Re: Bump and Grind

by yngwshngtn (10.17.05 01:34 pm)

Wow, the transformation of New York is complete. Michael Wilson is now a tourist in his own city and has lost sight of what really matters in his blathering attempts to make himself relevant (again?). Don't you have to be invited to go somewhere in order to turn it down? And I love the implications of sr. Pettibon selling out or “going mainstream” as if he could if it were even possible for him to want that! Mr. Wilson needs to stop watching all those Sex and the City dvd's and look around a bit more . . .

Re: Bump and Grind

by Art Lover (10.17.05 06:53 pm)

Well after the Mc nally boys got a hold of it I don't ever remember it being “Cheap Food” but its always the place

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by jackieou (10.21.05 06:57 pm)

See - walking ina vegnfull mood I found this and, an ax to grind and, yea, I think I can fit it in. Tap tap tap...a little work: redo on frank: honest, casa italien, Woody and rome drift through briefly, a swea p of the hand, we no longer fo that, geroi promo in b-birg, newly ex-g/f sells everyone out to a frieght train, nearly out on the street: frank in papers: hellicopter accuident - now two feet tall: ista g/f a little expensive: think it's a swindle: long arms frank...and bmw: honest - it's 11 trill on the whole wtc thing...realy...leav, shit down: we hate you that much:

nice city...can I have my apratment back fagot; any pussy de-cardre-ed??? reallly - we hate you. How about...something really wild...I like renault and all..promoting american culure for a while....

coke head....

Re: Bump and Grind

by jackieou (10.22.05 01:40 am)

Bump and grind...ant scene; I stay home: god, been checking all day like....nothing, finaly two new listings (plus a lot of braed and butter 60's dyke);

r Makes : Crosley Hot Shot  1949  790  - $4,000.00 Oct-21 20:00  
Restored ,1949 Crosley Hot Shot, larger than Isetta 

Other Makes CONVERTIBLE  1976  25,920  - $100.00
$34,999.00 Oct-21 18:30  

Other Makes : American Rambler 440 Conv  1964  100,000  - $3,500.00 Oct-21 13:12  
1964 American Rambler Convertible 

Other Makes  1979  1,111  - $100.00 Oct-21 12:08  

Other Makes : 66 Ford Ranch Wagon CLASIC WAGON  1966  162,800  2 $999.00 Oct-21 11:57  

Other Makes : La Salle  1937  5,000  1 $5,000.00 Oct-21 10:03  
1937 La Salle V8 mint condition, runs great 

Other Makes : Rambler 660 Classic  1963  83,756  - $100.00
$1,500.00 Oct-21 04:24  
1963 Rambler 660 Classic 

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by alienbarbiebaby (10.22.05 01:01 pm)

elgable for next years great american race...sure...smoe of che's stolen plates..: IRAQ 007009XV- way to go...I'm not sure it's restorable/...little zeplin on the old becker; the sort of snuck this one in 3rd:

Re: Bump and Grind

by alienbarbiebaby (10.23.05 12:17 am)

You know, I liked those snippets of my mystery in progress so much (paragraphs 1,2 n5 and thought about giving you 6) that, I'm not going to give it to anymore for while; instead I'm going to witch over to what I like to call “the real” novel" (I can write 2 books at the same time if I want); some people mention, sometimes, that there are gaps in their life while they did x,y, or z, usually something they don't want to talk about, actually, for me, there are instead gaps in my writing while, I actually did something, usually they made me, insisted I have fun or something; although I am convinced there were also ulterior motives. ; in the mystery these gaps do not exist: a nuance of mysteries, the protagonist does not disassociate to think and think and think, he's a detective, a man of action as it were; in the real novel, yea, he has no life, there's no problem with that, he is too aware, nothing ever really happens; actually page and pages of philosophical theory have to be discarded until, finally, I finally write something, like not quite action, really, high anti action, tension building which, in this case, could be (but isn't actually) the under ground laberynth of the mystery above, like, in the mystery the protagonist almost has fun sometimes; Real novel...nah...a little humiliation is about as good as it gets. He already knows he's screwed. It''s like now for the reall me; stultafying anti-action. He's not a detective, he's a clever would be victim. Like there is a gap in between them if you trued to arrange them chronologically,while I stop writing to do something; probably even be a novel about that gap later, maybe even two. In the mysetry there is a wind at his back, racing towards..conclusion. In the real niovel, nah, it just goes on and on: they're all guilty.

Re: Bump and Grind

by kingofdisco (10.23.05 12:27 am)

wow i wish i knew more about crappy old cars, where shall i ever find out more?

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by Jeff Spicoli (10.23.05 12:44 am)

Brah, one time I turned in a paper like that, got a D. It was an english paper. I thought I was on to something.

If you get cloned, does your clone have a soul? I don't know the answer to that, and chances are, neither do you.

Hold on, my signal is breaking up.

Ok, wow, how was that fantasy for you? I call it the “signal is breaking up” fantasy.

Here's another one:

“God, why have you forsaken me?”

Pretty cool, has a lot of drama and so on.

“I don't want to pay anyone 800 dollars in rent, fuck them”

In this fantasy I can walk through walls and stuff like that.
Fucking awesome.

Re: Bump and Grind

by alienbarbiebaby (10.23.05 03:41 am)

paintings pretty temped today of blue, white...and yellow; actually...slept all day...dada poet to walk outthe foor to art suplies story...slither aross the hall...sweat
doubled up 52 and added a 1

Re: Bump and Grind

by alienbarbiebaby (10.23.05 03:51 am)

oh yea, my velvit underground and nico t shirt fnaly arrived so...I now have 2 t shirts; atually, m,y ducati t shirt is prett worn out so..I might get another of those; I'd get an alfa t shirt but...they go insane, and then you find your self with a chain working over one of thsoe little wispy queens things going to the locul art school; some's up with real alfa...pointedlike an old free cars for drug dealers with alfa. Bugatti t shirts just don't work.

Re: Bump and Grind

by alienbarbiebaby (10.23.05 03:59 am)

swaer to hav't thought of it in years...must be looping through ; big brother and the holding companies firt album; actually I was looking The Marican Flag...milke Bloomfield...buddy miles:"My fellow americans....twang twang....

Re: Bump and Grind

by alienbarbiebaby (10.23.05 04:05 am)

Hey - the jet pack flying toor are soemthing really special - 3 days and 2 nights in one of russia's most remote and exotic ex-capitol cities...take the kidss! Prices start at $299.00, jet pack demo every hour on the hour; don't miss our fall mercedes 300sl world toor. We've just fumidatd so you won't be suprised at our our always afordable luxery -Don't be late - bring a date: Kieve war torn war's terrif!

Re: Bump and Grind

by jackieou (10.23.05 08:54 am)

mean while,,,,back at the ooooold quarry: those guys come afer you big hammers because they hate you that much? No - jimmy 13 with a chain with razor blades attached to the end: drugggggg-addict; all these rumour, the bit where they were excicuting people, throwing in the forge,, and making soup of em durring basquiat..that's the next biggy

Clasic cult cinama

Those little nazi out fits and the hat...

cooken a little chiken and got inspired:

have to be free and beautifull with your materials:

a step up and'll see:

Re: Bump and Grind

by jackieou (10.23.05 07:15 pm)

here we go you gusy - belleview air: my vote for the biddy - the building cahill is in...drexill buranhams law kill every piece of shit there - do it - not not one citizen of this country will give a shit:

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Nigerian air crash kills all 117 on board

By Tume Ahemba
46 minutes ago

LISSA, Nigeria (Reuters) - All 117 people on board a Nigerian airliner died when the Boeing 737 crashed and disintegrated in flames shortly after take-off from Lagos airport, the government confirmed on Sunday.

Dismembered and burned body parts, fuselage fragments and engine parts were strewn over an area the size of a football field near the village of Lissa, about 30 km (20 miles) north of Lagos.

“The Federal Government announces with regret the unfortunate air crash of Bellview Airlines ... which resulted in the loss of life of all passengers and crew on board,” a government statement released late on Sunday said.

Re: Bump and Grind

by jackieou (10.24.05 06:52 am)

see - the next che - I'm in; read the headline and it said workers: marxists: some demented pro pc stop doing manual work , the I read:

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Gunmen kill 12 workers south of Baghdad

Mon Oct 24, 2:19 AM ET

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Gunmen killed 12 Iraqi construction workers on Monday during an attack in the town of Mussayyib, south of Baghdad, police said.

A police source said the attackers, who arrived in two cars, also kidnapped the contractor who had hired the workers.

I'm in - stop building things: you suck; noi contruction by drug dealers.

Re: Bump and Grind

by jackieou (10.24.05 06:55 am)

And..uoi guys...this pretty good; like...I get another b to tour through and prostulatise; wait till they get to the queen/eddy baby goverment houses...and..must be 20 or so maine cults...:

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In Rice's Alabama, locals bemused by “Mr. England”

Sun Oct 23, 7:22 PM ET

PELHAM, Ala (Reuters) - British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw joined Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for a weekend tour of her home state to promote understanding of the Anglo-American alliance, but Alabamans struggled to name him.

“You're the English guy,” Joyce Delahoussaye said as she shook hands with the foreign minister of America's closest ally. “I've seen you on TV and they said you were from England.”

“He's Mr. England,” she said, introducing Straw to her son, Randy, as the two diplomats met displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina in Pelham.

At a ceremony to unveil statues in Birmingham, speakers variously called the visitor Mr. Shaw and Mr. Snow. They also mangled his title, appointing him secretary of state to the commonwealth of the United Kingdom.

Re: Bump and Grind

by jackieou (10.27.05 05:52 am)

Theame coming up; no exert oday (keeping it; it eixts) but..reall some nietsvhe boy's delux: unmentioned passion: baby carriage wheel...yup the whole saga...that's where it carriage wheels.

Me? <enny... well if you havn't done it beforee how do you know it work...

my goal: The Paladium!!!!!!!!!!!

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by The_Nothing_Yeah (10.27.05 10:55 pm)