Re: Helter Shelter

by Foodie (07.24.05 01:24 pm)

How did low culture get sooo bourgeois ?

Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.24.05 06:32 pm)

about damn time (if you can do 39 uo (n/7up) other's go dooooown)

here's a good one:

By Andrew Gray
1 hour, 54 minutes ago

LONDON (Reuters) - British police arrested a third man over attempted bomb attacks on London and defended a shoot-to-kill policy for suspected suicide bombers amid criticism over the mistaken killing of a Brazilian.

The man was arrested on Saturday night as police hunted four men who tried to set off bombs on the city's transport system on Thursday. That failed attack came two weeks after suicide bombers linked by officials to al Qaeda killed 52 people.

how can you be sure...

Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.25.05 12:23 am)

my siousiux is still raped up - always explain that I am a collector )cogicenti) a little kinder when they fling you innto the treet): alert...this is the cause...tony bennet takes a bath in vegas you guys.....:

Re: Helter Shelter

by uri geller (07.25.05 01:44 am)

From: TheSimpson28 Jul-21 12:57 pm
To: ALL (1 of 10)

Remember a couple months ago when I told everyone here that me and my friends got in trouble by an undercover cop for knocking on a chinese restaurant and running away? Well, we ran from the cop as soon as he flashed his sirens and we would have got away if my friend kept on running like me and the other kid did. The kid runs faster than I do and if I got away then he would've. The reason why he stopped running after the cop told us to freeze is because he thinks that we would've got caught later on even though we probably weren't going to do it again if we did get away. But the other kid says that cops have to catch people in the act only. Which opionon is right?

A.) Even though we weren't going to knock on the window again we still would've got in trouble because the cop would've recognized us.

B.) The cop has to catch us in the act or else he would've flashed his sirens for recognizing us before we knocked on the window. The cop knew who we were before we knocked on the window that night because the chinese people say that one of us has red hair which is me. But the cop waited for me to knock so that he would have a reason to flash his sirens and make us apologize to the restaurant.

They stopped in March. They wouldn't have done it again, even if they hadn't been caught, or even if there was no possibility of getting caught. In fact, this a very programmable kid!

I love kids.

Re: Helter Shelter

by uri geller (07.25.05 02:01 am)


I am so fucking bored in suburbia. My parents dont relate to me, nor I them, but I like them better than the neighbors. I think I'll have to move out, but it's just not practical at this juncture.

I'm really into getting the kids to do stuff - like run around. I tell them its tag, but I hate tag. For me its just a way to make kids run. They need their exercise. I supect the teacher knows this.

Why do they want us strong? I think work must be harder than anyone my age guesses. We are all in denial, but that is seen as ok. The adults don't try to disabuse us of our crazy notions. Could it be that adults are dumb? No, it must be a caulculated act.

We are being tricked. Life is pain and there is no way out. The only way I shall survive is by learning how to make my peers run when I say “you're it.”

Re: Helter Shelter

by uri geller (07.25.05 02:23 am)

I think thats the character “TheSimpson28 ” was trying for in his “question” - the kid. Because Simpson28 is 17, and its kind of ridickulous how their thoughts are jumbled like that. Can't even construct and argument...on the other hand kids are that illiterate these days. Just hard to tell. But possibly mentally retarded or simply immature.

If truly dumb, the problems wont get any more interesting, they'll just get more complex.

Re: Helter Shelter

by uri geller (07.25.05 02:49 am)

In case you're not following, I've been looking at messsage boards for topics of things that I'm interested in. This latest was the message board of “COPS,” a show who's cultural significance I can't overemphasize.

I saw this one incident where the grandma hits a pedestrian and drives away. You see her total denial, but you, the viewer, can't deny the hair and blood on her car.

Despite its repetitive nature, COPS offers a window onto the nocturnal, the poor, the ignorant, the indigent, the decrepit and the deluded, the angry, and immature. It glosses over the complexities of suburban life, offering instead a paired down message of respect for authority, and punishment for those that don't.

COPS was one of, if not the first “reality show,” and had a huge impact on the American mind, one memorable inspiration was “TROOPS” spoofing both Star Wars and COPS.

We laughed and laughed.

