Re: Dog and Pony Show

by isaacramos (08.03.05 02:56 pm)

thanks for the shout out. I am so glad that people actually won the prize at a booth.

Isaac Ramos
Label Boss


Re: Dog and Pony Show

by jackieou (08.05.05 12:32 am)

It's purple. Eligable for the newx televised dog show (quite a t-giving parade too...boy...some of thsoe old choruc girls...still got what it takes; little dogy boys singinng their heart. Actually...lookslike a modified barney - never quitre new what that mean. LCD -:CD -LCD; I like this segway - why...had things going for a while; negations, disinormation.. negative propoganda..but...absoluty...more than ever befoer _ I want toto loose this war. Really...get thses fucking cars out of here - little cult bitches that gave up shmmzoozing junior highs (Oh - I'm heather...just moved into town...) back to borring eople to death (got a little box up the street that gets re-done by some hopefull soul every few months...brunet. not quite a phil babe...cow boy hate:“Oh wow...I'dunoo I just get so bored:” “My dad has a n LTD - you sure....?”

problem is here (and..too much paint to photograph this time of night): Picasso season you guys...its'...........picasso season; fresh shot in the sunlight tommorow: picasso season; really - reshoot tomorow - we'll...we'll...bracque...honest:

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by zip (08.05.05 02:57 am)

I am so glad that people actually won the prize at a booth."

Because its rigged?

OR because conceptually its a cool idea......

I'll go with rigged.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by zip (08.05.05 05:16 am)

the prize or our prize? The booth or our booth? You gotta be savy man. Carefull what you say. Was it a junk prize? A jesture? Or was it a significant contribution to the community? What is the community? Where are you from? Where are you now?

I'm from Atlantis, and I'm working on a deal to sell some Atlantean (or Fat-lantean as I like to say) technology. Atlantis doesn't have any copyright law, so that good for me and the shareholders in the long run.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by Jareth (08.05.05 06:17 am)

the artworld is so far of posers, ask g.b. about smashing all the shit i needed to fix my loft...

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by Jareth (08.05.05 06:34 am)

i want a dog pony.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by isaacramos (08.05.05 12:28 pm)


you all got some education.

what are those weird photo links someone sent.


Re: Dog and Pony Show

by Jareth (08.05.05 12:34 pm)

Beyond novice level sub-cultural decadence, drunk and stoned can be seen as metaphors for two different approaches to making work. In this show, the lowered inhibitions and impulsive decisions of “drunk” stand in stark contrast to the heightened sensitivity and methodical meandering of “stoned.” In addition to historical works that touch on the theme, new works have been created specifically for this show.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by alienbarbiebaby (08.05.05 02:13 pm)

they always do that one: substabce abuse show (I like that version) starting 6th rom the top if you want to sine: regular guy - remember going to pick emn up at the emd,,,real cup cake behind the bar and I tried to explain what I was doing “Oh sure - couldn't care less” They fuck fat old men: trash:pre-corvette; emh...series 4 ellan...really...couldn't care less. they do musicals. starting 6th from the top - I liked em...about the only one's from then I still got real crinkled.

oh - this guys...can't imagine why; obviously going to get heavy into brit mobles like no one has heard of; I may actually have a brouchure for this lieing around (sold some off - booby prize for having the inskip collection near me : well I guess you get this binder) actually, corgi version is nice - mine was the police version but i converted it to raod and sold it on ebay eventually:

or: “no....vel”

by alienbarbiebaby (08.05.05 03:47 pm)

So, finaly, starting a new novel; can be like ...doing to much math sometimes; not crack head, but piece of chalk against the inside of your skull, so; vertical :“two places at once when you're no where at all; looping in a ”prvidence“ sort of way (waatch it with the snap shots kid); so time will move on; aloft M5
dig it.(...I know... yo...Michale Schumacker...NO WAY - what's happening man...)
n/bb ”C" (-.5D)

PS: for stickler: V1 (no in sazidat hell) 1970-80; V2, 19901980-90 (aproxe) and: THE BOB BUNNY: 2000 to present, so this one will be 1991-200


Re: Dog and Pony Show

by alienbarbiebaby (08.05.05 09:32 pm)

yup - like this one ( fmu ussed to play a falke beach song:

and it's jacqus
jacques coustou
how loo-ow does he go
from sea to shinning sea
checking out things for you and me...

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Russia strives to rescue stranded mini-sub crew

By Guy Faulconbridge
2 hours, 24 minutes ago

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Russia Navy strove on Saturday to rescue seven crew members trapped 190 meters (600 feet) below the surface before air runs out.

The mini-submarine, itself a rescue vessel, ran into trouble on Thursday when its propeller got entangled in fishing nets during a military exercise off the Kamchatka peninsula on Russia's Pacific Coast.

