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Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by aaron noble (08.14.05 05:22 pm)

This event was indeed special. I would only add to what Mathew Wilder wrote a comment on the Cagean effect of Basinski's setup, whereby, once the viewer's state was properly altered, all the incidental environmental phenomena seemed to become exquisitely part of the performance. The cars that occasionally drove through the alley behind the red scrim, their engines at perfect pitch. The motion sensor triggered security light going on and off across the street just when your visual attention started to drift. The gorgeous finale of the low flying airplane that crossed over us to conclude the piece. When the first chair collapsed, early in the piece, I thought of it as a distraction, but the second chair collapse was flat out gorgeous. I hope that guy was okay.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.14.05 07:11 pm)

Oh - jeez - you should get into theater of crualty; dialite of time ambulances without a stop watch; startingover - some people can handle; quick oconography of n.gangs (to be charatable) starting their freight train today(that adorable shot of the two lucky vase winners playing himp monkey gave a good idea) today...36 is ready to go: how about his baby - that wierd n/russian fim with natasha and midnight cowbow...little frieght train ...oh...oboing...I don't go near you guys: -a s I always say (and you can asl pheel heel as soon as he slipes of the stoll) no such thing as a freee chair:

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.14.05 07:47 pm)

or (4/29)

pun of the day: Salvador Dalai Lama

includes infamouse: NIETSCHE CARDS

I recomend( prequill - some people skip this one for some reason - not highlighted correctly...sort of a ...sleeper):
as well....

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by The_Nothing_Yeah (08.14.05 08:56 pm)

Yes, I would like to say something
It's about

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.14.05 09:23 pm)

see - nothingness; another (old)question, if not the next, question; next little move in new existentialism (ther is a war: prove your rehotoric); vows of silence, etc; enemies within enemies and what I alow myself to convey in your presence, especialy vis-a-vee “monster” theory, which is to say, those ways in which you are not an idividgual (or...that cute ditzy blond with :the dady") in contast, do I allow myself silence.


35 reshot; 36 ready way early; K dick big screen version latter; does nietsche give room to nothingness: I believe Nietsche get's way into nothingness, but...his nothingness is not mine- or rather, it exactly is; that's why,“when I make the statement: I hate nietsche, that's why I love nietsche”; I am perhaps speaking within a quadrangle and at least, one, maybe two elements are missing: I vote with myself , and the winner is: I hate nietsche:

I like these - I got different colors from you...think about it...

Re: HOt, Hot, HOt and Hot.

by uri geller (08.14.05 10:00 pm)

Its hot here. The wind blew over a bunch of needed street shade trees and I predict dire weather patterns in the years to come. Welcome to global warming.

The nothing, you're fired!

On your computor model, your “toon shader” blows - or the ligthing is wrong.

At the very least, up the polygon count on your model or put more isoparms in the nurb surface - your profile is tesselated for fucks sake.

Also, draw more from life and less from your hed. You'll thank me later when you can draw.

I know you enjoy all the vid effects and arty shit, but thats not whats interesting to other people, in my humble oppinion.

Good luck on the diet. I'm eating a lot of eggs. I'm going to try them raw next.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.14.05 11:16 pm)

You know _ I swaer I was right out the door when I read the above half hour or so ago but the old machine jamed and here I am back again - where from- the market? Whart for: well, as the Fonz once said: food. Yea...I wore leather...gonna have 23 in fake stencil letters on the back soon. Gonna look nice; fish fingers, yogert, more soi sauce...good stuff - little to fry up with fireid rice...good tarter sauce: tasity stuff.

Look - there's a really rough Brogward on - hint whcih way? One of my web pages in enttled Borgward )vangaurd of the anti - porscge squad; paid for em. Basic 51 chevy can crash em and live.amgic name: Bill Blydenstien - dutch...gas flowed heads in his kitchen sink - thats' a cool guy.

Anways - seeing as your getting havy into nothingness - I like this one:

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Husband issues loom in Hillary Clinton Senate race

By Ellen Wulfhorst
Sun Aug 14, 8:48 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton comes up for re-election next year, New York voters may well be choosing between a high-powered female attorney with a wayward husband and a high-powered female attorney with a wayward husband.

The strongest potential challenger to emerge in the campaign against the Democratic Clinton is Republican Jeanine Pirro, district attorney in New York's suburban Westchester County.

Pirro is the best-known of the Republican challengers to emerge thus far, having cultivated a national profile with her work as a prosecutor and her frequent appearances on cable television.

Cable televisn - oh yea: as a republican - you and your husabnd suck ...suck his eggs -ok?

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.14.05 11:19 pm)

aaron noble——you really do now how to draw like marvel so nice

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by uri geller (08.15.05 12:41 am)

THere aught to be a law against defacing public property like that.

I love drawing the marvel way, still do.

NO hand eye coordination, despite years of video games. I don't get it. Fortunately I know that the heroic figure is 7 or 8 heads high. Arms are hard, because estheticly I like longer arms. And I draw ankles thick, probably out of fear. I do draw faces and crotches when its needed and stuff.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by Dolby (08.15.05 01:20 am)

Believe what ya wanna. Someday it will be what it is for you. Or probably not. Lessons to be learned. “Never stop learning”. As far as Marvel?... I like the “amp” angles. 2 legs one foot. Not too reassuring. What's a 1 legged spider gonna do for me in my time of need? Nothing.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Dis-Connected

by Dolby (08.15.05 02:19 am)

I chopped down one half of my apple tree today. Guess the Downy Woodpecker, who stops by every day, is in for half a meal now.
Macro-Bonsai. No lie.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 02:27 am)

Had one in the yard growing up. Pretty cool.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

(08.15.05 06:33 am)

Collasping intergrity?

