Re: Conspiracy Theory

by kilston (11.09.05 12:17 pm)

Thank you Rhonda for your skeptical eye and bull-shit detection. Still so needed, even 20 years later.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by microbe (11.09.05 01:58 pm)

I enjoyed this post/diary entry. Baudrillard's situationist ideal of a subversive art seems far away from possibility here, in a state increasingly defined by an almost predatory capitalism. Politically I would find it desirable to see a more active field of non-capital-bearing art forms but how is it desirable or in some cases possible for an artist to break away from the cycle of traditional exchange in a world where even Baudrillard is still selling (or must keep selling) his own books and displaying himself in such a traditional form? Is Baudrillard's ideal of art so rarified that it must be held to higher social standards than than the rest of human production? I feel the greater issue at hand is how we exchange forms of meaning in a pre-defined format of culture. Is it feasible to ‘live off the grid’ of exchange values? Is it possible to subvert that grid from within the art world or are burning cars the only effective language of subverion?

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by jackieou (11.09.05 07:53 pm)

Boy - they really won't let me burn cars but...there is another way(ussualy achip on block as I hit this link: key word cospiracy: perfect: brulliard- let me see the books baby doll)

But astounding: official resignation - thought a member of the Durst famaly just burst in in a funny out fit, bow tie, convined he was in a 40's movie and blew the whole staff out (how many mg's he got left...with me...they melt em down right): PS: high society(always...a bit distasfull no matter how you cut -)/drugs/gambling/ raionalise what you rationalise...:

actually...just thinking...for a war...kind of slow; iritating...bad head guys...should be worse..

next si topic; pc coruption institutionalised...we nee d

1 hour, 43 minutes ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Times reporter Judith Miller, a journalist at the center of the CIA leak controversy that led to the indictment of a White House aide, will leave the paper, the New York Times said on Wednesday.

Miller's lawyers and the paper negotiated a severance package, terms of which were not disclosed. As part of the agreement, the paper will publish a letter from Miller explaining her position, The Times said on its Web site.
another terror..

by Jareth (11.09.05 08:21 pm)

uh, yes it is called “underground” and “dayyyyjob”.

Re:Consider your standards.

by Jareth (11.09.05 08:37 pm)

examine the ad/verbge of this article..

- swank new digs of Jack Tilton Gallery was
- the decent turnout.
- ideas were in vogue
- broke new ground in art blather
- same people who were in my po-mo theory seminar.

ok thats a paragraph follow u get the (non)idea

sell many ads today?

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by jackieou (11.09.05 10:04 pm)

none - complete zero! Big b has a tripple negation series going so..stuck at home. No car (GTV6 with a 3 liter is the idea......iggyy...over and over)

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by uri geller (11.09.05 10:16 pm)

“Don't these people have the hindsight to consider that maybe it's their point of view that's history, and that art will be just fine?”

I was watching cable access and there was a show on “Critical Mass” a group of millitant bike riders who have been infiltrated by various factions, currently, the anarchists. Illuminati style.

I saw them the other day. SOrt of a haloween special. One had Norman armor on - full on chainmail. Guess he's a member of the SCA too. Time out!

The Critical Mass speechifiers on the show were full of references to THEM and THEY. Instantly I was impressed. Thwarting the efforts of THEM is a great way to get it on with chicks and shit. Live off the grid? No problem. Lets re-enchant art together, Lucy. I'm home dude. Lets go burn some cars, summertime, and the lovin's easy. Love Love Love, love is all you need.

So Baudrillard rocks. I mean he's just saying “quit immitating people, assholes,”- I think - I mean, assholes is mine - but the rest is his - I think.

This is really the crux of the matter - authorship - I think. I create shit daily, but you don't catch me disecting it like some German. Oooh, looks like I need more fiber.....

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by confusionIs nothing new (11.09.05 10:31 pm)

heh. it is like. like... i saw that show. i don't know about the whole “people in the streets” concept... this is simlar but maybe disconected.
also some duchebag on a bike came up (well a bunch of them) at some hotel art party - scope?. with dilldos on the front stuck to the end of .well lots of them. which is fun because i was chatting with a old collage proff - when they hit us, so we got hit or something with these dildos on sticks on the end of bikes. dildos on sticks on bikes. complete rage. we broke off two of the sticks and proded them in a simlar way... after we hung out with them for a min. (the dildos on sticks)... the kids came up and cryed like little bitches till we gave them back.
whos streets?

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by penelope (11.09.05 10:35 pm)

The “.org” domain notwithstanding, Critical Mass is not an organization, it's an unorganized coincidence. It's a movement ... of bicycles, in the streets.

