lesten to em; that shot on my portald page vbetter than the photo realisme of the nady counter...led zeplin - we don't listen to them either. Anything not to pay a musucian or a composer or an artist: drug dealer. Actualy...every once in a while, very late at night (when yoiu might here eno doing message in a bottle) fmu will play jimmy paig playing solo and...he's pretty good; robert plant...good choce of name..
ha ha ha; hey I love my mac

Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.14.05 01:54 pm)

Actually - what car did ron wood have to drive when they made their great escape to the south of france , what...68 - after briant jones and the “fresca” incedent; actualy, there a little ranch house empty in little compton ri whith my “grand father”'s name on it...some reason someone iisists it was paid for with drug money! GOsh darn ; 35 rolls 20hp? 2002 auto with the conton paint - 4.5 merc? And w were stuck with the muira that would spin on the back roads out there.

I have a bysucal these days and they won't let me ride it it.

speaking of stone:

fun guy:

Sauber will ‘honour’ Jacques' contract
Tue 14 Jun, 12:34 PM
Villeneuve joined Sauber at the start of this season on a two-year contract. But ever since the former World Champion has been dogged by rumours that the team is keen to replace him.
JV's future was thrown into even more doubt following the recent public spat with Sauber, where parties blamed each other for the Canadian's disappointing results.
However, according to Sauber, Villeneuve will remain with the team in 2006.
“The driver question is, I think, not a valid one,” Sauber said.
“We have a contract with Jacques and, from my perspective and that of the team, we exert every effort to honour it.”

was sure they were making this up; some time on yahoo they make it up - grand prixs of haberdashery and what not:

Alonso: Indy win would be fantastic.
Current championship leader, Fernando Alonso has admitted that he would love to win at Indianapolis this weekend, as it is such a special venue.
The Spaniard, who looked set to take the victory last weekend in Canada, until he made a mistake and damaged his R25, by clobbering a wall, added that ... more (Crash.Net) Tue 14 Jun, 5:25 PM

Re: Stone of Venice

by Billy Idol (06.14.05 02:22 pm)

ron wood is gay?

he couldn't be happier

or could he

10% solution

Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.15.05 01:35 am)

I always liked those interview they had with the old bass player as he quit: oh no, lot's of other things to do in life; no ,really. I thought about - sure...drowning in a swimming pool while choaking on your own vommit; no less then four hairy hands pressing you deaper and deaper into the murky waters...yea...interesting..more so if you were a seriouse cultest with a highly developed sense of the after life...but...c'est moi...gave the e tye back minor...lots of good works out there" Co-sat of that mik vihical when that way actually...mda I heard..tough one.

ok 49? Got a better number; and you tell me what one comes next:

,,,,contemplative version...

Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.15.05 04:47 am)

actually - I heard they were doing a fallow up to that doors movie - sort of alizard king death in venice thing:

here we go - making head way:patterns:

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Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.15.05 02:31 pm)


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Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.15.05 02:54 pm)

Absolutly - such a lucrative offer could not pass without great thought for my needs for unique investment hopwhoretunities in all its forms is lteraly boundless(read: hot plate...always darling; even threw that toaster oven soem twit gave me and was taking up room unussed out finaly - get those plates sometimes; in the trash and steight to good will - get fucked...)

ok - anti news today: Holman and Moody omega...ha ha ha- holman and moody are funny guys..lots of press: traco guys..I that's a stock 327: code: Dan Gurney - ok?: Anglia: the first affordable stylish econmy couldn't buy.(one of my anti-friends in high school - like he read books and new too much macth and his father was some brain dead physisit at brown always boated: We had an anglia: later: state lotto comuters and a &0,000 saab. I got the world champs ex bike. Fast race car too ,,,wonderful can ussual, but not always, buy the engine; actually -you laugh...had a who's this pic in autosport once : Ron Dennis - I think he raced a hot one, certainly worked on em ; and, the poor Accec - sorry , ussed to seen a cheap Ferrari now permanatly on my shit list; got fallowed around by some pity fuck swish faggot shoit for six years after one of those thinsg pulled up; got the teeny tiny smts (I thibk ) kits as bad joke: keeping em (like 1/43 and...everything opend: ;iteraly tragic deatil: Loti 18 and a 250F - so...where's the maser; should be a full sized one some place...twat.)