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.15.05 02:36 pm)

se - you guys are almost doing something; marked that aaron guys page; you know... that caravagio shit...86...sort of exploding out the center; not what I'm doing, are doing something; a little comic-booky..still some sort academic or post marble thing. We watch.

Other makes/other models; the other side of cult: morris minor pick p (like...natoriouse...that kind of hit? Muira.) and...Rover'd hitch hike in the Uk and these really crazy ass greece balls - like, not fags like...they'd really fucky anything in the world: door nobs, cats. you , girls...anything , whole bucket of marsden right here: hear about that lsd cult that just murdered all there children: oh - I'll left you off here - I have to cut off a tow and eat it; MOm - still with the post men - and funny guys too: Those rovers - they'd chuckle about those : the four door Ferrari daytona...I dunno you guys...some rep - wouldn't talk about it: and this thing - like my father had one one winter drive it flat out a whole snowy winter ...he was like 'fluch; had no idea what he was doing with it...those guyys do that...flat out in four inches...don't see em anymore...lot a boston time: why I love threaening his life: god knows what he was remember (post new port festival season) one of “Phill's girls” really giving him the brush off while mom seathed : out a your league buddy boy: vivid memory the guy at the teeny local martket where I got the milk, maroon 356, demanding babnana flavored cigerette papers....

and thge they stole my baby austin...actualy, arranged to steal part of it first - not really a problem, that maybe that cooper a freind of his had would solve the problem - he's really aporsche, FV guy...just...slide it over...we are going back in time so...the cooper will work

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 02:48 pm)

DO androids dream of electric sheep?
The Sheep Look Up
Blade runner Blade Runner
Well I'm a bladreunner I bet you can't keep up with me.
Have the radio on
Have the radio on
Have the radio on
On the beach
Killing and Arab

Terminal MAn

Cobalt bombs
Nuclear winter
The Plague
Tear 'em up!
There's fuel in the air
Radio on.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.15.05 03:44 pm)

remember I claim second greatest pun of all time (goes out regularly - went out the day WTC went down) QUOTE: Mother mourning becomes fifths...

you guys...honest feel like you acomplish nothing: voila - streight from yahoo - this how long your reach is:

POSTINGS. by myprettypony, 04.03.05 08:29 pm. What is the value of a liberal arts education to a fine artist? ... he said it went fast, yea..back to alfa romeo; 944 for your “son” buddy; just a little ... ebay - like - mint in package Togi Alfa Guilla SS ...really...factor die - 58k - Cached - More from this site - Save - Block

oh yea - 1st place pun sweapstake: Borthy Parker: You can take a whore to culture, but you can't make her think.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by Jareth (08.15.05 03:54 pm)

ha. your “high culture.” is in the dumps baby cakes.

I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want
But I know how to get it
I wanna destroy the passerby

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy
Now don't worry

Anarchy for the UK
It's coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time stop a traffic line
Your future dream is a shopping scheme

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy
In the city

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.15.05 04:11 pm)

absolutly - got jonny right here - but you know what...rumouir etc, loop wispers: all of it, even the crimes, are a lie. Calm before the srom; 8/16. Yup ...the bunny is ready.

Dolly Dager playing...jonny latteer...

Ussed to have guys like me in the 70s...skinny, tight jeans...long hair...leather mc...45...

what's happening: boom!

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.15.05 04:20 pm)

Johnny lives in Manhatten Beach or sumthing. I love to think about him livin all mid aged bloated there. Brits love LA—David Hockney et al.

Darling boys—very “A Single Man”
Good book , surprise ending.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.15.05 04:24 pm)

LA—I can taste it...
(Diving into a wave) “He washes away thought, speech, mood, desire, whole selves, entire lifetimes, again and again he returns, becoming always cleaner, freer, less.”

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 04:27 pm)

Fo'rebs rates TB as worst of the web, so thats cool. I bet no one at Forbes has given it a close read or read it or seen it. Or gives a fucking shit really.

I got nothing against em, you know Fast Company or the Robb report or Cigar afficionado, or high times or consumer reports or build your own Magazines are for people with nominal disposable incomes and a fetish for landfill architecture. The internet is too fast at any speed, I say. What's the crew share on a purse seiner in hell?

I was hoping for a paperless society, but evidently our retina's arent advanced enough to interface with VGA screens on a level of WWeird Science or say Star Trek. THose aliens and cyborgs can absorb Data so fucking fast its unbelievable. I cant wait to jack in, even if I have to have a tinfoil helmet trephenator with a penecillin drip.

I'm the terminal man, the shockwave rider, burning chrome and crashing into snowbanks. I'm speaking greek but its really swahilli by way of esperanto.


111 was written on the side of the spaceship, and it means 7.

Re: A Cool, Dry Place.

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 04:42 pm)

It aint me. I aint the unfortunate one.

Agent 0011

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 04:53 pm)

The Teardrop Explodes', “Reward”
Misheard Lyrics:
Bless my cotton socks I'm in the nude
Original Lyrics:
Bless my cotton socks I'm in the news

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by confusionIs nothing new (08.15.05 04:59 pm)

"Breathless, gossipy and illustrated with people pics torn right out of the social pages (and commentary on which curator is wearing the fetishistic black patent leather boots). This blog of the venerable art rag puts you right on the scene in art world hot spots, from London to Los Angeles, from Miami to Mexico City, and of course New York. Whether it's a performance of the ultra-hip art duo Los Super Elegantes, a fashion-show event at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery or the wild party scene during Art Basel Miami, the diary serves it up in vivid and dogged detail. Miss the Paul McCarthy show at Haus der Kunst? Monumentality and gaudiness, baby. But don't let the gossipy detail fool you. Posts from scholarly sources (like Pompidou Center curator Alison Gingeras) actually do mention the art. And there's even discussion of Sotheby's union woes, which generated a lively debate on the topic of art vs. commerce.

