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by Jareth (07.04.05 11:37 pm)

Jonathan Schipper, shows at pierogi 2000? looks good.

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by jackieou (07.06.05 12:16 am)


nice picture - for some reason reminds me of some wierd dutch movie circa 90 that was on tv circa 91 along with all those other's they snuk on...lots of angst and afairs.....very austere..lovely tweak; honest...they do nice work sometimes...

this one's beter (better buy a beck)

last pic does remind me of my own natoriouse...

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by alienbarbiebaby (07.06.05 03:38 am)

anyways...poster children - about 86 they did they old nietsche switcheroo and...instant gambler babe ...pretty funny...natash kinski look alike always refering herself as the celulight poster child. Someone elses fantasy (really sucked in bed man...ehhhhhh) A theam - get those pics with the kids with the big eyes again soon.

here - I can't bid on these (actually, after the box incident, I can...but not at these prices. Like...$2 you assholes...)

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by jackieou (07.08.05 10:40 am)

Another reason not to co: at the fisrt anusal n/bb endurance even for legal cars wich will include Austin 7s. Falcom 6 cyl, alfa , lancia, fiat. some amc...and maybe a model a or two, we will 3 minutes of chearing: I whole place illegal (and then it was off to france...")

Brit GP to hold a minute's silence
Fri 08 Jul, 1:55 PM
Silverstone Circuits Ltd, operator and promoter of the track which lies 75 miles north of the capital, today confirmed the 11th round of this year's world championship remains unaffected and moved to calm fears over security.
A sell-out crowd of 100,000 is expected to attend the race and a statement from the sport's world governing body, the FIA, read: "As a mark of respect for those who lost their lives in London yesterday, a minute's silence will be held before the start of the 2005 British Grand Prix on Sunday, July 10.

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by Jareth (07.08.05 11:35 am)

DETROIT—In a strongly worded pronouncement to all y'all motherfuckers, Detroit resident Dwayne Combs urged all y'all to go fuck yo' selves Monday. “Y'all be bullshit,” said Combs in a 3:17 a.m. address from the corner of Woodward Avenue and Grand Boulevard. “And yo' mama, too.” Monday's statement marked the normally reclusive Combs' first since an October 1998 appeal to Detroit's city council to kiss his big, black ass. Representatives for all y'all have not yet responded to Combs' themselves-fucking offer.

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by jackieou (07.08.05 11:22 pm)

seee - the tide is turning - truly..soon...a I call on all brothers to enjoy a new and a back to america movement: hold on to yoyur toyotas:

Ferrari cagey on prospects... set to struggle?
Fri 08 Jul, 7:41 PM
Ferrari team boss, Jean Todt has refused to make any predictions on how the Scuderia will do this weekend at the British Grand Prix, but following the opening day of practice, the signs are less than good.

Ferrari ended the first day, eleventh and 15th in the combined times, way down the field and quite a way off the McLarens and Toyotas - even Red Bull Racing's Vitantonio Liuzzi and David Coulthard who were both fractionally quicker than team leader, Michael Schumacher.