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by Real Person (06.06.08 07:42 pm)

No wonder they didnt talk about any product, most sucks these days. though teh article about Andselm Kiefer getting an award was good to hear, he is the exception that proves the rule. He is trying to define who the Deutsche are after the war, tied to mankinds past overall. An excellent feel for art and life. Wish there were more like him.

But this is crap, art is now interior design. swishy fashion types catering and asskissing the wealthy. Obscene. Art is dead. At least among the academics and party gallery types.

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by Real Person (07.18.08 06:06 pm)

Damn, censorship has made quite a comback, hasnt it? Off this site, cant take any kind of disension, the mark of decadent fear, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to...censrship. Not enough stones to do more, adn got the money to cover it up. Have fun, your days are numbered. Thast all you beedn doing for years anyway. the Decameron come to life.

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by dopplebock (07.18.08 07:14 pm)


That's why no one post here. I mean I do, but I'm an idiot.

Have a nice Roman Holliday!

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by Real Person (07.18.08 07:27 pm)

Thats why I am posting at a different site, art news blog