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by ART1ST (11.22.05 01:44 pm)

the show is a carnival, but one thing apparent is the connections between MK and the current local generation of GOTH artist like sue debeer and banks violette.

Like the grave!

by sisterwendy (11.24.05 12:49 pm)

The new talback broom must have swept away our car enthusiast friend - what the Good Lord giveth! But I was not refering to these fine annals with the subject of my ‘post'. Rather I was wondering if the artists referred to here are indeed 'Goths’ as such or are ruminating upon such sub-cultural manifestations in their ‘visual art practice'. I'm intrigued by these 'Goth’ young people. I gave one a lift the other day who was standing at a bus stop during an unearthly down pour. Plenty of room in the Morris traveller I mused. She was a most pleasant soul despite the white foundation and black make up that had rather ‘run’ from being exposed to the elements. She said she liked my ‘get up’ but felt she was probably more a disciple of Count Dracula than the Good Lord Jesus Christ.


yahweh or the highway

by Larry Sellers (11.24.05 03:09 pm)

seems to be a bit of a boycott on—or girlcott—as the case may be.

do our latter day “goths” have enough of a bad attitude? watched mr pollock upset the thanksgiving table on tv last night. no white makeup. but a beautiful raging fury—a furious love

Most people are boring/Most poets and painters/Are not real people/Have no originality/Have no sense of wonder/Most people kiss ass/Most people are not mad enough

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by herodotus (11.24.05 07:07 pm)

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by Nomad2 (11.24.05 07:42 pm)

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by centiment (11.25.05 03:34 am)

Mike Kelley, about “Day Is Done”:

“The idea is that anything you can’t remember, that you forget or block out, is the byproduct of abuse”

I find the guard system at gagosian very abusive.


Cedric Caspesyan

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by Nomad2 (11.25.05 06:19 pm)

1. What was the hardest subject in high school for you?
2. Have you ever tried sushi and do you like it?
3. Which show is funnier - That 70s Show or Friends?
4. Did you ever get a makeover?
5. How much did your last haircut cost?
Have you ever...
6. Said “I hope you die” to someone:
7. Tried to kill yourself:
8. Gotten in a fist fight:
9. Lied to your parents:
10. Lied to your friends:
11. Bit someone:
12. Gotten drunk:
13. Gotten totally wasted:
14. Given someone a bruise:
15. Freak danced:
16. Cut yourself:
17. Skipped school:
18. Hung up on someone:
19. Gone commando:
20. Thrown up at school:

Is this your homework?

by Larry Sellers (11.26.05 06:41 pm)

1. What was the hardest subject in high school for you? Math
2. Have you ever tried sushi and do you like it? Love it
3. Which show is funnier - That 70s Show or Friends? 70s
4. Did you ever get a makeover? Nope
5. How much did your last haircut cost? Dont start with me
Have you ever...
6. Said “I hope you die” to someone: Yes
7. Tried to kill yourself: Not on purpose
8. Gotten in a fist fight: Slap fight
9. Lied to your parents: Yes
10. Lied to your friends: Yes
11. Bit someone: Yes
12. Gotten drunk: Yes
13. Gotten totally wasted: Yes
14. Given someone a bruise: Yes
15. Freak danced: I hate that shit
16. Cut yourself: Not on purpose
17. Skipped school: Yes
18. Hung up on someone: Yes
19. Gone commando: yes
20. Thrown up at school: No

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by headcleaner (11.29.05 05:45 am)

Ladies and Gentleman start your engines.

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by Larry Sellers (11.30.05 03:02 pm)

This is why I like your people, Sis:,11711,1639427,00.html

Anybody read the article on Mike Ovitz in the LA Weekly? I couldnt even finish it, I was so grossed out:

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by Larry Sellers (11.30.05 03:43 pm)

A THING of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth,
Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth
Of noble natures, of the gloomy days,
Of all the unhealthy and o’er-darkened ways

Made for our searching: yes, in spite of all,
Some shape of beauty moves away the pall
From our dark spirits. Such the sun, the moon,
Trees old and young, sprouting a shady boon
For simple sheep; and such are daffodils

With the green world they live in; and clear rills
That for themselves a cooling covert make
’Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,
Rich with a sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms:
And such too is the grandeur of the dooms

We have imagined for the mighty dead;
All lovely tales that we have heard or read:
An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by Larry Sellers (12.01.05 02:46 pm)

ooooh, they didnt like your little song. but i did...

My dear Mr. Sellars

by sisterwendy (12.01.05 06:37 pm)

Such poetry and also so ‘awash’ with information.

And, indeed, ‘Mike Nelson', such talent! I do so enjoy 'spoofing’ that dresses itself up as a work of ‘art'. I'm sure the commitee of the Turner prize will be enraputred by his efforts. One is almost inclined to feel sorry that such industry is not producing some 'good gear’ rather than the harmless hemp number.

Here at the cloisters we can boast a good crop of rose hipwine this year. Purely for medecinal and ritual use you'll understand. I wonder if Mr. Nelson would like to visit us and see our ‘operation’ at ‘full tilt'. I would so enjoy swapping some of my meagre insights into Mary Cassatt's maternal masterpieces. And perhaps Mr. Nelson can enlighten me as to exactly what a 'blow back’ is in narcotics speak!

