Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by speaks (07.31.07 11:07 am)

“it’s hard not to add that trashing your hotel room—and then building a gallery show to commemorate the result—is also an expression of rather unusual privilege.”


Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by jon_knowles (07.31.07 11:45 am)

how depressing

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by thehangeron (07.31.07 12:25 pm)

So what kinds of drugs were everyone doing at this private party?

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by dopplebock (07.31.07 01:28 pm)

IS better art. Beer is good though. Beer nachos and chilli dogs. Deitch?

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Hel Metem (07.31.07 05:33 pm)


Assay, assay it (t)is an issue!

Sample anyone?

(no thanks, none for me...see low growl and ears flat)

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Back Talk (07.31.07 08:21 pm)

The Story must be told ?how did the Fatally Hip? become so middlebrow?

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Agnes Klein (08.02.07 10:51 am)

Future of little Secret in the Nest must be planned too. The dice is throne for Snow and the whole addicted generation. Grand-grandparents the circle never closes, history repeats itself and continues in a very predictable way.

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Hel Metem (08.02.07 01:57 pm)

' hate it all the time. Whatever happened to Celestial Seas., Plum w/ C, A, though a stranded ark is just an omission of C's?

I kind of liked the Special K thing, though @ the time I bought something else, I guess, like beans. I suppose I am just a little better at beans because of that constitutional run, though the round about went out with the loop holes.

I would like to run on Morrow with someone.

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by hellorinis (08.02.07 08:09 pm)

This is the kind of posting that disqualifies the watered-down derivative Walter Benjamin you Artforum people rely on to, as the Italians would say “fare la bella figura”...two words for these trust-fund folks you count on to bring advertising: guillotine and gulag.

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by gallopavo (08.04.07 12:44 pm)

Does this mean we might be in a phase of Decadentism, like they had at the end of the 19th century? Not that those are a bade thing. I'm currently investigating a lot of ideas like this, and really think they may have some value. Those of you who agree or disagree, please state why and be concrete. Doesn't art follow cycles just like the business cycle, especially under liberalism? It almost has to you'd think. Anyway, I say party hearty with the hammer of the gods! :)

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by dopplebock (08.06.07 01:38 am)

utah wine tasting

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Hel Metem (08.16.07 09:31 pm)

Only the Names Change...

“Then what Aster, granted, found”, Sarah saw as
Aeva gleaned, “stock will frame forever, even
central to a theme…though Day, my father not
in face, forgetting shapes revision, oh a splice
might fear, a monster cast to history, forge
in fire but a signal, damn his ashes to contrition.
Yet, my father made point in frequency too, a trace,
a track…a practice, and Aster’s
argument, I know in backward path, a link’s display
for identity theft in energy tax for time makes glut
of prompt, proximity he tongue in cheek made
weight of, condemned himself in check to mate
a foreign format, changed, his doubt denied even,
though each key remained elusive, so close,
so close…to remind he merely has to software
copy elsewhere via satellite and one robot’s queue
to notice, missed in interference.
His inverse stalled a planet”.

“Hardly, had his language noticed been attribute
to copy, Steven’s, Edward Temple’s corrupted template”.

“In icon, touch to scan, he linked mechanic, thrust
all backlog through an arrow’s moment, unit stacked,
a sort, a plan (your access) in a pivot’s
broken bough that driven crash. Support effectively
is cut, askance is cast in awkward glance,
a find, no condolences are asked, though premise
is, ‘admit it, quicksand is your platform in a reference’”.

“The old, the new, his marriage was to hue, man,
Darling, only this, no, to teach he code
would switch and backward force your preference
@ each juncture, here, his holding meant swift
promise in an action, when his students simply left,
and Haiku in that linked referential lack
like a British soldier server then dismissed,
threw every picture past its frame, wrote
obituary hard, refused entire structure
in its main”.

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by pedrovelez (08.16.07 10:26 pm)

too much focus on art by youngsters, this should be the death of that cult to shallow teenage angst...and the end of the use in arts of the terms FUCK and SUCK MY DICK, not shocking, funny, or rebelious anymore, this is the end of the line.

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by FakeName5678 (08.17.07 08:38 am)

in the furture, everyone will be passe for 15 minutes

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Agnes Klein (08.17.07 10:30 pm)

If you are considered Andy's son or epigon of the warholian ART by the art critics, it doesn't matter you are young or old right now; look what is his message besides his famous 15 minutes of fame for everyone,

“Artists who aren?t very good should become like everybody else so that people would like things that aren?t very good. It?s already happening.” ?Andy Warhol

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by pedrovelez (08.17.07 11:47 pm)

well, critics are not really endorsing these kids, its the PR work, the papers and mags also love these cliched stories of bohemian, problematic and misunderstood artists...and of course, the Deith and power speak louder than the critics.

Re: Trash and Vaudeville

by Geoff Bunn Art (09.13.07 02:34 pm)

Yes. A bit like an unmade bed.