Re: Taco Swells

by sharikov (11.09.05 11:50 pm)

was and is theee worst

Re: Taco Swells

by confusionIs nothing new (11.10.05 02:21 am)

i saw mary she looked great. dude she was in the front desk having a cell phone off.

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.10.05 09:03 pm)

wasn't invited; julious ordered in some tacos once while I washanging out in front of his shop - you know julious - couldhave been a hint. Hewas selling stuff on the street; I'd riden down on my trusty Henri Brulard mark 4 400 for A beer; had some nice matchboxes Ilaid out too; my old g/f(pre X) sister wantedered by...classic pyramid brain focused...those lame corperate conection of mine...had me permaneatly placed 300 frrt above rome ready to jump in a 944 turbo:“Hello Sarah...”


brain dead.

Juliouse came out sand said:“Oh wow..that's you're ex-giorlf friend sister: I said:”There's two" and rode back up town.

got her two - lame little junky.''

still can't buy a ussed car; really wmpy..had to go to cbs with her walked pointing....

aparently still alive - sort of

show fucker

Really - you got mc jacket and a hot bile you expect pussy - no pussy: nice buildinf.two towers —-wowo...I hope you all die: I HATE EVERYTHING.

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.10.05 09:07 pm)

actualy half clever:

France starts holiday weekend as violence wanes 

no more arie

House panel to probe Post story on CIA prisons - one hour ago
McCain urges changes to Iraq strategy - 3 hours ago
Jordan's king vows to hunt down hotel bombers - one hour ago

mccain??? guys...code? Guitanamo bay inside out...blonds behind bars??

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House panel to probe Post story on CIA prisons

By David Morgan
1 hour, 22 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives intelligence committee, which is examining a series of national security leaks, will investigate a Washington Post story on a secret CIA global prison system, officials said on Thursday.

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.10.05 11:45 pm)

Today's novel excrpt (#16)

Novel excerpt #16: Novel hell.
Basically, both my major charachters exploded is some glossy blue black anti falme; all that's left is a discorded memory as, in fourths, I am behind a future I decided not to relive so, once again, walking towards a little bar/tv set, the anti-whore at bay, and greeting from the xerox shop; I like new york when it's empty, everyone else in some club or gambling or lost in some fantisy,or...dead, I'vebeen there when they were all dead, evem so-ho absolutly empty, and I as thoguh I were the one pocesser of reality, whcihc, given their drug habbits, I probably was. Everybody's got their favorite 1920's - I like...modern art; cute girl in the window actually sort of staring up at a world not quite imaginary that she seess to have placed the air above the city: key fraze: “Bob...get fucked.”


by The_Nothing_Yeah (11.11.05 12:35 am)

Re: Taco Swells

by confusionIs nothing new (11.11.05 08:54 am)

opps my bad. we were not at the party. i was under the influance when i read that blurp the first time.
in other news. - rad KH show at shafrazi, and it is like going to detroit in gago, homey and relaxing. oh and hb got large palm trees for our door entrance. it is getting bizzare.

Taco Swells

by Tard Retard (11.11.05 11:34 am)

Camel Toes

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.11.05 11:44 am)

Tony - my man - glad I got my pre gernica up - said third; have a first place item under decelopment but...gonna take a while; hey - check this out: tell-oh -vison: -80% retun on it's inverstment...pretty good:

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Daimler sells Mitsubishi Motors stake

By Chang-Ran Kim and Michael Shields
8 minutes ago

TOKYO/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - DaimlerChrysler AG drew the final curtain on its ill-fated investment in Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (MMC) on Friday by selling its entire 12.42 percent stake in the Japanese car maker.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs bought the shares and a financial source said it was in the process of placing them with institutional investors around the world.

DaimlerChrysler, the world's fifth-biggest carmaker, said that exiting the MMC investment, which it once saw as a pillar of its strategy of building a global car empire, would boost 2005 financial income by about 500 million euros ($590 million).

It paid 2.4 billion for the shares five years ago but had to swallow mounting losses amid a scandal over defect cover ups that cost MMC money and respect. Daimler took a hit of 665 million euros last year from its involvement in MMC.

Re: Taco Swells

by Jareth (11.11.05 01:22 pm)

what percent of young Artists work sold maintains its value?

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.11.05 02:04 pm)

probably all a porsche deal at this point; I sell on ebay sometime and...ussualy have to buy it back. I do offer and instant LLP service with each bid; actually, just clicking on the link to the ebay page ussualy works pretty good. As far as I know absolute top through andy - locked up; other than that got good taist and shit:

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.11.05 02:07 pm)

Look - I'm orning you ; I said third - I think my little didy last night was a solid third, gernica sudenly second, lavenmdrer mist (just did it again ) first...I have a 67 under development but will be introducing an 86 shortly (kinko's card - don't leave home without it) - lot of questions. I anounce these things and...I get to tape up a little samzidate up if I want to - people tair em down real fast - I'm really gona fuck with your little fagot asses if happens again; I got shit in the builinding - you leave my god damn xerox up you movie sucking shit.

jareth how big are your taco swells

by Tard Retard (11.11.05 02:08 pm)

do they take on water

can they deliver you from evil

Re: Taco Swells

by jackieou (11.11.05 03:39 pm)

and remember - you get a whole paragraph of the novel tonight; when you get the place half legal give me a call and I'll temp again - ok?

