Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.10.05 06:23 pm)

oh come now, very few people missed what really happened. our answering machine blew up.

Re: High Art

by jackieou (08.11.05 06:00 pm)

a hauranger of things to come(actually - question in my mind, and this may be a sienfield question) Gerhard Berger...realy:

Ferrari  1982  72,350  $16,999.00
$16,999.00 - 8d 04h 18m  
Rare Ferrari Mondial 8, A Beauty!! SNOOZE YOU LOSE!!! 

Re: High Art

by jackieou (08.11.05 06:08 pm)

harbour...jesus christ: now - where we last left Bob the Bunny (+C) (#27 - 8/5/05)

wo -wowow - ya wo wow wow wow wwoow wohe ahwow wow hah wo...uooooorghh,,,


...never quite made it to jersey; didn't have to; the “I don't even look like Bob Dylin ” convention still going full blast:“Can I barrow you're cell - I need to try callin phill again:” Sneared at me:“Teeny tiny: go away.”


Ok..I did have a drink - I could aford that; and then, true believer's only:"Jackson's Revenge part 5: you jesssss...ride that babay out; you are you'rre own painting: voila! 27 and..special again,. twice in the last week: 4./4 - ok???
Hummmph ...see you latter; keep your PCs...

next up...balmong hell; junior high all over again budy boy; like in first grade (kind of delicate) what is this: chop sticks: worse than that BUt if I , as si guy, want to go up agains the full force of I SPY ...I have no choice:

voila - sort of a loop thing...when you burst out moaning: what small hands..." till then:

Re: High Art

by jackieou (08.11.05 06:47 pm)

ooops - really : time released; I herear a murmer of porsche offers I bid on toy alafs and up lancia on ebay: your computer will explode: still , last week, I like to have a dork pic on the wall - and it''s like this gooey perfect shot of a fulvia zagato - somebody really thought it out's actually kind of nice , and a little later, loop oportunity - mint on box cogi version way to cheap and I go for the silly shot, same window sill - kind of henry ooz outside my window just flows over this baby; I think they folded and unfolded some mercinaries shield or something...their really cool - I ussed to try and buy em all the time and I think you have to murder certain number rattle snakes in a certain order..not quite a cult but I can't have a real on: super narrow angle 1300 the cutest engine you ever saw in your life:

Re: High Art

by jackieou (08.12.05 01:35 am)

squeeel- screamL: red alert: a car i am not familure with by onbe of the most feared me in racing history (Like...there's on picture of him ever....)

please - compate to my limited edition “kinko” which did go up in suitable graffity areas (torn down the next day; back up saturday at dusk) - the did like this seventies stuff (plus cheach and chong, as JR would say) so...might really screw up some band width scame or something:


0  $50,000.00 - Aug-11 21:00  
BIZZARRINI 128P SPORT Super Rare Factory Team Race Car! 

Other Makes : Kaiser M715 Jeep M 715  1969  16,000  $100.00
$4,495.00 - Aug-11 19:56  
1969 Jeep Kaiser M 715, dump bed LOOK CONVERTIBLE 4X4 

Other Makes : Morris Minor  1959  43,099  $1,250.00 - Aug-11 18:30  
1959 Morris Minor Convertible NO RESERVE 

Other Makes : Iso Rivolta  1966  32,523  $10,001.01 4 Aug-11 18:21  
Iso Rivolta GT - Rare Corvette Powered Italian Exotic 

Other Makes  1973  35,273  $15,778.00 7 Aug-11 17:15  
1973 DeTomaso Pantera Runs & Drives Nice 33K Orig mile 

Other Makes  1975  46,000  $1,125.00 3 Aug-11 15:52  
1975 Bricklin SV 1 Drive it Home! 

Other Makes : CABALLERO NOT SPRINT  1985  110,064  $1,700.00 7 Aug-11 15:02  

Other Makes Allard K2  1950  1,451  $22,322.00
$125,000.00 3 Aug-11 15:01  
1950 Allard K2 Roadster 1 of 119 Made Cadillac V8 ! 

