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by saianjuma1 (01.17.06 06:01 pm)

Incredible that there are no comments to this post, or maybe not.

True that “feminism” is just another ism, which is just another “grand reciet” (sp.), which will eventually become something else altogether. Especially to people like me, who are under 35.

In which case, maybe a forum about feminism sponsored by the NY Times is just an example of an institution dragging an issue into the ring that has no audience.

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by hyphy (01.17.06 08:57 pm)

i said — dont look a gift ism in the mouth

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by palindrome (01.17.06 10:51 pm)


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by scuzbarf (01.17.06 11:12 pm)

Luomo is Vladislav Delay. This 12“ features the tracks ”Tessio“ and ”She-Center“ (also found on his full length Vocalcity. ” outstretched masterpiece, that reveals itself in song-like majesty. The deep affection for dub that infiltrates all his music, once again gloriously mingles with passionate house grooves in a manner that has not been so astounding since Basic Channel. By bringing in vocalists from his past days as a jazz musician, minimal house is getting soulful."


by palindrome (01.18.06 10:59 am)

The reason feminism has lost its potency comes from within. Many gender specialists of a younger ilk lost confidence in the Steinhem/MIllet gen simply bcause they could not come to terms w/ gay lesbian. Moreover, the 1st gen got labeled as an essentialist position which meant they had to define what was female. Biological determination arguments had problems as so many females have ‘masculine’ traits and vice versa. Establishing the boy/girl heterosexual debate effectively positioned fem. w/ right wing conservatives who wanted an affirmation of heterosexuality also. The knockout punch landed from Butler in the 90's. Performtivity still dogs the essentialist position w/ gender being a system of sexual behaviors one learns/acquires much like learning different languages. Butler's claim is gender is theater. So, w/ a tug of war still existing between essentialist vs. the idea that gender is a social construct w/ she-males, trannies, drag kings, queens, sex change, etc. blurring any clear cut lines of sex roles. Pornography became a battle ground along w/ the transition of prostitutes to sex workers or labor. kate millet's claim way back that prostitution dehumanized women, just did not fly w/ the Butler gay side. Don't know if i read the whole article, but there is a reason Butler's position was never offered.

Finally, Feminism has always had the problem of ignoring race, Feminism was always perceived as a white thing while Civil rights advocates remained silent regarding black women suppression. And w/ that came class distinction, Fem. was always viewed as a middle class liberal thing, excluding the poor. Kruger's Time magazine ad formats precluded a poor audience, i mean let's face it who did she make for, the poor temp/migrant following the tomato fields for Taco Bell? Get real. Fem. is now a fiction being written in universities (aka middle class) under the title of Women's Studies, tending 2 exclude males from the debate.

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by hyphy (01.18.06 01:05 pm)

and yet in 2006 a woman can dump that craigslist thing, which is stronger and funnier and more to the point than anything Valerie Solanis ever wrote.

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by palindrome (01.18.06 01:36 pm)

Wow, suddenly I became a gynocritic. Being an asexual brain in a tank has its advantages.

zipthwung said...

“ At times the debates over feminism and feminist art take on the characteristics of daytime soap opera”


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by hyphy (01.18.06 04:45 pm)


I was watching that popular nitetime soap opera CSI with my daughter last night. That show is fucking terrorism. Im never gonna watch it again.
“The direction of this camp makes me fucking sick,” she says, leaving Deadwood. “And it bores the shit out of me.”


by hyphy (01.18.06 05:40 pm)

BD: I was a feminist before I was a riot grrrl. I just hated so many things about the world, growing up, in elementary school, my stepdads, and I thought it was annoying how irresponsible they were. I got sick of that. I heard the word feminist, and I thought that's what I am. I was 13. I did my seventh grade speech on Gloria Steinem.

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by palindrome (01.18.06 09:53 pm)

What if in the future they just serve testosterone or estrogen up at the door, depending on the task? Then everyone could be on the same page.

In life, Cobain always came across as paradoxical: lazy and ambitious, caring and callous, honest and artificial. He griped about fame but courted the press. He spoke of a desire to alienate fans yet appeared on MTV. Of course, nobody appreciated these contradictions more than Cobain himself, who invited the reader into his diaries with a sarcastically sincere warning: “Don’t read my diary when I’m gone,” followed by, “OK, I’m going to work now, when you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things, and figure me out.”