Rescuers sought to drag the AS-28 mini-submarine closer to shallower waters, but anchors and a large surveillance system hindered the plan more than 40 hours after the submarine snagged in deep waters, top officials

yup - love it; had a launtengreger clon at my last position - even i had to bag it after a cow worker hit't make a lot of sense after that::

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Book by ex-NJ governor who resigned in gay scandal

Fri Aug 5, 2:28 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former New Jersey governor James McGreevey is writing a book about his political career that ended when he resigned last year after admitting a gay affair, his publisher Regan Books said Friday.

McGreevey, a 47-year-old Democrat who was twice married and has two children, quit the office in a news conference in which he proclaimed, “I am a gay American,” and admitted an affair with a man he hired in 2002 to head the state's Homeland Security department.

The man he said he

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by Jareth (08.06.05 02:50 am)

it is dope here there is this place... barcade ... you can you know play a million 80's archade games or just drink. everyone is really nice.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by Hulk (08.06.05 03:17 am)

hulk here,
yo, isac, you UNDERSTAND EDUCATION. HULK LIKE EDUCATION BAD MEN NOT EDUCATEd.You let hulk tell you picture important. Hulk understand pic ture.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by sharikov (08.06.05 05:25 pm)

everyone hates you, your real friends too.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by worldsdrunkestfag (08.06.05 06:50 pm)

i love u jar and hulk! powertothe sequele

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by rasputin (08.06.05 07:02 pm)

Friends are fine but you can allways make new ones, just like the movie “Highlander” which I know and love.

One thing about highlander is the transitions between the scenes, usually flashbacks to the time when the protagonist was a highland barbarian, a courtesan and so on.

Born again (but not reincarnated) in the present (the eighties) “highlander” fights to win some divinely inspired death match. “There can be only one” is the catchphrase. I love that.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by rasputin (08.06.05 07:50 pm)

“What diabolical villainy you have performed here,” said Porthos, when the officer had rejoined his companions and the four friends found themselves alone. “Shame, shame, for four Musketeers to allow an unfortunate fellow who cried for help to be arrested is their midst! And a gentleman to hobnob with a bailiff!”

“Porthos,” said Aramis, “Athos has already told you that you are a simpleton, and I am quite of his opinion. D’Artagnan, you are a great man; and when you occupy Monsieur de Tréville’s place, I will come and ask your influence to secure me an abbey.”

“Well, I am in a maze,” said Porthos; “do you approve of what D’Artagnan has done?”

“Parbleu! Indeed I do,” said Athos; “I not only approve of what he has done, but I congratulate him upon it.”

“And now, gentlemen,” said D’Artagnan, without stopping to explain his conduct to Porthos, “All for one, one for all—that is our motto, is it not?”

“And yet—” said Porthos.

“Hold out your hand and swear!” cried Athos and Aramis at once.

Overcome by example, grumbling to himself, nevertheless, Porthos stretched out his hand, and the four friends repeated with one voice the formula dictated by D’Artagnan:

“All for one, one for all.”

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by rasputin (08.06.05 09:07 pm)


FUN-loving art gallerist Gavin Brown managed to get buzzed while building a buzz for his new show, “Drunk vs. Stoned 2.” The British bad boy was arrested Thursday night for possession of a small bag of pot at the raucous opening of the exhibition at his Greenwich Street gallery, which was transformed into a “Deadwood”-style saloon complete with swinging doors and a jug band performance. All that old-time revelry resulted in empty beer bottles littering the street in front of the space, which spurred cops to investigate. After they crashed the party and spotted Brown holding a bag of pot, officers brought him outside. “They were being very cool until someone threw a hot dog out the window at them,” Brown told us. “It basically broke the good will. That's when they put me in handcuffs.” Empty beer bottles, marijuana and flying hot dogs would seem perfectly natural at a show featuring work by legendary counterculture cartoonist R. Crumb. According to a press release hyping the show, the “two most familiar forms of intoxicated transcendence are examined through a clouded lens, blurred by pot smoke and beer goggles.”

Read between the lines?

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by penelope (08.06.05 09:20 pm)

Funny thing about drunk VS. stoned is it just serves to remind you how great it is to be dunk AND stoned. That's when the real business gets transacted if you know what I mean.

Arrest should be great for Gavin's biz & rep. Bet he wasnt in the klink long enough to get his pants unzipped.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by milecardillo (08.06.05 09:44 pm)

between the lines? so wht really happened?

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by jackieou (08.07.05 12:12 am)

an academic joke/ What if there's...“nothing there”: and. about this “real friends” stuff; a segway to (yessssssss-shhhhh) real betrayel. I have no firend right now (no money, no drugs and, ofcourse, no car)'s quiet...just...thretening bvrief marouding groups of bad mucusion and tepid artisans.. Itt works. (Ms Piath - please!)