BEST: Insider dish.

WORST: The “talkback” is not even close to the caliber of the postings. Foul language abounds."

gasp how ghastly and pedistran, most certainly the same would have been uttered of Ball. The true bourgeois never do grasp the avant garde literati till it is translated back in new forms of achedima.

“do mention the art. ”

oh well bravo. truly bravo.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.15.05 09:20 pm)

..AS ONCE AGAIN THE REVOLUTION IS NOT TELEVISED; INSTEAD THE VISION IS THE VORTEXTS OF THE ONGOING JAIL MACHINE -THE OLD MATH THAT PORTENDS OF A DRUG DRIVEN FANTASY THAT IS NOT TRUE FREEDOM; meanwhile...silently, the encrouchemnt in a soldered reality that does not lend itself to easy or apealing metaphores; old cults of personality reapear up in the ongoing denial of the new silent coonsiousness; back to past cults zero in on their own failure to ever come to grasp with even their rhetorics taht they promotted in their own needs to feed their crimes machine: THE REVOLTION IS ABSOLUTLY NOT TELEVISED, in fact, he revolution does not revevolve:

really exciting and...37...ready to go:

Other Makes : Merkur XR4TI  1985  126,000  $1,800.00 - Aug-15 16:41  
85 merkur xr4ti turbo many new parts 

Other Makes : International Scout  1967  80,000  $1,000.00
$1,000.00 - Aug-15 13:44  
1967 International Scout 

Other Makes  1961  0  $100.00 3 Aug-15 12:06  
1961 Sunbeam Alpine Convertible Matching Numbers 

Other Makes : Rio  1929  2,500  $49,000.00
$62,000.00 - Aug-15 09:20  
Street Rod 1929 Rio Flying Cloudmate 


and we were never being boring...

by Jareth (08.15.05 09:43 pm)

- fake it till ya make it, eh ;-)*

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by Jareth (08.15.05 10:26 pm)

basiclly Art ends with Pop and begins again with us.
;-) ;-) ;-)*

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 10:44 pm)

All soothsayers will be refered to Dante Alligheri for processing.

Toy cars not allowed as a potential choking hazard. I mean allowed.

by Jareth (08.15.05 11:00 pm)

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wildflower:
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

by Dolby (08.15.05 11:07 pm)

ream me a dream and a shorter way to get there

I'm lazy

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.15.05 11:16 pm)

Stupid surrealist.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by Robby Smith (08.15.05 11:32 pm)

Loose your Love of Surrealism..

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.15.05 11:45 pm)

mmm- getting to that last marcel? ooooops; I dated one of em a foo dimes...pretty good, ya no, tink I a winp...I yike pointen at her at yife when da tap dor hopens and yike...done she face no more; i wait till the last second; may father was very suprised ( to send an e-mai: sai $8000 in travelers checks registered mail...nt here) any...indexes, Really, like, you hear phds moaning - index - I have to index my site and I can't just , you or something.

As clear as mother's milk: marsden marsden marsden - was he connected to that “project”, or do I just hope to presume it; actualy - does he exist , or is he a achronym for a more imaginative scottish CAB Chapman..hey - who cares: I like mine better..

In the mean time - get bitter - chop that bittch up - I don't care: me; yesterday was 36 (and...nothingness for thse hot rome boys) problems with the pics: I 'm in a bad mood, waisted day...but nothing ness here: actually - zeroing in ; the big boys, money, drugs car ridding in it - sows em up - but, they are deffinatly dumb bunnies: I'm gonna fall behind:

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.16.05 12:46 am)

see you guys - you have to poke around:

1972 Royale RP16 Formula Ford. Serial no.59  $8,999.00
$11,000.00 - Aug-15 04:47

loks ike a nice one:

1965 Ford Cobra 427 Contemporary New Never Road Tested  $85,000.00 -

I like this one:

1956 Ford Vintage Stock CAR 

the only real one I saw was on the road in move the crowd out of the way; caterine denuve clone in the passenger seat, driver...little portly...cigar... ushered a a sport:

911 RSR Rolling Chassis  $100.00
$3,500.00 1 Aug-15 17:35  

reall one is like a GTA alfa - exactly the same but completely different; terrible - oh I hate porsches sometimes they do nice work; head of club probably...have to research these things...every cuve recontured - hillariouse

til sunlight burns a happy hole in your heart

by penelope (08.16.05 01:43 am)

Marina Del Rey—and he's a grandpa—and still cute

I keep on fear, keep on loathing
Nothing brings it on I keep on falling
Decide what it is I can not find
It's subsides what you make it
Never feel like you're gonna break it
It's gonna be alright alright
Sleep until the morning comes
The sun will warm your soul
Sleep until the morning comes for you
Til the morning it's alright
I can walk into the sunlight, into the day, into the day, to the day
I feel it falling, nothing comes to my mind
Bring it on in a different tide
I feel alright, alright
I feel strong, i feel rigid
It's nothing to do with the vision
Oh feels so right, so right
Sleep on tight, sleep on tight
Sleep until the sunlight
Sleep until sunlight
Sleep on tight
Sleep on tight
Sleep on tight
Sleep on tight, til the sunlight
Sleep on tight, til the sunlight burns you happy
Til the sunlight burns you happy, till the sunlight burns a happy whole in
Your heart,
In your heart
In your heart...

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by uri geller (08.16.05 02:03 am)

god is inside me and I wont let him out to spoil the party.