Re: Helter Shelter

by sharikov (07.25.05 06:22 pm)

all of that was interesting in 1997. now it's fucking old. makes you seem old. ‘if you can't tell what's going on’ you say - like anyone gives a fuck.
who cares.
who cares

Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.25.05 08:03 pm)

see - they gamble and different games start at different years...wahy...lot of people...28, 35, 55 forever. Moma ussed to be a reall hot spot and some international banking family sudenly got the wild idea o installing the whole crazy crazy museum there...but ...they insist on taking over and starting their game up: international bamking:L dirty mioney: slurp....screem...idiot complaining about they ussed o shoot up there in 25 or something. Patetic: I go home and shuut the door and eat penut butter sandwhiches.

ok: getting heavy...bizzerini...not a good siggne; glad I just moved; watch for terrorist construction companies..:

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Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.25.05 08:19 pm)

ps: 16 at 12 ready to go - you're gonna love it - gonna give you the whole bottom half really for sixteen not too bad ('s things with no 23 ha ha ha ha ha)

spaking of which...sounds heavy...doesn't quite run so I can't do it - by the aniversary of elivis's death...heavy punk days; maybe...mahler's 5th...ussuualy...that kind of day:

Re: Helter Shelter

by zipthwung (07.25.05 10:48 pm)

Hety Sharikovsky,
Reality TV is not old, its just becoming. I crash social circles like people do bubbles. I'm so shallow my pond is made of surface tension. I dig wells with a toothpick. I'm on high ground when you lay down some newspaper. My life is a punchline. I think reflective mylar is amazing. Welcome to Flatland.

Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.26.05 12:54 am)

as aposed to flat mylar. If you say so: I didn't write this. e-mail: SUBJECT : Re: There are No Bathrooms in Heaven (and thuss no presidents....)

Human Freedom

“ We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms˜to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances˜to choose one's own way. ”

— Millie Roig —

There are No Bathrooms in Heaven
By: Joyce C. Lock

Hello Andy ,

She looked so beautiful today. Her hair was long, her face was glowing. She looked like she did on her wedding day some 23 years ago. She was celebrating her 43rd birthday dancing around and around like a little girl expressing her innocent happiness. She gives me a great big bear hug. I love you, she says. I love you too. So what's it like? You look so happy. “Oh, it's wonderful here”, she replies. You know I have a microwave and I can eat anything I want. You never have to go to the bathroom. It's heaven!!

I woke up. “It's heaven”, she said. I believe her and I find myself inspired. Heaven must be wonderful. Perhaps the bathroom thing is a symbol. You don't have to deal with anything that you disliked on earth, and you get to do the things you love, like eat great food and dance. After my dream, I felt like I knew the answer. My sister let me know that life after death is real. She was experiencing eternal life in God's heaven. The fact tha! t she looked so beautiful made me believe that maybe, once your gone, you go back to a time in your life when you were happiest. The smile never left her face. There is no pain, no fear, no sadness and no problems in heaven. Eternal life is a blessing. It states so in several places in the Bible and I believe.

Whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:15 NKJV

On August 20, 1996, the Lord decided it was her time to find eternal life. She was suffering the effects of terminal breast cancer. She was only 34 years old when diagnosed and she had so much to live for. Her life came to an end at age 42.. Blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, a daughter and a son, she had long ago lost sight of the Lord. But her faith was renewed and she was born again shortly before her death. Here is her story.

Little did she know that her life would be shortened by such a devastating disease at so young an age. When diagn! osed she accepted her plight. Because she was so young her doctor recommended aggressive treatment. She immediately started chemotherapy and radiation. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes in her armpits and she was given a less than 50 % chance of survival over five years. She had third phase cancer. There was very little hope. She was a fighter though, and would not give into her illness. After losing her hair and suffering the painful and debilitating after-effects of chemo, she started reading self-help books on beating the odds and faith-finding books to help her understand. She was raised a Catholic and although she never really stopped believing in God, she put religion and her beliefs away after she met and married her husband who was also raised Catholic, but now doubted his faith. To avoid conflicts, she put her beliefs to the side and went on with life. How many of us have strayed from our beliefs and the church. Life sometimes has a way of bringing us back ar! ound though, be it through hardships or even through his wonderful gifts, like new life and happiness. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe God punishes those who stray, but I believe he challenges us throughout life so we won't forget his promise of eternal life.

