Re: Mother's Courage

by Unbeatable (07.06.05 12:44 am)

If it's a party Michael Wang wants, then maybe Mssr. Wang would do well to go back to college, join a fraternity and hone his beer bong skills.

There's a very good reason the artworld's not called 'The Partyworld'. If only the media would acknowledge that, we might be treated to press coverage of serious artists making serious work rather than the light fare of hard-partying demi-grads we're currently being force fed.

Midcareer artists got the ‘party thing’ out of their systems when they were working hard to find and refine their individual voices. Serious work means seriously less time for partying. A challenge to you, Mr. Wang: let's pay attention to what's coming out of the studios of serious artists rather than analyzing the sad state of a shuttered party. You'll do your own career, and the rest of the art community, a world of good.

More Life Fucker

by Jareth (07.06.05 04:43 pm)

From the Cafe Voltaire to the Moulin Rouge, Cedar Tavern, to the Factory, for a lot of people love is a social disease... – it is none the less “serious”.
Any Artworld people I have ever heard lecture or had drinks with light up the most when they talk about the drama of it all that really is the bravo of force…

Ever been to a “Grad school” “Art Show party” tends to be a bunch of self consious social climbers standing around searching for a rung up. - not much of a party.

Re: Real Fucky-Fucky

by Nomad2 (07.06.05 09:35 pm)

The art world appears to be not the real world for several reasons, but merely a parallel universe inhabited by people who are too weak personalities to become politicians or managers. Love hurts.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.06.05 09:45 pm)

money is money and art is art and partys are partys but a good party is the greatest art of all

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.06.05 11:59 pm)

Great things persist in the memory. Great parties Ive been to I've remembered all my life. You can live on the memory of a great party, of a perfect moment. Yknow—if you have a weak personality—if you are the artistic type.

Form Follows Fiction

by Jareth (07.07.05 12:11 am)

Re: Motherfucking Cowards

by Judith Miller (07.07.05 01:50 am)

Watch your back, sides, front and ass.
You could be next.

P.S: Motherfucking Cowards

by Judith Miller (07.07.05 01:55 am)

Please do not mention 'above and below', “there's the rub” so to speak.
We're ALL on the same plane.

Re: Radiation Poison Hulk.

by Hulk (07.07.05 02:57 am)

hulk here,

Hulk think hulk not like party.

But hulk like smash party. Part Smash good party Hulk.

Hulk see War of WOrld good smash. Hulk not understand Spielberg make smash movie think War of World like message for Hulk.

One thing Hulk think message about good smash but not smash ugly small bug not good smash.

One thing Hulk think message maybe somebody make bigger smash Hulk,, fight hulk with smash, then lots of smash, Hulk think maybe Hulk like.

One thing Hulk think message maybe like ET, smash like Child phone smash no home.


Like when Hulk hit wronk key, make message hard then Hulk angry smash not speak not spell, just smash ET.

One thing message maybe like TOm Cruise big buddy for Hulk copy. Hulk no copy, Hulk Not like copy. Hulk original like self Hulk.

Hulk need own planet make big smash. You understand Hulk own planet?

If Hulk own War of World - then Hulk not need bury HUlk small bug type war. Hulk own war. Hulk Army of One, be all Hulk can be.

Maybe message about Hulk not need smash, just be Hulk. But if Hulk not smash Hulk not Hulk?

SO Hul wonder if Hulk Hulk. Head hurt Hulk.

Hulk want HUlk tell Hulk Hulk, smash ok, party smash Hulk ok. You tell Hulk HUlk OK. Then Hulk not small bug no smash, Hulk world collide Hulk SMAsh.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Hulk (07.07.05 03:12 am)

Hulk think hard remember maybe alien like not scary, just frog green like HUlk. Hulk biig muscle scary like machine frog inside.

HUlk think scary. Hulk lose smash. HUlk not like make choice lose smash. What if Hulk puny HUman no smash? Hulk not sleep. Help Hulk.

Aslo what if Hulk smash not smash just fake like machine frog inside?

Re: Mother's Courage

by Hulk (07.07.05 03:18 am)

Because meaning HUlk smash. You listen HUlk. Hulk only know smash. You tell HUlk how not smash still Hulk.

Bad men think Hulk smash. Hulk need bad men think Hulk smash, tell friend Hulk smash. THen friend know Hulk real.

THen Hulk Hulk. you help Hulk. Hulk sleep.

you dropped a bomb on...

by Jareth (07.07.05 10:13 am)

London report anyone? my cousin is there.

Re: Mother's child

by i-languish (07.07.05 11:28 am)

Warhols career was established as an antithesis to the prevailing, and much lauded Abstract Expressionist movement, and the first American (visual) art movement to attract international respect. While grounded loosely to the tenets of phenomenology and existentialism its artistic embodiment lies in the act (of painting) as a vehicle to self, responsibility, and archetypal discovery. Andy Warhol, on the other hand, eschewed all that is intrinsic to the individual, replacing the individual, as it were, with a depersonalized image. While some may see this action as a critique of modern culture I would see it as a warm and submissive embrace.

Second, the artwork of Andy Warhol was in essence, supplanted by what Robert Hughes has called the “affectation”, or the embodiment, of the art idea as the personification of the artist himself. With cultural amusement aside i.e. “I want to marry my tape recorder”, “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, etc. etc. Warhol managed to in effect cultify himself. While this may sound trivial at first, in the political arena the notion that a person could assemble a personification, an affectation, an image that can supersede the man himself and have that image attain political currency, should give one pause.

Grand Generalization

by Jareth (07.07.05 12:07 pm)

humm... bush? i don't know more indicative of the authors seeming desire to villainies celebrity, perhaps charisma,

Re: Mother's Courage

by broken flower (07.07.05 12:36 pm)

Every political leader thruout history has “cultified” themselves. Thats where Andy got the idea.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.07.05 12:36 pm)

is this the death of the American Dream?

