Re: Flow Motion

by William Wilson (04.08.08 05:03 am)

Is it just me or does the art world seem a little segregated? Just take a look at the pictures?

Re: Flow Motion

by pttymth (04.08.08 06:59 pm)

Of course it is; now take a look at 5th Berlin Biennial AKA Shadow Company. The irony is whereas one is about fear of the other, the other is about fear in the other.

Re: Flow Motion

by dopplebock (04.09.08 01:05 am)

Fear the other's mother, right?

It's going to be a silent spring followed by a dart to the forehead.

Night Night.

Re: Flow Motion

by pttymth (04.09.08 09:39 am)

No, fear up-against-the-wall-motherfucker

Re: Flow Motion

by Parhadron (04.09.08 05:27 pm)

J. Haydn spoke?

Re: Flow Motion

by dagwead (04.10.08 03:03 pm)

e Barrette,
is that you?