I actually didnt know it was all over the world like that. Visionary traffic jams and all.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by uri geller (11.09.05 10:52 pm)

I was reading my whole earth catalog in the outhouse and I came across quite a few ecologicly sound products. I'm not sure why everyone isn't living like this now - I read the Anarchist's Cookbook for the pictures, I didn't read Baudrillard much because I mean I don't read poetry much.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by microbe (11.09.05 11:06 pm)

I was thinking of the grid in terms of B's hyperreal map and applying it to not “reality” but our reality based upon the capital exchange which forms our lives. We are caught in a web whose engine is to Bauldrillard, on overdrive. Art is thus entangled in and ennabling what he sees as a negative system. This “specialness” which we should evidently strive for seems impossibly abstract. I don't see that there is a reality-based solution that he's offering.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by annabohichik (11.09.05 11:08 pm)

Nietzsche says, if you gaze long enough into the abyss, you become it.

why is it that Nietzche is always right?

there something said about Deborha Solomon, that makes always sense......

as for the all the french philosopher , well there is only one french guy that I always will have respcect or maybe two... as for the rest , they all can go and .....

a jaded new yorker...

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by confusionIs nothing new (11.09.05 11:09 pm)

ransom notes. i heard someone. (not i) use that as a loose interpretion. the vantage points are :real: to people on both ends of the letter yet there is a veil as of yet

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by The_Nothing_Yeah (11.09.05 11:13 pm)

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Jareth (11.09.05 11:29 pm)

Warriors.. come out and play waarrrrrrioooooorrrssss...

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by uri geller (11.10.05 12:02 am)

I don't know how to buy stuff without using money. I like transubstantiation. One time I turned a painting into money. In a flight of magical thinking I made more. Why not? Each painting sold takes money away from stuff I don't like. What is the power structure? For me its a web of green, like inthe video game:

I have soul baby. One problem I had with Warriors was that no one in real life would get on rollerskates and fight. Not even in-line ones. That's a relief, frankly, to know.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by jackieou (11.10.05 01:03 am)

See - I told you this would happen - go over to the library to do my paypal cause I can't access it from my home computer (since that twit with the lancia in new hope-likewe talked on the phone:“Is it really for sale: do you have papers..” reall simple..and he lied and scrwed up my computer..simple answer: fagot ...alays a fagot) ebay won't work at first so...die-cast- hit in the head...bastrerjust o bid on something to access acount...I told you so...I told you so:

coke on it..

by uri geller (11.10.05 01:58 am)


Re: Conspiracy Theory

by confusionIs nothing new (11.10.05 02:00 am)


Re: Conspiracy Theory

by The_Nothing_Yeah (11.10.05 07:05 am)

You people are mad!

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Jareth (11.10.05 10:55 am)

- heh. this morning on the cell.

mum: “what are you doing to night oh let me guess openings.”
j: “yes, mum of course, one of my fav's is tonight”
mum: “i just don't get it. how can there always be something opening? don't they run out!”

white phosphorus

by Tard Retard (11.10.05 01:21 pm)

Meet Whiskey Pete.

It's a beautiful world we live in
sweet romantic place
beautiful people everywhere
the way they wear their hair
makes me want to say

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by jackieou (11.10.05 01:38 pm)

ps - one of those days -real class stuff; have sort of made a scartch on...why such wonderful vehicals are concieved; 70's stuff...wondered aroudn providence...evey so often stop and point at one of the 2000 gtc alfas...I do that; do it at races...end up standing next a to an alfa or talking to a dork...:

Other Makes : GOLDEN SPIRIT  1982  32,000  - $100.00 Nov-10 07:48  

Other Makes : Commodore 8  1946  68,000  1 $2,000.00 Nov-10 05:59  
1946 Hudson Commodore 8 Coupe 

Other Makes : Sport  1970  49,270  - $2,000.00 Nov-10 00:32  
'70 Lemans Sport Convertible 

Other Makes  1974  2,000  - $10,000.00
$58,500.00 Nov-09 19:05  
1974 Gurney Eagle Indy Car Vintage Race Formula 5000 

Other Makes : BMW Isetta 300 Deluxe  1957  24,837  10 $5,001.00 Nov-09 18:42  
1957 BMW Isetta 300 Deluxe - Rare Original Condition 

Other Makes  1952  1  - $100.00 Nov-09 18:22  
195152 53? Henry J great gasser/hot rod material 

Other Makes  1979  100,000  1 $1,500.00 Nov-09 17:21  
1979 corvette coupe 

Other Makes : Checker MARATHON A12  1982  2,295  6 $1,025.00
$22,000.00 Nov-09 13:56  