Re: Mother's Assimilation

by Judith Miller (07.07.05 12:40 pm)

I'm afraid it's just the death of american dreaming.

Remember what the doormouse said...

by Judith Miller (07.07.05 12:43 pm)

got hunger?

life is short but its still too long

by sharikov (07.07.05 01:59 pm)

dear judith miller,
will you marry me?

Re: life is long but it's still too short

by Nomad2 (07.07.05 02:19 pm)

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can't have one without the other

Love and marriage, love and marriage
It's an institute you can't disparage
Ask the local gentry
And they will say it's elementary

Try, try, try to separate them
It's an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
Dad was told by mother
You can't have one without the other

Of course, I’ve had it in my ear before

by Jareth (07.07.05 02:32 pm)

“fun” just really isn't most people's thing here is it ... - long? wierd. boring...

openings 2nite? ha.


by Billy Idol (07.07.05 03:13 pm)

The response to Sharikov instead of Judith says it all.

Re: Mother's Courage

by sharikov (07.07.05 05:21 pm)

i dont understand billy idol

jared, you're fucking ridiculous

judith, let's take out place in each others arms

Re: Mother's Courage

by alienbarbiebaby (07.07.05 07:54 pm)

Andy - honest: print (hmmmm: don't go; and did...) and...(shhhh - I don't tell this to anyone but like...complete demensions of the city...really...) Plus...he's a really wierdd guy. Speed...I no can do; doing to much right now and I'm on psycotropis: hmm...tiured of absolete phone cy=ults...log jammned around 68...oh yea...Andy's the one to start up a new...don't have to woory about running streight into a big pyramid cause...they'e ain't on there..little carbon road suden;y stops...oh e type....oh... (my “father” put a 120 into a telephone pole in 58 ...realy...I know about this stuff)

mid-career? um...hmmmmm; jez: popularity and effectiveness - who else gave a really good party and was note worthy (like...novelst in the pantheon who could also pic up a hot blond: celine...only one...swear...everybody else a looser; like...I got one dae and almost got killed)

ok...really..all those cracks about marsden and mark elva n/bmy + BDA fords....scarry....

Coulthard says Ferrari can power him to wins
Thu 07 Jul, 5:52 PM
SILVERSTONE (AFP) - Red Bull racing driver David Coulthard said he can return to the top of the podium in 2006 to give Ferrari their first win as an engine supplier.
Coulthard signed a new one-year-deal in London Tuesday with Red Bull, who will be powered by Ferrari engines next year, and he refused to rule out adding to his tally of Grand Prix wins next year.

“It's not beyond the realms of possibility,” Coulthard said Thursday. "I don't think the team will come out at the beginning of the year saying we will be expecting Grand Prix victories, but of course it is possible.

Re: Mother's Courage

by broken flower (07.07.05 08:46 pm)

sharikov doesnt seem the type to feed his...head. i dont think oxycotin counts.

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.07.05 09:11 pm)

starve a cold? Didn't work:

Re: Mother's Courage

by Hulk (07.07.05 11:59 pm)

Hulk smash oxycontin make good nose bleed head all gone.

you know its hard sometimes bein...

by Jareth (07.08.05 08:08 am)

feh. painkillers are wack.

the only thing that made tripping over the en-summer-mass of grad school projects tolerable was, well as always - the gossip - so i hear that that one show where i lost my shit about it being foundations one well i guess after we left one of the pieces actaully fell over and broke into a million pieces. - heh.

oh and of course a couple of them always split the summer sweatler for a loop - gavin - your into fags and stuffed unicorns. i didnt know... still a total jerk. and dietch well there is always somthin goin on... and that B.M. show! please tell me your just going to leave that up for good.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.08.05 08:31 am)

oops. ment,

(is it any wonder I use a My Little Pony Butterfly Island Sunny Scent Apple Spice Pony as her playtime avatar?)

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.08.05 10:03 am)

oh yea...absolutly, anyways, as one who is regualr acussed of being sept 17th ; aspires of the gooden your hoff, red brigade...still a dream, and contemplates both the shit eating fagpot english shit in my american revolutionary town (new port and providdnce both shit eating coke head loop sell out town...never been back) and...well...delix satilight (santana around the world dude: keep your chews GM boy) voila: really, not a muystery at all: (that was good one...)

By Mark Trevelyan, Security Correspondent
2 hours, 27 minutes ago

LONDON (Reuters) - The bombers who spread death and chaos across London's transport network slipped under the radar of police and intelligence services who said there was no advance warning of the capital's worst militant attack.

Security analysts said it was far too early to apportion blame to the intelligence community over an operation that some suspected was the work of a small, autonomous group of local militants inspired by al Qaeda.

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.08.05 10:34 am)

jeez that was closse: ok - feeling braver's not the same one. That was flash pics, sf - this...oh, like sam posey himsefl did it: loved the show yesterday - want to do another one? No problemo: slide it on over baby doll:

Love this one - not only is it a white, a white truck, a 1916 white truck,'s a replica 1916 white truck; oh god...any day true dream: genuine fakes....:

TGIF Where's the party [where's the party]

by confusionIs nothing new (07.08.05 12:43 pm)

Slater Bradley
TUE JULY 12 @ 6:30 PM
Since 1999 Slater Bradley (b. 1975, San Francisco) has been collaborating with Benjamin Brock, his veritable double, in a series of photographic and video performance works that explore the psychologically charged space between self and one's mirror image. Bradley filters this investigation through references to iconic moments in popular culture as well as to more private, subjective states.

