Re: Studio City

by voiceprintone (04.10.07 02:16 pm)

How gross is that image of the guy on the hood of his beamer. This is everything wrong with the world.

Re: Studio City

by valis00 (04.10.07 11:10 pm)

That was a laugh-out-loud piece. I applaud Brian Sholis for putting the whole thing in perspective with his quip about these events: “Standing around like ‘art nerds’”. Art is big business. There’s nothing fun about anything about it, save, for the artist, hopefully, making your own work. With any luck, all the out-of-town high rollers got their sales pitches across. Bringing in a bunch of NYC promotional types was the funniest part.

Re: Studio City

by dopplebock (04.11.07 07:56 pm)

Laugh out loud funny?

You probably like Gallager's watermelon smashing gag.

Whats so disturbing about posing on the hood of your beamer> if I had a beamer I'd do the same thing, only a little more louche. that's what you meant by wrong, right? Not enough leg.

But i don't have a beamer, and if I did it would be a lamborghini. Or is that too expensive?

Sal Scarpita got a car once as payment and he gave it to his dealer who well whatever. He drove it and then he gave it away.

But these press junkets re funny. Back in the day people were sooooo serious and now its like foods great TWO THUMBS UP BRO!!!!

EVERYONE is a critic right? Its class ic inversion.

And another thing - Jackass is funny. Brian sholis is just OLD. Give tis writer a shot man, I'll stay up all day and all of the night. And then Ill let anyone edit my novel down to a paragraph. Oh but Im anonymous. Shit.

Re: Studio City

by valis00 (04.11.07 09:15 pm)

As serious or as funny as you want it to be...

(—or as inscrutable as you want to be.)

Re: Studio City

by voiceprintone (04.12.07 01:26 pm)

So it's ok to flaunt your wealth, posing in your Prada on the hood of a BMW?

Since everyone reading this is visually literate tell me the meaning and implication of that image without being condescending? give it a shot.

Re: Studio City

by valis00 (04.12.07 01:44 pm)

Would you have been happier if it was titled, LA Art Safari?!?

Re: Studio City

by voiceprintone (04.12.07 02:23 pm)

Sure... La Art Safari sounds wonderful as well, The idea of the wealthy hunting down artworks as trophies for their mansions seems perfect. I wonder could one have a BMW mounted on the wall?

Re: Studio City

by valis00 (04.12.07 02:50 pm)

That's the spirit. No one is disputing the facts here. My reaction to that image was just as strong as yours. Only to me it really says it all about where things have got to. Jonathan Swift couldn't have done a better job.

Re: Studio City

by valis00 (04.13.07 08:15 pm)

One last kinda optimistic point: I doubt dealers, collectors, curators, and press organized these kinds of promotional junkets before. Of course they did. The difference is that these events, once done under the radar in the proverbial smoky back room, are now being covered — thank you Artforum — so they, like everything else, are now conceived of as total media spectacle. Don’t you love it!

Re: Studio City

by dopplebock (04.14.07 02:12 am)

Whatsit mean? - its the glass slipper angle.

Which is sort of contrary to the Ranciere deal - isnt it?

So no one is biting the hand that feeds, not really.

Thats Sadder than a rented beamer.

Re: Studio City

by Hel Metem (05.09.07 10:17 pm)

Ah, Dop...if one would rent it...I would most certainly look.

No kidding.

Re: Studio City

by gallopavo (05.13.07 01:43 pm)

It's a little gross but what the heck—live and let live. It's ironically done apparently so that helps. I put my whatchamacallit on YT also but I can't find how to search for it yet. Happy Mother's Day! I mean, “What is a mother anyway?” :)