Re: Right on Queue

by eva scharrer (06.06.07 08:37 pm)

LOL. remember the guy who pissed in the german pavillon in venice because he had to wait too long in queue to get in, and obviously wasn't satisfied with what he found inside? and everybody else waiting for hours outside being even more pissed-off as the pavillon had been closed after that? what do you expect?

Re: Right on Queue

by dopplebock (06.07.07 03:00 pm)

Its nice that people who would never go to Disneyland get to experience the thrill of crowd control.

Re: Right on Queue

by Hel Metem (06.07.07 07:56 pm)

Oh. Yet someone surely stood the best, perhaps. I find I must try for this myself (though @ this point I truly like miles).

I am going to put up “Fightin' Words” for 2 more hours (until 10pm).

Re: Right on Queue

by dion (06.15.07 06:50 am)

Art Basel Vernissage Performance by Dion Laurent

Re: Right on Queue

by Hel Metem (07.09.07 11:16 am)

No doubt, I should not have been so snide (as usual).

It's just that Disney took “Snow White” directly from Grimms...and there is all that uber-might that could obscure the fact that what used to be so often in empty chambers means that those who cannot occupy any amount of breathing room can also do very little to make mention of what they thought as they approached...a series of tests which had the nasty habit of looking like doors.

Re: Right on Queue

by Hel Metem (07.09.07 11:23 am)

I really enjoyed EARTHMAN. I mean, I could not stop smiling and chuckled a few times.

I think that performance is sooooo brave. Sheesh, if that were me...

:) ...I might never make it back...