Working Monday through Friday
Takes up all of my time
If I can get to the weekend
Everything will work out just fine
That's when I can go crazy
That's when I can have fun
Time to be with my baby
Time to come undone


by cellBlock D (07.08.05 12:53 pm)

There's a party in my pants
And I want you all to come
Voobanahana vop bop


Just got into town tonight oh yeah
Oh my pants they fit so tight oh yeah
Come along the surf is right oh yeah


Bring some beer and being some cheese oh yeah
Bite and tease and squeeze me please oh yeah
We will soon be on our knees oh yeah


After all is done and said oh yeah
You've been entertained and fed oh yeah
Now it's time to use your head uh huh




Re: Take a sniff of my Pantleg baby (hot pants)

by maxi media (07.08.05 05:47 pm)

I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time
I was sayin' the right things, but I must have used the wrong line
I was on the right trip, but I must have used the wrong car
Head is in a bad place and I wonder what it's good for
I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time
My head is in a bad place, but I'm havin' such a good time

I've been runnin', tryin' to get hung up in my mind
Really got to give myself a good talkin' to this time
Just need a little brain salad surgery
I got to cure my insecurity

And I was in the wrong place, but it must have been the right time
I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong song
I was in the right thing, but it seemed like a wrong wrong
'Cause I was in the right world,
but it seemed like a wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong

Slippin', dodgin', sneakin', peepin', hidin' out down the street
See my life shakin' with every who I meet
Refried confusion is a-makin' itself clear
Wonder where to, where do I go to get on outta here

‘Cause I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time
And I was sayin’ the right thing, but I must have used the wrong line
I took the right road but I must have took a wrong turn
I took a right move but I made it at the wrong time
I was in the right trip but I made it in the wrong car
My head is in a good place and I wonder what it's there for
'Cause my skull is in a bad place

Re: good song maxi pad

by broken flower (07.08.05 06:17 pm)

“In my paisley shirt, I feel like a jerk. In my yellow shoes, I get the blues.
When I wear my blue velvet trousers...I wonder how long I'm going to wear my blue velvet trousers...”
Pink Floyd in “Vegetable Man”

Re: Brother's Courage

by cellBlock D (07.08.05 07:12 pm)

velvet crushed

Velvet Goldmine

by confusionIs nothing new (07.08.05 07:14 pm)

peas. nyc awaits...

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.08.05 10:44 pm)

hmmm...yea...old spit ball. sad name for a band, and 400/4 sg=hanagans- oh, those no-lo or what ever they are blonds; too bad she joined the mob and drilled a whole through her brains; some poore lunaticts, no double working of some nefariouse fund, did glam at the conti for like 3 hours too long and...wasn't bad.

look bad day : these guys will not stop; somebody drooled algebra 2 taramac over the other part of town; like around palm springs...bouncing and shaking...uncontrolable; a bad joke...except if you really know what your doing...

never ay die; very adjstable those front engoine 900 series (have one available 90...32o anytime.)

ok that bad: bristols, lovely car, ussualy show up after aurilas, a clean money car and...all gon. Alfa lancia police: you hid one after the ny show in 55...gonr...lania got it back; ac...bristol: still out there: crooks choice. Merlyn - a bad joke from the 70's - tell you more latter: I do not touch em- rover: key words: new foundland, dursts, blood money. Rode in one once nice car: see one in my town: phillips head in the die literaly instantlty you swin shit.

Other Makes Riley Conv  1951  70,000  $10,000.00 1 Jul-08 17:01  
1951 Riley Rmd Drop head, left hand drive 

Other Makes Bristol 401  1950  0  $5,000.00 1 Jul-08 16:46  
1950 Bristol 401 coupe 

Other Makes : 1940 Graham Deluxe Sedan Sharknose  1940  86,000  $100.00 1 Jul-08 15:58  
1940 Graham Deluxe 4-dr Sedan Sharknose 

Other Makes : Crosley Station Wagon Model CC  1948  17,984  $1,000.00 - Jul-08 15:47  
1948 Crosley Station Wagon 

Other Makes Race Car  1973  0  $1,525.00 2 Jul-08 14:56  
1973 Merlyn Formula Ford Race Car - Street Legal 

Other Makes : ALEXANDER  1958  922,337,204  $152.50 2 Jul-08 12:39  

Other Makes : VANDEN PLAS PRINCESS  1966  55,644  $100.00 - Jul-08 08:53  

Other Makes : 75 SALOON  1948  61,223  $1,534.00 7 Jul-08 06:54  

Other Makes : Hudson 2 door coupe  1947  41,000  $510.00 3 Jul-08 06:09  
1947 Husdon business coupe rust free streetrod ratrod 

Other Makes : Hudson Hornet  1954  70,614  $609.99 11 Jul-07 19:45  
1954 Hudson Hornet Sedan * ALL ORIGINAL

Other Makes WOODY WAGON  1951  41,176  $7,877.00
$69,000.00 3 Jul-07 19:07  

Other Makes : Bradley GT  1967  0  $766.00 10 Jul-07 18:00  
1967 Bradley GT Volkswagen Bug Bradely complete NR 

Re: Mother's Courage

by Foodie (07.08.05 10:56 pm)

Re: Mel Bochner on Donald Judd

by Foodie, 07.08.05 07:02 pm

I hate to do the food analogy [but I will ] once you have had a great meal in a top restaurant its very hard to think Mc Donald's is very good ,sure once in a while you are really hungry and stop on some road side fast food place and its really terrific but two hours later you feel sick and wish you hadn't given in to you need for instant gratification .Does any one really believe that Pop& Minimal art is going to hold up to the “Old Masters”? I know most of you don't care but then Philistines come in many different disguises these days some are ART CRITICS & Professors looking for away to make their business more important than the Artist They also have dished out enough ART GUILT so you bought “The Whole Yards” but then that's why you can't afford a great meal in a top restaurant Are you PIN HEADS GETTING THIS

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.09.05 09:30 am)

Cheesburgers are sweet.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Foodie (07.09.05 10:16 am)

You have your head so far up the establishments ASSHOLE you thinks its your HEAD

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.09.05 10:23 am)

weee... ya i have worked very hard to get that way.
ko its Sat off to brunch party.
have a goodun.

