Re: The Björn Identity

by Anda Klavina (02.27.06 08:10 am)

It's nice to see that Artforum from time to time turns its gaze to other venues in world, such as Scandinavia. Because as a reader and art world interesent I prefer variety.
But it's all about host's wealth, isn't it? If airplane tickets, hotel and parties are not prepaid, noone of these party reviews would appear. Otherwise Artforum would also visit the opening of Estonia's new art museum KUMU - amazing building built from the sketch, one of the biggest in North Europe.
I was not there, but would gladly read such free style report.

and it feels so good.

by somelikeithot (02.27.06 11:35 am)

thats my guess. explains alot. i guess that is where that whole:
“I believe that art criticism is failing miserably to meet the challenges of this time, and that art and artists, and indeed the artistic culture of this country, are suffering as a result. American art, artists and art institutions are struggling, and because so few critics have been willing to participate in this struggle and examine their role in its development and outcome, art criticism, as a whole, is in trouble.”

struck me as interesting... this brings up a very interesting conversation. - do critics and collectors have an actual responsiblity to Art to step out of the circle jerk?

how I stole the idea of modern art

by somelikeithot (02.27.06 03:09 pm)

Humm… Presuming the above stated hypothesis has any weight, is it the same in every country? - and if not is it just because they don't have the choice? does this contribute to the recent focus on the transition from new york as the hub of “art production” and rather to that of “day trading”?

Interesting good to know hatter thx. I will make sure to note that in my new novel “that’s the orange one” a tale of Chelsea. It is going to be great. The name came to me while basking in the shade of a stabile at the recent Calder opening. (Now that my camera is broken and I lack the funds to replace I have taken to eavesdropping on people “explaining” Art to each other). This very expensive looking lady came trotting up (have you ever noticed they all end up with the same face), with her companion all blustering with pride, “see that’s the white one”, “that’s the orange one” and “that’s the black one”, “that is the best! that is the one we are going to get” Well la-de-da… I mused inwardly (and shortly there after outwardly) Thanks for the clarification; beyond the fact that the room was full of a great deal of examples of each “color sampling” the level of depth of consideration of the purchase is clearly admirable.

Hide what you have to hide
And tell what you have to tell
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If you continually decide
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Never again
Is what you swore
The time before

Re: The Björn Identity

by briansholis (02.27.06 03:47 pm)

Anda Klavina,

While Artforum lacks Estonia-based contributors, and was unable to send anyone to attend the opening of the new museum in Tallinn, please note that Jennifer Allen shares (German-language) news of the museum in this week's International News Digest.

Brian Sholis