Other Makes : Allard  1953  40,989  3 $11,100.00 Nov-09 13:45  
1953 Allard Palm Beach Roadster—NOT MG, Austin Healey 

Other Makes : Sarao Jeepney  1957  1,000  - $14,000.00 Nov-09 13:43  
Philippine Jeepney 

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by denny greenway (11.10.05 02:07 pm)

personally, I just like to sit out there and do nothing. and if I see ed rusha walk by, all the better

by Jareth (11.10.05 02:08 pm)

we are fishing buddys

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by juliansorl (11.10.05 05:52 pm)

Baudrillard's work in whole or part has been critical to my understanding of comparative media. I don't pretend to understand all his work, his early marxist movements are rather dense and cryptic. as one of derrida's former students I am not exactly an outsider to the theory mania of the 80s; however, i find the rampant anti-intellectualism that underwrites these bombastic and worthless critiques dull and predictable. She sounds like bush questioning evolution and pushing the more simple and accessable “intelligent design”. God forbid we think outside the box or push our limits of understanding a bit. Materialism is just another ism.

i know what the boys want ( a fresh club, drinks and hot boyz )

by confusionIs nothing new (11.11.05 09:00 am)

Some boys romance, some boys slow dance
That’s all right with me
If they can’t raise my interest then i
Have to let them be

Some boys try and some boys lie but
I don’t let them play
Only boys who save their pennies
Make my rainy day, ’cause they are

Living in a material world [material]
Living in a material world

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by nunculusbrown (11.12.05 03:09 am)

Rhonda, I saw Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic tonight and thought of you. Can we get you and Sarah to do a tag-team deal on A&E? Or maybe a joky reprise of Mulholland Drive?

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Sellers (11.12.05 02:32 pm)

email verified? sheesh

anyway—I dont see that Rhonda's amused estimation of Beaurillard and the surrounding circus is anti intellectual. It seems more anti intellectual to equate Mr. B's theories with Darwins, and our hapless art writer's with Bush and the intelligent design goofballs.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by johfrederson2000 (11.12.05 02:39 pm)

or diesel? just ad mit it. this is a POP blog.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by johfrederson2000 (11.12.05 05:25 pm)

umm... i hang them on my walls.. is that ok?

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Sellers (11.12.05 07:03 pm)

numbchuck? nyt copyeditors please

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by zipthwung (11.12.05 07:45 pm)

Anti intellectual? My god! What the fuck. ANd the response is so tired, too. What is with you people.

Hey the one thing that gets me up in the morning is my tripple caramel mochachino from Starbucks(TM). I enjoy the brand on a sort of Pynchonesque level where Starbucks is actually a reference to the hunt for god.

Why do people like photoshop and large format printing? Such a lively conversation going on there, so personal, revealing and ultimately fatuous. Ooh but soooo refinedly so.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Sellers (11.12.05 11:25 pm)

At the moment of economic abundance, the concentrated result of social labor becomes visible and subjugates all reality to appearance which is now its product. Capital is no longer the invisible center which directs the mode of production: accumulation spreads it to the periphery in the form of tangible objects. The entire expanse of society is its portrait.

JB did not say that.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by johfrederson2000 (11.13.05 12:25 am)

what bitches.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by johfrederson2000 (11.13.05 12:27 am)

if your out there jb. your our boy! a true scienteist... :)

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by zipthwung (11.13.05 12:49 am)

Puff pastries, cotton candy, air kisses.

“I don’t think these people appreciate what we’re doing,” says Spc. Matt Hertlein, still a teenager as he begins his tour of duty. “I think all half of them wanna do is watch us die.”

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by zipthwung (11.13.05 02:10 pm)

Teaching, like all the arts, cant be democratic or subject to referendum; it must be run from within, by an autonomous guild, according to guild standards. ­Now what are these standards to be? Are they to be administrative or internal? Like the standards of a poem? Within certain limits, isnt it possible for each teacher to make his own, as a poem makes its own laws?...But a poem¡­justifies itself in the long run by referring back to life. Somebody I believe Orwell ­says that you cant prove that a poem is good. A piece of news we must keep from the students at all cost or we should all be out of a job. You cant prove that a poem is good, but you can know it, said Domna, suddenly, with conviction. In general, we submit ourselves to the judgment of the poets in these matters; we allow our poets to tell us that Donne is superior to Milton, and here perhaps we are wrong, but we cannot know that we are wrong until we also become poets. Tolstoy was wrong, in my belief, about Shakespeare, but his wrongness has a certain authority; we pause to listen to him because he was a poet. In the same way, it is only we teachers who have earned the right to be listened to on the question of another teachers competence, who have earned, she finished, somewhat defiantly, the right, if you want, to be wrong.

depends on what youre wrong about

by Larry Sellers (11.13.05 08:12 pm)

Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record), R-Ariz., said Democrats have a right to criticize the war but that it was disingenuous to claim that Bush lied about intelligence to justify it.

