Re: Freaks and Geeks

by denny greenway (11.03.05 07:24 pm)

I liked the woman who went as Demi Moore and she dressed up her baby son like Ashton.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by Jareth (11.03.05 11:12 pm)

i thought the cops handled it like a protest. one told me this is war time. sorry. and they diffused the crowd at the end - where it is normally battle of the floats, we did get trashed with the gates that was fun.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.03.05 11:21 pm)

jeez - I'm 6 1 . ac like a goirl, torn jeans, riped up leather mc with nice italic carbe 23 on the back know I get any cshit in public, weddings, law hear about it - ok. I'm a lega citizen ok; but...I do devolve to ego manias...horrible like...thank god I wasn't instant winer of a lotus esprit because by golly today was the day man; sometimes you catch it(that quiete dino moment back into third past the cheavy truck, honest , metalic reaction...hungover..havn't driven in years...I don't touch that shit any more....just...have him drive it once: martin...where ever you are: %5 motherfucker) - I bet if you're colin in england you have all the numbers on the rip cord so you can be even dtupider than a 944 driver; stop and start and all that; anyways...I was sure a scret devined; that little marcel item: venazualin ponzi and that did it; aparently not; george is down ther- just...lucky as ussual: like this one:

Leftist activists mostly from Latin America are holding an alternative Peoples' Summit and Bush's main critic in the region, leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, was due to speak in that forum on Friday.

asshole - we hate your drug.- we're tired of it..left?...that're in the 70's get it out of here; george is a cadre item: beware - ok?

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.03.05 11:33 pm)

Oh yea..fresh listing: mint red Henry Killowat electric renault dauphine;minth 35 IH; nice Hudosn; elva curior for $1 avante IIand...a classic ...first production turbo...for some reason...these things...I dunno:

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by Larry Sellers (11.04.05 12:54 am)

The once-spontaneous and unsanctioned party is now run by the city and police randomly searched people as they came through the 18 entrance gates. Organizers expected about 200,000 people to attend the parade, which was peacefullllxzzzzzzzzz.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by The_Nothing_Yeah (11.04.05 05:42 am)

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.04.05 07:08 am)

Oh good - they'e republicans - every drig addict in the country voted for george- it's a cartle- in or out: republican or no drugs and...really...a joint, take you're time but your commited budy' norecreational ocasional drug use...first step to terminal micky mouse - full fantasy world...lot of 5 ft tall hookers waiting for to do random hits...comeon: hard drugs equel cultism...let's go! Really want all those fags to work for a living? Christ, they're working on their own special constitution right now. blill of rights isn't good enough for em (got some real twitr going 666 localy...I love proust when your 17 you love code: die mther fucker; it's easy: ussed car...we slow it all down; will not give it up. - fine..punk rock america - I love for 101...asshole: zyprexia and lots of water.I fdon't care. Do detox twat. Anyways, like pot busts, it's just rival drig dealer's doing the searches; fags in uniforms; chicago running low - next generation of suvs you guys - lets go; entertainlment buisness durring a war - you're really special. Hope you thought this out; make sure fatty marg has plenty of gas coupons to drive out to the avalon. There's a reason those blonds jump ahead and shave their own heads...and you thought they were hot.

Ok - what's this mean? That last v16 coupe that sort of falls over and looks so “mod-dern” sure...fuck heads in queens...these I think were almost ok cars...lot on: 118 ready to go..20 mins - another cup pof java....campaining still for a hudson...they wouldn't fly off the road today.

Loop rumour - feds finaly gtabed the dino and very fled from a LI cn house...too bad...never liked em.


Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.04.05 07:44 am)

Like I said - new canvess in honor of X10 - I dn't have them all identified as yet...actually, don't even not only not date them, but not not date them (than porno for pyros things really backfired...bald headed guy in the back ground with the tatoos and the bloody $5 bills...kind of hard to get romantic - really - buckaroos - the trash they fuck for money...really astounding; baudilair you to be able to maintain a certain minamel camaros ok...can't do it; demi...probably...china doll editor back in the big V (Van Go - No Fair)- doing it full time for her people cause...we don't want her at all. Doem, um...some merican movies soon ..little terbulent...still looking forward to those quakes...fuck people really suck; buy some food too asshole:
anything with an 8 in it:

test this one out independantly tomorw- might work: (yea...little creature in the classic marcel - like...their grand mother - honest: demi's grand mother...soemthignt to think about; kill that bitch solve a lot of troubles...)

see - it was a nice evening - long walk, kentuky fried chiken, erands, tube of paint...long nap before some recent horrible crash:

to paraphrais lary:“hello demi.....”

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.04.05 02:26 pm)

Honest - they make em; you want a babe with boobs that big, you pay for're locul no I'm not a pimp association. That guy over there - yea..he wants your drugs; back to blond: fat guy down the street who counts alll the money? Sure fuck him and kill - I don't care; doing seriouse art research. OK you this point upo or down for punk rck america - aparently...we did cairo too soon:

Reuters: Top Stories
Anti-Bush protests grow in Argentina - 18 minutes ago
French riots spread outside Paris - 57 minutes ago
China, Vietnam report more bird flu outbreaks - one hour ago

I was gona read the artical; 5th bag buy back? Last turn of roulette wheel didn't count? Hot loop rumor: c'est moil closed with the unforfubnate demi moore - that's right gang: did elvis (loved it) pamala(nada) and no demi and...I'm just not gm: Not even ...a pontiac. Find that dino - ok? It's out there someplace...kind of a sleazy life is the rumour...probably needs still another crank ; they only sell you ussed ones.

GM sweetens cash rebates - 2 hours ago

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.04.05 02:28 pm)

PS: my private idhao trivia (why a lot of decided to stay home) that infamouse shot of mine of X - what is really going on...what? She's...not Demi moor. And she sould be.

Hi ,I'm bob bunny, a punk bunny from the great white north, I bring greetings and xeros art...nope she's not a punk.

God, touchy.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.04.05 02:31 pm)

wo! PPS: descrption alone. Also, just to remind you; Scoth Hop: Anti Math the novel ends with classic chandlker quest: looking for a client: murders I've got - I need anti-math: a client ( man always rings twice...otherwise, just ghell on earth as ussual.)

Plenty of coffee. Pics of latest solido latter today Citroen Visa and very Nice Renault Estafant ARmy truck - ful suspension - no free vet, I buy more renault.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.05.05 12:26 am)

ok....little change:

personaly...industrious designer who doesn't wnat to work from old marcel - could be the one...sneak in silly numbers here and there- go right ahead:

honest...this one...sort of stare at it acorss the room: curioser and curioser - have the whole updated series posted soon: really..gernica season is some horrible tail spin; hard to say; lavender mst was gm paint:

lt this baby fallow em around all day long:

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.05.05 11:01 am)

here wego - nice long articalz:
earch: Search Advanced

Free-trade debate at heart of Americas summit

By Mary Milliken and Kevin Gray
Sat Nov 5, 3:36 AM ET

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina (Reuters) - After protests and a riot marred the opening of a summit of presidents from the Americas, some leaders will seek on Saturday to unite the hemisphere behind an agreement to revive free-trade talks.

US, Iraqi troops launch major offensive - 56 minutes ago
Snow to worsen struggle in Pakistan quake zone - one hour ago

Bush silent on Rove's status - 17 hours ago
Republican subpoenaed in lobbyist Abramoff case - 8 hours ago
Bush orders staff to attend ethics briefings: paper - 8 hours ago

you know what you guys need? More free drugs...assholes.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.05.05 09:14 pm)

Really - ever since that stiebreer gto 11 18 debical where “dad's skull sort of sudenly caved in( muchasI hate:”You done...rome phone cult or something...crow bar for two hour and he'd still hop around...been techinicaly dead for sometimes...thanks a lot - love the stove bolts shit eater) been here with my old budy the mac and...this is as dead as it's been/

120 - round midnight.