Like anybody could give a shit, Yawn

by WHORE (08.16.05 11:24 am)

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.16.05 02:57 pm)

yup - french caribean island; use me as a cor[etate connection — chech and chong bightsthe dust:“...and the car...”

Airline crash in Venezuela kills 160

By Patrick Markey
33 minutes ago

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - A Colombian jet traveling from Panama to Martinique crashed in Venezuela on Tuesday after its engines failed, killing all 160 passengers and crew in one of the country's worst air disasters, officials said.

The West Caribbean Airways MD-82 aircraft was en route to the French Caribbean island when it began to have engine trouble and attempted to divert to an airport in Venezuela. It crashed at a cattle farm near Venezuela's border with Colombia, authorities said.

you're local drug adicts at workl again; reedit son of sam- gerneraters...toni...these people nedd held: Hold on...1,2,3,4...

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Wash. Post drops sponsorship of Pentagon event

Tue Aug 16,12:38 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Washington Post dropped its sponsorship on Monday of a walk organized by the Pentagon to remember victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks and to support U.S. troops, saying it was possible the event would become “politicized.”

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.16.05 03:38 pm)

So - todays the day you guys; got the one I always the whole of about done: 38: jeez, when I have it all posted and you see who I picked up on the beat you will be amazed///double neagtion; fagot thief land lord probles (boston: suvs...uggleeeeeeeeee) amazing: I'm that good. ah...16th...yea...just coffee; all maxed out on statigic ebay; anyway: black andred...other is slowly being covered over: hope you all get aids: heavy platic pyramid...that's how you do it: Watch for out law state and anp: you'll here about it latter: i remember these guys in the svenetie: goood old ronnie put em back togethr but ah...they suffered for a while: you will suffer.

some people like: jail amchine: hard to stop: waist of time tieves: check around for that quad cam climaxe...I like a lot of cam shafts..:“hey...kitty cat....”

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.16.05 04:32 pm)

had to do it:

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by aaron noble (08.16.05 05:53 pm)

Hey Penelope & Uri & Jackie
thanx for googling me and discussion of the marvel way (note evolution to the Image way in the early 90s)
wonderd if it was a mistake to user ID with my civilian identity? Oh well, I see Bruce La Bruce is pretty transparent
regret that I don't have time resources to keep up with you all
rock on

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.16.05 11:59 pm)

You know...Marshal efron and his Freedomcards...waht happend to extra Kushner brother did comedy...truly a giant; his expose on trash compactors...709 vegas tour with officer judy...I swear...

That cat: a morph pictire: within? A fisty person - I can see it glowingout like when you see pics of 40y/o fake jew ninjas..this kreepy-crawly 12 y/o blond glowing out...

Ok - I'd say Iwas tempted except, I refer the 3 speed and...Monte Shelton back in Portland Or...uh-oh:

jeez - if this were the real price - a brazilian sports cars aapeals to me: those type 3 vw sort of apeared and disapiered:

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.17.05 12:15 am)

I buy water at the liquor store across the street from where I live. So I'm walking into the door, and standing, loitering, outside the door is a man. And I walk by him to go in and he says, ‘I want pussy!’ Now, I don't want to seem conceited or anything, but ...he was talking about me. It offended me, obviously, but more than offending me, it made me feel sorry for him. It made me sad. Because it was so obvious to me that this was a person who grew up and who was a child whose mother and father never gave him any pussy.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 01:46 am)

scnd 1st - ussed to have those in newport when I was a kid - did they disapiere for a while? Flying saucer sybdrom?
Ooky. steve mac queen - the blob: never show..probably...really good (pre spa francorchamp shunt - some body was braging that there son had been boffing what's here name ali...say her on tv a little while later: I 'd shut up - she looked bad...guys into oooold star pussy - I dunno)

2nd: honest: Every man for himself - but...this is the fu;; text version i just sent out with 38 (meta-1):

ok...38...seems...anti climatic all of a suden; have to do a fresh shot of the bigger one in the sun light; other one a I like a lot and looks fine; making progress on the of those a moaning phd. 3s and then theams and ten dates.

Misnomers and...speed vortext machine in gear,

Aperently...swindle season so Good luck : hope you all commit suicide; good time to get aids if in a heavy cult or made of plastic like thsoe rome girls you see in midtown sometimes (oh yea...really atractive...those guys who look like action figures boasting...really..I'll pass - you know us marxist: economics of sexual exchange of those thinsg; plus...midt- town...anything really white..barbie doll - I presume it's worth you're while; if you really das hey say"don't have personal relationbships - I presume you like up the down stair case a lot or..just falling down. There is president. They kick in my door for being legal every 6 yaers...oh dear...I'm skinny..legs crossed - nother boared jersey hooker lest...can't imagine what the problem is...ha h ha ): pS: hard drugs - no problem asome people feeling the pinch say...nice car...papers...really...go home and might work; some poeple are desperate. Like in the movies...maybe italien...ok...all poliiticts might sudenly say: that guy - right there - they guy who just paid his bills...all those sceevy conections...sure...we'll load em..his snitch quotent looks that good - you're decidion; I think detox is wiser...always.

Always personal with...THE BUNNY!

all © 2005 ccb (23) AWF

I would have said ‘jackeiou’ for the vowel logic

by Dolby (08.17.05 02:06 am)

but I'm nuts for logic

and cuckoo for coco puffs

go play

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 02:51 am)

you look and look and look - ebay...some strang london grung...floppy hat cars...what the hell...finally - a seriouse racing machine (I saw old 16 demostrated once: lovbe this stuff:

Re: Friendly crowd

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 02:57 am)

Hi, my name is thx1138. How are you all doing tonight? Pretty good? Any one need any pills? You there in the corporate dress casual, what pills do you take? No kidding? This guy says he takes it straight. Can you imagine that? Nothing? Just alcohol? Jesus you're a fucking saint. No kid of mine have grown up without drugs. At least not past the age of 12. Families that trip together stick together.