Other Makes Brass Auto  1904  99,999,999  $202.50
$59,000.00 3 Aug-11 14:12  
1904 Simplicity Horseless Carriage Brass Era Auto Car 

Other Makes : Auto Union DKW  1959  45,514  $100.00 1 Aug-11 12:14  
1959 Auto Union (DKW) very rare Universal wagon VW Audi 

Other Makes : series 80  1926  371  $50,000.00 - Aug-11 12:00  

Other Makes Convertible  1974  95,003  $4,999.00
$8,999.00 - Aug-11 11:13  
'74 Jensen Healey Orig owned by Connie Chung 

Other Makes : TC 2000  1967  102,172  $100.00 - Aug-11 11:08  
1967 Rover TC 2000 w/ parts car 

iso; bizza, gm and box section - rare jeep - our old buddy the dkw - really like people who hate german cars...after the great of nifty...I dunno - 36 is gonna be heavy...

Re: High Art

by alienbarbiebaby (08.12.05 02:11 am)

this in from loop controle west (finaly taking it up a notch)

you forgot your tie mr phelps...

really...dino first..i'll fuck up your hookers - done it before...whole families... DINO DINO DINO...I don't do vettes - don't do toobo ni otieohs work bench dude poo-pooed ah ovah my seeree e e yawn

Re: High Art

by alienbarbiebaby (08.12.05 03:28 pm)

Here this fits in - that's...$800,000 all together - you nknow what really happen? ran out of crosses; want's to relocate up here no problem - steak knife...scrow the roap - ooops - no car; tar as a little tricky; maybe that spray on undercoating heh Marry (yea...that's how I did trhat“painting”....)

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Ex-Klansman granted bail in ‘Mississippi Burning’ case

1 hour, 29 minutes ago

MIAMI (Reuters) - A Mississippi judge on Friday granted bail to 80-year-old former Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen, who was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the 1964 killings of three civil rights workers in a case that inspired the 1988 movie “Mississippi Burning.”

Circuit Judge Marcus Gordon granted Killen's release on bond of $600,000 pending appeal of his manslaughter conviction, Neshoba County court clerk Patti Duncan Lee said. Killen had not posted bond as of early afternoon.

“The judge granted bond of $600,000, $200,000 for each count,” Lee said.

Killen was convicted by a multiracial jury on June 21 on three counts of felony manslaughter for the notorious crime that galvanized the civil rights movement. He was sentenced two days later to 20 years in prison on each count.

After a short trial evoking memories of the brutal racial violence of the era, the jury found Killen organized a posse to kidnap, beat and shoot Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney and bulldoze their bodies under an earthen dam.

Re: High Art

by alienbarbiebaby (08.13.05 02:23 pm)

“...quiet...too quiet...”

interesting series:

last one's pretty cute:

original Deep dishCobra oil pan , 1965,66 for 289,302     $200.00 5 2d 23h 56m

Re: High Art

by jackieou (08.13.05 06:03 pm)

That baby - people have blown out whole towns and made their daughter hook again at like...$1500...and it's just sitting there; got out bid n those slot car bodies..can't make up my mind: scarabs should be an item (I want the lotus 23 obviously...gonna...slip some mark 7 elvas in there just to be wild...hey...marsdon...a JJ Newberry exclusive...that white plastic...had a n alfa cangaroo I couldn't build when I was like 6...slot cars through me - that 65 1.5 12 lorenzo ferrari - couldn't get it together - otherwsie I was pretty good))

ok. Really - 34...not adaquet ansd started to see-quence thing and - I'll stick with it; lots of head way..strieght to 35 question about it. I can deal with it; did take another pic of the larger one but...had already started to paint over 34 before batterries recharged so...that's what you get. I don't like four - has a ss/swatsticathing to it: 6, 7, 8 ...nice numbers...I don't like four at all; so...I will stick with it - a painting that says out loud: I don't like 4.

got some salad stuff and a fruit dish, very reasobale priced; little notice on the front door warned against trash being left out...all those vases and stuff in the hall:“oh my god - this is devine...”actually some nice stuff and every one steped over it; rumours was some jordon parts at the end - no problem - ok???

