Re: Gender Bender

by eaer (01.31.07 06:35 pm)

It's great to see this feminist event happening at MoMA. There's also a lot going on on the West Coast in the next few months, coinciding with the MOCA exhibition, “WACK! Art & the Feminist Revolution” which opens on March 4 in Los Angeles.

A group of CalArts students are organizing “Exquisite Acts & Everyday Rebellions: 2007 CalArts Feminist Art Project”. It's going to take place at CalArts' Valencia (30 min north of Los Angeles) campus from March 5-10, 2007. Check out the project website for more info: The exhibition will be from March 5-10, and the symposium will take place on March 10. Panel speakers: Connie Butler, Mary Kelly, Catherine Lord, Andrea Fraser, Faith Wilding, Chitra Ganesh, Emily Roysdon, Maria Cruz, Andrea Bowers, Dorit Cypis, Suzanne Lacy, and Martha Rosler.

Rock on, feminists!

—EA&ER Crew

Re: Gender Bender is not Bent Enough; or the Rigidity of Identity Politics

by headsrtails (02.02.07 08:59 am)

I curated a show of all women artists a few years ago with a rather—in all modesty—rigorous curatorial framework and was generally well received. One observation by a critic (female) to the director of the gallery was “great show, but couldn't you have found a woman to curate the show?” That rather reductivist critique has always stuck with me and exemplfies a certain type of chauvinism and myopia of the art world and liberalism. An anlalogy is apt here: if your a gay curator no straight shows, if you are white, stay away from black shows etc. It does not take a Judith Butler to see the orthodoxy of such a position that does not see identity as fluid and malleable, which is dangerous. For all the critic knew, I could be a woman in a man's body? Like Hannah Wilke said, “Beware of Fascist Feminism.”

Re: Gender Bender

by stephenlauf (02.02.07 05:00 pm)

I hear Thisrthat Sontag is presently writing “Fascinating Facist Feminism”. And guess who's filming the documentary and taking the pictures.

And what's with thisrthat prevalent notion of live people curating dead people?

Re: Gender Bender

by headsrtails (02.03.07 02:06 am)

When it comes to curating dead people, I always use John Edward; if not availble then the ouja board works very well. The latter has a good eye for selecting art, it uses that piece of clear plastic on the oracle.

After the orgy...

by B-lated (02.06.07 11:41 pm)

...Baudrillard wrote, is the time after everyone gets what they wanted. Now what? Women are now deans, directors, and tenured faculty, we are curators, powerfull gallery owners, and invited guests, and we are even capable of raping men in prison camps with gusto (thank you Coco). So where is the battle front? What is the future? My thought is it needs to go wider and more international. We are all rich and famous in the U.S. so I can't ask for more. We've done done it now who else needs it? It made me nervous sitting there post-menopausal in a post-post feminist conference. It made me feel like the movement couldn't go anywhere else but to be institutionalized and become another seperatist orthodoxy within massive art institutions. My companion asked me, “What came over you?” and I answered without thinking, “Nostalgia.” Then I thought, that's what someone feels when something is on it's way out. My dedication to so called identity politics in the late 70s early 80s was a needed deconstruction and I was hoping to learn what we have built from that. We built something indeed but it is crooked and it needs work to evolve into an honest project. Perhaps what it needs is a woman's touch. After having been there and done that, its the last radical thing I can think to do.

Re: Gender Bender

by gallopavo (02.10.07 02:02 pm)

I've got a new painting from last month in my 2007 general archive which I think may relate to ‘how-to’ and ‘next steps.’ Please check if you wish. Maybe, tradition developing by healthful feedback patterns?

Re: Gender Bender

by gallopavo (02.17.07 01:08 pm)

Last call? I honestly do think this relates to feminism post-911 or for the new long-now century but also feminism qua feminism. Of course I could certainly be ochen wrong.