Banality and bourgeoisie aethetics; compartmentalize of crime

loop a 2 math, and it's aesthetics, versus formal conceptual walls, linear math and engineering design
flesh aethetics and rise of bourgeoisie; division of property in a contained decadent ( claiming post-decadent evolution - towards stagnation?) society

new appetites: aesthetic spotting;;shared carnivores; flesh ralestate development, vassal economics

anti-passion and aesthetic lust;
time schematics of lust versus cost plus need s of illegal(decadent) businesses.

Re: Taco Swells

by Jareth (11.11.05 03:47 pm)

pretty big and nasty today i have on my rCrumb pants.

Re: Taco Swells

by alienbarbiebaby (11.11.05 10:52 pm)

you know - you saw that, lot of people buisy with...other events; new responsabilities; GM is basicaly an a2 corp; plus, not to be rude: ration of general hospitol patients who have had regular hard drug use (like...100%)

Like the head line semenaticts...

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GM's health cuts not enough: analysts

By Jui Chakravorty
Fri Nov 11, 4:33 PM ET

DETROIT (Reuters) - Union workers at General Motors Corp. ratified a deal to help the automaker cut billions of dollars in health-care costs, but analysts said the move was far from enough to turn things around at the struggling auto giant.

Welcoming the ratification, which was announced by the United Auto Workers union on Friday, GM said the deal would slash its long-term health-care liability by $15 billion, cut its hourly health-care liability by 25 percent, and reduce health-care expenses by about $3 billion annually, before taxes.

Re: Taco Swells

by alienbarbiebaby (11.11.05 10:57 pm)

oops -in fashion again - what are the promoting; creeping up...:

digital Barbie
Site Summary
   Total 23,509   
   Average Per Day 68   
   Average Visit Length 0:27   
   Last Hour 4   
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   This Week 476   

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 18 man&FORM=MSNH&srch_type=0
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Re: Taco Swells

by johfrederson2000 (11.12.05 10:34 pm)

oh thats nice! we just got the paint for the disco - “red red wine” SH130d

Re: d rum

by zipthwung (11.13.05 12:55 am)

Re: Taco Swells

by alienbarbiebaby (11.13.05 01:36 am)

Theamatic; one of those yahoo stoies: aparently a math problem; I have other, more ominouse suspiciouns as to the cause of this shift:

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Director age rising at U.S. boardrooms

By Martha Graybow
Sat Nov 12, 7:27 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - There's more gray hair in the corporate boardroom than ever before.

The average age of directors at big U.S. businesses is creeping up, according to a new study, in large part because many current chief executives — who historically have been the most sought-after board candidates — are no longer serving on as many outside boards. Taking their place are many retired CEOs, who are often in their 60s and 70s.

Re: Taco Swells

by alienbarbiebaby (11.13.05 01:41 am)

Oh the way - the new BIB BABAY SHIT machine is out ready to service a whole semi-retired condo or split leval cominitie - ultimate hop-scoth demi more drug, sex, shit dispencer...whole cispy fag money laundering icluded at no extra charge; includes weekly camor dude humilations - don't delay - get yours today! “Oh wow...rome...I loved rome”:"Bib Baby SHIT MACHINE...available where ever cult cars are sold!

Re: Taco Swells

by alienbarbiebaby (11.13.05 02:11 am)

But you know...that's what competeling with JANE AUSTIN AMERICA is all about:“ name name is Andre Barouge - did you know that many of the popular favorie were actualy writing by the great”.

You know, I had a chance to try out one of the protypes out of so-ho a few years agi and.rejecting test track time completely, have to say a lot of the performance figures on these babies are, shall we say, synthetic; in real world terms the ir feigures really are down on the JAA model; lower end degree with more fright train for one thing plus..ddon't be swayed by those skid pad figures- reall world roads, no faster than a 61 volks. I have to say when I handed back the model I ussed a few years back I had a long list of reservations i haned in with it and..production models really are a disapointment.

I'll have to take a long look a recent late night comercials to make a decision, but if going by the watergate radio is anything to gauge, doesn't look good.

Re: Taco Swells

by johfrederson2000 (11.14.05 01:38 am)

We were seeking an art based on fundimentals, to cure the madness
of the
age, and a new order of things that would restore the balance between
and hell. We had a dim premonaition that power-man gangsters would
use art itself as a way of deadening men's minds.'

dead art minds, yeah right. like art will have anything to do with domination

by Penny Candy (11.14.05 02:36 am)

that's what it'll look like.
can you see the ground swell of support?

the like minded delusional folks?

the aluminum siding?

can you feel the swirling air?

oh, the swirling and swelling.

swelling and swirling.

swill and swirl