Re: T and Sympathy

by boreas (01.11.08 01:07 am)

I'm sure the NY Times would bill these dialogues as “essential,” but I'm sure glad that I wasn't there for the drivel.
Thanks for suffering through it and sharing the drivel with us, though.

Re: T and Sympathy

by pttymth (01.11.08 12:20 pm)

Decline of (Western) civlization; maybe those jihadists are onto something??

Re: T and Sympathy

by hellorinis (01.11.08 01:37 pm)

**FINALLY** artforum posts critical gossip.

Re: T and Sympathy

by crml (01.12.08 12:38 am)

Has anybody else noticed the resemblance between Jeff Koons and a younger Mike Huckabee, who is also trying to “bring transcendence into our lives”

Re: T and Sympathy

by nemo (01.13.08 04:33 pm)

Boadwee said that Huckabee was an “evil Gomer Pyle” which is apt. Koons is not on the same planet as Huckabee.

Re: T and Sympathy

by sonicgirl (01.14.08 06:13 pm)

the entire evening was depressing and i never understood how koons work is educating the public. vogel asked hard hitting questions like, “and what was that made of...” before advancing his slide presentation. frankly, i wanted to ask the “rumpled bearish guy” out to discuss art. in his brief query he touched on a more interesting topic then vogel or koons covered in the hour.

Re: T and Sympathy

by Back Talk (01.15.08 08:23 pm)

And isnt it the NYTimes Artforum who gave Jeff the “credentials”? are we playing a little good cop bad cop? outside of that Silver Bunny its been all down hill so why do you guys keep promoting him? Is the NYTIMES CRITIC that powerful ?

Re: T and Sympathy

by dopplebock (01.16.08 05:16 am)

Another form of magical thinking occurs when people believe that words can directly affect the world. This can mean avoiding talking about certain subjects (“speak of the devil and he'll appear”), using euphemisms instead of certain words, or believing that to know the “true name” of something gives one power over it, or that certain chants, prayers or mystical phrases will change things. More generally, it is magical thinking to take a symbol to be its referent.

Re: T and Sympathy

by dopplebock (01.16.08 05:32 am)

Such ideas, however, have sprung from the soil of unbounded self-love, from the primary narcissism which dominates the mind of the child and of primitive man. But when this stage has been surmounted, the ‘double’ reverses its aspect. From having been an assurance of immortality, it becomes the uncanny harbinger of death.

Re: Jeff Koons

by Virginia999 (01.16.08 01:36 pm)

Why does this non-artist keep getting validated? I means its been years!

does anybody know the “real” reason for this?

Re: T and Sympathy

by FakeName5678 (01.16.08 01:42 pm)

yes virginia
there is a conspiracy

Re: T and Sympathy

by nemo (01.16.08 11:31 pm)

he's in love with the modern world—narcissism, consumerism, repblicans

Richman wrote the song by 1970, when he began performing it in public, aged 19. Former bandmate John Felice recalled [3] that as teenagers he and Richman ”used to get in the car and just drive up and down Route 128 and the [Mass.] turnpike. We’d come up over a hill and he’d see the radio towers, the beacons flashing, and he would get almost teary-eyed. He’d see all this beauty in things where other people just wouldn’t see it.”

Re: T and Sympathy

by dopplebock (01.17.08 12:29 am)

remember to take your soma people.

<a href=“>booga booga</a>

Re: T and Sympathy

by dopplebock (01.17.08 12:29 am)

american beauty yadda yadda yadda

Re: T and Sympathy

by nemo (01.17.08 11:53 am)

Currently, philosophy Professor Hubert Dreyfus is studying Second Life, the popular virtual reality site.

“Dreyfus is one of our greatest teachers, and he is trying to understand if you can have a meaningful experience in this kind of virtual environment,” Goldberg said.

“We're a new center and we're defining new media very broadly. Right now, digital is the most important medium,” he said. “But there may be something very different in the future.”

Re: T and Sympathy

by Tas-i-Grav (01.17.08 12:04 pm)

Yeah, I remember a 19 year old Dude.

He liked to describe things he saw as “princess” but were more likely simply “American Indian” (though he never could get the tribes right) or even location, though he WAS AWFULLY GOOD WITH DATES.

He would TRY TO NOT REMIND YOU AND sure enough an Indian might just appear (looking glum—not expressing his poetry) AND ONE WOULD NOT KNOW.

What tribe he is from.

Re: T and Sympathy

by Tas-i-Grav (01.17.08 12:42 pm)

I sure do like G.A.Rossini.

It's true I sometimes have to wait for all glory to come from outer space and then...then...sort of...stand with my mouth wide open (to catch the next big idea, of course), all the while look none the less at ease with falling off the thing entire.

Re: T and Sympathy

by Tas-i-Grav (01.17.08 12:49 pm)

I'm sorry.

I just could not go on for 200 pages telling everyone how ineffective one particular person (who does indeed change in memory) is (as a human being, mostly) just because by nature titanium trumps steel.

Re: T and Sympathy

by Tas-i-Grav (01.17.08 12:56 pm)

Perhaps it is numbers he wishes not to see...or how many times he's switched on or off the “analog fob”.


Re: T and Sympathy

by meleagris (01.19.08 01:37 pm)

Is “faux-pop monumentalism” a wrong way to describe some of the larger-scale items, and is that too negative? Sort of like, “the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream,” which is a positive?

Re: T and Sympathy

by dopplebock (01.20.08 03:50 am)

A non formal information processing heuristic is in the works, I hope. GO Dreyfus!

Re: T and Sympathy

by meleagris (01.20.08 12:48 pm)

Any technological species needs one, but with respectability, right? Being informal can be good for warmth, because of the internal de-linked sphere of lenses which makes it help to forget the cable. Like a carp. Still, I've rarely heard this account described in toto, so it might be broken, but I gather heuristics aren't perfect anyway. I still wish I had more time!

better than Cats

by dagwead (01.28.08 02:13 pm)

Female (in Shakespeare falsetto)

Maddening syllogisms,
diacritical impersonations...
it might just fit the print of imprecation.

But what was it WEARING,
Untotemic Empire?

How to BE,

Wearing where? On what consent!
My subscription is running low yet
on venture I've gotten my moniesworth.

Fie, maiden.
To you, my minute's final five.
Enough of this coolidging planet Zero.

In unison:
All hail the Artforum Cad,
November, Two Thousand Seven!

Ere, may the Light of London sun
Edit us Sevenly!


Re: T and Sympathy

by carolyn440 (02.11.08 07:24 pm)

. . . All delivered in the soothing, condescending tones of a nurse in a mental ward: "You know, Carol, what I really love about art is the ability it has to bring transcendence into your life.”

ha ha ha ha ha. stop, pause.
ha ha ha ha ha.

sometimes, in my life, i like to say “pup-ee” in the slow drawl of a mushy minded mental patient. “pup-ee”. call to mind the 40 or so ft tall puppy made of foliage i happened upon in rockefeller plaza some 7 years ago. “puppy”. silly really. transcend no. escape yes.

and, ahhh, what this? popples! harken back to my childhood and . . . escape . . . much more clever than, say, those far-too-recognizable cabbage patch kids.

and a lifeboat, made out of bronze!! clever clever, you devilish little man. a lifeboat, you see, one would expect: kick it and it will give way. instead, solid! solid as a (bronzed) rock.

brav-o, mr koons, brav-o.

Re: T and Sympathy

by lizweber4 (03.05.08 11:01 pm)

If you want to meet Jeff Koons and get a private tour of his studio, you can bid on the chance at The auction ends on March 6, 2008.