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.09.05 02:24 pm)

shine on you crazy rhinestone

Re: Mother's Courage

by maxi media (07.09.05 02:44 pm)

Cards and letters to people you don't even know.
Well then how are you going to get Cheeseburgers in paradise?

by Jareth (07.09.05 04:54 pm)

hey what ever it takes right..., how effective can one be from the outside? down count to loft.... 3 weeks, anyone been to summer warm up this year? - Ps1,?

Re: impersonals

by epforbrush (07.09.05 04:56 pm)

date number ? waterfire tonite in providence :)

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.09.05 05:07 pm)

Aug. 1st
whats waterfire?

Re: Barnaby Evans installation in Providence, Rhode Island

by epforbrush (07.09.05 05:26 pm)

transforms the city into venice...

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.09.05 05:46 pm)

hey maxi—who do you really KNOW?

But know this...I have had many a cheeseburger in paradise already...

Today, for $13 you get organic beef with Gruyere on rosemary focaccia at San Francisco’s Zuni Cafe (415-552-2522)]

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.09.05 06:33 pm)

Evans is a 2003/2004 Artist in Residence at MIT and is co-teaching a course at the Urban Studies Department at MIT on the impact of ephemera on the urban environment.

that sounds intresting...

Re: Mother's Courage

by maxi media (07.09.05 06:50 pm)

I know people get wiggy when your overly friendly right off the bat. I love to do that shtick. Many times you get complete rejection, which is cool because that means you can do it again on someone else. I have 6,000 friends I touch base with every day.

I'm going to make the same painting over and over. Itseems to work for everyone else.

Like theres that dude that does that thing.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.09.05 09:31 pm)

watching the m.july film... is it me or is the moral of the story the Art dealer is always into getting pooped on?

Re: Mother's Courage

by confusionIs nothing new (07.09.05 11:48 pm)

latest chris cunningham

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.10.05 01:55 am)

doesn't work - is that a generic name - there's a cc who races and my father's always pointing em out and...still don't know who he is; little...fagotninja: I don't care: pay me:

ooooo: just got paid:

Search: Search Advanced

Growing Hurricane Dennis takes aim at US Gulf coast

By Jim Loney
Sat Jul 9, 9:31 PM ET

MIAMI (Reuters) - Authorities urged more than 1.2 million people to evacuate as a powerful and growing Hurricane Dennis closed in on low-lying coastal areas of northwestern Florida, Alabama and Mississippi on Saturday after killing at least 32 people in Cuba and Haiti.

Re: Mother's Courage

by confusionIs nothing new (07.10.05 02:10 am)

movie is swf. needs plug in.

When you see the installation completion movie above and text below, your installation was successful. The installation should only take a minute or two on a 56k modem.

If a browser Security Warning dialog box appears like the one below, you will need to click Yes to install the player.

Your computer may require a reboot after auto-installation of the Flash Player ActiveX control, if the Flash Player is already in use during the installation process.
For the first time ever, Gay America has a home on television where we can go to see ourselves. On LOGO you will see more than 200 lesbian and gay films, an ongoing documentary series, newscasts tailored for a gay and lesbian audience and quality original shows and specials. Programming that reflects our lives. Programming that tells our stories.
Drawn to the light
A graffiti project makes its mark without leaving on
Anti-slip paint falls foul of Pamplona bull run fans

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.10.05 04:01 am)

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

Do Hetro watch themselves on TV; honest...I like Godard (snort...failure...hit and run...") I explained to the guy at paypal:“No...I only have the little ones” Actualy, there is a spec list for the drivers and I know what it is and,,,I don't fit; and..I should be proud, or would be if they'd let me take classes. Actually, I have bikes and...they're too small too.

list is pretty good - all to cheap:

Re: Punk Month

by maxi media (07.10.05 05:28 am)

I love living in the city x2

My house smells just like the zoo
It’s chock full of shit and puke
Cockroaches on the walls
Grass growing on my balls
Oh but Im so clean cut
And I just want to fuck some slut

I love living in the city
I love living in the city, yes I do

Spent my whole life in the city
Where junk is king and the air smells shitty
People puking everywhere
Piles of blood, scabs and hair
Bodies wasted and their beat
People dying on the street
But the suburban scumbags they don’t care
Just get fat and Dye their hair

I love living in the city x

Re: Mother's Courage

by maxi media (07.10.05 06:02 am)

THe thing I like about suburbia is the double sink. I Not just dishes, but tupperware and dishwashers and sinks and sit down baths. I guess its more about the stuff in general. Two car garages, rec rooms (wet bar) pool, garden (tomatoes, basil, heavenly blue morning glories) koi pond, hammock, gazebo, tool shed, granny cottage, tree fort, trampoline, go cart track, ropes, climbing wall, mini golf, pool table, foosball, air hockey, horseshoe pit, nursery, babies, deep freezer, meats, BBQ, kiddie pool, swingset, big wheel, training wheels, weed killer, garden gnomes pink flamingos, satelite dish, fire place, bear rug, reisling, chardonnay, blush, mini van.

Its all waiting for me, hunched over behind a hedge, one eyed and croaking like a tree frog. Eldritch horror, comic collection, one weekend a month, two weeks a year, except when there's a war, then its more. Paintball, reenactment, daycare, laundry room, garden hose, family dog, gerbil. Something is missing got to go to the city to find it. Crickets, forbidden lawn darts, bocci, croquet.

I have to learn how to kill if I'm going to survive. Why didn't my parents teach me the finishing strikes? Throwing stars, nunchuks, hula hoops, pogo sticks, hobbie horses, model airplanes, action figures, video games, VCRs, DVD players, car stereos, toy guns, real guns, ammo, drugs, david lynch, reality TV, poker games, Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart. I need a job that isn't hopeless.

Satelite radio is amazing. I can't afford it. I can't live without it. Baby monitors, changing tables, wedding plans, none of this applies to me. I feel alienated but not in the way that you'd think. I don't belong here, Radiohead is like Greenday is like blink 182 is liked by teenagers and fed to passive radio listeners and consumers who crave new new new but nothing ever changes until the end of the world when it changes a lot.

