Re: What's in Storr?

by ustungel (03.21.07 05:32 am)

I am writing from Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, the organizing institution of the Turkish Pavilion at this year’s venice Biennale.

Mr. Sholis states in his article that

Turkey and Africa have each been invited to fill a centrally located Giardini pavilion at no cost—“as part of Rob’s aesthetic direction,” Croff explained, indicating that this would not be a permanent situation.

However, the information is WRONG. Venice Biennale do not allocate the venue to Turkey for free. The correct information is that Venice Biennale “rents” the space to Turkey.

Furthermore, the venue of the Turkish Pavilion is not in Giardini. It is in the Artiglieri, Arsenale.

Re: What's in Storr?

by briansholis (03.21.07 09:21 am)

Thank you for your comment. These factual changes have been recorded in the article.