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.13.05 06:13 pm)

huge problem.

Re: High Art

by sirrimmy (08.13.05 08:39 pm)

take it bitches

Re: High Art...

by sirrimmy (08.14.05 10:14 am)

Re: High Art

by The_Nothing_Yeah (08.14.05 09:03 pm)

My art is Nothing. I'll even prove it to you

Re: High Art

by uri geller (08.14.05 09:20 pm)

mo hawk less talk.

Re: High Art

by sirrimmy (08.15.05 06:59 pm)

crack open all u want theyll make more

Re: Weird science

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 07:13 pm)

Now wear a bra on your head.

Re: High Art

by jackieou (08.17.05 07:54 pm)

not quite si classics; which first - bokov and his complaints...I dunno; stick to...23; 38 is a toughy -ask bugatti - you wonder - did they do it on purpose? 30s go good sometimes, 38s...3 mains: kaboom; fake ones- b-burg d-lux...jay leno with his extra special like 3/4 size not quite teeny tiny 38 for the shows so he could feel extra giant sized. Hot rumour - SI? They just fucking hated Nicholas De hustleing all those callenders and stuff.

Had a whole collection of those body paint pics. Who cares; those tuzxedo sweatshorts for the acadamy awards in the 70's: hey wow- look at me: I'm a cool coke head not in jail fpor beating up my gf...thanks and thank my producer Sual winewinewinestien: those moody eyes...MORE SUGAR!!!!!!!

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If u can't join um, lingum

by cali forya (08.17.05 09:49 pm)

All that hot air, and so boring, did your dad help build the Maginot Line or sumpin?

Re: High Art

(08.18.05 06:18 am)

Collasping Climax ?

Re: I hear non-sequiturs can be art

by uri geller (08.18.05 07:19 am)

James Joyce

He was stupid
He didn't know as much as me
I'd rather throw dead batteries at cows than read him
Everything was going fine before he came along
He started the Civil War
He tried to get the French involved, but they wouldn't listen
They filled him up with desserts
He talked about all the great boxers that came from Ireland
Like he trained them or something
Then he started reading some of his stuff
Right as we told him to get lost
He brought up the potato famine
We said “Your potatoes are plenty good”
“Deal with it”
“Work it out somehow”
Then he said “America must adopt the metric system,
it's much more logical”
We said “No ! We like our rulers, go away”
Thomas Jefferson said you always get the rulers you deserve

a single kiss

by Jareth (08.18.05 10:44 am)

“He tried to weigh his soul to see if it was a poet's soul. Melancholy was the dominant note of his temperament, he thought, but it was melancholy tempered by recurrences of faith and resignation and simple joy. If he could give expression to it in a book of poems perhaps men would listen.”


by Nomad2 (08.18.05 02:54 pm)

              1 No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist
              2     Wolf's-bane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine;
              3 Nor suffer thy pale forehead to be kiss'd
              4     By nightshade, ruby grape of Proserpine;
              5          Make not your rosary of yew-berries,
              6     Nor let the beetle, nor the death-moth be
              7          Your mournful Psyche, nor the downy owl
              8 A partner in your sorrow's mysteries;
              9     For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
            10          And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.
            11 But when the melancholy fit shall fall
            12     Sudden from heaven like a weeping cloud,
            13 That fosters the droop-headed flowers all,
            14     And hides the green hill in an April shroud;
            15 Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose,
            16     Or on the rainbow of the salt sand-wave,
            17          Or on the wealth of globed peonies;
            18 Or if thy mistress some rich anger shows,
            19     Emprison her soft hand, and let her rave,
            20          And feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes.
            21 She dwells with Beauty—Beauty that must die;
            22     And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips
            23 Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh,
            24     Turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips:
            25 Ay, in the very temple of Delight
            26     Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine,
            27          Though seen of none save him whose strenuous tongue
            28     Can burst Joy's grape against his palate fine;
            29 His soul shalt taste the sadness of her might,
            30          And be among her cloudy trophies hung.