It’s either fortune or fame

by Jareth (07.10.05 11:19 am)

I started out on burgundy
But soon hit the harder stuff
Everybody said they’d stand behind me
When the game got rough
But the joke was on me
There was nobody even there to call my bluff
I’m going back to new york city
I do believe I’ve had enough

Re: Mother's Courage

by alienbarbiebaby (07.10.05 04:00 pm)

see swear to god , they zaped my copy : it's why I weakly proudly anounce; the deads fagot theif show; ne music shit looping...zaped , iI swear.

I'll buy the cd: today: sex pistols:

this: kind of ominouse actually - I'd like to like montoya (l;ike...he absolutly can go around a guiven corner faster than michael on a given day...not...a whole series ,ussualy...but he can...but...mclaren winning - the old mp4...oh...the way they tweak that out...scarry:

  Grandprix of Great Britain - Race Classification
 Pos. Driver Time
1 Juan Pablo Montoya (Colombia,McLaren)
McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes FO110R V10 - Michelin 1h 24' 29'' 588 
2 Fernando Alonso  (Spain,Renault)
Renault R25 RS25 V10 - Michelin + 2'' 739 
3 Kimi Raikkonen  (Finland,McLaren)
McLaren MP4/20 Mercedes FO110R V10 - Michelin + 14'' 436 
4 Giancarlo Fisichella (Italy,Renault)
Renault R25 RS25 V10 - Michelin + 17'' 914 
5 Jenson Button  (England,BAR)
BAR 007 Honda RA005E V10 - Michelin + 40'' 264 
6 Michael Schumacher (Germany,Ferrari)
Ferrari F2005 055 V10 - Bridgestone + 1' 15'' 322 
7 Rubens Barrichello  (Brazil,Ferrari)
Ferrari F2005 055 V10 - Bridgestone + 1' 16'' 567 
8 Ralf Schumacher (Germany,Toyota)
Toyota TF105 RVX-05 V10 - Michelin

Re: Mother's Courage

by alienbarbiebaby (07.10.05 07:22 pm)

uh-oh...forgot about this; so predictable but she had droped rom view (like an instant negation babe - they get so carried away with these neagtions they forget it really works: honest _ you were negated ho - noce I know people who've worked for here and...I don't hire em: oh thup[ermannnnnnn:

PS: this hank? E;lsewhere

The first artist in residence at NASA.
The superstar of international performance art:
Laurie Anderson,
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The word is now going out far and wide. (it's just a little over two weeks away)!

Please let your neighbors and friends know quick, limited seating - it will sell out.

Get your tickets NOW.

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Re: Mother's Courage

by alienbarbiebaby (07.10.05 08:47 pm)

Anwasy - wish they;d ask henry first: personaly : a mooch. I to much henry and..she doesn't make it: Bourough's library (I Iregularly refer thses people to libraries , school , and museums that dom;t exist beause...aperentl...they arn't too adept at starting and mainting them; actually - not bad at puting extant institutions out of business but...michaelangelo...just a rome/mcdonalds mooch : no museum of his own..)

ok - thsi one always urns up and...kind of cool: geting to the hard core 50 fetish type - like, the walk the walk; alo a KB Lincoln: Bugsy coming through???

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.10.05 08:53 pm)

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.11.05 12:43 pm)

Dig that poetry.

Re: Mother's Courage

by cellBlock D (07.11.05 12:44 pm)

ready steady go

Re: someone say poetry?

by broken flower (07.11.05 01:01 pm)

On a day when
you're walking
down the street
and you see
a hearse
with a coffin,
followed by
a flower car
and limos,
you know the day
is auspicious,
your plans are going to be
but on a day when
you see a bride and groom
and wedding party,
watch out,
be careful,
it might be a bad sign.

Just say no
to family values,
and don't quit
your day job.

are sacred
and some drugs
are very sacred substances,
please praise them
for somewhat liberating
the mind.

is a sacred substance
to some,
and even though you've
stopped smoking,
show a little respect.

is totally great,
let us celebrate
the glorious qualities
of booze,
and I had
a good time
being with you.

do it,
just don't
not do it,
just do it.

and fundamentalists
in general,
are viruses,
and they're killing us,
and mutating,
and they destroying us,
now, you know,
you got to give
strong medicine
to combat
a virus.

Who's buying?
good acid,
I'm flying,
and sliding,
and slamming,
I'm sinking,
and dripping,
and squirting
inside you;
fast forward
a come shot;
milk, milk,
round the corner
where the chocolate's made;
I love to see
your face
when you're suffering.

Do it
with anybody
you want,
you want,
for as long as you want,
any place,
any place,
when it's possible,
and try to be
in a situation where
you must abandon
beyond all concepts.

Twat throat
and cigarette dew,
that floor
would ruin
a sponge mop,
she's the queen
of great bliss;
in your heart,
flowing up
a crystal channel
into your eyes
and out
the world
with compassion.

to family

We don't have to say No
to family values,
cause we never
think about them;
do it,
just make
and compassion.

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.11.05 02:14 pm)

Bottero warned you off: they just won't stop - you look at the little piture and think just right...flate head: noop 350 in a ford: nnnnnnnnop:

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.11.05 03:49 pm)

well yes, thin people are better than fat people
and straight people are better than gay people and...

that thinking—isnt that why you're in jail?

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.11.05 04:02 pm)

I'm what they call a recidivist. I'm pretty lazy too.

