Bourgeois Reality Bites Back

by Back Talk (05.18.06 09:28 am)

Sadly Jeff its still Tacky. Artists use to make the culture not follow it

“When I first started out in the art world in the '70s, the whole idea of a self-respecting artist waiting in line to be in a TV show would have been ridiculous,” asserts Jeffrey Deitch

Reality Bites

by mork (05.19.06 03:42 am)

I dont know.

Reality Bites

by Pooklont (05.21.06 09:15 am)

Yes, it is tacky, and it is too bad such has happened. Good point about making and following. Big difference.

To make a cop-out statement, no matter how clever one might think they are being, is, also, not cutting it as an excuse.

Artists make art, not excuses; that is for excusists.

That being said, I do not think artists should be in the business of publicly judging and condemning other artists. That, too, is not what makes an artist. That is the job of judgists and condemnists.

MTV/Viacom has done a number on our culture. They and many other factors have led to art being so marginalized that there has been no American artist to break out and influence American culture in a major way since Andy Warhol.

I cannot speak to other nations as I am from Detroit. I love Douglas Coupland's novels, only seen pictures of his art, but he is Canadian. It's okay, though, Douglas....

I would like to add that I am an artist and I hope you will check out the 3 images now in an online exhibition at Upsteam People Gallery in Omaha, and also invite you to visit my Ultra-Renaissance Gallery site.


Mike Wrathell aka Pooklont

Reality Bites

by Carl Arguello (05.24.06 11:17 am)

What is Reality Bites, I don't get around much anymore, I came from the forties.

Reality Bites

by Back Talk (05.24.06 06:38 pm)

I want to know what happen to “Talk Back”? Its as boring as___

Reality Bytes

by Nomad3 (05.27.06 09:29 pm)

oh well - what happened? I'm not sure what really happened but something has definitely happended a few months ago. “act responsibly when posting their comments, and caution that users are liable for their posts. reserves the right to delete any submissions and to prohibit individual users, particularly those who repeatedly post spam or off-topic comments, from participating in TALK BACK.”
Not more than that, but definitely not less and it means that the ways of communicating have been limited to posts making sense in the eyes of watchmen ... Maybe this posting already costs my id once more?
Just kidding.

Reality Bites

by Back Talk (05.29.06 09:21 am)

So lets call TALK BACK ..TELL ME HOW.. Ill do everything you tell me to do. I will only make art using photos and tracing as my technique or neutral forms that way I to can get on TV and a show with a trendy Dealer. Is this OK? I mean it does sort of relate. Did I get off topic?

Reality Bites

by ccfaulkner (06.26.06 06:21 am)

The reality is, if artists and the art community dont re-think the way we present our community to the world at large, traditional artists are going to fall into a deep pit of dispair. In times gone by, art exhibitions and theatre were the order of the day where thousands would come and visit. Nowdays we artists have to compete with huge studios like dreamworks etc and these artists are creating amazing pieces that people identify with because there is a story associated with it. Art is now for the few that can afford it and that is the downfall. We either charge a lot or starve to death. So getting back to re-thinking, do we use the great big marketing and PR machines to promote the art just like authors, movies and music. Are we so arrogant to think it is just the art that sells., NOT ANYMORE MY FRIENDS. Its the spin, why do you think andy warhol was so big, maybe because of his art or was it because who he associated with, authors, movies and musicians and that helped with his PR. So what to

Reality Bites Gallery HD

by nathan_h (03.15.08 09:05 pm)

Looks like the bulk of these comments were posted prior the airing of the series on Gallery HD — so the comments are speculation about what people feared the series would be like, based on the limited information in the review of the preview.

in point of fact, most of the cliches of reality TV programming were bypassed... meaning the episode one was really a lot more like a little casting call for a TV show about an art school project — and the rest of the series was a record of that school project.

Personally, I found the first episode far more entertaining than the rest of the episodes that I watched. Why? It's a glibe and probably not appropriately or accurately entertaining glimpse a certain strain of eccentric people who consider themselves artists.

To say that the TV show isn't about art, or doesn't contain the integrity we seek, is really to say that we don't believe that these people are artists and that we doubt their skills, ability and/or integrity.