Re: House Call

by William Wilson (05.30.08 11:10 am)

Don't want to be a hater, but am i the only one who thinks that Hans Ulrich Obrist is just a tad overexposed?

Re: House Call

by dopplebock (05.30.08 04:16 pm)


Re: House Call

by dagwead (05.31.08 02:30 pm)

They did say omnipresent.
I don't think they meant Waldo Jeffers.
Does anyone else think White Light White Heat is the coolest album ever made.
Just a really bad paper cut and lots of vinegar.
Just don't say Iraq or Palestine. Or pogrom.
Or one-way ticket to Guantanamo.
Yes, there are a lot more people with a lot more guts.

In Philadelphia, I saw a porcelain Mandarin couple. The lady was skewering her queued hubby (legs fully crossed) with what looked like a chopstick, though the instrument may have been more precise. It may have been a Japanese chopstick.

It's a really funny piece, Wore Thin: 2new DGcolognes. I also saw a great blue heron in flight by a river. Yes, a river. Rumi sez love is a river, drink from it.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.07.08 06:57 pm)

' am so afraid of imbibing from one of those...but might say, “you first...”, you know.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 11:31 am)

Fine: You must be dangerous—so teach 2.5% Perm.

Less than 1% will keep you in the groove.



Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 04:58 pm)

I used to spend a lot of money on food and invite people over.

But no one showed up.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 05:02 pm)

I got drunk and tried not to thank the refrigerator.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 05:06 pm)

It was yummy...even cold. When someone was supposed to show up, I began eating what I wanted...until I was full and tipsy.

Then, I began putting things away (in case someone wanted “left-overs” lol).

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 05:13 pm)

Everything was very good. I was especially happy to know that I could actually snack on everything for over a week.

I did gain some weight, but that was close to when I discovered the mountain.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 05:19 pm)

It would be nice to run with someone (although I may be slow), but a nine mile run on the mountain might be fun, don't you think?

Perhaps Saturday? I will plan for an early time, so as to avoid the heat and bugs.

Re: House Call

by Real Person (06.09.08 07:40 pm)

Having a nice conversation with yourself? Parnoid/schyzofrenic I see. There are medications for that you know.
Art as therapy.

Re: House Call

by dagwead (06.09.08 07:45 pm)

Sorry I missed you.
Were you ever really Hooker Green?
Was someone trying to hold you underwater?
Is Rome really burning?
What's my line?

The renovated Brooklyn Museum and the Murakami show were perfect complements.

L'il engine, let WOW
be yr mind exit to Freefree.

No bisogno prosciutto!
Malo! Malo!
The wor(l)d is flat!
rpMs for Mussolini and
A buck a bricoleur.
Milton Bradley, everything on the 7!
A dirty dollar for a brain!

Ethiopian coffee for Sj.
(This sounds something like he'd say).
It's a reading rainbow. It is so beautiful.
Barcelona, it is so beautiful.
Alfred Jarry rounding a corner...

Details sd
Do It Clean.

Black Rainbow,
Do you answer.

A black cloud.

!shades of Night eternal,
!who are the Ilians.

Re: House Call

by Real Person (06.09.08 08:25 pm)

Finally, something relevant. Milton Badley has been playing great this year, as he always does, til he falls apart and loses his cool in the second year. Poly baby! Us folks from the LBC gotta stick together, even when crazy, got alot of those om this site. Though Chase Utley was a Jackrabbit, as of course Tony Gwynn and his brother were.
But after the Dodgers, A's, I believe Brewers before that, and others, perhaps he has found a place for himself in Texas. He could be related to my wife too, same name, family from Kentucky, hmmm.

Oh, but then you could be talking about toys.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 11:40 pm)

Real Person, I have been by myself for years and write (but am not crazy), just mostly very bored.

' became frustrated w/ waiting for a poem to be read (after graduating from a good school) and thought it was funny that a person could wait so long for a poem to be read that even virginity could creep up upon a soul and evidently never let it go.

I personally hate the nunnery, but have no choice but to stare @ my graduation and publications ad nauseam w/ no reward and absolutely no sex in the future to boot. I MISS THE WOOING THING.

However, I admit, one does not feel like wooing, but rather, just running with someone, if the running thing might grab 'em. I'm going to run anyway.


It's not that I won't run by myself. It's that I miss talking with another person while running. I don't really care what you want to talk about, so long as it does not wander in the direction of stopping (because one cannot tell one's nose from one's...well, you know!).

It is helpful to set up a time to run, so I thought this might be the idea.

Once again, I guess I could be wrong. In any case, I will plan to run by myself as usual.


Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.09.08 11:45 pm)

—does not always—I should have said, “does not always”—

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.10.08 12:00 am)

I don't write much anymore. In fact, THIS is it.

I wanted to write a long poem that would mean a lot, and I did.