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1954 Kaiser Early Special

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Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.16.05 02:56 pm)

oh - you guys...this is ussualy the best; too quitet the last few years - lie...coultard to BAR; ferrari engines to red bull...

2006 silly-season now in full swing!
Thu 16 Jun, 6:17 PM
The 2006 ‘silly-season’ is now in full swing as the teams prepare for the ninth round, mid-distance, of the 2005 World Championship.

Jenson Button holds the key to the driver market in many ways as he is expected to confirm later in the summer that he is to join BMW Williams. The move has been on the cards since last summer’s Button- gate affair in which both BAR and Williams fought over his services.
Speculation has it that Button can be retained by BAR if he scores 75 percent of the championship leader’s total by the Turkish Grand Prix in August. With no points on the board after eight races this year with BAR, Button would need to win the next six rounds realistically for BAR to retain his services.
So with Button off to Williams, BAR Honda has a drive available alongside Takuma Sato who is expected to remain with the team. Anthony Davidson makes no bones about the fact the he would like to take the driver after playing the dutiful test driver role for so long. Another driver who could possibly make the move is the IRL Indy Car championship leader Dan Wheldon who is powered by Honda in the American open-wheel series.
Now Autosport have revealed that David Coulthard is another in the running for the seat at BAR. According to the British publication, the Red Bull Cosworth driver has had ‘outline conversations’ with the team but is also in talks with Red Bull regarding a contract extension for 2006.
Other team’s likely to have a bit of a driver shuffle include Sauber who will not be using Ferrari engines next season with the supply moving over to Red Bull Racing. BMW are favourites to supply the team next year and this would open the door for BMW favourite Nick Heidfeld to make a move to the Swiss team replacing Felipe Massa who is unlikely to drive a car without Ferrari engines. Then of course Jacques Villeneuve remains under contract to Sauber for the 2006 season, but it remains to be seen whether the driver-team relationship will survive through a second season.
Speculation also has it that Rubens Barrichello could be on the move, despite the fact his contract is not up until the end of next year. Asked by ITV at the Canadian Grand Prix whether he would be with the Italian Champions again next season, the Brazilian said it would be 50-50. Felipe Massa, managed by Nicolas Todt, would be favourite for the seat should Barrichello go for either r a BAR or Williams drive in 2006.
Renault seems pretty set for 2006 with both Giancarlo Fisichella and Fernando Alonso expected to remain, although recent friction between Fisichella and Flavio Briatore may be a sign of some unrest in the team.
Over at Jordan Toyota, there is no engine confirmed yet for next season when the team completes it’s metamorphosis into Midland F1, although Toyota may well stay on board and an announcement is expected in the coming weeks. On the driver front Narain Karthikeyan is unhappy with the team and believed to be looking for a ride elsewhere while Canadian Champ Car Rookie Andrew Ranger has been linked to the Silverstone-based squad.
So it’s only June and things are heating up already for 2006. As for 2007, Michael Schumacher will be out of contract with Ferrari at that point unless he agrees a new on-year deal with the team that is currently on the table. Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso have both been linked to the number one seat at Maranello for some time.
As ever, expect many changes before the grid starts to look set for next season.

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Re: Stone of Venice

by alienbarbiebaby (06.18.05 12:34 am)

hey - for the little guy - or for inpeciouse social climbers stuck with the gambling etiquet of f1 looking to get smarter faster; honest - got into a lot of troubl in 4th grade sneaking this one; all the basics: sterl, tracks the names of whicvh they never mention,,,nualari...really - not bad - only 3