My first daughter was aborted as a fetus by the state, so who knows And every time I think of her, and the life we could have led together, its because I forgot to take some pills.

I have a big family now, because no one had birth controll and there was no waste disposal unit.

One time I found a rat at the restaurant and I was nauseated because I just had my work meal - half a bottle of vodka. Ok I'm lying. It was pills. I felt sorry for the rat. Not like the janitor who said its guts splattered everywhere. Just another piece of meat to him. No respect for life. So I killed him. Just kidding. I killed the bottle of vodka and washed the skillet. In urine. Just kidding. I forget what I did. Something worse. I put my arms up to my elbows in wet trash by trying to shove a 75 pound bag of used food and snotrags into the dumpster. But that was an accident, and it happened earlier.

Some people don't know pure heroin looks like or something.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 03:10 am)

Re the NY Post article - those weren't “bad drugs” I don't think, any more than a dog is a “bad dog”.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 04:06 am)

If you see something, say something.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 11:59 am)

Rat time again - I'm 400 mile away - rat time was a few weeks ago I thought- I always have toa sk: which rat is this: you think I'm kiding? learn hot to read...start with celine: maybe not - first pro pederest supreme court nominee - you think we're kiding - we go to the fucking un wi h this shit: Hillary in a little cn house: she's a fucking criminal you ass holes - she can't legaly vote...seriously you's a problem: code: Johnson passed more legislation than any president since rosevelt: it means...we've litteraly tossed everything since then: you wann be a junkie...hang out...I don't care: don't run for office: it's a drag: stick to the cocktail circuit...lobby...learn a little law: it's a specific thing:

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Supreme Court nominee opposed Jackson commendation

By Bill Holland
Wed Aug 17, 4:32 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Billboard) - The Reagan-era White House counseling of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts, Jr. dug up in the press in recent weeks might not be inflammatory enough to rally Democrats to oppose his confirmation, but fans of Michael Jackson and Prince may now be bristling.

As reported in Tuesday's Washington Post, in June and September 1984, Roberts, then a young assistant to White House counsel Fred Fielding, wrote a memo to his boss opposing repeated requests by Jackson's handlers for a presidential letter praising the singer's efforts opposing drunk driving and giving away free concert tickets to needy youngsters.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 01:24 pm)

here - much better - 39 soon:

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by bomber (08.17.05 01:59 pm)

he easy, peasy bloodbastard. How low is the undernoise waving. Trimble me, at the finest hour, then we crash the late frog. Ps Noise mary is breaking water, in the winter too. Knobble you at the Thai beach

Re: this loop for 5 times

by Nomad2 (08.17.05 04:27 pm)

Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo
Crying in the rain
It was a kind of so so love
And I'm going to make sure it never
Happens again
You and I
It had to be
The standing joke of the year
You were a sleep around
A lost and found
And not for me I fear

I tried to make it work
You in cocktail skirt
And me in a suit
(well it just wasn't me)
You're used to wearing less
And now your life's a mess
So insecure you see
I put up with all the scenes
And this is one scene
That's going to be played my way

Take your hands off me
I don't belong to you, you see
Take a look at my face
For the last time
I never knew you
You never knew me
Say hello Goodbye
Say hello wave goodbye

Under the deep red light
I can't see the makeup sliding down
Hey little girl you will always
make up
So take off that unbecoming frown
What about me - well
I'll find someone
That's not going cheap in the sales
A nice little hosewife
Who'll give me a steady life
And won't keep going off the rails

Take your hands off me
I don't belong to you, you see
Take a look at my face
For the last time
I never knew you
You never knew me
Say hello Goodbye
Say hello wave goodbye

We've been involved
For quite a while now
And to keep you secret has been hell
We're strangers meeting for the
first time O.K.?
Just smile and say hello
Say hello then wave goodbye


Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 04:59 pm)

re and leave same h/aitinng
full danc card hey be d'oll wooo
I h/eam and dot dot dot;
pink slip; no good;
dat one? no - not mine
none of em; latter

she'd gone.
All aranged.
Old but I look young
saing and dance sing and dance -
that bill? Mine no never
money, no it's over there: her

dots on her skirt, that elps; that guy
so lucky
smilling oh
I hate words, they make noise
like...I'm not thatperson - I'm this one
that love- oh themirror;
god do Iook good;
count em up!
I feel rich again
no shindoa
oh car joke good
lucky number again
baby doll

he's still in la
ha ha ha
his bitch: wooo-
no no hank say no; whole stock
2% - what's that flame: arghuuuuu
tip type...I'm so bored

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Venezuela crash investigators dig for bodies, clues

By Patrick Markey
2 hours, 41 minutes ago

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan investigators sifted for bodies and clues in the scattered remains of West Caribbean Airways flight 708 on Wednesday as France sent specialists to help identify victims of the crash that killed all 160 aboard.

The Colombian charter jet, carrying tourists home to the French Caribbean island of Martinique from Panama, crashed nose first early on Tuesday morning in western Venezuela after both its engines failed in one of the country's worst air disasters.

Recovery workers have found the aircraft's two black box flight data recorders, but they struggled to remove bodies mutilated or buried by impact of the MD-82 aircraft now scattered over a remote cattle farm, authorities said.

