Re: Fair Game

by lee-ifac (03.19.06 09:23 pm)

I think something very cool happened over the armory weekend in New York. I saw artists working with each other, collaboration and a general comradery that has been virtually non-existent since 911.

Lets keep up the good work everyone.
The movement is only beginning.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.19.06 11:04 pm)

i agree it was a rad week but:
“collaboration and a general comradery” has been lacking since 911?

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.20.06 12:41 am)

Huh virtually non existent...what a sad little world you live in? Or are you being ironic? I just cant tell anymore.

Re: Fair Game

by ijuanaiguana (03.20.06 12:01 pm)

Comraderie has been nonexistent since world war ii. My grandfather was a coal miner and a surrealist. After losing his fingers to frost bite, his desire to paint became even greater. But no one wanted to paint alongside a cripple. So he painted alone for sixteen years. Each day his imagery became more tainted with his anger for humanity.

Yesterday, he passed away.

Re: Fair Game

by Unbeatable (03.21.06 12:34 am)

Isn't the Biennial like...25% collectives? Since 9/11 haven't we seen the critics and curators rally around things like Dearraindrop, Forcefield, Archive, Salon de Fleurus, etc, etc, etc??? Even scope had a bunch of collectives: The 62 and Matt Bua and Jesse Berkowitz did a shooting gallery together. This is nothing new pal.

Re: Fair Game

by headsrtails (03.21.06 12:58 pm)

all those collectives are shite.........and as for the mess at SCOPE, fogedaboutit. It all looked like a bad BFA show without the irony

Re: Fair Game

by snitch (03.22.06 07:11 pm)

Speaking of collectives - the Walker Art Center blog posted this about the 2006 Art Collective Championship:

the direct link is:

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.26.06 11:08 am)

missed the opening.. maybe that would have made differance. aftermath seemed forced.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.26.06 11:37 am)

This show was intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.27.06 12:04 pm)

omg... drawing r. 2morrow! i will be lugging in my catalogues to attempt to give pre-pointer context... it all comes down to the teachings of MB. then rumor is he will be at the center on wed :)

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.28.06 04:45 pm)

Dude. This agression will not stand, man. While I mean, there you are wandering through the hundred acre wood and ...i mean like, bee booo baaaa bo


Re: Wicked Game

by magicmarker (03.28.06 05:57 pm)

I hate it when they do that.

I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you

by somelikeithot (03.28.06 06:37 pm)

role the bones

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithottererish (03.28.06 07:28 pm)

I tot I taw a turkey leg.

I did. I did.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.28.06 07:44 pm)

Varmint! Im gonna blow you to smithereens!

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithottererish (03.29.06 01:10 am)

“Fair Game” “may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”


Re: Bad Cop Bad Cop

by Madhatter (03.29.06 01:45 am)

All I'm saying is why cant literary people mix with TV people? Vice vs?

Re: Fair Game Mixer

by somelikeithottererish (03.29.06 02:16 am)

Well, to make a long story short would help. Or vice vs.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.29.06 03:12 am)

just got home... had alot of fun... i think he is doing the same.

COMPultion FUNction

by somelikeithottererish (03.29.06 03:33 am)

i think i just got home...doing fun had alot of same... i think the same fun he is doing. i think fun home just got doing same. fun.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.29.06 03:33 am)

so i have to do it. um the cut on the leg? maybe i am crazy but i feel it, and tell me we are not down to total refuse and welcome.. loved it need a while to process.. i was readying my self to hate the soundrack, oddly enought it worked... they were so hot! at the after party, omg... showed up late but looked so cute! i was like should i take a camera out? and ended up with she would kick my fucking ass...! side line. but all is full of love!

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.29.06 03:46 am)

it is called “a site specific scupture” i love that

Re: Fair Game...there's always antacids

by somelikeithottererish (03.29.06 04:00 am)

U have arrived.
U ar3 whot ya riled against just moments ago.
Nuttin' like membership,eh luv?
chew well B4 ya swallow.
when the rungs turn to air...
who'll be there?

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.29.06 07:45 am)

maybe people r shy.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.29.06 02:30 pm)

So tonight its either drawing restraint or Kim GOrdon and Greil Marcus.

“People pay to see others believe in themselves.”,raber,72666,15.html

I think the def of politics has to do with scheduling. I mean I allready made plans Kim, sorry.


Re: Fairly Tame

by Madhatter (03.29.06 02:39 pm)

“I’m Really Scared When I Kill In My Dreams”:

“People pay to see others believe in themselves. Many people don’t know whether they can experience the erotic or whether it exists only in commercials; but on stage, in the midst of rock ‘n’ roll, many things happen and anything can happen, whether people come as voyeurs or come to submit to the moment… Performers appear to be submitting to the audience, but in the process they gain control of the audience’s emotions. They begin to dominate the situation through the awe inspired by their total submission to it.”