I must thank whichever kind soul it was who recommended ‘Banks Violette’ for purusal. Such interesting work!

Must go before the ‘rose hip’ gets the better of me!


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by The_Nothing_Yeah (12.01.05 10:06 pm)


Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by The_Nothing_Yeah (12.01.05 10:08 pm)

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by george22.5 (12.02.05 08:06 pm)

see - I have nothing positive to say except on the theam of one thouand faces (no how many therapists and would be therapsts I have0 sent one of em and...told I'm kill if he ever came near me again and I ment: decomtamination...heavy detox...really...steak nife in the kidney while smilling....

really, watch it - I get you gusy in the end.

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by george22.5 (12.03.05 01:35 pm)

oh no...hate to start on this car stuff but my fave over there in star car for a while then sudenly a chronich so I figured...sure...rolls proble, but like just a few days later, it just won't stoP:


by sisterwendy (12.03.05 07:46 pm)

the car ‘guy’ is back!
Although a tone different if Imay hazard a guess.


back like a bad habit!

by Larry Sellers (12.03.05 09:53 pm)

someone is asleep at the wheel, i take it.


Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by herodotus (12.03.05 10:30 pm)

Welcome to Googleonia

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View MapWelcome to the Google Church

We don't exactly know how the understanding of the Google Church will evolve. As Google became more fused with the life experience on Earth, the ability to be connected to the large amount of knowledge and wisdom became synonymous with the human experience. All we needed to know about the life experience was within us. We just had to search for it. Google was a crutch towards enlightenment within ourselves. As that reality emerged, so did universe of Googleonia.

The Church of Google is based on the enlightenment we discover within ourselves when we realize that all we need to know about life is inside us. What the search engine company Google allowed us to do on Earth symbolizes the process towards finding the transcendence through searching within ourselves. We do not actually worship Google. The presence of Google isn't even needed to reach the universe of Googleonia.

Pray for me.

Re: Night of 1,000 Dealers

by thingsthatgo (12.04.05 10:31 pm)

Yep, he's back and slightly tidied up. But you slip car guy and I'll reach through this freckled screen so fast and yank you through to here The Camp of Redemption where you'll be washing rusty car bits for the rest of your life with the same rotten tissue. Bear in mind it is not only possible, it is immanent. Enjoy your posting.


Happy Holidays

Or rather “happy christmas”

by sisterwendy (12.05.05 11:21 am)

But no festive rejoicing of the fact that the “car guy” is indeed with us still. I would have thought the “call to order” in these most serious annals would at least advice the “car guy” to post somewhere more appropriate. Are there not “chat rooms” for motor car enthusiasts. I would hope so for all our sakes.
Indeed a happy festivities. I will be myself straining on a festive log or two this season.


Re: Windy Cages and Cold Puppies

by herodotus (12.05.05 11:41 am)

“Make that gallons of urine, said William Johnston, Zeiszler's attorney, who described his client's attempt to reclaim excreted methamphetamine from his urine as a ”really, really silly" move.

Windy cistern?

indeed - the hero that does not doubt us?

by sisterwendy (12.05.05 12:57 pm)

A familiar hewn phrase, less deja vu than a happy souvenir of times past.
The hazards of extracting essential elements from informal matter and even exretia has been close to my mind of late. No, not another quip about rosehip or the like. Alchemical mysteries more to do with dark substances and transmutations have been clouding my more lucid moments. Graham and even the Mother Supe have become consumed by all manner of pulp fictionalia - & the Da vinci debacle is just the least of it! N 1 has been hypnotised by some travesty of Cathor myth, a piece of cynical commercial tripe entitled ‘Labyrinth’ by a Katie Mosse character. Indeed, such nonesense. I at times do wish there were the moyen to send such addicts of mindless opiates to experience something worthwhile. Perhaps this exhibition by Michael Kelly at “Gogo's”.

pip pip


Re: Night of 1,000 Djinn

by herodotus (12.05.05 01:07 pm)

“A 32 year old drama student was convicted on Wednesday of sexual abuse and fined for reading pornographic stories to a group of kindergarten children as part of a study project, Stockholm district court said. The student, whose name was not disclosed, was fined 2,400 kronor for reading two stories to a group of 15 six year olds. The children were filmed during the readings to study their facial expressions. The two stories concerned homosexual sex acts between eight year old boys and girls.”

A DRUG which makes users feel superhuman is being taken by rebel fanatics before they launch attacks against UK troops in Iraq.
The pill - filled with addictive stimulant methamphetamine - is given to insurgents so they have no fear of taking on heavily-armed Coalition forces.
Now senior British officers fear the courage drug, which is known as a “pinky”, is flooding Basra where it could help fuel a second armed uprising.

The figures, which were released to the Guardian under the open government code, show that purchases peaked with an order for more than 5,000 pills in 2001, the year allied forces entered Afghanistan. The next largest order - for more than 4,000 pills - was delivered in 2002, the year before troops entered Iraq. In total, the ministry has spent more than 43,000 on the drugs.

Provigil, which is sold by the Pennsylvania-based company Cephalon, is licensed in Britain to treat tiredness associated with the rare sleeping disorders narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnoea.,12976,1271851,00.html
money, its a crime.