Now I'm done, but I still want to run with someone if this is possible.

I don't know.

Re: House Call

by Real Person (06.10.08 02:28 pm)

Yeah, but did you see Bradleys catch the other night? That was a work of art.

Reality always supplies beauty, and sex, and hopefuly love. Living in fantasy only brings sorrow, and decay. Decadence. That is whats wrong with “art” these days. No basis in who we are, what we do, where we need to go, according to the realities that confront us. These are of god, and art, of us as a species. Only things that count, Though good pussy is pretty close. luckily, married to a beautiful woman, because I DO deal with reality, nothing sexier than that to a real woman. i have lost a son, and gained others, pain is part of life, as is joy.

Come back to reality parhadron, it aint that bad. And the struggles it gives us build character, and reveal art, the voice of god. And find people you can TRUST. I would trust no one in the art world, as nothing about it is real. All artIFICE, people seem to have confused the two. Art reveals the truth through the passions, by materialistic means it unlocks our soul. Artifice is a front, and hides the fears of how small we are, and so condemns us to insignificance forever. take the leap of faith, its worth it.

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.10.08 05:34 pm)

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost family members a while ago (though loss never leaves, no one really ever addressed their passing beyond, “don't miss the bus”).

So I didn't. ' course even the bus was difficult (though in retrospect it provided a happy interlude between angst and anxiety). I could study there (not that I could not study at home but that I guess it just stayed put, had less windows, increased speed not one iota).

Also, my cat died. I was surprised and I hated his eyes when he stopped and would not come back. I actually thought that somehow picking him up would “bring him back”, make him alive, convince me that he was just going through somethingnotleavingmealoneforever.

Coming “back” to reality is going for a run, hating cancer. I can feel myself and I know it is a luxury. I am not writing anymore, so...I have to figure out what I am going to do with myself.

So many people dying makes me sad.

Re: House Call

by Real Person (06.10.08 05:46 pm)

Everyone dies, thats life. Its not how long you live, but waht you do with the time you get. Mankind is what counts, not the individual, we are transient. Be a part of mankind, and you are immortal, well, at least long than life as an entity. Smile, life is great, we have been given much, use it.

Re: House Call

by Real Person (06.10.08 06:29 pm)

Plus, you can always freeze dry a cat, though not sure what happens if you put him in water. gatojava?

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.10.08 09:07 pm)

Still working on 3's Real Person...? One to scare, the other to speak while a third, well just illustrates a vase?

' got that picture a long TIME ago, but didn't think it would end w/ crispy critters, yall.

Yeah, go climb an electric ladder in the damn dark for that hole in the sky, yell, “bat-face, where the bleep are ye?”...come save Pretty Boy, come, come...anyway. Yall wanna yank spankin' time outta the archway i know.

Brand spankin' NEW (all the time).

No Darling, just because that cloud hangs over a number, doesn't mean the hot Dudes don't want a drink of water...though their windas are ROLLED up, Fancy-Pants w/ flash-and-I-WILL-GET-YE-TO-ROLL-YOUR-ASSHOLE-DOWN for a “breaker, breaker, hey good buddy” kind a sniff this way when you cough...

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.10.08 09:15 pm)

' just plain found those cheerleaders HARD...very HARD.

I didn't think about a damn thing but getting asshole free. FREE ASSHOLE was it.

FREE ASSHOLE remains to this day.


Re: House Call

by Real Person (06.10.08 09:21 pm)

no, dont do threeways. got life drawing now, you know, ART. And then the wife to come home to, HARD, but no assholes, dont do back door, though she does have a damn fine.....
sistas have that, and so much more, woman is art, what do you need more?

Re: House Call

by Parhadron (06.10.08 09:28 pm)

Don't do that to my cat, Dude. I like theirs right where they are.

There is no freezing entire, fakin' out like badminton is all there is to meows. They drop “ciao” like no body's business.

No one wants ye to wander, Dude, no one.

I know there is grass out there, but one has to rein in that rollin'-happy feeling that grabs a “hearing aid” to just kick off a shoe in the pleasant search for sunglasses.

Re: House Call

by pttymth (06.12.08 08:57 pm)

overexposed and overrated

Re: House Call

by dagwead (06.13.08 03:53 pm)

Maybe underdeveloped
and overinflated, about Pop.

Sorry P, I was out of town.
Run-on Sat, tomorrow, you were saying?

Re: House Call

by dagwead (06.14.08 02:27 pm)

101 monsieur

Yes, have
been clav'ing along with the second hand
for awhile, now.

Just toss
a grapefruit to Uncle Rico,
to the Van Beethoven {sic}. Upstairs,

You can see
the difference.
Measure for monster,

Gulliver's filament,
modern egg slicer,

Monstler 2 Monstler,
Lock down over and out.