Re: Upwardly Mobile

by maddalena357 (04.28.08 05:13 am)

I just would like to clarify the reason because was not possible for Greenaway to perform his video over the original Leonardo’s Last Supper. As you know the Last Supper (Cenacolo) is probably the most fragile and unique art work in the world. Was made by Leonardo with the technique of the painting on board instead of the classical fresco and for that reason has started to be very delicate from the very beginning (1498). During these five centuries it has been restored many times and, sometimes not properly, besides having suffered environmental factors, among the others, for the bombs in 1943. Moreover given that Leonardos’ works are few, the Last Supper is particularly important because is the only one that stays at the same place where it was conceived.
If you have ever visited the Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie you would know that, for preserving the work, the admission of the public is restricted to groups of no more than 25 people. If you have been to the Greenaway’s video projection you noticed that the admission was of groups of almost one hundred people.
These are the real reasons because was not possible to let Greenaway to project his video on the real Leonardo’s and not because of the nature of the projected images (i didn’t see any genitalia being projected, though).
At that point I would like to know why Janine Armin define the Italian government (that has nothing to do with the decision about Greenaway) “typically mercurial” and what she means as “fascist heritage” given that the fascism, in Italy, ended 63 years ago, in 1945, when Mussolini was killed by the partisans and the Italians voted for the democracy. If Janine had been a professional journalist she would probably have taken more information before writing her article and she would have kept for herself her superficial considerations about Italian politics, history and art. In the same contest (on a web site of a great art magazine) I would have never been such offensive within a Nation, AND without any valid reason.