Ok ...zimmer? And the cougar - when was the last time you saw one of those? The tiger in a suprisingly effective in silver and black scheam...tempting (Yes...Arnold's the middle, so...his kidney and left got it...; christ...anything to avoid sucking dick again...)

Makes : Morgan 4/4  1967  35,630  $16,500.00 - Aug-06 13:45  
1967 Morgan 4/4 in Great Condition!! 

Other Makes  1958  99,999,999  $5,000.00
$23,500.00 - Aug-06 11:00  
1958 Morris Minor Traveler “Woody” 

Other Makes : Avenger Kit Car a  1973  9,999,999  $100.00 - Aug-06 10:45  
Avenger Kit Car 

Other Makes : Sunbeam Tiger  1966  86,917  $10,000.00 - Aug-06 10:03  
Sunbeam Tiger 

Other Makes : Zimmer GoldenSpirit  1983  24,950  $1,091.00
$24,950.00 3 Aug-06 06:27  
1983 Zimmer 

Other Makes : Mercury Cougar Conv!  1971  42,685  $2,485.00 2 Aug-05 19:30  
1971 Cougar Convertible Only 1,723 Ever Made, Rare! 

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by zipthwung (08.07.05 12:35 am)

or roid rage. I dunno. Uncharitably, I'd say unlevened hipocracy. Short bread for long toast.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by zipthwung (08.07.05 12:38 am)

oh and i dont know but I believe the cops came because of the raucous crowd, not the bottles. I guess Gavin was dancing in the street, slow like.

this is disco harassment.

by Jareth (08.07.05 12:54 am)

“empty beer bottles littering the street ”
are you sure it wasn't him sucker punching me from behind? dude watch your meds.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by Jareth (08.07.05 01:03 am)

hey gavin brown - lets talk assult and battery,

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by zipthwung (08.07.05 01:11 am)

So easy to get stuck in all that California snow

Love to love ya baby.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by jackieou (08.07.05 01:23 am)

this just in:

($BAa:d(B $BKcH~$5$s(B)$BK\?M$N0MMj$r$5$l$?CK@-$@$1$KAw$i$l$F$$$k%a!<(B

$B$F$$$^$9!#(B $B:#$N<+J,$K$ONx$OI,?MMW$J$$;W$H$C$F$$$k$N$G$9$,!”(B
$B!!$44|BT$KEz$($i$l$k>l9g$O(B $B$+(B


(Refusal Adress)

previous post

by fucktard tracker (08.07.05 02:14 am)

Level: Obvious

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by zipthwung (08.07.05 02:16 am)

we are going to make the shti happen right here right now...

off to worlf and lamb. meet us there. !

Re: Pitcher and Catcher Show

by curious (08.07.05 03:01 am)

Suicide Squeeze Me

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by uri geller (08.08.05 03:53 am)

NY Cops Crash Gavin Brown Afterparty
Mellow Crowd Shouted At, Sent Home by New York's Finest at “Drunk vs. Stoned 2” Exhibition Post-Opening Barbecue

Things have been bad, civil-liberties-wise, after 9/11 and the Republican Convention mass arrests, but the cops seriously need to find more productive uses of their time. Tonight several plainclothes entered a private party on the rooftop deck above Gavin Brown's Leroy Street gallery, ostensibly alarmed by seeing a few bottles on the sidewalk. They caught Brown holding a baggie, grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the party, then got angry when a smart aleck guest allegedly threw a hot dog at them. Before arresting Brown on a minor possession charge, they forced him to stand up in front of his guests like an errant schoolboy and ask “who threw the hot dog.” I shit you not. When no guilty hot dog thrower came forward, they threw everyone out of the party. One violently slammed shut the barbecue grill, another of the little bullies (for some reason they were all short) stood on a bench and announced “Whoever is the last to leave comes out in handcuffs.” Everyone there, which included some art world personages, filed out in a state of shock. Amazing to think that New York was once called “Fun City.”

I'm gonna take the cops side this time.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by uri geller (08.08.05 04:15 am)

One thing that freaks me out about posting here i that often things that I post are repeated to me a day later. this has nothing to do witht he content - like direct quotes or specific images.

Case in pon tis the “Enders Game” Reference, which seemed signif icant to dome dinner party guests.

If it doenst mean anything to you, then read more and then find something of interest. I guarantee you that there is something that you can apply to your daily life.

Re: Dog and Pony Show

by confusionIs nothing new (08.08.05 11:07 am)

oh, poor little gavin., - boy that 13 bucks nar coverd what you smashed. 911? or was it battery that gave teh cops the open door to your post-punk area. - FEH