Re: Fair Game

by magicmarker (03.29.06 02:55 pm)

Remember clearly the first time I experienced that: quavery voiced Canadian singer, Winterland, 1975. Thousands of people, absolutely quiet, totally focussed on pinspot light illuminating man on piano. Deep darkness all around. Bright music flowing. Devotion. I broke the spell and looked around the room. People standing shoulder to shoulder on the floor, faces upturned, bathed in the light from the stage, rapt. I was amazed that he could hold everyone's attention like that. I thought, what power, like hitler. Except hitler didnt sing this:

Now that you found yourself losing your mind
Are you here again?
Finding that what you once thought was real
Is gone, and changing?

Now that you made yourself love me
Do you think I can change it in a day?
How can I place you above me?
Am I lying to you when I say
That I believe in you
I believe in you.

Coming to you at night I see my questions
I feel my doubts
Wishing that maybe in a year or two
We could laugh and let it all out

Now that you made yourself love me
Do you think I can change it in a day?
How can I place you above me?
Am I lying to you when I say
That I believe in you
I believe in you.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.29.06 02:58 pm)

Julia Sneeringer
( History )
Associate Professor of History at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center . She earned a Ph.D. in History from the University of Pennsylvania , and a BA in German from Temple University . A historian of 20th century Germany , she teaches across the range of modern European history, including courses on art and politics in Weimar Germany (including cinema), fascism and the Third Reich, Europe since 1945, and the history of women in modern Europe . She has written about political propaganda, gender, and advertising during the Weimar Republic (1918-33). Her current project is a social history of rock and roll in Hamburg , Germany during the 1950s and 1960s.

Seems topical.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.29.06 03:17 pm)

semi topical... don't have time for a thread, - anyone got links to reviews on DR9? i need some fodder for an battle defending the new lab decor.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.29.06 03:40 pm)

little help? apparently the poster deeply disturbs a few people... and he has “no respect for his audiance”

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.29.06 03:53 pm)

Outside art is order and outsider art is ordered in order to out outside the outsider?,halter,72681,20.html

Re: Fair Game

by magicmarker (03.29.06 04:31 pm)

This poster?

The type design is awesome, whatever that means. Makes me want to cut something

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.29.06 04:36 pm)

ya the motion graphics are out of this world, i guess something about how much i enjoyed the leg cutting portion is 'creepy and unnecessary" and an odd match up with my mini skirts and scars.... we must sublimate in symbols to over come.

Re: Society of mind.

by Madhatter (03.29.06 05:23 pm)

Sorry about the redundancy.,halter,72681,20.html

by somelikeithot (03.29.06 05:57 pm)

Dear Ed Halter,
ending your bogus article illumiating your sub-par understanding and engagement with the film is highlighted with your player hateing budget comment. haiku is a structure with its own logic - (it is not forced by lack of page space) i am sure “Jean Cocteau, Maya Deren, or Kenneth Anger” had there ‘limited means’ forced on them... i am sure any of them would be happy to expand...
so that's poetry, film and art that you've blown with that one.
u sux.
y didn't jer review this one?

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.29.06 06:01 pm)

i will write to the editor on that one later.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.30.06 12:53 pm)

is “overt spiritual dimension” new?

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithot (03.30.06 01:06 pm)

nice review, it is odd how everyone comes away with something different, last night the conversation went towards “physical comedy” even. it was a mobscene!

Un: Fair Game

by somelikeithottererish (03.30.06 01:37 pm)

I only like to hear what I want to hear and those who say otherwise can fuck off. Maybe politics would suit you better.

Re: tooling

by somelikeithot (03.30.06 01:54 pm)

i know u weren't addressing me on that one.


by somelikeithot (03.30.06 02:21 pm)

how is ‘people coming away with something different’ a dogmatic statement? he said it himself something along the lines of - i think that it is essential for me to follow that path to make the thing, it is the way that i make it i do it, a certain amount of research and begin to put together a constellation of things and layer them that way, - certain people enter the work thru the secondary information... - some have a more visceral relationship to the films, - and they are both valid.
and not characters as characters as much as ‘aspects’ or ‘states’ moments of violence and/or moments of comedy

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.30.06 03:31 pm)

By “odd” you mean that you think Barney's work evokes more varied responses than say, any Jodorowski movie?

is a must watch, I think, as well.

but barney takes the “objective” documentary style (also strangely like a telletubbies or children's video (watch one and you'll get me - it IS a style) -

and then also flirts with cinematic hallucinatory terrain - I keep thinking of the cut scenes from Highlander (best ever).

Moby Dick is an obvious comparison due to the subject matter, kind of an easy A -

“From the moment of commitment, nature conspires to help you.”