“We are still working ... they are using machinery to cut through metal, chain saws to cut through trees, whatever we can to take the remains out,” Col. Antonio Rivero, head of Venezuela's Civil Protection agency, told Reuters from the crash site.

see - I'd gloat but:

By Patrick Markey
2 hours, 41 minutes ago

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan investigators sifted for bodies and clues in the scattered remains of West Caribbean Airways flight 708 on Wednesday as France sent specialists to help identify victims of the crash that killed all 160 aboard.

The Colombian charter jet, carrying tourists home to the French Caribbean island of Martinique from Panama, crashed nose first early on Tuesday morning in western Venezuela after both its engines failed in one of the country's worst air disasters.

Recovery workers have found the aircraft's two black box flight data recorders, but they struggled to remove bodies mutilated or buried by impact of the MD-82 aircraft now scattered over a remote cattle farm, authorities said.

“We are still working ... they are using machinery to cut through metal, chain saws to cut through trees, whatever we can to take the remains out,” Col. Antonio Rivero, head of Venezuela's Civil Protection agency, told Reuters from the crash site.

“I can't say how many bodies have been pulled out because what we are recovering are parts,” he said.

Rivero said more than 90 percent of the remains had been transported to morgues in Maracaibo where authorities will begin the difficult task of identification.

The West Caribbean charter flight was en route to Martinique when it reported problems with both its engines and requested permission to land at Maracaibo airport in western Venezuela. But minutes later air traffic control lost contact.

Venezuela's National Institute of Civil Aviation investigators met with Colombian authorities in Maracaibo to work on the flight data recorder and the cabin voice recorder, Venezuelan air rescue spokesman Manuel Rodriguez said.

Most passengers were local government officials in Martinique who had been on holiday with their families and the 152 passengers included one baby and four children. The eight crew members were Colombian.

The French government said more than 1,500 calls had been made to a crisis unit set up in the French Foreign Ministry in Paris.

there is a war...comonies; drugs; like those blood orang mirror brains who fallow you in london: singapoor _ I don't give a shit abouut singapoor; these french loop situation? Louie? Like...french but they like the queen: whole beaocracy - even the kindest, most honest presiednt rubbing his hands...

Re: Cool, Calm, and Name Changed

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 05:44 pm)

“To be honest, the unveiling of Diddy, you gonna see that at the [Video Music Awards],” he told MTV News. “You gonna see that in the entrance. You gonna see that swagger. You gonna see how I'm gonna navigate you through the journey. I'm gonna play my position, my role. The artists are gonna play their role. We're gonna have an incredible, incredible party.”

Miranda July should change her name to Miranda Warning or just Miranda. That July part reminds me of Independence day and stuff.

Hey, its Miranda. Hi Miranda. Hows the chai tea? Hear anything on NPR? Hows everyone you know? YOur movie is probably too touchy feely for me. Needs more phaser blasts and the smell of bakelite, I mean body armor. Excessive use of The Force and stuff. Lets make the jump through the Warhole and make the Big Chill in the Millenium Falcon. Or A coming of age story from the Turkish point of view - the main character could shoot Mel Gibson with his machine gun in the end. Call it “Run like the Wind”

Re: [originally When my eye-strings break in death]

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 05:54 pm)

Against the wind
I’m still runnin’ against the wind
Well I’m older now and still
Against the wind

Bob Seger would be on the soundtrack. We could juxtapose the younger Mel Gibson against the young Turk and mix in a little young Jesus too. A montage as they all get their guts strung out through the ages and cry freedom! Maybe tracey Ullman in drag playing all three. I dunno, havent thought it out.

A missionary…complained of the slow prog­ress made in In­dia in con­vert­ing the na­tives on ac­count of ex­plain­ing the teach­ings of Christ­i­an­i­ty so that the ig­no­rant peo­ple could un­der­stand them. Some of the most beau­ti­ful pass­ag­es in the Bi­ble, for in­stance are de­stroyed by trans­la­tion. He at­tempt­ed to have [Rock of Ages] trans­lat­ed in­to the na­tive di­a­lect, so that the na­tives might ap­pre­ci­ate its beau­ty. The work was en­trust­ed to a young Hi­ndu Bi­ble stu­dent who had the rep­u­ta­tion of be­ing some­thing of a po­et. The next day he brought his trans­la­tion for ap­prov­al, and his ren­der­ing, as trans­lat­ed back in­to Engl­ish, read like this:

Very old stone, split for my ben­e­fit,
Let me ab­sent my­self under one of your frag­ments.


Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From Thy wounded side which flowed,
Be of sin the double cure;
Save from wrath and make me pure.

Not the labor of my hands
Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and Thou alone.

Nothing in my hand I bring,
Simply to the cross I cling;
Naked, come to Thee for dress;
Helpless look to Thee for grace;
Foul, I to the fountain fly;
Wash me, Savior, or I die.

While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyes shall close in death,
[originally When my eye-strings break in death]
When I soar to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.17.05 06:28 pm)

It's been an office space week so far. Nobody stole my stapler or anything, I'm just bored out my mind.

Was wondering how to get my eyestrings reattached. Last nite I watched American Splendor. Good. Funny how the wife was doing this amateur diagnosis on everyone—yknow...obsessive compulsive, borderline autistic, etc. And when she saw David Letterman she goes...megalomaniac.

Tonite either Rashoman or In the Mood for Love - Wong KarWai. Recommendation please?

Re: Slow Movies

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 06:43 pm)

The Spanish Prisoner
Dead Man (on a big screen - for the Walker Evans Imagery and the Kwakiutl Long House door)
THe Man Who Fell To Earth (I havent seen it, gasp)

The first fifteen minutes of Walkabout (for the flies)

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 06:49 pm)

I have been offered manual labor until x-mass or so.

I guess I should go whole hog and invest in some new slacks. I mean I have all these beautifull skills. Liek filing. With a file or with an alphabet. Someone just sent me a flash job. I wish I was better at flash. Or not.

Blue collar or white collar?

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.17.05 07:09 pm)

flash job? blue collar? reminds me of a movie...

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.17.05 07:46 pm)

The name Miranda was invented by William Shakespeare for a character in his play “The Tempest”, which was first performed about 1611. The name is a Latin word meaning “worthy to be admired” [1].
We have found no evidence that Miranda was used as a given name before this date. The first example we could find is in England in 1687; it appears again in New England in the 19th century and became somewhat popular in Britain and the United States in the 20th century [1].

Re: Cool, Calm, and Psycho

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 07:46 pm)

You gotta serve somebody.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 08:24 pm)

716 Elvin Miranda

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by THX 1138 (08.17.05 08:28 pm)

Ooops 1974

275 Demetrius Miranda

yeah hareth served up zip a shitload of cum in the American Wet Dream

by cali forya (08.17.05 09:47 pm)

Followed shortly by the Great Depression. Ah, the oneric quality, u'll hve 2 google and gargle w/ that 1, fool.

have u primates figured out yet the distinction tween hermeneutics, Biblical exegesis and eschatology? harldy history as the moron w/ the heuristics mouthed, sounds like some kind of pestilence. Y dU U think they call them computer bugs/viruses. jar's detestation of the unclean and so anal about his Dockers getting dirty.

So, like that means Mr. Clean will get out the kum stains, hareth sweetie?

Sincerely Yours,
PUN JAB U. (get it now?)

and r'nt links something zip keeps in his mouth 4 breakfast or the lingams Penislope keeps in her, well u know, 'down there'?

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.17.05 10:19 pm)

Wishin this was real

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 11:52 pm)

you know - that music awards sequence...did that one...reall hightack suburaban buppy thing...“and now...for music that makes no sound at al:”Screem: no...nose little mouths; actually had to be in some real low leval art entrapenures apartment that night for like as short as really buy these cds: oh bob seeger oh his good stuff; his girl friend complained when they picked up paintings for some really bad show I didn't want to be in (paid for the tickets to phlly and the cheese steak - got to see philly..not nothing; the guy who managed some band because his father was ia buyer in retail (ofcourse) he sold a lot...cell phone - not another box of t shirts - oh my go; mom was a lassy girl and the key to the trunk to her sl wouldn't work...kept looking at me pleeeese: desn't wor. I don't touch mercedeses) cause they were really dusty. I get lot. I don't know why: Which Iggy you wanna here....

like...all of the east coast....
soo - first - think they don't prepare; 2 these stories always turn up when the reps are in - 86 was a biggy; 3 - work out? Loop in...I have no physical strength...dada poet thing..bairly alive...oh spair chang on the bed room floor - still loop in..nice ax...I could do the whole cabinent in an hour:

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Serial killer worked out to prepare for slayings

Wed Aug 17, 4:49 PM ET

WICHITA, Kansas (Reuters) - Confessed Kansas serial killer Dennis Rader worked out to build up his strength because he found killing people physically hard, law enforcement agents told his sentencing hearing on Wednesday.

The 60-year-old Rader, who called himself BTK, for “bind, torture and kill,” showed little emotion on the first day of the hearing.

But relatives of those he killed sobbed and hung their heads as they listened to how Rader stalked and slowly killed his victims, largely for sexual gratification, in a 17-year murder spree.

ps: pic of chris - really, got that watch out his ass permanatly didn't he think you ow e me some money...or a ussed car...

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by jackieou (08.17.05 11:56 pm)

pps: argggggggggggggggggg111 Screeeeeeemmmmmm-arggggggggggu:

no it's time to kill some relative: structured deal - wnat my phone #...anything..well...not anything ( they make real mother was in a prostitutes cult...I always explain: hang out with? Other prostitutes...


Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.18.05 12:25 am)

so - bigger one, no...fresh pic in the sunlight won't happen - AND...personal promiss, back to quarters with #40 (which should be the wrong number, but..isn't) ...have to have more whole painting. Sorry. special offer now complete. Other came out fine and I like it; T shirts? I always hand paint or..really...ten shirts and guys with ferraris, porsches and RUSSIAN-SWDISH 57 bugattis fallow you around ...feel really stupid..honest...t shirst..I own the designe nazi stencil...teeny tiny like toddlers t shorts and those teeny courtney blonds go wild - really cool imagining them in a genuine bob bunny hand stenclled teen t shirts. Just ask larry...lot of problems...

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.18.05 02:24 pm)

ooo:shhhhh: quiet

uh-oh - today: champaign Buick - a little paranoid: I was making Buick jokes on the web the other day; some how ensanred from a memory (flashback) when I worked at some english car repair shop in la when traveling when 19 - walked down the highway looking for work and came down to a small eltrics specialty shop with a corvair engined 550 porsche and the last bertone bodied 250sgt(oo-la la) and...these guys with a lot of mga: change an oil filter on a 3.8 jag: ha i- anyways, owner had this boy friend, john waters types rumours of Rock Hudson and catalina island(really- I just work here: MGA? Me...oh never)

had to use this 62 convertable for gopher like...really wild leather interior...

oh: c'est moi: alfa romeo: olive green polizia and...a let jimmy take over: SCREEETCH.

redo; 39: remember: today...jeez...40; you only get 1/4 (and you thought I'd wait till 41; that 4 9104) really...makes sense if you think about it...loop theory? Echoe of a name in the wind: Larry...larry...larry" Saint trope : 999...gonna be wild...

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.18.05 06:22 pm)

eh- signing off; new shoes: goodwill: $ always...actually kind a nice but brown, not tacky. I don't buy shoes, especialy know; turns out I ate 3 crosaints in tthe wrong train station ibn belgium, my mother didn't die, and MTV was back on the air:“Qhick...look down there...what do you, human beings...what a downer.”