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.11.05 06:00 pm)

Hmmm - ripe for an esso station? Eh - signing off: got the sex -pit-ohhhs, and dead boys sonic reducer, mc shane in nz no less; tonic...res...on the wy home ill painted MGA (a ;lucky pools winner or think it's a cheap sports car - i's not) stange vents all over the place less...57 vetter tail lights: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

n/bb c

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.11.05 09:29 pm)

“A-list photographer David LaChapelle is smitten with the style, to say the least. His documentary Rize represents nearly 2 ½ years of observing the dancers on their home turf. The result is an eye-opening social portrait in the tradition of Paris Is Burning, the landmark 1990 documentary that introduced drag balls and ‘'vogueing'’ to the mainstream,...”

watchin “Rize”, pretty damn good. does anyone know D.LC. level of involvment

Re: Mother's Courage

by Unbeatable (07.11.05 09:37 pm)

He's the director. I think it's his first film. People are going crazy over it. Haven't yet seen it, but plan to.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.11.05 09:46 pm)

he shoots alot, no? i know alot of hair/makeup whatever fashion really kids with the coffee table books that rave about him... saw a documentry on trio maybe and one of his shows that makes this particually stand out. it is shot in 3 distinct modes and i am wondering when he was physically present, behind the camera... scripting? interviewing..

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.12.05 11:23 am)

voila - I guess...the sort of thing you got if you really didn't make it as superciliouse: but your girl friend did. Sort of portly...grumbling about som snot with a healey...have to go to work. Really ugly...just best legs :“Oh herald...we're leaving..” Special note : I do colect dinky toys and I had this one and I painted it like literaly..50 times and it never came out. (I'm semi pro - some just won't take a coat of paint)

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.12.05 01:15 pm)

yea yea yea: from the hun- a trend???

A trainning session for investigation was held in Virginia for various agencies and at the end an exercise was held. A white bunny was released into the wild and two representatives from different agencies
were sent in to apprehend it. Two personnel from the CIA went after their bunny and returned in ten minutes. Then two representatives from the FBI went into the woods and returned an hour later with their bunny. Then two Bronx homicide detectives were sent into the woods to apprehend their bunny and the hours went by......finally 5 hours later the two Bronx homicide detectives reappear. One is dragging a bear by the scruff of his neck and the other detective is kicking the bear in the balls and the bear is yelling “O.K.....I'm a bunny, I'm a bunny”.

Re: Mother's Courage

by jackieou (07.12.05 01:19 pm)

PS: teaching 17th and 118th centuray english csonnets at columbia summer school; probably midewest next year ...u of chicago...oh...bit more than a dream:

Re: Mother's Disgrace

by cellBlock D (07.12.05 01:29 pm)

missed the bus again

now mom's stuck with ya for the day

ebay? while we're home, mom? more toys? please?

you need a conjugal visit toy-boy

from the whole block

hold the tar, pls.

by Jareth (07.12.05 02:29 pm)

James Bond: I admire your courage, Miss...?
Sylvia Trench: Trench. Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr...?
James Bond: Bond. James Bond.

Re: Mother's Courage

by kettle black (07.12.05 02:44 pm)

So I'm driving my friends pregnant wife through the backwoods, and its going along fine. I feel like I know what I'm doing, you know, like I know how to drive.

WHen a car tries to merge, neither slowing down nor speeding up, just edging me out of my lane, I make sure there is no one in the “fast” lane and edge over. What an idiot.

Some nimrod loses an unsecured cardboard box (duh) off their truck bed. I slow down so as not to impact with the box. Jesus Christ.

I parallel park on the second try, not elegant, but its a strange car and I don't get out much. I nudge the front end of dipshits car who comes out with a flashlight. The semi-literate father son team call the cops. THere is no discernible mark. In fact their front has no bumper and has several blemishes and general age. WTF? Like I need that shit.

Message to you: if you're so fucking worried about your car, park it in a fucking garage.

Oh, and I found my fucking check book.

Oh and its hot as fuck.


I take the bus into New York. SOmeone has a “walkie talkie” which I hear beeping through my mp3 player. Better than a crying baby, why don't they outlaw babies? Bus driver stops the bus short of Newark. Can we just go home, motherfucker?

from russia with love.

by Jareth (07.12.05 03:35 pm)

Well, we are the Sampling Generation... Or were they all ever since mass media, Where there in are the roots of Cubism newspaper collogues.. Raushenburg.. Warhol .. is there inherent content based on context and “tech” of the times “possibilities”..

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.12.05 03:59 pm)

I invented the rebus. It goes back as far as sanskrit. Pictograms and encoding in general. If you “unpack” a painting well then what are you doing? WHo the hell has the time to do that anymore? It's all shorthand. And when shorthand becomes the norm we are talking about markers, somatic or otherwise.

Each frame of film leaves out plenty of interstitial visual and aural information, not to mention the other senses, which must be acted out - mimed.

I'm cool with mp3s, even though they are impovrished - I get the gist. All I need. I'm looking at comic books - its not the content its the form, - even Thomas Hart Benton is sort of a Rosenquist with flow. Or an Egyptian with a different kind of mannerism, logic, structure - all painting is abstract and all artists make cartoons.

Cartooning isn't pop - its shorthand. Pop is a kind of shorthand, a code.

I tried to buy a shirt the other day - all you can buy is plaids - checkers. You have to spend 50$ pluss to get anything other than a hawaiian shirt. Whats that mean? If patterns are all copywrited, how can we speak? In siingle letters? In ones and zeros?

I'm not a writer of novels, but I want to deal with the subject of novels as a visual artist. How can I speak if there is no public visual language?

Meta pop follows? Who can understand?

Eat the mint, its wafer thin.

The cinema is an invention without a future" - Louis Lumière

by Jareth (07.12.05 04:11 pm)

but sampleing cartoons - can be, and often is an element in the PoP lexicon,
perhaps due to mass mass everything there is just far more “raw” material out there then ever before.... not to mention “High” Art itself, and its ironic “trained” doppledanger, “the Art student Art” which has brought it down far below the common cartoon. diff. set of limitions then say those faced by LL,.

hey there!! don't dam up my O'bento

by thingsthatgo (07.12.05 09:37 pm)

Hey J:)
I got the feeling
U got the love
I got the radioo
got it off a turtle dove
My train goin this way
Gotta say
Gotta say gotta turn up the radio
meet you above
my little dove

... might thee Be just a weE little bit nervous around the Id that artY, well, eeeeeyA, which hasn't been around for weeeeeeekA, or picked-a-dee Dup off the streets, is depletes?