And: Don't believe the hype...reallly...a lot of strang thoughts enter you mind - don't belive the hype:

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.05.05 09:35 pm)

so - comeon : anti-math update (symposiim at the st louse coluseum in conjunction the home sow - bring the whole family; a lot of post conspiracy stuff;; it was all true: PLUS; dockets of all your relatives mob porn/dead body photos...really...very theraputic)

ok: 120: 34X(29 -x: always minus 5 with bobBD - -5))/X13 (like...,machine gun be cramps season soon; should have been...little ennon interude hit the spot : inbetween dexter (never get it ) and phil: phill 1.5 plays...that Jl...god em warehouse tourchering each other)


13X, babes lining up or...kgetting kicked in the face with some shiny shoes over ...a little too much c...they get that way: crash an amc for christs sake(the 70's video bobd was always my favorite - oly one I saw the whole thing of...)

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.06.05 12:28 am)

oooo-k - pretty good today:

I like this one - “The...BUNNY” at his best:

hay hay hay:

a real feel for materials of the finest quality...probably charge me for em latter's worth it - I take my art that seriously , especialy in these turbelent times

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.06.05 01:18 am)

bed time but what ever - this is why I say: PUNKS CROSS THE THRESH HOLD: look at our records...honest and then read this...I think e're next in line for real political position in major cities:

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.06.05 01:51 pm)

I'm available - lots of experience - cleanas awistle:

Search: Search Advanced

White House looks to round out Fed board

By Tim Ahmann and Caren Bohan
42 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House is looking to complement Federal Reserve chairman-nominee Ben Bernanke's academic expertise in monetary policy by filling other open Fed board seats with candidates with a grounding in financial markets and regulatory issues, Republican sources said.

White House aide Kevin Warsh and former administration officials Randall Kroszner and Richard Clarida are among those in the running for two open seats on the Fed's Board of Governors, according to sources inside and close to the White House.

actualy - picked up a donut and...I don't have a tv but...low and behold doing a fine gum chewing aj impersonatiopn was gw himself..really...figured the french had offed him; sike or something next to him ashiring everyone that...if a crime had indeed been commited, charges would be pressed; speaking of which..christo up the tsret, one of my dark shadows; newport before I got hrown out, nyc before I got throw out; moved just in time this time: drug dealer, gambler..thief...crook...fagot: I hate christo...I hate christo a lot. I tv time blow his head of live...somethng meroican please

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.06.05 01:57 pm)

you know...I had to forward it to them - really...not that bad sometimes..ligier...decent picaso's not a real museum...veazualin concrete like those cool sports cars show rooms from the fifties ussed to lie disussed in conn - but ah: opening: not like I hear from you a lot - quite a week: dogs, child prostitution...and now...christo...

we want machine guns

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.06.05 08:34 pm)

Sort of one of those days, ok for a whilem real crumy for a while but...121 is ready way early; real cuete. know those nietsche dudes with their maps and all; hegal guys...we're just now hiting map season:

Search Advanced

Indiana tornado kills 23, injures at least 220

2 hours, 17 minutes ago

NEWBURGH, Indiana (Reuters) - A powerful tornado tore through southern Indiana and parts of Kentucky early on Sunday, killing at least 23 people and injuring more than 200, many caught sleeping when the twister hit, officials said.

At least five people were confirmed dead in Warrick County and at least 18 were killed in Vanderburgh County, according to county officials.

Three area hospitals reported treating more than 220 people. At St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville, the closest hospital to the destruction, at least 30 were admitted with serious injuries, and twelve people were in critical condition. Deaconess Hospital in Evansville had at least 15 people in critical condition, officials there said.

“We've had severe damage,” said Newburgh Assistant Fire Chief Chad Bennett. “Homes were totally devastated. There are a lot of people thankful to be alive today.”