Ok - 40 is on the the way with BOTTO (now n/nietsche/quatrology) anti math, hopefull unlucky numbers (10)5 and meta-minus 3.

Lot of culty mint green; and aby. Latter

(an down
oh me and rine watch
(melted? Up there?)
always personal and frnech of fries
nonion rings done matra
no herman wurst, eddy, allways eddy,
we on to twice on three.)

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.18.05 11:20 pm)

jeez - nothen; 40's ready to go - a little solido action that is less symbolic than it should; you know - with comments:

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Calif. faces pressure to join border emergency call

By Kevin Krolicki
53 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger faced pressure on Thursday to join New Mexico and Arizona in declaring a state of emergency along the troubled border with Mexico, a largely symbolic move that could add urgency to the debate over immigration enforcement.

Schwarzenegger, a moderate Republican, on Wednesday praised the actions of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, both Democrats, who have blamed the federal government for failing to do enough to curb the traffic in drugs and people across the southern U.S. border.

Like..I was sure we just let anyone in; arnold is a modertae republican - what the hell hell: I think Bill Clinton is a trulyy fabulouse moderate repblican; Arnold is a regan promotion run's he doing here; wierd pictures from ny durring the convention: "Hello - hello donwn there...hello - can you hear me: echo echo echo: back in time...Lenny...caragie hall: what do you meat you can't do it? Have you don't bfore? Than how do you know you can't do it.

Arnold - he was complaining that no one was doing anything about liek...people walking in with gigantic amounts of drugs: ARny: chiken legs. IS he really from queen: Henry Rollin , Dean...and politicts. Really: red chinna - you guys...any time: they're nuts: middle cal;ss drug addicts; pre-abdustion: got to get the little princes gang raping done right...jesus christ...

It's a porsche for christs sake; I mean...that guy...harverd in 3 years?...what took you so long...sepnt the first year trying to write your own, people do sentances...jeez...ofcourse I have an e type v no no...a real degre; sports betting is on the back burner....what's the masters in....combined program in deprograming (famouse BB quote from “CLUTISM TODAY:”Deprograming? Relaxe - it never works!"


Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.18.05 11:26 pm)

Carbe High yello aleryt: actually - this is strangly enough when a lot of guy like me feel the call of temptation. Honest...just...a really silly car; right color too; dab of yellow be in business: actually had dinner with someone who ran this, cute psudo intellectual cult g/f, not to pretty, violla, wire rim glasses, pointed - him like...bass wholesaler...attitide but..I like this car: Obviously can't own one: realy silly. Everybody hates em; somebody in newport had one which way I don't remem,ber and someone fianly said:“ you that corvair on the back lot ” and he said:“yea...I'll look at it.” That bad. Actually pretty fast.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.19.05 01:10 am) know...up to 40 so, assembled first 20 as an ani - takes...too long to down load(actually, I don't have a high speed conection and it's a second or two, but not desperate) and...kind of quirky; 40...wish I could give you all of it...just one of those things - might send it out to friend: might never show it.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by alienbarbiebaby (08.19.05 01:30 pm)

wow - 7 years...a real member....

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Moroccan jailed for 7 years in Hamburg 9/11 trial

By Mark Trevelyan, Security Correspondent
2 hours, 47 minutes ago

HAMBURG (Reuters) - A friend of the September 11 suicide pilots was found guilty on Friday of belonging to a terrorist group but a German court ruled he knew too little of their plans to convict him on a second charge of abetting mass murder.

Mounir El Motassadeq, a 31-year-old Moroccan who was friends with three of the pilots in Hamburg, was sentenced to seven years in jail after the second of two long trials.

And...this is a trick question, as befiting the manager of probably the most profitable and prestigiouse mc dobals at the scilian mobs old sports beeting emporium: romee: smetic: um...semetic freaks: basicaly, actually, a lot of “semetics” qualify and bobafied nazis: not really the same thing as a jew you gusy...ask celine; to synagog but...thios archive, like, facts and dates and stuff...sorry: what a guy. All DADA - ALL THE TIME: PI-RAT RADIO: fuck you fagot

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Pope visits synagogue, warns of new anti-Semitism

By Philip Pullella and Tom Heneghan
1 hour, 22 minutes ago

COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters) - Pope Benedict, making a historic visit on Friday to a synagogue once destroyed by the Nazis, said Christians and Jews must join forces so the “insane racist ideology” that led to the Holocaust never resurfaces.

A Jewish leader called on him to open up all the Vatican's archives dealing with World War Two and the Holocaust — a sore point between some Jews and the Holy See.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by penelope (08.31.05 12:08 am)

Go get a girl and get soft and warm,
Don't get excited, you've been invited to a quiet storm
But now it's out of hand cuz you told me you hate me
And then you ask what have I done lately
First you said all you want is love and affection
Let me be your angel and I'll be your protection
Take you out, buy you all kinds of things
I must of got you too hot and burned off your wings
You caught an attitude, you need food to eat up
I'm scheming like I'm dreaming on a couch wit my feet up
You scream I'm lazy, you must be crazy
Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me


Re: Cool, Calm, and Dis-Connected

by scumbag (08.31.05 02:01 am)

Dream on.
Dream, dream, dream.

Betty? I thought you were gonna go for the bangs? Damn. At least you could straighten the seams of your ho's. Can I get a hand clap anyone?

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by zip (08.31.05 02:32 am)

Two in the pink - orbs in the stink.

Re: Cool, Calm, and Connected

by Dutch Boy (08.31.05 02:49 am)

Go low
Say hi.