Re: Magic Towel Ride

by red scalito 6 (12.11.06 12:14 am)

I would give me left arm to be on the couch with so many intelligent, famous art world glitterati watching Dita Von Teese gyrate on a piece of lipstick! That sounds like exactly the silly/smart sort of things my friend and I would be up to. I wonder if Art Basel Miami was how heroes of the historical avant garde imagined the future? My art history professor in college was surprised when I forwarded him this link, but he said that Artforum can both be the channel providing me info on who the celebrity guests were at art parties AS WELL AS inform me on critical discussion facing art makers of today. Why hold the magazine up to some sort of rigiorous standard? I agree. And thank God there's finally an alternative to New York Social Diary.

Re: Magic Towel Ride

by dopplebock (12.11.06 06:23 pm)

hey red, I too was curious about Miami Basi (which is not THE BASIL let me assure you....)

I was interested to hear that anyone can market beach towels, not just martha stewart or people masquerading as WASPS.

I myself would like to outsource some carpets to Nepal - i year their workmanship is flawless and I have neither the time nor the inclination to INFORM my work with the Craft. No, Im far too busy looking for motifs and tropes. I'm cursed with a superior eye.

Re: Magic Towel Ride

by red scalito 6 (12.15.06 04:05 am)

the nepalese are a yak-butter addicted neurasthenic race, according to my art history professor (he wears ultrasuede miu miu chukkas). They simply crave authority. On the other hand, he said that unlike anyone who has worked for Mary Boone, Barbara Gladstone, Matthew Marks, or Larry Gagosian over the last decade, even in their medieval Eastern thralldom the Nepalese maintain some shred of dignity.

I laugh out loud at these art party pictures. All I see is the caverns of the income distribution diagram, with collectors and gallerists on one side and the H&M wearing, gallery staffers and artists smiling like potential adoptees in a Ukrainian orphanage on the other. These latter people keep the whole damn thing running and exert negative power over their common situation. They are price takers in a labor market that churns them. In fact, when you see them in their rented dresses at these functions, the logic by which they're willing to work for such a pittance is manifest: they are literally willing to be paid in prestige, not dollars.

Anyone with a college degree working for less than market (45k) in Chelsea should be considered a class traitor and sent to a maquiladora to learn what exploitation smells like. Agreed?

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by Nomad3 (12.17.06 03:14 pm)

A major part of prestige is the bank account.

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by Ecphrasis (12.17.06 10:28 pm)

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee, and that means it's time we pay attention and do away with the suspension of perception: Art fairs are nothing other than a well organized system of the exploitation of the production of art. Its not about the art, nor the artists, its about the critics (if you can call them that), the curators, and the collectors (but let's be honest, even the collectors are being exploited too, they just don't know it yet).

Stop the gossip! Beware of Basel! It's a scam. Do not disavow, it will only hurt you're feelings in the end. What did we learn from Marx? Well, its safe to say that the division of labour never results in an even playing field. It's called “base” and “superstructure”. Look it up. It will do all artists good. Consider it necessary.

Did Art Basel bring out the hedonism in everyone? Sure, but not really. Lets say it this way instead: Art Basel Miami Beach unveiled the fetishistic fascism inside itself.

Re: Magic Towel Ride

by Mr Daniel Lee Cooper (12.21.06 02:50 am)