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.06.05 09:06 pm)

yup - X14...max out at x14- it's a deary...this is ofcourse in an N/86 (post cpnspiracy) series: somepoeple just don't stop (I mean dop...)

bus across once; all the way around in a 122s volvo, amnnd then drove the ronnie bucknam blue mgb across - if I ever have a car again...othe wise..yea..bus again

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by The_Nothing_Yeah (11.06.05 10:16 pm)

I'm better then you

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by alienbarbiebaby (11.07.05 12:43 am)

yea, but I'm prettier...getting fixated on my neck - too thinck...otherwise...look pretty good; that suzane twang; sort of melt into the crowd(carbe23 on the back of my jacket - ain't getting that one...ha ha ha) othewise, still cross my legs and sort of project - flips em out.

Ok: 121:

I like this one:

always progress:

Re: Tard and Retard....get together.

by Tard Retard (11.07.05 01:54 am)


nice mug shots retards

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by Larry Sellers (11.07.05 12:03 pm)

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by Jareth (11.07.05 12:29 pm)

humm.. .extra end of the worldly. - hgs - ?anyone? reports from Paris?

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by alienbarbiebaby (11.07.05 06:43 pm)

hmmmmm: lots of details - what - no corn husks??:

Search Advanced

Australia foils major attack

By Joanne Collins
38 minutes ago

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian authorities believe they have foiled a major terrorist attack, arresting 15 people on Tuesday during raids in the country's two biggest cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

The arrests come less than a week after Prime Minster John Howard said Australia received intelligence about a “terrorist threat.”

“We believe ... we've disrupted a large-scale operation which, had it been allowed to go through to fruition, we certainly believe would have been catastrophic,” New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney told Australian television.

The Australian Federal Police said 23 house searches were carried out under warrants in suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne early on Tuesday as part of a joint counter-terrorism operation with New South Wales and Victoria state police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organization.

still have pic of the guys who suposadly flew those plains into wtc up...:

I get accused of spet 27, a little BMH..not irish but..try to help know...just pre 86 melt down when they still published like...ya an shit...I dn't recall the authors name but he did a nice number on fasbinder and another on the alberto Moro case..fist una...that's about nothing except that they...never mention the red brigaids name...really, held him for months and they said...have him right back as ssoon as you give us credit in the press and..they never did. Ka-boom! Fiat Uno

nice buidlings hu - republicans have funny ideas; we're plunnng a scum bat man as they come in next some nice girls lined up...

Hanks...what's happening bubby...

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by alienbarbiebaby (11.07.05 06:49 pm)

ps: nice 48 kb-5 stake truck; 39 hidson too:

Paris is Burning

by denny greenway (11.07.05 10:25 pm)

while in London:

Woman kills son for listening to Elton

Britain’s papers have been full of the sad
tale of a mother who murdered her Down's
Syndrome son, after caring for him full-
time for 36 years.

So what was the final straw for the
exasperated mother?

“Patrick had spent the entire day listening
to the same Elton John CD, shouting the
word ‘Elton’ repeatedly.”

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by alienbarbiebaby (11.08.05 08:02 am)

right - I listened to new york new york by the sex pistols 13 times yesterday (honest) actually - I have recounted before..up all night listein to college radio...ten years after , wierd lost sf bands, moby grape , clear water, what ever...and the one day“wow ...I just got the new rocket man album..”bla bla bla... We had no idea what they were talking about; dad and his silver 911s a little disturbed (I didn't go though I did regularly stop by at the locul half clossed amc dealer to chck out thecoke bottle amxs next to the bertone r type bently and boano 250 ferrari for every sitting in the sun forloanly..)and then...that magical moment...2am out of boston :“IT”S PUNK ROCK!!!!!!!" know...I meet thsoe guys at the races: fuck you fagot.

ok...mystery hint; like this sudenly apeared around 66...what,,,oving forward...every so often they bring it around and ...mighty cute but...have no idea...doesn't look like anything else...I doubt you'll ever see a real one:

