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by What The (08.07.05 06:53 pm)

SOOOO Last Century and imagine he's still smoking

Returning from a cigarette break outside,

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by alienbarbiebaby (08.08.05 02:36 pm)

you know; closse; that commercial from the seventies, some beer;;lonesom bo-ho getting his horn out in seatle or sf rooming house room...the romantic R-teeest; jump cut: red head: siquened gown; go with the blows jonney. Look: today: 30 - ok? Aprenetly 28 is as far as they get and- really, hank sized cult...yup...3 jag guys in a razor edged LTD thing I've never seen before:“fucken bitches - why does she always do di to me”, doing the same cancess over and over and ...poking though...triad: the first step to criminal ponzy: feel the power; wrong size so...they'll be a littlle asymtrical and probably have a nice watergate white frame but the time they drift into your cracked skullllllll.

That dino was so cheap and you said no....really : which hospitol do you choose .

Smoke Em/ If you Got Em

by penelope (08.08.05 03:14 pm)

He is hunched against the rawness of one of those cold Paris nights, when the wet wind, sweeping in from the Atlantic uninterrupted by the plains to the west, blows down into the city streets, banishing cobwebs. Half his face is illuminated by the oblique ray of a street lamp that is the apparent but invisible source of the pool of light at his feet. The light, coming from above at an angle, lends a theatrical air to the prominence of his face in the photograph, a face that features a large aquiline nose and, jutting out and down, a cigarette—long, inordinately thick, and very white against the darkness.

Re: Sweat and Lowdown

by alienbarbiebaby (08.08.05 05:07 pm)

Actually...sounds like Martin beck; stokholm; and the volvo pulled out pretty fast; time as a portly dyke stood by a scwhin scrome, heavy fenders, 50's bikes sudenl;y back in style like out takes of the book ends of bv; staring at nothing...and then the buick, as buicks will, drove away slowly.

Re: Sweat and Lowdown

by alienbarbiebaby (08.09.05 12:37 am)

So...paint away and through the triad that seemed to creep; day burns and some other colors seem apropriate and...I I guess: pic came out with out a itch (this canvess gets mightmusty sometimes in digital):

love to give you all four (or the whole minus three sbitrary negations) but...that's the way it goes:

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by jackieou (08.10.05 04:50 pm)

now...I'm noit that sort of guy but...i ussualy do try to get them to cash me out around now. Actually ( i need the money; and I'm not luxuriouse; anyways...the odld guy...beard...funky...122s wagon....instant museums in old mill buildings...what the hell: no...hyman...gullwing...balled...beared..really: seem to be a bit of very nice maserati action, kurtis (one of the inspirations for the bobmobile) a lot a Ac and...a blue bugatti ford - really - hate to do this, the words of s/c (or the queens baby sitters in the sixties pointing at an e type) “that's my car”:

I extort the mob; I have a bad rep's s tratagy

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by epforbrush (08.21.05 11:55 am)

starting to wind down with my intern as the end of the summer encroaches- but i have started to take him around and introduce him to the foundry guys, the picture framers and the artists that i know in town

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by minimini (09.21.05 12:48 pm)