...yalet the oceans pour,
yalet the rivers run,
yalet the ideas cometh, and some we oughtnotshun.
with a smile
letha oceans and rivers to run.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.13.05 12:53 am)

oops sorry me. ya it is me with the s. brad. is cool

Re: Mother's Courage

by epforbrush (07.13.05 01:35 am)

p'town this weekend with the new bf :)

Re: Mother's Flight

by Billy Idol (07.13.05 02:39 am)

flit ( P ) Pronunciation Key (flt)
intr.v. flit·ted, flit·ting, flits
To move about rapidly and nimbly.
To move quickly from one condition or location to another.

A fluttering or darting movement.
Informal. An empty-headed, silly, often erratic person.

“Soilent Pants.”

“It's PANTS!!!!”

we all gotta dance some of us fly;)

by thingsthatgo (07.13.05 07:53 am)

ta für the mail e.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.13.05 08:21 am)

:) weee. ttg. ;)

p-town i hear good things! r u swingers? i heard it has quite the scene?

Now hear comes the preacher for to save my soul with 13 minutes to go

by Jareth (07.13.05 08:39 am)

oh, lets all meet up @ the DIA becon, say 6 weeks?,avgikos,65783,13.html
oh, lets have a party - our place? say 4 weeks?
and ooh, oh your a star every day M.M. - how did you become the spokes man for nyc fags, i see you at least once a day,musto,65770,15.html

Re: Mother's Courage

by kettle black (07.13.05 10:18 am)

Bottles and Cans and just clap your hands.
I need Cheese with my crackers.

Its n0ot sampling its cannibalism.

tis the season

by Jareth (07.13.05 10:37 am)

The cauldron was a-bubbling
The flesh was lean
And the women moved forward
Like piranhas in a stream
They spread themselves before me
An offering so sweet
And they beckoned and they beckoned
Come on darling eat

Eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat
You eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat

They circled around me
Natives in a ring
And I saw their souls a-withering
Like snakes in chains
And they wrapped themselves around me
Ummm what a treat
And they rattled their tales hissin’
Come on let’s eat

Eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat
You eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat

I felt a rising in my throat
The girls a-saying grace
And the air the viscous air
Pressed against my face
And it all got too damn much for me
Just got too damn rough
And I pushed away my plate
And said boys I’ve had enough
And I laid upon the table
Another piece of meat
And I opened up my veins to them
And said come on eat

Eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat
You eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat
You eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat
You eat the summer cannibals
Eat eat eat

Cause I was down in georgia
Nothing was as real
As the street beneath my feet
Descending into hell

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.13.05 11:49 am)

how did he become the spokesman...???
jeez you kids

ttg thx for the cramps—reminds me of a frat party in a very low cieling'd room in about 1983

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.13.05 12:03 pm)

ha, bit glib. he seems to be in every interview on alot of the celeb. trashy specials and stuff i work with here... vh1 stuff, just everything.

Re: Mother's Courage

by kettle black (07.13.05 12:11 pm)

I'm an aquarian man, flip your wig, golden dawning of the age of, the Last Train to Pairis and Tango. Or Cha Cha. You do know the Cha Cha? One two one two three. Its like a Waltz but with a fluke worm attached. You know I love ya better.

Meringue? Salsa? I dunno, I'm only just 16, If you know what I mean.

Re: Mother's Disgrace

by cellBlock D (07.13.05 12:24 pm)

Slamblack Slamwich between the teeth.
Rock your head and feel the back of your throat for the first time.
Empty V Dockerwear.
Wanna fill the V with all of Me.
And lifers goes on, fuckher.
Lifers go on the prowl.
You and Me and Baby makes trouble.
Snap your head until you see double.
Bling ain't the thing.


Re: Mother's Courage

by kettle black (07.13.05 12:38 pm)


i feel love

by Jareth (07.13.05 12:52 pm)

t'll be a miracle if he can explain where he's been all day.


‘M’ walks toward his desk, Bond following having just closed the padded inner door.


But I've never even heard of a Tatiana Romanova.


Ridiculous, isn't it?


It's absolutely crazy.


Of course, girls do fall in love with pictures of film stars.

Re: Mother's Courage

by kettle black (07.13.05 12:53 pm)

Wednesday, July 20 at 1:00pm

In this workshop, educators will take part in:
+ Exercises on how to looking at art can develop one’s critical thinking skills.

These will include:
+ starting a conversation about an object
+ forming open-ended questions
+ paraphrasing
+ and choosing a body of works around a theme

> An art-making workshop based on the AIM 25 exhibition, the Museum’s annual exhibition of emerging artists from the Artist in the Marketplace program.

Enrollment is limited to 30 people. Fee: $30/person (includes materials)

To register, please contact the Education Department at 718-681-6000 ext. 132 or Please note that the times are subject to change.


Eat your wheaties, get your iron, I need blood.

Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.13.05 12:58 pm)

oh sorry. mikey been around for like 25 years—going to everything and working hard. he's made me laugh hundreds of times, and for that he's in my pantheon

eggs on plate

by cellBlock D (07.13.05 12:59 pm)

fuck around

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.13.05 01:06 pm)

don't me wrong his ur fav.

Re: livin in a cartoon

by honey whitlock (07.13.05 01:40 pm)

crazy about david huffman

Yo Jerry

by cellBlock D (07.13.05 03:33 pm)

Strivers get the shiv


pony up nervous whore trash of the trailers

self esteem


the baby boomers have fucked us all

don't tell me you're not responsible.

becuz you're (this) old.

Peace Love and Spinless.

