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    Re: Flower Power

    by Carlos M (06.15.06 02:44 am)

    I was thinking...

    I read Artforum's Diary, then why bother with Pedro and the rest... .

    Re: Flower Power

    by Back Talk (06.15.06 09:02 am)

    Yes ,one can understand the difficulty this crowd has in making their own decision about seating since they need the group approval to do anything including buying art. Has anyone noticed that editions of three are more popular than unique pieces?

    Re: Flower Power

    by mork (06.16.06 04:37 am)

    Im not impressed with whats out there. Promotion is covered. Basically, what you got: I dont care. Im famous in Mexico without paying poor people to move dirt to make a myth. All you fools are selling dreams to dead people. You couldnt talk to the people if you noticed them on the street. and dont think Im hitler bitch. Ill make you happy, hows that. basically I just dropped by to stomp out your galaxy. yeah.