Ah youth. Well at least I'm young.

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by palindrome (01.18.06 10:10 pm)

Martha Stewart has come to be represented in the corporate press as a “true” feminist. While feminism at one time stood for a collective project concerned with the general emancipation of all women from conditions of economic inequality and social injustice, today it is being redefined by the imperatives of transnational capitalism as an aggressive individualism and “getting ahead” of all the rest. According to these imperatives, Martha Stewart is regarded as a “true feminist”, as Madonna once was, because (so the story goes) she is a woman in charge of her own destiny.

well zip, it's kinda like Duchamp ending art by collecting all his notes

by hyphy (01.18.06 10:15 pm)

in a box preserved in art.

“But u r the man', ‘yeah', 'so your sticking it to yourself’ , 'maybe.”

Kobain was also technically a father while not being a father and so on, his use of opposites was always simplistic, but highly effective, the famous albino mulatto libido mosquito or in D7 'straight as an arrow, so straight, not so straight.', mud/bleach, soft/loud songs, etc. Never reconciling, like male and female, which don't exist anymore since they r only acted percentages.

Gynocritical, no VAGINALICITY.

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by palindrome (01.18.06 10:15 pm)

Sugar and spice, yeah.

y r u suddenly doing kurdt? he floated a semi feminist personality

by hyphy (01.18.06 10:25 pm)

songs like a typical female positioned in a house w/ ‘breathing holes’ in Laundry Room attest 2. Did u finally c the Van Sant docupmentary? fuking mental case to watch. Michael More on h.

How a bout viewing this period as a decline? I'm writing the history now and i'm selling all decline. So what's the point of painting in a period of decline? Feminism is in decline since feminists r in recliners and younger woman r having facial/breast aumentations. Not that this has 2b a female thing, but what's the point of males beating the drum for dancers who rn't there.

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by chelseayralady (01.18.06 10:55 pm)

the word femminist got a dirty rep. because of things like “Feminist Studies”... ... ...

Ive eaten soooo much more sugar than that

by hyphy (01.18.06 11:14 pm)

hey why is facial/breast augmentation not feminist? for the same reason that martha's not a feminist? for the same reason that prostitution hurts women?

do what you want to do and learn from it. that's feminism.

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by chelseayralady (01.19.06 12:06 am)

ever feel the need, 2 take off your cloths weddings, openings, evictions, parades, long subway rides?

ever “feel the reaction” it is odd to me that in 2005 it still unfloofs people.

will people ever “get over” the unclothed body?

Re: If Our bodies, catch our selves, catch.

by palindrome (01.19.06 09:46 am)

I get confused by the mixed messages western culture sends me. I have trouble not being a hypocrite and getting what I need. For example, I don't want people to own property and yet I want privacy. It drives me crazy sometimes, you know, how fucked up it is. I tried to make art about it but it all seems so trite, and selfish and hypocritical. I guess I'm just doomed. Well, I'm going to school, we're learning about how men “seduce” women based on a masculinist assumption. I took the class to meet people, but they don't understand that my confusion is a political act and not just crazy. Well thanks for reading, if you're out there, because although I crave human interaction I hate people sometimes, they can be so phoney.

if a body meet a body cuminn thu the rye..

by chelseayralady (01.19.06 10:34 am)

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hey why is facial/breast augmentation not feminist?

by palindrome (01.19.06 01:25 pm)

hey hyphy, i didn't mean 2 imply that it was, just that as a consuming event feminists have the ‘license’ 2 pursue. If it enhances biological femaleness, then the essentialists r all for it, if it developes part of the performativity narrative, the constructivists r alll 4it. The older generation tended to view body augmentation as giving in to the Masculine spelled heterosexual only gaze; not anymore. This of course does not apply to burn victims, congenital skin lesions and acne.

Some how feminism has been blunted like stopping racism has wandered off. Too many iPods, tv channels and gamers. Plus feminism seems to have diffused into other causes like gay lesbian and eco terrorists. Better to burn down the laundry room than 2 b caught in it.

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by magicmarker (01.19.06 03:51 pm)

what if it just get u laid? what if it just gets you paid?

I prefer the natural look, of course.

U know in the high art urban setting of this ‘feminism’

by magicmarker (01.19.06 04:07 pm)

of course, fem looks like it's meandered off into private pockets of liberation, I can't blieve i used the word liberation, sounds so stupidly clunky and co opted. However, if u 'take a ride outside the city, look around and around, take a look at who u r, pretty scarry." as Kurdt said, u find feminism is still quite valid. I can imagine at every Farmdale USA church the old testament of Adam giving birth 2 Eve is still held as truth.

Think about it, the one thing women have all over men, the ability to determine life, and these MALES, who wrote and perpetuate the dam bible, want to take that away. Fear of Female Power. Look at that inane film of schwartzennigger being pregnant, co opting liberation, reality staged tv. I'm telling u u heard it hear 1st. And if u r gonna crit. me 4 quoting K, well all i haf 2sa is, he was the voice of God itself crying in the desert.

Now zip/palindromenama r u still monkeying around w/ art w/ Jareth? Kinda like the two old superheroes on spongebob? I mean y du u bother?

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by sportsnews (02.01.06 09:04 pm)

really - I presume to promote some radical feminisme (high form of :“they do that” or:“Tough shit - they're fucking body alse ashole”...aka:“not like you”) um but ah...x girls, regan babies; rich hookers...very political..

fact is..lot of assholes out there; and, they are not articulate about it; issolated even within popularity (like...tapestry theory???).

I can't get a date..

I get to fight with them so...don't talk to me.

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by sportsnews (02.01.06 09:06 pm)

PS: through dreams comes reality (blue cars? They're around) are any protocol of responsabilities implied in any of your list of feminist theory possabilities...

oh sportnews u used the bad words. Potty talk. poopy.

by psst (02.01.06 09:36 pm)

okay, this is new to God, or Son of, second in command; when did art4um start pulling threads for the f and s word? I mean no body posts on topic, so y the stupid words? neo-cons in the art world, the lowest scum.

i was gone for a semester doing a VA in ‘the woods.’ literally. They also attempted to block my using other avatars for my ghosting. What's w/ the guiliani?

we finally got 2 a point where how to carve up time ideologically could b of interest and they yank it.

Disconneticut Yankees i blieve was my last brilliant thing 2say. I've seen these art4ums @ a distance, f_ office workers. they should not b censoring 4 language, when after all their publication has instances of the f/s words all the time. Hypocrites.

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by somelikeithot (02.02.06 01:24 am)

It never gets old. Im goingto diglatrines in Guatamala next week. Today imgoingto quote myself.

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by Madhatter (02.02.06 12:47 pm)

I posted that last one, and this one is on topic - nature-nurture sort of thing. I guess Clockwork Orange Quotes are not allowed?

what i noticed

by Madhatter (02.03.06 10:28 am)

is in my building people r standing around doing performances of the phone ad, where the personal assistant says ‘but u r the man', 'that's right', 'so, you're stickin in 2 yourself', 'maybe ...’

But the reward went 2 the guys doin the dancing when some panicky slacker comes in and worries about parts.

if only gilbert/george could dance.

oh yeah, me jesus, posted the last one, not madh

by Madhatter (02.03.06 10:33 am)

i i was not on topic, except to say i think racism is more of a thing 2day than feminism, although people exclude for all kinds of reasons: red hair, no money, pimples, wearing dockers, too conceptually, not conceptually enuf, conceptually neutered.

and psst, did u mean by networkism things getting done on the Net? I don't think u did, but if u did, then that is 2narrow 4 a category.

Sincerely from Art Heaven,
Jesus Christ, the post Resurrection Jesus, not the pre-Christmas one.

Jesus Talk

by penelope (02.04.06 04:52 pm)

Bush had a lot of isms i hear, except Southernism, like 'he ain't worth warm piss in a cold cup." and those black bees that buzz the lawns in the morning.

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by somelikeithot (02.04.06 11:20 pm)

i think homophobia takes the cake.

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by Madhatter (02.04.06 11:29 pm)

The lifestyle is wrong...but it looks cool.

Might as well talk to the balls

by penelope (02.05.06 01:43 pm)

So, i'm Jesus Christ, right, and along w/ the bird and old fart, we made gay. So if as butler says, sexualitay is a choice, but we created all choices, then we say gay is okay, otherwise we wouldn't have permitted it. now fem's have a time w/ gay, especially male, since not only r they sexist, they r anti female.

therefore all microphones r penises and I once saw this phone that had a dickhead 4 an earpiece and the balls the thing u spoke into. gives new meaning to reach out and touch someone or going nuts on the phone?