“Every intelligence agency in the world, including the Russians, the French ... all reached the same conclusion,” McCain said on CBS' “Face the Nation.”

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by johfrederson2000 (11.14.05 12:37 am)

took a nap at lunch. found out it was the same cot a famous performance artist was using. i lift the boycott.... the work ended up being very tender - like “fan Art”

Check Please

by Penny Candy (11.14.05 02:21 am)

Mercenaries, abuseless, disunited, unfaithful
They have never enough to keep them in a battle
Other than a meager wage
Which is just about enough to make them wanna kill for you
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I'm just another soldier boy
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Try to separate me from my money is try to separate me from my life

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Push it down and walk on in

5000 feet and closing
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3000 feet and closing
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Target visibility zero!

Ready for war, ready for war
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Big Feet Theory?

by Penny Candy (11.14.05 02:39 am)

Shot to Hell.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Sellers (11.14.05 12:18 pm)

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Sellers (11.14.05 11:02 pm)

Pennie—sounds like you need aaN HONORABLE DISCHARGE


by Penny Candy (11.15.05 01:23 am)

yes, I could. Danke.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Larry Sellers (11.15.05 12:58 pm)

so why are posts coming down? why are certain people locked out from posting?

trying to make this a fox news kinda place?

Re: Conspiracy Theory O-86

by Penny Candy (11.15.05 03:23 pm)

the TBpostpolice have found another

alert the authorities!

Re: Conspiracy Theory-B11

by Larry Sellers (11.15.05 05:49 pm)

Incompetence is always a good strategy—the French knew that, and the Bushies—still, consequence is the same. They cant post!

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by sisterwendy (11.15.05 07:42 pm)

So glad to see Monsieur Baudrillard back in the saddle (so to speak). I have to say, I never did sample his thinking via the famous semiotext(e) prefering to struggle with the French. Jouissance always defeats the translators finest efforts and poor Graham said he'd go for a swig of JB Rare or even see a good 007 then sift through the French JB's “ragbag of thrown together concepts and percepts”. I could not agree less! I personally liked his musing around the gulf war and his ‘La transparence du mal’ and he's my own matiere gris pin up......

God bless



by sisterwendy (11.15.05 08:13 pm)

did any of you in New York see an exhibition by ‘Claire Fontaine’ I heard it was rather good


Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Penny Candy (11.16.05 02:47 am)

sister wendy,
are you supernatural?

i hope u hope we all hope for



by sisterwendy (11.16.05 02:58 pm)

Indeed! Mz Candy you seem to be au courante of all my meagre secrets, and, comme même, what small passions I can still muster. And, might I say, I do indeed live in hope, as we all must, hoping that we all hope to live in hope. But as Samuel Becket said to BramVan Velde when the painter remarked that he was almost satisfied with some paintings he had recently completed, Beckett countered 'There's really no reason to be'.
Resignation is perhaps its own brand of hope.

It is so nice to be out of the cloister and ‘on-line’ again. But I hear there has been trouble here on this such convivial 'chat-room'. I do hope it is nothing too over bearing and serious.

The bell tolleth.


Re: Conspiracy Theory

by Whiskey Pete (11.16.05 04:21 pm)


“...there has been trouble here on this such convivial 'chat-room'. ”

which begs...burn baby burn.


Re: Conspiracy Theory

by cigarette (11.16.05 11:03 pm)

this means that...

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by mile.cardillo (11.16.05 11:18 pm)

that is funny =)

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by cigarette (11.16.05 11:20 pm)

they have the plant but we have the power...

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by mile.cardillo (11.16.05 11:22 pm)

i am a super rich bitch here and i cannot wait to buy out their fuckin' disco.

commercial art is THE only way to go.


loves it

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by cigarette (11.16.05 11:24 pm)

cant wait too see us all large baby!!!
the place where I come from is a small town
they think so small
they use small words
-but not me
I'm smarter than that
I worked it out
I've been stretching my mouth
to let those big words come right out
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I'll be a big noise with all the big boys
there's so much stuff I will own
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big time
I'm on my way-I'm making it
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I've got to make it show yeah
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so much larger than life
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I'm going to watch it growing
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my parties all have big names
and I greet them with the widest smile
tell them how my life is one big adventure
and always they're amazed
when I show them 'round my house, to my bed
I had it made like a mountain range
with a snow-white pillow for my big fat head
and my heaven will be a big heaven
and I will walk through the front door
big time