1] The original first stanza of the poem, suppressed before publication ended: “you would fail/To find the Melancholy—whether she/Dreameth in any isle of Lethe dull.”

6] death moth: the Death's-head moth
[John Keats (1795-1821): Ode on Melancholy]

Re: 3.1416

by uri geller (08.18.05 04:29 pm)

When I called my Dell Computer Support Department eight months ago to register my new laptop, my phone call was routed to India . The helpful young man on the phone and I became chatty. He was very excited about his new job, although he still had to live at home with his parents and couldn’t afford to marry. He was 34 years old. He was on his twelfth hour of a fourteen-hour day. He earned $9 a day! A day—and he was happy. Before Dell, he earned less than a dollar a day. When I hung up the telephone, I cried.

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.30.05 01:45 am)

the notion that parties can be works of art that party gowers are players, and that the long night itself can be considered as a raw art material wold be no news at a Jacobean masque or in a sixteenth-century Venice. I t is certainly as old as old as organized nightlife itself.

Lowered Expectations

by Price Pfister (08.30.05 02:25 am)

Be a Top Earner.

Re: High Art

by yeah (08.30.05 02:35 am)

uncle said that folks these days like every real out plain and explained, but when it is plain ans explained there comes with this an cetain feeling of absense. Yeah he says, this loos epenchlu syeh jsjan ab in there so wls n s,a as people skjsxb if thit's best to work a little harder and tre,kj skj ahhh. Tha's what uncle said, he said.
FYI uncle aslo said hi art is like a double bunker sometimes it on the top sometimes on the bottom so befor you murder oh mean commit murder something you got to check first...that's both bunks, the mirror and, the parking meter beforehand he said, because says there are those in po who know

Re: High Art

by penelope (08.30.05 03:01 am)

get real.
drunk and stoned.

Re: Dethroned

by zip (08.30.05 04:06 am)

Mondaugen's Law: “Personal Density is directly proportional to
temporal bandwidth.” Temporal bandwidth is the width of your present,
your now. It is the familiar “delta-t” considered as a dependent
variable. The more you dwell in the past and in the future, the
thicker your bandwidth, the more solid your personal. But the narrower
your sense of Now, the more tenuous you are. It may get to where
you're having trouble remembering what you were doing five minutes
ago, or even—as Slothrop now— what you're doing here, at the base
of this colossal curved embankment.... Thomas Pynchon. Gravity's
Rainbow (509)

Re: High Art

by yeah (08.30.05 07:26 am)

uncle said penelope that you shouldn't throw stones especially at the drunk because they might not be able to dodge them, he said. BTW
I think that person zip whoever that person is is on toooo sumdwkj. bkase when id boring and not frowinf stoens I think is forget everything snorking is was that road where that you saud that ther was a streel lamps on so i thight did think of the bood with spern wales becasue rains and spern whal forgtt something i don;t know what cbause my uncl is nit around no more;dlsis;lnc n
“...Has the Sperm Whale ever written a book, spoken a speech? No, his great genius is declared in his doing nothing particular to prove it. It is moreover declared in his pyramidical silence.5... But then again, what has the whale to say? Seldom have I known any profound being that had anything to say to this world...”

new no.

by Jareth (08.30.05 09:35 am)

every bourgeois is a little playwright, who invents different subjects and who, instead of situating suitable characters on the level of his own intelligence, like chrysalises on chairs, tries to find causes or objects (according to whichever psychoanalytic method he practices) to give weight to his plot, a talking and self-defining story.

Every spectator is a plotter, if he tries to explain a word (to know!) From his padded refuge of serpentine complications, he allows his instincts to be manipulated. Whence the sorrows of conjugal life.

