Re: Pieces of April

by dagwead (04.28.08 09:17 pm)

It wasn't posted on artcal as a private openeng, if that is what new fun is.
Just had picked a few things out. Just a sunny day in the city. Sideshow was the only standout. Larger snowblowers for Dubai. No Kouros.


(more recently)

I had a doublecheeseburger in front of the rogers (buckminster fuller model for saint john the divine) and took the Q back over the river squatting crowpose for the view but this raingray sunday at the met seemed strangely subversive, what with the constellation...

could it be, the incarnation of Hilarion, haunting the society which once was her own, flossing Tiffany, forty-five doubling for fear of Philadelphia, any delphic oracle.