Re: Paris Confidential

by Tosh (03.18.06 10:06 pm)

Actually it was nice seeing Steven Arnold's photographs in the exhibition. I am hoping that there will be other shows in Paris with respect to Los Angeles. Here to the exhibition and that it will be a great success.

As for the wait to get in, I kind of liked the suspense and drama of getting in. Although I have to admit I was hungry by the time of the party. A very good Chinese restaurant about two blocks away from the Pompidou. It was the only open place (around midnight) in the area. I think that the Chinese Restaurant saved my life!

Re: Paris Confidential

by ijuanaiguana (03.19.06 08:56 pm)

Often times I am hungry. Hunger fuels the creative imagination.

Re: Paris Confidential

by sisterwendy (04.09.06 08:48 am)

I did so enjoy this exhibition. The vintage feminist videos were a real treat and a lesson to an increasingly militant younger generation (and not just those on the streets of Paris protesting at the ‘CPE'!).
What a shame it stopped at 1985. Understandable in that the size of the exhibition would have been elephantine if the survey would have continued into the eighties and the 'Pictures’ generation.
Having been ‘off the map’ for sometime I wonder if anybody has mentioned the wonderful William Klien exhibition that was also at the Pompidou recently.
The Palais de Toyko's 'Notre Histoire" is a fairground attraction in comparason. It's a survey of the young French contemporary art. It was rather disappointing and one hopes that the much hyped 'Force de l'Art'at the Grand Palais opening in May will be more interesting. It too will be a survey of French Contemporary Art.


Re: Paris Confidential

by ijuanaiguana (04.17.06 12:56 am)

Interesting is an understatement. It will rock my fucking world. I l live for the understated.