To be plain: The amusement of redbellies in the mills of empty skulls.

Re: High Art

by yeah (08.30.05 10:37 am)

a was interseertiuhe din being a platruute but I didn't think i could kasjh get the platyer to do it right that was a probvlem that i took to uncle and he said he said that i shoulds concntrate a little more and that way i would get a nlilltele ore and be abvle to give a little npm n cjcmore and tin that way would be a litlte more thatn the litle that the nmore that io am thsi is har for me kwm becuse the keyboard is nto the ususal wdnone i kneo had oi found a lkkey boar dhtsta saidf everything that you knoe i kn ow that you would know wha i mean

Gee, Professor jareth, u r so white!

by America and Me (08.30.05 10:43 am)

u thinkin Sperri Top Siders 4 the Fall?

When I called my Dell Computer Support Department

by America and Me (08.30.05 10:47 am)

Way 2go, Urizipyeller, u just helped one of the biggest Bush contributors, Michael Dell well well well, look who's the big repuglickan now. Zip.

Re: High Art

by yeah (08.30.05 11:00 am)

and uncle said, and uncle said don;t harp on abpoeijrfg;kttut ththtttthings ...but, some poeple are paid to look at the stupid stuff and make sense of it, and some are paid to to look at commen sense (and make sense of it?) gofigu

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.30.05 11:12 am)

wow, thx. for careing actually big $ pinch right now so i am just going to get my old pair of black Fluevog's repaired (heel broke off)... the red only work once in a while, - if you care to donate i am thinkin:

Re: High Art

by denny greenway (08.30.05 11:39 am)

Sweet. You'd look good in those mamacita. Hope you get em.

Kids say the darndest things.

by wally cox (08.30.05 11:48 am)

Hi Art.

Surfs Up, dude!

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.30.05 12:19 pm)

heh, i still get mamacita, managed to move right into mini el barrio, - it is cute however alittle less t-skirt,.

Shine On

by wally cox (08.30.05 12:51 pm)

“an artist might advance specifically to get lost, and to intoxicate himself in dizzying syntaxes, seeking odd intersections of meaning, strange corridors of history, unexpected echoes, unknown humors, or voids of knowledge . . . coherences that vanish into quasiexactitudes and sublunary and translunary principles.”

like, whatever.

Dwayne the tub.

by wally cox (08.30.05 01:35 pm)

I'm dwounding.

who isn't?

by wally cox (08.30.05 01:58 pm)

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.30.05 03:33 pm)

the elite were not invited and they never will be. ;)

Flat Out

by wally cox (08.30.05 04:00 pm)

Hey batter batter hey batter batter SWING

Re: High Art

by zip (08.30.05 04:19 pm)

I made a Pinyatta once. Everyone should make at least one. The kids loved it. Or at least they loved the candy.
Something for everyone.

Who hasn't made one?

Right now I like the greasicles that hang off the vent at the Chinese “restaurant” around the corner.

That's what I'm into.

That and some other stuff.

Mickey Mouse-style

by penelope (08.30.05 04:58 pm)

Narrowly interpreted as those figures that ornament discourse; broadly, as representing a manifestation of the person speaking. “The word is derived from the instrument stilus, of metal, wood, or ivory, by means of which, in classic times, letters and words were imprinted upon waxen tablets. By the transition of thought known as metonomy the word has been transferred from the object which makes the impression to the sentences which are impressed by it, and a mechanical observation has become an intellectual conception. To ”turn the stylus“ was to correct what had been written by the sharp end of the tool, by a judicious application of the blunt end, and this responds to that discipline and self-criticism upon which literary excellence depends. The energy of a deliberate writer would make a firm and full impression when he wielded the stylus. A scribe of rapid and fugitive habit would press more irregularly and produce a less consistent text. The varities of writing induced by these differences of temperament would reveal the nature of the writer, yet they would be attributed, and with justice, to the implement which immediately produced them. Thus it would be natural for anyone who examined several tablets of wax to say, ”The writers of these inscriptions are revealed by their stylus“; in other words, the style or impression of the implement is the medium by which the temperament is transferred to the written speech” (Edmund Gosse, 11th Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica) “From the point of view of style, it is impossible to change the diction to say exactly the same thing; for what the reader receives from a statement is not only what is said, but also certain connotations that affect the consciousness” (Harmon and Holman, 500).
Style is essential to rhetoric in that its guiding assumption is that the form or linguistic means in which something is communicated is as much part of the message as is the content (as MacLuhan has said, “the medium is the message”). All figures of speech fall within the domain of style.
-“Style is character. It is the quality of a man's emotion made apparent; then by inevitable extension, style is ethics, style is government.” (Spinoza)

When is your birthday?

by wally cox (08.30.05 05:07 pm)

I'll send a pedestal.

Re:Blood on the Tracks

by zip (08.30.05 05:12 pm)

Write in reverse: make an impression.

So I went out and bought a $400 trash can.

by wally cox (08.30.05 05:48 pm)

It's one of those upright kitchen size jobs with the foot pedal action. $400 for a TRASH CAN? you say? Oh yeah. This is America. Throw it away!
Anyway, this is the deal maker. When you step on the pedal it says, (really Loud with a Rutger Hauer voice) “I want more trash, fucker!”

How could ya pass that up?


by wally cox (08.30.05 05:57 pm)

when ya tap the pedal it's like scratchin' records. “I want I want I want I want...”

Very American.

I sleep like a dead man.

Re: Holy Holy Holy. Oh.

by zip (08.30.05 06:03 pm)

I just got rid of my trash can. It wasn't mine.

“Somewhere I had come up with the notion that one's personal life had nothing to do with fiction, when the truth, as everyone knows, is nearly the direct opposite.”

Re: High Art

by confusionIs nothing new (08.30.05 06:06 pm)

i WISH we had a garbage can.
just bags that get filled and dragged out daily.
next pay cycle.

Re: High Art

by zip (08.30.05 07:32 pm)

I just chuck my garbage in the East river.


by Billy Idol (08.30.05 07:52 pm)

there is no god up in the sky tonight
no sign of heaven anywhere in sight
all that was true is left behind
once i could see now i am blind
don't want the dreams you try to sell
this disease i give it to myself
how does it feel?
suck suck suck
how does it feel?
suck suck suck
she makes it sweeter than the sun
it gets too tight i come undone
i bow my head to confess
the temple walls are made of flesh
runs up my arm till i'm on track
itches the skin right off my back
i'll heal your wounds
i'll set you free
i'm jesus christ on ecstacy
how does it feel? } [x6]
suck suck suck }


Not a 'people person', eh Zip?

by wally cox (08.30.05 08:09 pm)

If you're that close to the east river (with access) you must be talking about your neighbors.

Duuuuuude. Righteous!

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.30.05 08:15 pm)

i just chuck my bodys into the east river.

by epforbrush (08.30.05 09:28 pm)

how big is 8500 square feet?

take on me

by kingofallmedia (08.30.05 10:15 pm)

wow how underground...

take me on

by Jareth (08.30.05 10:25 pm)

So needless to say
I'm odds and ends
But that's me stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is OK.
Say after me
It's no better to be safe than sorry

Re: Medium High Art

by wally cox (08.30.05 10:43 pm)

Thanks Howard.

Get serious.

thanks fattie...

by kingofallmedia (08.30.05 10:50 pm)

ive gone global

Re: High Art Thou

by wally cox (08.31.05 12:23 am)

Katydid, Katydidn't.
Katydidn't, Katydid.


hey fattie

by kingofallmedia (08.31.05 12:28 am)

if yr concerned w yr weight, just get a tiny tummy put in i heard it works great, or try trimspa, itll give u that sexy powerful attitude, just look what it did for anna nicohle smith, and shes got a vacum for brains! u can at least post on talkback, u got one up on her!

East coast pidgeons would never stoop to the Berkeley Breakfast.

by scumbag (08.31.05 01:46 am)

Stop feeding the pidgeons.

Re: High Art

by Jeff Spicoli (08.31.05 05:49 am)

hola little amigos! Scratching the sand, feeling the fur, mirroring evil....thats the kind of theory I like dude.

Bro, I am so stoked, because like my complex social networking theory paid off, and it wasnt even like I tried bro! All I did was drink beer and say ALOHA!

Let him who cast the first stone pass the second dude!

Iatolah Cashola. Well i better not jinx it cuz broo, that would be a harsh hit off the wrong tube.

Re: High Art

by yeah (08.31.05 09:38 am)

“like heading into the tube the wrong way, like that would be like bones”

like riding the big waves or duckin ya head in one of them west coaster tubies takes a lot of high art. No dude enters the wrong way —physics lskdjfhbqlvw states the obvois, you get crushed. Like the art tube is a different ball of cuttlefish, like im chewing on one wiright now charpenen the beak as all is. Like we all go thte desire for the big one like have you doe it i don;t get the artstuff much but i thinking ya gan wifde the wiffdddle ones and pretent ya goooing in the big becaus eit's on on paper after all ZLike I thro my paper tube when there is no more rapppp, and that's just sensible ejjdfknliwvjbo for any one who nos sensible. so i figure wiping ye ass with a paper tube is not like starting with the full blow one with the paer yo have to unravel at the same time when hu unbalbel a hole tunebebebebeb
yoa dao no that ya know how to unravel and ya know where to get the next one from but like that is not what uncle said is thhhhe said those wo wiope it clean each time aren't working the tubes they just shity and use the poaer and when they get to the tube they just throw it away and get anothe full coated um, what it vvcyyyyyy cal yeah, yeah, .. i i believe unvlce .

Re: High Art

by Jeff Spicoli (08.31.05 10:04 am)

You're a dick.

Re: High Art

by yeah (08.31.05 10:46 am)

i fink s is Ok to be a dik b case dick moved out hand left dick with dick and that is rewardavlble i think i mean comdemable d. So anyway that's wat i thnk about dick i thin k

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.31.05 11:16 am)

oh bravo! spot on rebuttal, i tip my hat to u sir!

Re: The 25 Most Common Problems in Business: And How Jesus Solved Them.

by Dutch Boy (08.31.05 11:49 am)

Touch my bunghole du, touch it.

-Turning Cheeky.

Re: High Art

by Unbekannt (08.31.05 02:10 pm)

“Wow, I may have been the first to coin ”institutional critique!“ And here I thought menopause would be the highlight of my life.”

Re: High Art

by penelope (08.31.05 02:59 pm)

I find that pigeons, like people, do what they have to do. Sometimes that includes dreaming and delusion—for people, probably not for pigeons—but a pigeon dream sounds interesting.

Yesterday I was reading the Sept Vogue, as thick as a novel by Pynchon. Thats where I ran across the idea of “style is character”. I like the idea that something is revealing like that. Comes from within. Perhaps it can be manipulated, but perhaps not. The attempt at manipulation is revealing in and of itself.

I share a birthday with Boy George. You missed it. Maybe next year.

pigeon dream

by scumbag (08.31.05 03:35 pm)

stoop. no, stoop further. stoop more. more.

Re: High Art

by Unbekannt (08.31.05 04:58 pm)
stoop. no, stoop further. stoop more. more.

Apparently there are no depths.

Re: High Art

by Jareth (08.31.05 11:42 pm)

which horse of the apocolispeis that?
dude shits blown out... . .

Re: High Art

by sirrimmy (09.01.05 12:05 am)

gimmie abreak, u dont need yr paystubs

Re: High Art

by Unbekannt (09.01.05 01:08 pm)

sizeking shit
and now I'll take a shower and then have some lunch and then get back to transcribing 21 year old computer-aided poetry.

Your stick pony lost his head.

by stewpid (09.01.05 05:16 pm)