Re: a Charity Advantage

by uri geller (07.13.05 03:47 pm)

Jerry was startled by the midnight knocking on his back door. Cautiously, he looked out and faintly saw his long lost brother Tom! He threw open the door to greet what was left of the twin brother he once knew. Tom had become almost toothless, skin and bone, vomiting blood. Jerry helped him to the shower, scrubbed him down and then led him back to the kitchen in fresh pajamas, to a hot meal his wife had prepared and then slipped away so they could be alone together.

There they sat at the kitchen table. Tom and Jerry. Darkness and light. Identical twins.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.13.05 03:48 pm)

people say that whenever a writer or artist creates comes true in another room, - watch your fantacys cellblock

Her tongue no more distinct complaint affords,
but in shrill accents and misshapen words
pours forth such hideous wailings as declare
the human girl confounded in the mare
until, by degrees accomplished in the beast,
she neighs outright and all the steed express'd.
Her stooping body on her hands is born:
her hands are turned to hooves and shod in horn.
Her yellow tresses ruffle in a mane,
And in a flowing tail she frisks her train.

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.13.05 05:01 pm)

Though the so-called game is new to many adults, it's likely something that children have been doing for a long time, said Connecticut-based child psychologist Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, author of “The Secret Language of Children: How to Understand What Your Kids are Really Saying.”

new to many adults....but kids have been doing it a long time.....right, its like when you pop out of your cocoon you forget everything....because of the asphyxia I suppose.

We called it the “choke hold” or the “full nelson” and it wasn't a “game” in the dictionary

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.13.05 05:02 pm)

Adults call it auto erotic asphyxiation. But without any porn at the crime scene its harder to tell.

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.13.05 05:10 pm)

My point being that its all recycled and shit.

for example. RETRO RETARDS. Darwin Awards.

pos/neg neg/pos

by cellBlock D (07.13.05 06:30 pm)

I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
I feel guilty but, I digress.
Okay. Now I don't.

even better

by Jam Master Jareth (07.14.05 12:05 am)

hey lets face it, who would rent to me any how.

by Jareth (07.14.05 12:45 am)

Now, what kind of touch is considered endearing and what touch is merely a formality? This is debatable. If you will tell me that a handshake is only “business” and has no endearing connotation - how about a peck on the cheek or a hug? In other words, allowing one form of contact will inevitably lead to someone else stretching the bar a bit further, etc.


by cellBlock D (07.14.05 01:19 am)

that's the same 'hug? kissy kissy/ shake hands?" bullshit that every rube who ever moved to NYC says.
welcome to the world rube.
hug or shake?
oh, nice shoes.

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.14.05 01:21 am)

fuck off.
i am trying to rent a loft.

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.14.05 01:39 am)

I am not comfortable with the hug thing. For one, its human contact. My machine parts do not need foreighn substances on them. For another, I am never sure of the interpersonal symbolic meaning as it is transacted between two ambiguous entities, let alone myself and a single human.

That this transaction changes meaning over time confuses me as well. How can it accrue meaning like intrest in a bank?

So sometimes I behave as if it has more meaning than it does. I think this is seen as inapropriate and sometimes humans visibly shiver. I enjoy that.

Other times I “snub” a human. Mostly this seems to have little immediate effect, until later, when the human may either hug me inapropriately or snub me in kind. I find these interactions to be the most satisfying in their disambiguation.

Re: Mother's Courage

by uri geller (07.14.05 01:53 am)

Today We had an ice breaker before a very satisfying Power Point Presentation. I failed to read the instructions properly and filled out the form myself insteady of properly addressing the participants in a way that would break the ice. Uppon discovering my mistake I erased my marks (I was the only one using a pencil). I then proceeded to question the participants. One of the Categories was “Saw a movie last weekend.” Several people had seen War of the Worlds. I remarked that many epeople found the ending anticlimactic, despite its accurate rendition of the original radio play. This was agreed to but failed to elicit further ice breaking interaction. I fear I am not a good people person.

I self consciously made a comment about my failure to make eye contact and my desire to instant message everyone instead. People were to busy trying to win the door prize to satisfyingly respond to my witticism.

I realized I was being psychologicly decentered by attempting to “win” in this unacustomed interpersonal interaction and immediately felt a senser of relief as I sat down. There is more than one way to win.

Later I was forced to introduce myself by name and occupation. This was most taxing. I considered making more witticisms, but I found many of the possible opportunitys had been rendered redundant by earlier introductions.

Then came the delicious Power Point presentation.

Where's Lenna Lovitch when you need her???

by jackieou (07.14.05 01:56 am)

number 4 coming up ; big question is : is it completely negated? doesn't equel zero...gonna think about this.


Re: Mother's Courage

by honey whitlock (07.14.05 02:37 am)

Steal one of these.

Re: Summer reading

by epforbrush (07.14.05 09:29 am)

lynn adrews never, never land of shamanism

Re: Mother's Courage

by Jareth (07.14.05 10:37 am)

cool will look up,

chating with mum.. “your generation does not know because our generation changed it” ..

dude would not shake my hand because i am “not a man”...


Re: Guru

by THX 1138 (07.14.05 01:55 pm)

I am a cyber warrior. On line I am k'ta-k'ahhhhhh, a lizard skinned dinosaur with three rows of teeth and four arms like in John carter of mars.

I take nerve enhancing drugs over the reccomended dosage and it really freaks people out. They think I'm a bot.

But uh, watered down Taoism? Or maybe just through the western lense. Yeesh. I'm more into Ramtha,

"I looked at Agnes and suddenly realized that knowledge is a kind of wall that has to be torn down in order to experience illumination. I saw the great simplicity of it all and I laughed. I had turned a difficult corner on my path, and I laughed all that day and the next day as well. It was so obvious and yet so elusive. Each time the realization came back to me, I laughed out loud. A teacher keeps you from the very thing you are looking for. And what is truth? asked Pontius Pilate, washing his hands.


Flight of the Seventh Moon

Re: Mother‘s Courage

by francesdmartin (10.02.12 07:59 am)

Hi friends, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this post, in my view its genuinely remarkable designed for me.