One year after her diagnosis, she was in remission. She and her husband decided she would quit her job, which earned her over $60,000 a year, and stay at home with the kids. She would enjoy life to the fullest while she still could, and this is exactly what she did. She started to believe that she would survive and it helped her to enjoy life again, and maybe appreciate the little things a lot more. Her children were 3 and 5 years old and she had so much to do. Family quality time was the priority, and so the family traveled together and experienced many of life's pleasures in the years following. She became a brownies scout leader and stayed with the organization becoming a girl's scout troop leader as her ! daughter became old enough. She had many friends who were wonderful helping her during her illness that first year and later. To give you an idea of what type of beautiful, giving and loving person she was, if you believe the saying that the good die young, she was one of God's chosen angels, although she didn't know it at the time.

The next six years almost seemed normal. Her children were growing up and she was going through what most young mothers experience with children. The emotional ups and downs of raising children were all present in her life. She struggled with their changing attitudes and emotions, trying to protect them from life's struggles. She worried for her children like all mothers do. She worried that they would grow up misunderstanding the world. She also felt helpless, like so many of us mothers feel. But, life goes on.

After 7 years of experiencing life's rewards and God's gifts of love, passion and family, the cancer again took control ! over her body. It had now spread to most parts of her body and treatment began again. This time she couldn't handle the treatments as well and she made a turn for the worst. She made it her mission to make sure she visited her immediate family as much as possible, and her mom who lived over 1500 miles away came to live with her and help through what was to be the hardest and most trying time of her life. She was still fighting her sickness to the end. Shortly before her death, the doctor recommended she attend a retreat for the terminally ill. She flew to Denver, Colorado, in her weakened state because she felt she needed some time alone to reflect and evaluate her life. Here is where she was truly born-again. Over the past seven years she was reading the bible and books searching for the right answers and for the strength and guidance to understand her destiny. She finally realized and started to believe that she would be saved. God had this planned from the day she was bor! n. She had to live and experience her fate as planned. She knew now that God still had a plan for her, in his eternal heaven. He promised her eternal life and she believed. She was finally able to relax and accept what was to be. She was able to thank God for her blessings, which included her mother, her husband, children, sisters and brother and a large extended family past that, plus the many friends and acquaintances she made in her life. Everything she ever did, even if it involved normal life's struggles, she did with conviction and determination and success. Everyone's life she touched was blessed by her love and support. Although she knew her life would end someday soon, she was able to make every minute mean something. She lived right to the end. She found strength in her faith to make it seem like she wasn't going to die, but to live in eternal happiness. Yes, perhaps she did have fear of death itself, but she didn't express that feeling in her actions and words. Sh! e was a real inspiration to us all.

Although we are left behind to suffer her loss, we need to realize that God's plan for us includes our acceptance of this loss and the faith to believe that someday, pre-destined by God, we will join her in his eternal heaven.

Written by: Millie Roig
The author may be contacted at

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Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.26.05 05:08 pm)

I have that on my page...promotiongn for THE international mob...not just luxery...not just THE lucre.,,,but...poisiden adventres never even dreamed of....!

Step right up; this years list of bulding to be dstroyed...

theyy shuffle the deck: Dodge...actuall extremely succeful sub-contracotors to FORD,,,then out on their own for a step up from the T...very popular in overseas colonies...very robost...maila and places like that...sahara...:

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by Jareth (07.26.05 08:31 pm)

Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.26.05 08:47 pm)

blasts from the passed

a trend that just won't go away: inocent of capitol crimes...:

Search: Search Advanced

Judge says Smart kidnapper can't stand trial yet

By James Nelson
36 minutes ago

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) - A homeless street preacher accused of kidnapping teenager Elizabeth Smart in 2002 was found delusional and incompetent to stand trial on Tuesday by a judge who ordered him confined to a mental hospital.

Judge Judith Atherton handed down her decision following six days of hearings over seven months into the mental state of Brian David Mitchell, proceedings which were often interrupted by the defendant singing or yelling religious verses.

Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.27.05 03:09 pm)

woooo nelly - not unlike the one they put in moma in only one everybody like:

jeez- sure do wish I had some drug or blood money handy...:

Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.27.05 11:08 pm)

latest BOB BUNNY ofiicial daily news...right from the source

latest rubby red frod news (van returned...and another “friend” latter): ussualy it.s a runny red gtv, I sudenly have just enoguh money to look at ussed cars alfas...and..ruby red red alfa gtv you can'ty quite afford; since the I've outed them...B-burg never paid for em - back at alfa with a big bill; last time around actually it was flat out...we're gonna kill you; I have the paintings I did then obn my bage...the babe with the giant red droplet for a lover...really...paintings you jts don't get anywhere else(junk-keeeeeeeeees - ninja off a few things from everyone's apartnet...collectable they can run up drugs. How'd that happen. A lot of know...personaly..daily's ther onw business and sudenly drugs...realy rude. 360 ferrari and $00 thou cash..really - they magicaly apear.. not a problem; probbably get a few of those flicks in "promotion as they say...choice is yours...

we might do this one evry day:

dialamba got here double quick - getting the old case together start of the month:

Re: Helter Shelter

by jackieou (07.27.05 11:35 pm)

10:38: fat asses lincoln backed ino the driveway and...sirenes...yea...sirenes...

Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.27.05 11:44 pm)

or...helter shuttle:shit - I thought they were making this up:

To view this email as a web page, go here. <>

** Breaking News** SPACE CENTER, Houston - NASA officials said Wednesday it would ground future space shuttle flights because foam debris that brought down Columbia is still a risk. A sizable chunk of foam insulation that came flying off the shuttle Discovery's fuel tank during Tuesday's liftoff did not hit the orbiter and does not pose a risk to the seven astronauts, officials said, but it is a problem NASA thought had been fixed. For more on this story, go to <> .

Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.28.05 01:08 am)

hey - laugh - to some. very good news...won't be running into any out of work bounders any time soon - like...bairly heard of em and sudenly oh i...I'm your friendly next door 4 of em....

oh sell this stuff ike...really need cash...$438 cents for a little high pro...

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Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.28.05 09:08 pm)

helter shuttle update: white chunky things keep falling off:

Search: Search Advanced

Shuttle, space station link amid NASA woes

By Irene Klotz and Jeff Franks
Thu Jul 28, 2:43 PM ET

HOUSTON (Reuters) - The shuttle Discovery astronauts boarded the International Space Station high above the Earth on Thursday, the first shuttle crew to visit since the Columbia disaster and now because of new safety concerns, possibly the last for some time.

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At Mission Control in Houston, NASA said it is confident it can fix problems with the space shuttle's fuel tank, which shed four large pieces of insulating foam during launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday, a recurrence of a dangerous flaw the U.S. space agency thought it had fixed.

“No one is folding their tents. No one is down in the mouth. All I see from the team is extreme determination to go and fix that problem,” John Shannon, the space shuttle flight operations manager, said at a news conference. “I think we can get the tank in good shape to fly again.” He added that so far the ship appears in good shape for landing on Aug. 7.

Reuters: Business
DaimlerChrysler CEO to leave, stock leaps - 6 hours ago

they're out business so...stocks leap - next rome drug mooch shold be incredable - do I get a credit on that k car

Re: Helter Shelter

by alienbarbiebaby (07.29.05 01:20 am)

oh yea - I listen every day: pulp radio - 2% queenypie:

right on time:

not only did their music suck (time foe...Mr. Broom - personaly you little drug swilling repblican)

Re: Helter Shelter

by Jareth (07.29.05 01:25 am)

another one of these already used helter skelter as a title - no? i can't even bring myslef to google, with the brown outs and all. yikes.

Huge selection, Great deals.

by Coxswain (07.29.05 02:18 am)

I brought myself to google jareth.

- B. Out

power of the babe... babe with the power.

by Jareth (07.29.05 09:20 am)

ownload Terence Trent D'arby Ringtones ] [ Send to a friend ]

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Re: Helter Shelter

by uri geller (07.29.05 04:25 pm)


Item Description

Brand new in box Jareth figurine from the Fontanini Nativity Collection.
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Re: Helter Shelter

by nina kelles (08.07.05 01:06 pm)