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by mile.cardillo (11.16.05 11:37 pm)

cigarette — you should find me at the next party 9(i am sure you must know where)

i have some people to introduce you 2

[party hint... videos, folgers coffee + holiday frosting — give code 3 at door and email me at for exact location]

can;t wait to meet you! bring me a cigarette

i'm the pretty one that everyone is talking about / kissing ass to (my last purchase was mighty LARGE)

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by mile.cardillo (11.16.05 11:44 pm)

i should post more often. i like reading some of the topical comments here on ‘talkback’

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by cigarette (11.16.05 11:45 pm)

what will u be wearing?

oooo... la content whats a poor writer supposed to doooo?

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by mile.cardillo (11.16.05 11:48 pm)

that is exactly what i will wear (incl. the trashy brown wig)

i kno you know that im serious =)

find me/

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by mile.cardillo (11.16.05 11:48 pm)

\it shant be too expensive.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by annaking (12.02.05 05:50 pm)

Art is a form of human activity created primarily as an aesthetic expressions, of colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner of sense of artist, especially, but not limited.
Art is a powerful form of expression for artists as well as for those who own it. Art allows people to convey or demonstrate deeply held feelings and beliefs as well as moral, ethical, and political sentiments in socially acceptable ways.

Art encourages people.

Now Art criticism is the study and evaluation of art. This criticism usually involves the use of aesthetics or the philosophy of beauty although there are other techniques. Part of the purpose of art criticism is to have a rational basis for the appreciation of art and avoid subjective opinions of taste; but this is not always achieved.

Art critics have probably existed for as long as there has been art and some people may argue that art is pointless without criticism. Usually though art criticism refers to a systematic study of art performed by people dedicated to that task rather than personal opinion; but this is not always achieved.

Is it “art” because someone says it is?
It hardly matters that most do not sell their work, or that their paintings and sculptures are not displayed in galleries and corporate boardrooms.
Art encourages people but happens to be one of the things people don't understand the most.

Throughout the history of modernism, critics and artists have dealt with the end of art or even the end of criticism.
I want to defend art, not as a philosophy, but as the material embodiment of an emotional structure within an era of globalization.
"Over and over again, trendy journals, dealers, collectors, curators, and critics at trendy symposia have cited the discussion of aesthetics in relation to works of art as irrelevant. In our overly pragmatic and puritanical society, there is virtually no thought of a synthesis between aesthetics and ideas. The critic is expected to represent one cause or the other. If an artist's work is fraught with intentions of one kind or another, then the work is not supposed to be understood in aesthetic terms. However erroneous this sound-bite mentality might appear, aesthetics generally refers to modernism, while ideas refer to postmodernism or beyond.

Therefore, if you do not agree with the significance of the ideas or the institutions that support them, you obviously do not “understand” the work. Ideas isolated from aesthetics engender a discursive response to art. The discourse becomes the institution, and the institution administers a consensual elitism bereft of any aesthetic criteria. Without such criteria, there is no critical judgment, only “mob rule.” " R.Morgan

Few artists want to say what they really feel lest it fall upon the wrong ears and ultimately damage their careers. Fear in the art world has become pervasive.

Artists with ability who produce significant work, and thereby make a contribution to our cultural lives, deserve to make a living.

“This is what will help to sustain art as a significant force in the next century. Collecting and supporting art requires more than arrogant strategies of investment; it requires a sensitive reception to new ideas. Chances are that these ideas are not endowed with cynicism and excess. They are not about spectacles that go and come like sports events or fashion shows. New ideas are within the province of art. Artists are still capable of producing them in the most astonishing and subtle ways. As one of these essays suggests, beauty may be what one discovers by paying close attention. The challenge is how to rediscover the act of seeing in this desperate age of speed and information, how to slow down and regain consciousness, and how to enter the world once again with an open mind and a new vision of what the future may hold with the prospect that it may actually benefit our lives. Artists have the power to redefine culture in their own terms this is the crux of the matter in art today. ” R.Morgan

Now there is good and there is bad art work out there; of course.

and that's gonna be forever like that........maybe looking for good art should not finish by just show up at the galleries openings, but do more reaserch for artists that they have something to say or show; and give them a chance.

Re: Conspiracy Theory

by msbeyer (03.08.06 08:39 am)

I thought his book was clear and thoughtful. His ideas cannot be reduced merely to an attack on capitalism. That is simplistic. Here is my take on the book: