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by agtjr2 (01.21.06 12:19 pm)

You should see this show in person to get the full impact (no pun intended). It's timely, telling, and beautiful work. Politics aside, these are compelling images.

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by sportsnews (02.01.06 07:58 pm)

those are kind of nice; saved em - nice green but ah...not modern art - ok? my only response:

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by sportsnews (02.01.06 08:09 pm)


boy = that ws a good one; doing a little ferrari research (for a joke I rmembered - honest - slip in it in on the last supper topic) so...mac...restart - but ah...that was a good one.

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by sportsnews (02.02.06 10:34 pm)

ps: I'm not tweak dady (honest - just my kodac dig cam):

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by magicmarker (02.03.06 12:28 am)

these are good I especially like this one:

I always take explosions personally, and these seem particularly that way—small and in the middle of the road.


Re: Blowing up Stumps

by Madhatter (02.03.06 05:17 am)

Quiet and meditative. Thats Zen!

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by penelope (02.04.06 12:16 am)

When Antonioni turns his poetics onto the culture of American capitalism and mass consumption it becomes a spectacular display of imploding and exploding objects occurring within the subjective field of vision of Daria. She rushes out of the building in which the capitalists are making deals to exploit the vast American terrain and, with disgust, commands its violent explosion. In a surreal, circular way, the explosion occurs over and over from different angles, and finally gives way to a series of imploding objects of mass consumption (TV, food, clothing, etc.).

The latter becomes a moment of pure poetic spectacle, as through a hypnotizing slow motion and electrifying score the explosion and the movement of objects through space is rendered graceful and brilliant. Flying toward the viewer, these many shards of shiny bits and pieces that once served a utilitarian purpose when part of a greater object here exist in and of themselves in a purely dazzling spectacle. This is the only way Antonioni can see the beauty of American capitalism, as a rainbow of shattered objects lost in space and time. The poetic spectacle ends abruptly, and we return to Daria with a hint of knowingness and satisfaction in her smile. She leaves the frame and Antonioni leaves us with the eternal power and mystery of the radiating sun, an elemental object that we see as a composition of line, shape and colour.

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by scuzbarf (02.04.06 02:00 am)

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by scuzbarf (02.04.06 02:02 am)

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by Madhatter (02.04.06 11:42 am)

When Smith died suddenly in a tragic car accident in 1965, he was at the height of his creative powers, and he left behind an expansive yet remarkably coherent, and extraordinarily powerful, body of work. ordinarily powerful, body of work.

ordinarily powerfull. High praise indeed! You know when my uncle makes whimsicle farm machinrey sculpture:

Jim Gary, 66; Artist Who Created Playful Dinosaur Skeletons From Car Parts,0,7709190.story?coll=la-news-obituaries

IN that vein, you know?

But smith uses the hydraulic forge like it was a poets feather....derange your senses and now hes drawing in air.....


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by kysper (02.16.06 02:56 pm)

have a look at this:

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by francesdmartin (10.02.12 07:57 am)

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