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by alienbarbiebaby (11.08.05 08:13 am)

and...always popular; see now reason to make significant changes as yet - only logicaly evolutionary steps mainting basic impatouse, till need arrises:

looken good; have to do closs up in the sunlight fof the little bird person; wide whoman of bordeno...teeny-teeny tiny:

I dunno..a wim for a fourth; probably should stick an apple on front of their face; getting the look...some afternoon...all of a'll happen: ert:

Seee- this one went all silvery shinny all of a suden; paint wouldn't dry; can't get a decent pic; fresh one in the sun light tommorw- the ocult:matter of fact, I'll stare at it tommorow over coffee will look completely different:

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by alienbarbiebaby (11.08.05 05:05 pm)


Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.08.05 11:40 pm)

hmmm- lot of money:

Search: Search Advanced

New York Mayor Bloomberg easily re-elected

23 minutes ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was re-elected to a second term on Tuesday in a widely predicted victory after the most costly race in city history, media outlets reported.

Experts estimate that when all is accounted for, Bloomberg will have spent $80 million to $100 million of his personal fortune to defeat a challenge by Democrat Fernando Ferrer, a former Bronx borough president who trailed in public opinion polls by as much as 38 points.

hu - still have a bronx...still can't buy a car.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.08.05 11:55 pm)

Great - look - you've heard the rhetoric, you've heard the personal stories, you've even heard the lets' see what anti-math can really do for you:

refugy from a dead phone cult, I found salvation in a de-ponzied wild dog with an extra big heart!

My friends stpped isnisting they were almost cia agents about the time I did 007 + 8
Still no apple; no banana either; fun part is, almost works better if you turn it upside down:

CA...R coaster? Nope :CA...B - and what comes next?:

Stop in again next thrursday when refugies from an aloft porsche style prositution cault tell us how ANTI-MATH pushed them to the next leval and how!

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.09.05 11:00 am)

If this keeps happening I guess we just release him as inoocent; some places they have a staute of limitations...have to releae him twice prbably; actually going on three times.:

Search: Search Advanced

Saddam's defense team boycotts trial over killings

By Ammar Al-Alwani
17 minutes ago

RAMADI, Iraq (Reuters) - Lawyers for Saddam Hussein and his aides severed all contact with the court trying the former Iraqi president on Wednesday after the second murder of a member of the defense team since the trial began last month.

Attorneys representing Saddam and seven co-accused on charges of crimes against humanity considered a second day of hearings set for November 28 to be “canceled and illegitimate,” lead counsel Khalil al-Dulaimi told Reuters.

Interviewed in the Sunni Arab rebel stronghold of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, he said he felt personally threatened and renewed demands for the United Nations to intervene to stop the trial following Tuesday's killing of lawyer Adil al-Zubeidi.

now thats using manergy

by Jareth (11.09.05 05:32 pm)

The next step? A rising up of the cultured blonds (Patricia Clarkson) and an embracing of the sane ones (Nicolette Sheridan, Jenna Jameson), but mostly, an appreciation for people who aren't afraid to lay off the bottle.,musto,69773,15.html

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by denny greenway (11.09.05 08:57 pm)

whole article on todays blond and doesnt even mention gwen stefani?

that's OK, he's looking good these days, did he lose weight?

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by Jareth (11.09.05 08:59 pm)

heh he cracks me up, i bought super blonde hair dye and new frosted martini glasses on the way home.

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by Jareth (11.09.05 09:05 pm)

i think he did lose wieght, - hair cut as well?

Re: Freaks and Geeks

by jackieou (11.09.05 09:41 pm)

good for you demi dople sighting you guys..oh well; istening to the romaones: look ...anti-math highligghts coming up: 124 (lotus theory...little sad ..out of South Africa...maybe even threw that last race for of those far away ant shots for the last race..pretty car); bd 33 so..36 in three days. and I don't know what that means tomorw...flyen out the window; I like the little touch of anoofccicial legal resignation..sort of signature. Bader Mienhoff liked that one too - be suprised.

Tonight's novel excert: A 74, fender's too even, headed east, the wrong way.