Is pretty ironic no? In my experience nature conspires to commit you and then also, can be fickle. Cruel and not kind at all.

The NYT article says theres some new spiritual thing - i can see how this might be more explicit - but in my understanding of the Barneyverse there has allways been a spiritual/ritualistic/alchemical.

Before Barney was taking from western culture and now eastern. Well its the same process, and many of the symbols are the same. In fact I'd argue its pretty much the same process, just instead of navel gazing hes incorporating a duality - one that he hasnt fully figured out how to integrate.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.30.06 03:50 pm)

I mean the ship is a teeter totter where the skyscraper was a monolith. They both need to be balanced. I see this as humorous as much as poignant. BUt really, its how you say it not hwat you say right? I mean wanting to achieve balance is not Mathew Barneys sole sysyphean task...

I just read a blog that said Peter S. walked out before the best part.

I'm a fan of flow, so maybe I'm more a movie person than an art person...but then I find flow in art sometimes.

Re: Fair Game

by magicmarker (03.30.06 03:52 pm)

Seems like the film is about marriage. There's a ritual for u. Isn't that the committment in question?

Will have to see it at SFMOMA

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.30.06 04:24 pm)

Ya, and wait until they eat their wedding cake...buttery.

Re: Fair Game

by magicmarker (03.30.06 06:37 pm)

Good music...

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.30.06 06:56 pm)

A whale-sized block of ambergris plays a central role in artist Matthew Barney's film Drawing Restraint 9

It looked like an impacted turd to me....

“Praise is like ambergris; a little whiff of it, by snatches, is very agreeable; but when a man holds a whole lump of it to his nose, it is a stink and strikes you down.”

Fair Whale

by somelikeithottererish (03.30.06 07:27 pm)

Results 421 - 430 of about 5,790,000 for barney matthew. (19.84 sexonds)


Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.30.06 11:16 pm)

all i am saying is i would hate for the highly complex and sensitive language that he has developed and Artistic genius to get over shadowed by people wanting to focus on the surface of his ‘relationship’ ... or visa versa with her, - (hey i love her, bjork she is fantastic on 2 her own reich, but there is allot going on - in other levels of the film, that i feel deserves critical notation.

Re: Fair Game

by magicmarker (03.31.06 12:37 am)

I said marriage—not his relationship with her.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.31.06 12:39 am)

I think a discussion of personal mythology vs. collective mythology would be the most interesting take. Just saying.

Re: Fair Game

by Madhatter (03.31.06 12:41 am)

If you have ever found yourself having to perform a mundane task repetitively for a long period of time, you may understand the value of letting your imagination take over and turning the task into something other than what it is on a most basic level. You may make a game out of it or think of what you are doing as something else. Embracing personal mythology is a similar principle. You stop thinking of your life as a stream of the same mundane processes, getting up in the morning, going to work, going to lunch, coming home, reading the newspaper, watching television... most people's lives follow a process, a regular schedule or pattern in which there is little variation. The more mundane and repetitive life becomes, the more we grow disenchanted with it and the more we look for escape. Depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, anger and frustration are born of this disenchantment and a need to escape from what has essentially become a life with little perceived meaning.

Re: Fairly Game

by somelikeithottererish (03.31.06 03:42 am)

I'll have to see it at SMFOAM.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.31.06 08:33 am)

ceremony in gerneral.

Re: Cocteau

by Madhatter (03.31.06 11:49 am)

“In Tokyo Jean Cocteau had bought a pet grasshopper,” Charlie Chaplin once recalled, "which he kept in a little cage and often brought to my cabin. ‘He is very intelligent,’ he said, ‘and sings every time I talk to him.’ He built up such an interest in it that it became our topic of conversation. ‘How is Pilou this morning?’ I would ask. ‘Not very well,’ he would say, ‘I have him on a diet.’

"When we arrived in San Francisco I insisted on him driving with me to Los Angeles as we had a limousine waiting. Pilou came along. During the journey he began to sing. ‘You see,’ said Cocteau, ‘he likes America.’ Suddenly he opened the car window, then opened the door of the cage and shook Pilou out of it.

“I was shocked and asked, ‘Why did you do that?’ ‘I give him his freedom.’ ‘But,’ I answered, ‘he's a stranger in a foreign country - he can't speak the language.’ Cocteau shrugged. 'He's smart, he'll soon pick it up.'”

Re: Fair Game

by magicmarker (03.31.06 12:09 pm)

Apparently the grasshopper wasnt THAT good of a singer.

Re: Fair Game

by somelikeithotter (03.31.06 09:06 pm)

there is a point when you meet your parents at the DaDA show and you say look i am bi, and here is what my video looks like.. and trust me. i am happy...

Re: Fair Game

by nihil999999999 (03.31.06 10:51 pm)

wow im gay too i feel so at home here at talkback, r there any other glbt peeps here?