Re: Rogan's Gallery

by ArttLess (02.10.06 06:21 pm)

As an attendee to the EDUN event and a champion of the brand I have to say I was a bit shocked when I read your article on the EDUN fashion week event. I am not exactly sure what about the event in particular did not sit well with you and why you felt it necessary to demean what EDUN is trying to do. In a world that has an astounding amount of people suffering from poverty and sickness, it is heartbreaking to read someone belittling such an amazing effort. Have we lost our pulses, that when we see a company trying to help a community elevate there education, food, water and health standards we poo poo it as being “something to do with sustainability and providing a living wage”!

Apart from butchering EDUN’s mission, the particulars from the event were wrong! I was there and know for a fact that Bono was indeed wearing EDUN jeans, Robert Deniro did attend the event, and Jeanne appeared happy to be hosting the event.... and if Lindsay Lohan did show she too would have toasted EDUN’s great efforts in marrying fashion and humanity!

Though I must say your glib, elitist point of view is framed ever so nicely by the vibrant DIESEL ads that frame your “work”.

Re: Rogan's Gallery

by absolutely (02.11.06 07:18 am)

Buy the land in cabinetlandia. Don't buy silly comments from bono...he's not the one that inherently gives anything value, contrarily. Attention is needed to what is actually bought, especially from readers. But, good gossip, yes.

Re: Rogan's Gallery

by magicmarker (02.12.06 10:53 pm)

The clothes are cute, and very expensive. The big hoopla convinces rich people that they are doing something socially responsible by buying these clothes. The co. produces the clothing in factories in Africa, South America and India. India? I thought they had all our jobs already. Oh yea, Americans don't like to work in factories, I forgot. Anyway...

It is, of course, a bad thing, because these rich people get to pretend that buying something is socially responsible instead of actually doing something socially responsible (like reducing their energy use, working to stop global climate change, like living a life of voluntary simplicity, or even handing over some cash to a sparechanger, or killing themselves)

Re: Rogan's Gallery

by Madhatter (02.13.06 01:17 am)

Anyone interested in bankrolling my clothing line - NATAS. Kinda sorta a bonfire of the vanities meets Bonanza! The launch is going to have razor wire limbo dancing and lakes of burning uranium.